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NikkeiSimmer Creations.

Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
edited July 2017 in The Sims 3 Builders

Who is NikkeiSimmer and what's he doing in Sims 3 Builders forum?

I joined Sims Forums in March 7, 2017 as a player wanting to know more about the game I was playing. I had a previous account which corrupted and wouldn't allow me into the forums, so I've been here prior to Mar 7, 2017. It's only recently that I've gotten interested in building houses for upload to the Exchange and it's a way of challenging my building skills.

As a former real estate agent in the 1990s, I've spent fair share of doing open houses in modern style homes and am thinking about bringing my experiences with seeing the different architecture and designs especially of the real life houses that I've had the fortune to list and sell myself into the game. (Yes, I am an older player who has had life-experience - but NO...I refuse to grow up...what do they say, age is relative?). I will try to construct duplexes as well as multi-family. So if I refer to certain Sims lots as single-family detached, attached and condos, you'll know it's my realtor side talking. I'll just give it a smack and maybe it'll shut up.

I love the story-telling aspects of Sims gameplay and the seamless design of building architecture into the game, it satisfies both aspects of why I love the Sims.

So...there you have it..."who am I?" in a nutshell.

Just uploaded to the Exchange.

Introducing the "Brick Behemoth"









You can download the Brick Behemoth at the Exchange.

Note that this house comes with a Sim... You can do with him what you want. Force Kill...whatever. First time uploading so didn't know how to get him out and upload.

This house comes with a loveseat and a couch and a couple of well as a dining room table and chairs; all kitchen appliances and a fireplace. No beds upstairs - you provide the Sim furnishings such as beds and desks, just like buying a real home... :p. Yeah, ex-realtor here.

Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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