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List your ideas for car gameplay here one of the SimGurus wants to know

Basically like both the TS2 and TS3 Store Car. I'd want one we could rebuild and repair and then the normal cars.

I'd love to see convertables

Also I'd love the option to see sims opening doors to get in and out,listen to the radio,chat,kiss,cuddle,makeout and woohoo and try for a baby.

No fogging of windows when sims makeout like in TS2 I want to see them like we could in the TS3 Store Car.


  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,158 Member
    edited July 2017
    Now just to be clear, I am asking out of personal curiousity. There is no guarantee this will be a real implemented thing.

    I know. Just want you and the developers to see what the community at large would like to see implemented just in case you do decide to.

  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,158 Member
    Something else I'd like to see @SimGuruKimmi is the Sims Grand Canyon that was mentioned in the car survey. I'd love for my sims to go see that.

  • Simmer_WillSimmer_Will Posts: 54 Member
    Now just to be clear, I am asking out of personal curiousity. There is no guarantee this will be a real implemented thing.

    Love that this shows how invested you are in what the fans would like to see in the series - best part of having the Gurus interact with us!
  • haydub07haydub07 Posts: 84 Member
    > @Simmer_Will said:
    > I replied to Kimmi with some ideas I'd been working on for a new car-themed Game Pack a while back, tentatively titled "Burnin' Rubber".
    > https://twitter.com/SimmerWill/status/883518344376332289
    > Ideas would include:
    > - Sims learning to drive in a new 5-level driving skill - mastering it earns you a license
    > - Sims can become mechanics in an all new active mechanic career based out of a new car garage lot type
    > - Mechanics will also need to work on the new 10 level Mechanic skill which will unlock the ability to upgrade your cars in different ways (underbody lights, custom horns, hydraulics) and could include unlockable items like a tow truck, garage items like tool chests, etc.
    > - Cops! This game pack could also introduce police officers (and police cars!) to the series with them being able to pull over your Sims (off-screen) for driving without a license, speeding/getting in an accident (low-level driving skill) or even for having a broken headlight (need to fix your car by bringing it to a garage or repairing it yourself!)
    > - Bicycles and motorcycles should be introduced in this pack, with bicycles being available for children and up - maybe even a cute little tricycle for toddlers!
    > EDIT: It's important for the Gurus to understand that we don't necessarily want cars just to serve as transport from point a to point b, because in the Sims 4 we can just teleport. Therefore in-depth skills, upgrades, new lot type (garage), new career, etc. all become more of the focus rather than just driving like in TS3.

    This is really awesome! I would love a pack like this.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,579 Member
    Fast N' Furious glowing cars like this:

    Normal and vintage cars would be nice too. Would be nice if Sims could upgrade it. I would love kids to be able to build soap box cars too and have toy cars. I really didn't like the poof animation for cars in the Sims 3, so I'd really like to see cars actually pull out of driveways again like the Sims 2 and have an alarm system. I wouldn't mind teens learning how to drive again too. I really hope there is a school bus, carpool, and taxi patch too and NPCs cars of course. I don't know why I want go karts at some point too but doesn't have to be in the same pack. Scooters, motorcycles, bikes, snowboards, and skateboards wouldn't be bad either. Oh cars being able to hold surf boards for a potential beach pack wouldn't be bad either. I want to see Sims and their children and babies ride in the cars and the animation to put them in there too. I wouldn't mind ADA car options either. I guess there are a lot of possibilities, but I'll stop there.
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,243 Member
    I love all the ideas in this thread and I want cars!! But if they didn't even start the development, how could cars be implemented before the life cycle of the game ends? I remember guru comments that cars are the most complicated thing in the game. They would probably require an EP and we get only one EP per annum and don't even have weather.
  • CheekybitsCheekybits Posts: 989 Member
    Cars should work as the secrect rabbit holes but with the animation, that take you to cool places. I know you guys can't do big maps for it but small areas with cool themes that you could only get to with a car or public transportation. Such as the Grand Canyon, picnic spots beaches.
  • anniebanani0687anniebanani0687 Posts: 14 New Member
    [quote="Cheekybits;c-15883689"]Cars should work as the secrect rabbit holes but with the animation, that take you to cool places. I know you guys can't do big maps for it but small areas with cool themes that you could only get to with a car or public transportation. Such as the Grand Canyon, picnic spots beaches.

    Going off of this idea, the ability to take sims on road trips would be a really awesome, fresh idea. Cars can take sims to exclusive locations, like a lookout spot (for picnics and woohooing), a beach or a lake (that sims can swim in), and maybe a cool sight-seeing place (like a famous sim monument or like said, a sim version of the Grand Canyon). Ooh, maybe even a ghost town! They'd be like the hidden worlds we have now but better with greater accessibility and funtionality. I'm really loving every idea in this thread so far btw!
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,840 Member
    edited July 2017
    I like both cars from Sims 2 and 3 but mostly 2 like listening to radio, sitting in the car, make out, whohoo.

    Also can we have an option to wash the car.

    Also teens learning to drive like in the Sims 3 have a permit than license and they have rules 10pm-6am they are not allowed on the road.

    Have an NPC mechanic come and fix your car if something is wrong with it.

    Can we also get transportation like taxis and city buses I mean some parts of Sims 4 seems like we have bus stops already. Also school buses.

    I also suggest an NPC personal limo driver for the rich Sims.
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  • peoineepeoinee Posts: 2,183 Member
    Ive thought about this before an here are my thoughts (copies from my post on SimsVIP)

    I really would like them back. My thoughts are, have them pull in and out of the drive (maybe have a short, long and circle drive item that allows this) and drive down to the "end of the neighborhood. My thoughts on this is people in the sims 3 were happy to have cars but ❤️❤️❤️❤️ they just "appeared" on the road. so have driveway object instead of a parking space object would be a better option. this could have very specific rules to it so if the Simmer decided they wanted to place this object somewhere other than at the road it could just "appear" on the road when its time to drive off that makes it their choice.

    Also i would want cars buy and sellable in the retail system along with a "broken down" model in the catalog that can be repaired. but would also want the option to "tune up" a perfectly running car.

    As for community lots they could just have it appear in a parking space on the lot or have only the players car sit on the side of the road if there is no parking space/driveway available on the lot.

    Gameplay activities could be car shows, buy/sell cars, woohoo/mess around/ makeout ofcourse, Drive in movie theaters for dates or parties, and a plethora of rabbithole things like car races insurance and even a possible career of mechanic sims bring cars to your shop and you walk around fixing them maybe a "similar" diagnosis system to the doctor. New trait could be something about car enthusiast or born mechanic
  • alexspoom13alexspoom13 Posts: 7,340 Member
    Obviously we know cars aren't a guarantee, but the Gurus wanted our ideas for toddlers six months ago and now they're getting their own stuff pack... :)
  • Dyl2K9Dyl2K9 Posts: 7 New Member
    Since there isn't driveways, maybe allow them to be parked on the road outside houses and have them be able to drive off.
    And if there isn't room on the road then it could just be listed as a house that doesn't have parking! :D
    Also maids arriving in a cleaning van and parking it outside while at work and having the school bus arrive would be fun too!
    Then when creating future worlds you could possibly have parking spaces like the ones in the Sims Freeplay maybe?
  • NamiMoonNamiMoon Posts: 1 New Member
    I think it would be nice to have an option to drive your kids to school or your spouse to work.
    But whatever you do, please don't have the woman in labor drive herself to the hospital with the man in the passenger seat. That bugs me to no end!
  • AdiikAdiik Posts: 39 Member
    edited July 2017
    I would rather have seasons more than anything but ok.. :p

    1. same Sims 2 animations
    2. driving to the edge of the neighborhood
    3. parking in front of community lots
    4. adding carpools, taxis or school buses would be great

    All I want, all I need. Sometimes you don't have to add new gameplay. Like pools, they just need to be in the game.
  • elektrana232elektrana232 Posts: 7 New Member
    . Let's see a drive in park would be cool. where you can have the cars park in rows facing the screen. Or just a parking object where car have to park at, so people can build a drive in park. which means that, watching tv while in the car should be and option.
    . or like a kissing rock for the teens.
    . The option for teen to take driving classes at school or from their parents.
    . school bus pick up for the kids or drive to school
    . I want to see my sims drive away..long enough to take good screenshot. which didn't happen with the elevators T_T
    . Bring back the fixer upper car from the sims 2 and it could be a bonding thing where multiple sims can work on it. like the rocket ship
    . with GTW the car could be buy-able so buidling a showroom is possible.
    . maybe make a track where the cooking couters from restaurants can fit for a foodtruck on a lot. or the have some food trucks like the stands from city living
    . and have different typs of cars. sports car, cheap car, trucks, beetles, those volks wagen busses .
  • GurlGamer05GurlGamer05 Posts: 333 Member
    edited July 2017
    I would like us to get an NPC driven car kinda like the taxis in Sims 3 but Sims can call it from their phone kinda like Uber or Lyft and Sims have to pay a small amount for it for Sims that live in San Myshuno or other world's that may not have a car. I also would like a mechanic career and a garage shop. I also think a car dealership lot/rental car place would be really fun as well and add more realism to the game.
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    I would love to see cars and pickup trucks, garages, garage doors (that would also work with foundations), Sim's getting in and out of cars, parking spaces for community lots. It would also be wonderful to have driving animations even if it's only to the end of the block before the moving screen comes on (sort of the way the Sims walk now to the edge of the neighborhood when they are changing venues).
  • Talenia86Talenia86 Posts: 1 New Member
    For me, Cars are better for decoration or as little gimmicks like taking a Sim to work or for a shopping tour or to th neighbourhood. i would therefore recommend implementing them just as in Sims 2 :-)
  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member
    I would like to see cars function like they did in Sims 2. when we could even use them to take our kids to school . also teen and parents could have cars.
    Now, of course, they should expand on them.. they could have car wash places we could build,
    washing the car at home.
    go buy a car from a lot.
    a lot of different car colors. not just shades.
    But more like in Sims 2 and 3.
    toddler cars & kids size too. to ride in the yard or house of corse lol.
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
    (Q) Which pack do I regret most buying?
    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • sassyvivensassyviven Posts: 66 Member
    I like the idea of functional cars, there is so many ideas they culd have car washes, and teens sneaking out in the family car lol
  • anidupanidup Posts: 9 New Member
    I mostly agree with what was said above.
    I like the game I play to be as realistic as possible and cars like pools should be in the game.
    It need not be animated, but if at all possible that would be a tremendous bonus.
    I enjoyed the ability in sims 3 to have to learn how to drive, and can be a skill specifically for teens..... since there is not a lot in the sims 4 game for the teens. Thereafter.... like the others suggested, your sims drives the car up to the end of the map and like the sim can just simply disappear.
    Naturally if you go to another town, you need to show up there in your car.
    I would suggest the cars to be objects, but not storable in a sim's inventory. One cannot walk around with your car in your back pocket.
    But..... yes I would like cars...... like I would like different types of stairs!!
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