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Game Save Gone?

Hi! I stopped playing for about two weeks for no particular reason. The first of which I was home, and the update occurred. Looked at the post on these forums, went on my way. The next week I flew out to England and brought my laptop. I'm still here. When I loaded my game, I noticed my sim wasn't pregnant with the baby I had just picked a name for. Then I realized her mother hadn't aged up yet. So I checked the garden since I had planted a bunch more things, say, a sim week ago, and none of them were there. I do have other saves of this to go back on if one gets deleted, and this game was exactly like my most recent backup. I have no idea what happened, and I'm fairly certain it can't be corrected, but I'm asking if anyone else has had this happen or if I'm missing something. I have looked at the old files of the identical saves, they're all how I remember them. Thanks!


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