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SimGuruKimmie Wants Our “Car Gameplay” Feedback!!!


  • cactusjuicecactusjuice Posts: 573 Member
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    It would be a distraction for sure but unless they just gave us cars to choose from and nothing else than it serves as pointless as the walking outside and disappearing now just waiting or simply appearing in a car and then disappearing. Sims 2 was great but that was great for technology 12 years ago, and while it worked then we shouldn't expect a game to just further regress to old technological standards because it was fun back then.
  • Dayvon64Dayvon64 Posts: 490 Member
    It would be a distraction for sure but unless they just gave us cars to choose from and nothing else than it serves as pointless as the walking outside and disappearing now just waiting or simply appearing in a car and then disappearing. Sims 2 was great but that was great for technology 12 years ago, and while it worked then we shouldn't expect a game to just further regress to old technological standards because it was fun back then.

    I don't think anyone is saying "Do exactly as Sims 2", they are more saying do what they did, but better. I can understand if that was all they did, made the sims go in cars replacing walking and that is it, but that is not what most people are suggesting. They want the skills, the hobby, the passion their Sims can share with other Sims. I for one would rather have buses for kids. I just love hearing the school bus horn and the kids going on the bus or missing the bus because they take too long.
  • cactusjuicecactusjuice Posts: 573 Member
    But realistically have this series ever invested that much detail, the same level of detail as they have in the past. I think cars will be another simplistic add on with a short shelf life. If they can flesh out the idea great but I wouldn't get too optimistic...
  • 12JEREMIA12JEREMIA Posts: 2,847 Member
    That is great news!! I don't see cars in every neighborhood, but they could be useful for example in the rural district of Windenburg with its long road.

    I think however that a Car GP would need a new world
    with circular roads where cars could reach every lot without fading out of sight like in TS2. That would be cool!

    I loved the fixer upper car from Roaring Heights. I want my Sims to repair and improve their cars and to drive around in cabriolets while listening to the radio.
    Another urban city world along with San Myshuno
    My Sims 4 radio station wishlist
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  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,824 Member
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    Drive to sights that can only be accessed by car:

    And please add WooHoo in car, cuddling in car and listen to music in car! :D
  • storyweaveronestoryweaverone Posts: 13 New Member
    We, at home, were just talking about this before the request for feedback. We loved the ability to fix up cars, buff and paint them. Turn the radio up, woohoo...

    What we dislike about cars was the difficulty sims had getting in at times. A lot like complaints about laundry, I'd rather forgo the ability to have cars if it were time consuming in a sims day. A hobby was where we liked it best.

    Maybe even owning a car would be fine. But I want to go to a loading screen the moment I get in, I don't want to drive based on the way the neighborhood is set up. My husband on the other hand wants to pick the cars be fixes and then take them to driving tracks that are unique to each neighborhood and may drag race or do something like a car show in the same vein as the festivals.

    Thanks EA for asking.
  • plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
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    Thanks for asking SimGuruKimmie :) Here are my ideas!

    Please, a racing car EP!

    There could be racing like F1, drag racing and banger racing. Maybe even soap box car racing for the kids.
    Toddlers can have adorable pedal cars and trikes.
    A new world with racetracks and garages. A cross country area for motorbike scrambling.

    Sims could build kit cars and kids could build soap box cars.
    A mechanic skill. The higher level Sims reach, the faster they can repair a damaged car. Also, higher level mechanics can mod their cars.
    Mods for cars could include: stickers, luminous paint, engine tweaking, more aerodynamic bodies, custom wheels etc.
    Sims need to access a garage for repairs and modding. Rich Sims can buy their own garages.

    Sims and kids get a happy emotion for winning a race and a sad emotion for coming last.
    They could get a tense emotion if their car/bike/soapbox car breaks and needs repairs.
    Friends and family can spray the winning Sim with nectar, like in Sims 3 Generations xD
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  • ActuallySammyActuallySammy Posts: 299 Member
    Cars wouldn't work in the sims 4 but I want bicycles and motorcycles that you can actually control with like the arrow keys. Cars might work in idk racing tracks?
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  • CocoapugsCocoapugs Posts: 70 Member
    Taken straight from the 2015 expansion pack survey: The Sims 4 On the Road

    Jump behind the wheel and travel the country with your Sims! Choose from a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. Make a living fixing up old cars, or building the perfect hot rod. Jump on your ride and explore the world by visiting a number of unique tourist destinations.

    New Vehicles: Your Sims can now choose from a variety of vehicles to own and drive including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles.
    Build A Garage: Build a brand new garage where you can work on your vehicles and display them for all to see.
    Become A Mechanic: Fix up, customize, and build new cars with the new Mechanic active career.
    Visit Tourist Destinations: Take your ride on the road to visit tourist destinations like the Grand Sims Canyon, the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, or the Secret Mystery Spot.
  • CocoapugsCocoapugs Posts: 70 Member
    I'd like to see ^ all
    Of that!
  • 12JEREMIA12JEREMIA Posts: 2,847 Member
    Oh and an urban station too! I also forgot!
    My Sims 4 radio station wishlist
    Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae


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  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,380 Member
    Tbh I was never crazy about cars, but I still enjoyed their presence in Sims 2, mainly for familiarity/background stuff. And mechanical boosts. But also the whole "making your own car from scratch" was a great aspect. Just wish it had more options on WHAT you could've build in Sims 2.

    Motorcycles would be super gnarly. And I think the "only can visit via vehicle transportation" idea would be great. Sims without cars can just call a taxi or ride a bus.
  • JesterHatJolteonJesterHatJolteon Posts: 13 New Member
    Okay, I'm just gonna spitball some ideas her, not sure what's been said and what hasn't, but I'm gonna roll it all out anyway:
    Cars could potentially be upgradable by sims with a high-handiness skill as well, or perhaps auto repair ccould be its own skill, seperate from handiness? Cars are pretty complex.
    Upgrades could range from a simple visual thing like adding spoilers, to something that actually changes gameplay in some way, such as enhancing engines to be more eco-friendly, drive smoother or even faster...

    I mean, cars would be a great feature, but it would take some work to get them functioning in a way that's necessarily preferable, with the Sims 4 being a fairly closed world for the most part. If the worlds were more open in the first place, that's where they'd really shine, because you could actually drive to work, the bowling alley, a restaurant, what have you.
    At that point, a sims car could really mean a lot gameplay wise too; a sim with an impressive card could boost about it, other sims could ride in it with them and get an uncomfortable moodlet from a bad ride, a happy moodlet from a good ride, and so on... And, in the case of dating, maybe even a flirty moodlet. Care would break down occasionally as welll, going back to the auto repair skill too, and sims with a high auto repair skill could fi the problems themselves, while lower-leveled sims would only be able to fix the most basic of problems (Running out of gas, changing oil, etc.)

    And then, if we has that, why not has gas stations or repair shops too? Maybe that's too ambitious or tedious, given Sims are pretty fickle already. Perhaps fixing a car for a sim with low Auo Repair could just cal a normal repairman.
  • JesterHatJolteonJesterHatJolteon Posts: 13 New Member
    Sorry for the double post, I probably should've dropped my ideas in the right place.
  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,824 Member
    I just don't see it really for the way the game works. Mind, I don't really get the rocket ship either.

    Maybe its just me, but if I want to mess about in cars, I will play Forza or maybe even Mad Max. Rocket ships? Then Elite Dangerous for me.

    I just think there is a lot of things I would like to see before cars.
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  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,895 Member
    edited July 2017
    @SimGuruKimmi If you may, please consider taking time to browse through the ideas section of the forum for car ideas, via search engine, instead of asking: you would find a lot, and I mean a lot of ideas how we want them to be implanted :) Nothing personal, but I really don't see the point of asking when there are ton of ideas floating around the forums in graveyar--- err I mean in abyss-, err I mean in 'Feedback' & 'Ideas' section.

  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
    Off the top of my head:

    - Ideally would come with a new neighborhood that has expansive areas (like Windenburg, but bigger and more of an open-plains rural countryside (something like this: http://oi57.tinypic.com/8x5tf6.jpg)
    - When going to work, if the sim owns a car, they would walk to the normal "exit" point, car appears, they get in the car, car speeds off (perhaps in some kind of dust cloud, and they disappear into it, now at work (same idea with a bus and going to school). I think this would be a relatively simple way to make the "going to work/school" part look more immersive without the sim expending precious sim minutes on complicated stuff
    - If driving the car outside of work/school, the sim climbs in (can carry more than one passenger) and the driver sim becomes equivalent to the sim carrying a toddler in technical terms... they determine where the car goes with a "go here" type interaction
    - functioning garage doors and template tiles for driveways
    - if feeling really ambitious, CAS-style customization for cars (you take them into CAS and can change things like headlight style, hood, etc... basically, the kind of customization you'd see in a car-based game)
    - risk of injury? not sure how far you could go with this with the game's rating, but car catches on fire and therefore sims do. Car breaks down and needs fixing (with risk of injury while fixing it). Car crashes.
    - car woohoo
    - movie drive-ins/dates
    - upgrades/modifications that affect car's movement style or speed
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  • ParaleeParalee Posts: 1,166 Member
    edited July 2017
    I am betting all of my money that cars will be useless decorative objects they can upgrade and work on their handiness skill with lmao maybe get a moodlet or something. Oh and woohoo, guarantee their selling feature is going to be woohooing in the back seat.

    They teleport everywhere anyway so whats the point otherwise?
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    -Bands Pack
    -Royalty Pack
    -Fashion Design Pack
    -Fairies Pack
    -Werewolf Pack
    -France-inspired World
  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 18,057 Member
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    I do not want or need a car for my sims to drive. I would however like cars that do something.

    For example, the FIXER UPPER from S3 would be welcome but with more different car types as options, a convertible, a classic car, a truck, a motorcycle, etc. This would allow a car dealership retail store to be an option. There should also be a mechanic career (we need blue collar jobs).

    I would also like the road trip option from the survey that allows our sims to take a family road trip to see the sites in Simlandia. Your sim(s) could pile into a vehicle of your choice (RV's would be a must along with jeeps and Airstream trailers pulled behind cars). Once everyone is all aboard, a map (like a cartoony map with character representations of places like a giant ball of yarn) appears and you choose a location to visit. The location loads and your sims can have an adventure at each destination. There could be an option to explore the caverns or learn a native dance or ride a donkey down through a canyon. Every location would have a rest stop with eats, restrooms and places for overnight stays if you have none of your own. This could include portable tents and/or sleeping bags.

    Each location would also have a souvenir stand where your sims can purchase a memento of this location to add to their collection. A wall shelf can be purchased at every stop for your sim to display their travel souvenirs. There could be buffs for each different location, good and bad. There should be a chance of fails when visiting each location because the sims are at their funniest when they fail. Upon arriving home, your sim could get a tired but happy travel buff. These trips could be taken one at a time or one after the other. You may end your road trip at any point along the way.

    This is what I would like to see. As I said, I don't need a car to appear and then disappear. Driving, as such, just doesn't make sense in this version. However, car experiences would be preferred. Even if the car sat in the driveway and your sim could wash and wax their prized possession. Don't make it an object, like a lamp, that sims don't interact with, make it an event that can raise skills and fun. Kids climbing in to pretend to drive like Dad. Teens making out in the backseat (careful Mom doesn't catch you). Adults woohooing or just cuddling under the stars. Grandpa sitting behind the wheel of his clunker that his son and grandson have fixed up, remembering all the drives through the countryside with his best girl by his side. I want depth, please. You have proved you can do it with vampires and parenthood, so, do it here, too.
  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,895 Member
    edited July 2017
    I am betting all of my money that cars will be useless decorative objects they can upgrade and work on their handiness skill with lmao maybe get a moodlet or something. Oh and woohoo, guarantee their selling feature is going to be woohooing in the back seat.

    They teleport everywhere anyway so whats the point otherwise?

  • RomzarahRomzarah Posts: 195 Member
    Dayvon64 wrote: »
    Hello, I do not know where to post this so I posted it here. I just wanted to inform people that I ran into this article on Sims Vip that SimGuruKimmie was asking for feedback on twitter.


    I don't Twit, so post my thought here... Yes please add cars and as many cool ways as you can.. After all, even (Sims 1) had cars come to pick you up to travel to community lots or dates.
  • AlwaysSimplyM3AlwaysSimplyM3 Posts: 2 New Member
    I think they should incorporate good aspects from previous games.
    Sims 2:
    Sit in the car
    woohoo/make out in the car
    listen to the radio
    sit and chat
    Working lights ( they would flick on and off like with house lights)
    Option to drop of students (if your close with another family you can choose to carpool)

    Sims 3:
    Sims can be seen getting into the car or at least open the doors
    you can follow them until they completely leave the lot then they can teleport
    Garage doors!

    Lastly fixer upper cars! Teens can go to the junkyard with dad (or mom) and pick out an old clunker to fix and later drive! That would more or less work like volunteering where they disappear for a certain amount of time and then come back with it in the household inventory to be placed.
  • candy8candy8 Posts: 3,815 Member
    We have had cars in all the Sims games except for the First Sims not sure can't remember, but in Sims 2 they use to get in the car and disappear so why can't they do that again instead of the Sims walking home every time they go out. I don't mind not having roads I don't think at this point it is possible but they could do what they did in Sims 2 at least it would make more sense then walking home every time they are tired. Looks silly the way it is now not very realistic.
  • RomzarahRomzarah Posts: 195 Member
    Here is a post I made to a mod creator..

    I'm sorry.. Just had too many ideas and no one to tell them to.. Fix the Potty Mouth.. My sims will drop almost any command to walk off to sometimes the farthest toilet in the house, just to say "Cool thing is cool". If it were not for the buffs, I would sell the lot of them.. A new bug as of Parenthood pack.. If your sims Manners get to the point that they will get the trait, they start washing dishes in every sink in the house when there is no dishs around. This bug will make your sim drop most commands to, again (lots of times), go to the farthest sink in the house.

    Here are 3 that will take animators and game vid work.. One is adding to the Program Game.. You have a few choices for type of game like 1st person shooter, D&D, or Dungeon like the classic games Eye of the Beholder, Heretic Wolfenstein 3D.. Another type like WOW and Diablo. Your sim should become a millionaire making games.

    Adding Animation to the Horse Shoe game with skill gain and a better chance of getting a ringer with each level. Horse Shoes has a bug where your sim plays the game wail eating, also they will get called away to play all the time. This bug has not been a problem at home, just at the camp site. Same with Foosball on the adding skill gain exc. There may be others I'm not thinking of.

    The 3rd..lol

    Add to fishing the ability to chat.. Maybe interactions like kids asking for help with the bait. You can think of others like it as well.

    When I 1st started this game I went around editing all the family's, "I couldn't stand all the plastic hair, and then it was the outfit.. I did this in all worlds open and at the same time. Only time I saved a game with a special name, was before a birthday or others. The rest of the time I just hit save and jumped to world. From there to any of all the Maxis family's or the ones I created and moved or built for.. I felt the game was meant to be played this way.. The problem is that the children stop doing what they should, (IE gaining in trait skills and start doing bad).. The wise adults just stop advancing in life, but build at skills. I play the family's, but there is so many.. lol.. I have this little kid and I come back after playing maybe 6 or 10 others and I find she now has an Evil trait.. I'm like "How does that happen".. Needless to say, I started playing all my family's in their own saves.. Would be cool to fix these silly things.

    I keep thinking up ideas, stop me if it's too much.

    Herbalism could use a makeover.. First thing that bugged me was that even after you identify a plant, you can't tell what the plants are by pointing at them. Next it would be nice if your sim could help the Hermit with his/her garden, and have it raise friendship and social. Found another. When you harvest the wild plants you gain skill for gardening but none for herbalism. Leveling herbalism would go much faster if you gained skill for harvesting wild plants.
  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 18,057 Member
    Not really on topic, but,.....um.....okay.
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