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Bucky Duckson - Writer in Residence (wants to write to your Sim)

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Almost like the same concept of @CathyTea 's The Pen Pal Project, this is slightly different. Instead, Bucky would like to write to your Sim or your Sim's family a poem. You pick the topic -- can be from anything good to something sad. Or anything in-between.

You may incorporate it into one of your stories/legacies...or not. It will be displayed for all to read on my wordpress website, however, under The Duckson Legacy section. I will also post it here for you to take for your story.

This is what Bucky needs from you:
  • The name(s) of the Sims he is writing to
  • The topic of the poem your sim(s) would like him to write about
  • Something about your sim(s) he's writing to (aspiration, traits, likes/dislikes, etc)

What you may need from Bucky:
  • Download Bucky from the Gallery
  • Download the vintage typewriter Bucky uses (this download is from Mod The Sims)

If you're adding this to a story/legacy you are writing, please also add a link to your story's main page. I would like to link back to it from Bucky's poems page so people can read your story/legacy and just perhaps see a chapter where Bucky wrote to them. :)

* Also, please give Bucky some time to write it. Will have him try and get it out within 24-48 hours after the request.
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