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Which Sims expansion was your favourite?



  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 212 Member
    Oooh This has to be a tie for me:
    TS1 Unleashed and TS3 Supernatural (With makin magic being a very very close second)

    I started playing the Sims with Unleashed and I really love old town, I can't imagine playing the game without it installed too (I tried once and it felt lacking)

    And Supernatural was just everything I ever wanted in a sims expansion pack.
  • bluelightingbluelighting Posts: 528 Member
    sims 3 late night tom wordy was my fav sim at the time lol.
  • corrcorrcorrcorrcorrcorr Posts: 4 New Member
    Sims 1 Superstar, nothing after that has ever been even close to that expansion. Second place goes to Sims 2 Open for Business, after that Sims 2 University, Sims 2 Seasons and after that I think Sims 1 Makin' Magic.

    Sims 1 and 2 were the best games. Bit of an unpopular opinion but I really don't like Sims 3 at all and actually kind of like Sims 4 :D
  • simfreakssimfreaks Posts: 36 Member
    For Sims 1, that is tough. I honestly loved Vacation the best, my sims stopped coming home. :D but think Livin' Large had the best collection of furnishings. Hot date however added some humor elements ie Mrs. Crumplebottom and I like the ability to get off the lot and socialize. However, I hated when I went to dine and they couldn't give me food because the candle was in the middle of the table and took up all the slots. Where were the beta testers on that one?

    Hot Date Fun Fact. When they built the prototype for Hot Date, I gave the team access to SimFreaks to create it. A downtown prototype was built with the upper cabinets and smaller dining tables that we offered as well as numerous other items. During this time, Simsville was in development and still lacking in gameplay, A week after the Hot Date prototype was presented, Simsville was shutdown because Hot Date did everything they needed Simsville to do. RIP Simsville.
  • 2tcn2tcn Posts: 58 Member
    The Sims: Superstar.
    Hot Date was a close second. Love the jazz music and overall aesthetic.
  • KottonKrownKottonKrown Posts: 109 Member
    This is a monumentally tough question but I have a special place in my heart for Makin' Magic on the original Sims. It's still my gold standard as far as supernatural gameplay elements in the series go. Nothing since has even come close to capturing its utter bizarreness and fun! The duels were ridiculously fun and I loved the trade and barter system with the vendors. I'm still in awe of the pack to this day.

    I have to give an honourable mention to The Sims 2 Seasons, mind. Weather was such a game changer. To a non-Sims player it doesn't sound like a big deal, but weather in a life simulator just makes sense! It affects us all so much in our day to day life that it only makes sense for our sims to be affected too. I remember loading up Riverblossom Hills for the first time and seeing its gorgeous snowscape and getting excited that they added hot chocolate making. It's a seemingly subtle pack but it's essential as far as I'm concerned.
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  • DumbOllieDumbOllie Posts: 13 New Member
    From TS1: Makin' Magic/Vacation
    TS2: Seasons/Apartment life
    TS3: Generations/Ambitions
    TS4: City Living/Cats and Dogs
  • JACKIEJOYJACKIEJOY Posts: 356 Member
    edited March 2018
    Sims 1-Makin' Magic
    Sims 2-Seasons
    Sims 3-Supernatural
    Sims 4-Vampires

    P.S. Seasons in Sims 2 cause Plantsims
  • HejixHejix Posts: 586 Member
    Livin' Large has a special place in my heart, the first expansion, with castles and mad scientists! Brought the silly weird dimension to the base game (and the trend of expansions too, unfortunately). Thought you could play as a stand alone game, had to run to the store on boxing day to get the base game with my parents!

    Makin' Magic has a special place in my heart too because of the music. However, I must admit I played very little of it. My old computer could only stand 9 gb of memories. LOL!
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  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 16,192 Member
    edited December 2018
    It's much too hard to choose one.

    TS1: Makin Magic
    TS2: Open for Business
    TS3: Late Night
    TS4: Seasons

    Among my other favourites are: Hot Date, Nightlife, Seasons (S2), Bon Voyage, Ambitions, World Adventures, Seasons (S3).

    The expansions I like the least are Into the Future and City Living.
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 422 Member
    Sims 1: Living Large, House Party, Hot Date.
    Sims 2: University, Seasons and Free Time.
    Sims 3: Generations
    Sims 4: Get To Work
  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 31 Member
    Sims 1: Hot Date.
  • NovuNovu Posts: 18 Member
    The Sims: Hot Date
    The Sims 2: Never played
    The Sims 3: Island Paradise
    The Sims 4: Get to Work
  • CatladyCatlady Posts: 19 Member
    The Sims: Makin Magic (oh the nostalgia. I still remember how I got this for Christmas and how excited I was. The music in this pack was the best. I really, really loved it <3)
    The Sims 2: University Life (I don't know how many times my friend and me copied that university dance)
    The Sims 3: Generations and World Adventures
    The Sims 4: Seasons (since it is a real game changer for me)
  • Wallsisms4everWallsisms4ever Posts: 70 Member
    edited January 15
    My favorite:
    Sims 1: Makin Magic and Superstar
    Sims 2: Open for Business and Apartment Life
    Sims 3: Late Night and Generations
    Sims 4: Get Together and Seasons
  • VirtualFairytalesVirtualFairytales Posts: 9 New Member
    I still have the most funniest and nostalgic thoughts with Makin Magic. :) No other EP was so suspenseful for so many months and captured the magical atmosphere so well. Nevermind, here is my list:

    Sims 1: Makin Magic
    Sims 2: Open for Business
    Sims 3: Supernatural or Pets - can't choose - we had horses!!
    Sims 4: These days I just build and stopped playing. For this I kind of need all of them, but Get Together is the one I use all the time.
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