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Curtains in The Sims Mobile

I have a request:
One thing I am missing while decorating my house in The Sims Mobile are curtains for windows! :)

Hope you consider adding some curtains from The Sims 4 into The Sims Mobile!
They could be found under the decorations tab in buy mode and below the window section in build mode as a new category.
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  • JumpingTrainsJumpingTrains Posts: 442 Member
    Oh yeah curtains would be really cool. As far as I know, not even the Sims Freeplay has curtains even after all these years. Hope they get added :)
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member
    Now we have!
  • RueBeeRedRueBeeRed Posts: 7 New Member
    I did curtains for an archway. Love the update. I wish there was a way to make a catalogue so that we could have more options but a nested style wouldn't work so it really does have to be the "conveyer belt". :( It's like the vending machine of layout choices, it kills their idea with the product lines.
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