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Owens, Hold the Line

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Oh, Hey! My name is Grimel Owens. I bet you're wondering how I got that name. My story is probably none like you've ever heard. I promise, it's all true what I'm about to say. Centuries ago, a man was created and his name was Chris Owens - the first of the Owens line and of our vampiric coven. He married a handsome man named Oliver. From there they forged what I could only assume to be the most powerful family in our world. Without giving away too much of their story, I'll tell you mine.

I am the 8th generation Owens boy, created during the conclusion of a time of great turmoil. A wicked queen from "Earth 666" punched her way into our world. She referred to herself as Tormented Buffy Summers (T-Buff). She was a horrific vampire.

When she arrived here, she went on a murderous spree to wipe out my entire family line. However, she left all but one descendant, my father, Angel Owens. He's the first and only born of the 7th generation before, well... you know. How he managed to evade her attacks, I'll let him tell you later.

Grief stricken, he fell into a horrible, irreversible depression. Above all else, he still had a burning, passionate desire, to avenge the fallen. My father embarked on an odyssey to take T-Buff down. He gathered his strength, improved his fitness, and honed his vampire lineage to become a Grand Master vamp. All in all, he managed to reclaim our family castle when he discovered the very power T-Buff used to kill our family by igniting her with the same flames she used to bring the Owens clan to the brink of extinction. This power came from a book of her world called "Book of Chaos."

Alas, our family castle was finally voided of her existence. But, still, my father agonized over the loss of his family. Upon the death of T-Buff, Death himself was distraught over the massive grave site he'd had a hand in creating.

Death saw my father's sorrow and knew that what was done to him was nothing short of hellish and unfair. "I will give you a glimmer of hope and bestow upon you a beautiful child," Death spoke, "for though I take life, I can also grant it. This being, Tormented Buffy Summers, is not of this world, so this is a soul never meant to be on my roster." He then poured his essence into my dad, giving him life within. And, without fail, I was brought into this world.

Of course, my father was expecting a vampire baby boy. However, I was born neither spirit or vampire. So, I am the first human born Owens since before Chris Owens was turned himself.

I was named by my father when he combined his name with my other "father's" name, Grim Reaper. I became known as "Grimel."

Moving forward at this time, my father may chose to have more children, but I know I'm meant to restore the Owens Family Line. I also have a choice I must make, and I'm conflicted. Do I remain human, or become a vampire just as the rest?

But, I know that we're still not safe. The door to Earth 666 could still be open. If something so sinister came from that world, who knows what else will come through? I must figure out why this all happened and hopefully close the door for good. And, if there is an earth referred to as Earth 666, how many other earths are there? What number earth are we on? Have other's from other earths crossed over before? After looking at my family tree and reading the Owens archives of past events, I noticed something very peculiar. Something doesn't add up concerning the first, Chris Owens, who turned him... and the child born from Chris's second son.

I will continue to unravel the mysteries of my ancestors in hopes of shedding light on the events that lead to now.
More of the story is to come. Other family members, enemies and friends will be revealed (and available for download).
All in due time friends.
Stay tuned!
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