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Sims 1 Mods?

siva20092403siva20092403 Posts: 631 Member
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OK way back in 2003 when I first started playing Sims 1, I remember there was an website offering some cool power-up items that manage to mod some of the in-game features. For example, some of the items in the mods even offered a sort of a cheat. Like when you use the shower, your hygiene needs will stay at the maximum range for a very long time. This also applies to some refrigerators and beds as well.

I remember that these kind of items being offered for a free download was done by a female Simmer. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the website. Did anyone of you guys come across these items? Did the website close down? Thanks!
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    CarrigonCarrigon Posts: 81 Member
    I have my old mods back up for free. I'm still uploading more of them, but most of my TS1 and TS3 mods are now up. The Sims2workshop is now The Subterranean Sim Realm. Completely free to all Simmers.
    I'm currently playing TS1 again and have started to make more mods for it.
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    Maxwell_HMaxwell_H Posts: 4 New Member
    I do know a few of these mod websites, Here are a few. (click sims 1 to get to the mods <3)
    I hope this does help!
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    Maxwell_HMaxwell_H Posts: 4 New Member
    > @Maxwell_H said:
    > I do know a few of these mod websites, Here are a few.
    > (click sims 1 to get to the mods <3)
    > I hope this does help!

    I also figured out another website.
    Check it out!
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    air380777air380777 Posts: 4 New Member
    I don't want to mess with needs or stats but anyone knows of a mod that prevents food from spoiling? Or even a cheat that will let me reset the food object to before it spoiled? I wish there was a way to put the food in the inventory and stop it spoiling so my sim didn't have to spend hours of the day cooking group meals only to throw over half the serving away because it spoils.. Apart form that I'm so happy I got the game working again, so much nostalgia!!
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    WatermelonBombWatermelonBomb Posts: 21 Member
    I'm looking to build a jail if anyone knows of a site with a wide variety of decorations/build
    I have barred walls, doors, windows
    I'm a Veteran player but starting to finally use mods and cheats outside of very basic 3 cheats, be gentle with me.

    IMO nothing beats Sims 1 Making Magic
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    fabricnut85fabricnut85 Posts: 3 New Member
    simlogical has an institution tab for sims 1
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