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Fashion Time Warp - Comp, completed.

Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
This is a new fashion competition - reserving now and will be launched on Thursday 13th July for application shots but these can be done now if you choose.


This competition will reflect fashion trends through the decades. This goes from the 1920’s to the 1980’s so it is only has 7 ASSIGNMENTS plus ONE for the FINAL.

At each decade I will give you some backstory of the era. I know you won’t want a history lesson so it will only be a brief overview.

I will also outline the main style of clothing, accessories, makeup and hairstyles of the time, this should help you when choosing a style for that era. You are also welcome to do your own research of course. I have researched in Sims 4 and all eras I am covering have CC available, or have CC that could substitute for the era of the time. You may just need to search a bit. If you are having trouble finding things let me know and I will add links to some I am aware of. I know Sims 3 does have CC for vintage fashion as well.

If you are unsure of the meaning of some of the vintage names for clothing and accessories, either ask or do the research yourself.
This competition won’t begin until mid-July but you may reserve your name now if you would like to be a part of this new competition either as a contestant or a judge. I have allowed room for 12 reserves (If more is needed I’ll consider that). and up to 4 judges including myself.

I would like at least 2 or 3 judges as well as myself to give you, as contestants, a wide range of taste, opinions and results.

Each decade will have a different format to make the modelling rounds interesting;
such as...
* different effects to reflect days of old,
* wealthy or working class fashions of the time
* casual or formal
* adverts
* magazine covers
* a poster of sorts etc...

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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    The competition doesn't launch until Thursday 13th July, but you can reserve your name now if you would like to be part of this media and fashion competition as a contestant or a judge. Male and Female Sims 3 and 4 are welcome. This is a non-elimination competition but as points accrue there will be a final three like Sophisticated Style. If you don't get your entry in on time or ask for an extension you won't be able to join in the next round or the points for that round will convert to 0. It would be great to get some male models in this comp, lovely people.

    *Extensions for 48 hours maximum and if you ask at least 24 hours in advance, before the due date, as I realise RL can take priority at times

    *You may adjust and re-edit up until midnight on the due dates, but not completely change your entry, unless discussed with me via PM.

    Applications (Head and body shot on transparent please, sitting or standing). You can add these now or wait until the launch on the 13th.

    o:) = applications are in
    B) = submissions are in for the existing round.
    :) = checked in after each round and from judging.

    Grand Final : - no extensions this round

    Our Finalists:

    1. :)B)@abelhinha35 with Angelique
    2. :)B)@fabtiffsim with Archie
    3. :)B)@Movotti with Trash Can

    Up to 4 Judges can be more if requested. (Head shot please on transparent)
    1. Jendowoz
    2. ArtsyAmy
    3. TexasTwangTonya

    JUDGING CRITERIA: Judges, no comments are necessary, it will mainly be based on points and via PM.

    • Wearing the given era style and trend outlined in the brief /10
    • Hairstyle and makeup that represents or is a close to the specific era /5
    • Accessories (google accessories can be used) /5
    • Relevant background (this can be in-game or google) /10
    • Editing and proportion /10
    • Total /40
    Comments are optional

    Giving a total of 40 possible points for each round.

    **ALL SHOTS need to be full body or 3/4 unless specified otherwise. To see how you interpret the fashion of the era most of the outfit needs to be shown.**

    **BONUS POINTS up to +2 for one person or +1 for two people per round, will be added to your scores if extra things are added yet not required in the brief, such as props like cars etc., unless stated otherwise, as long as they are representative of the era specified and enhance the overall shot. This will be decided with the majority vote by the judges.**

    **INCENTIVE for anyone that gets their entry in by midnight on time ie. the due date of the round brief, or even earlier, they will be awarded a bonus of 0.5, which could be the difference between a win or not.**

    **APPLICATION: Please provide 2 shots of your Sim. One head/shoulder shot and one full body. Dress them in neat, casual clothes please. No torn jeans etc. (this style may become available later) thank you. Please put on transparent backgrounds thanks.**
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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    The usual rules apply:

    *Please support each other and enjoy the competition
    *No photo-skinning or face plastering
    *Drawn hair is acceptable
    *Only CC clothing or maxis-made, but the occasional google outfit may be needed when specified.
    *If specific accessories can't be found in-game or with CC then google accessories can be added.
    *In-game, drawn or google backgrounds are allowed
    *Each Round will last 5 days or even earlier, depending on how quick the round entries are submitted.
    *Please check in after judging.

    NB: If at any time you need the rounds earlier for one reason or another please let me know and I'll PM them to you so you can get your entry in. Just send it to me via PM and I will put it up for you around the same time as the other contestants

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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    Models (Enlarge to see it at full size)


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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    Meet the Judges.

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    Assignment 6 - Spontaneous Seventies



    Fashion in the 1970s
    Fashion in the 1970s was daring, varied, and changed frequently - mirroring the social drama of the decade.
    Ethnic-inspired hippie fashion carried through to the early 1970s, incorporating long hair, natural, flowing fabrics and bell-bottomed jeans.
    During the feminist movement, bras and corsets were considered symbols of oppression and were discarded by many women.
    Many men wore flares, wide ties and fitted shirts, and grew beards and sideburns.
    Popular music, films and television programs influenced hairstyles and fashion throughout the decade.

    70s Skirt
    • Miniskirts were still popular but other lengths became popular also. Dresses and skirts now came in three lengths – the mini, the new midi – which landed between the knee and the ankle, and the maxi, which reached to the floor.
    • Coats came in the same lengths so that women could coordinate their outfits.
    • Maxi skirts and long “granny” dresses were especially popular for formal events, paired with chokers including cameos for the Victorian look.

    70s Pants
    • For both men and women, bell bottoms were worn.
    • However, the ladies also sported “hip huggers”, jeans that sat several inches below the normal waistline. These jeans or “dungarees” were often astoundingly tight and their owners were eager to decorate them with embroidery or studs and may have even bleached them to vary the colour.
    • Men, too wore tight jeans and trousers. Velvet or lamé pants were included.
    • Later in the decade, leisure suits – fashioned from a variety of colours of polyester fabric ranging from baby blue and mint green to brown
    • Also in the late 1970s, both men and women squeezed into jumpsuits, one-piece outfits that zipped up the front and were usually worn with a wide belt.

    70s Shirts
    • men of the 70s wore shirts in solids and loud prints with long, pointed collars. The print shirts were often paired with leisure suits.
    • Ladies shirts from peasant-style, flowy tops that had become popular in the late 1960s to skimpy halter tops that were pared with equally-skimpy shorts known as hot pants. Sequined bra tops were also a common trend and, later, tube tops.

    70s Accessories
    • In the 70s, traditional belts were often replaced by beads or handmade macramé creations. Large peace sign necklace or surfer’s crosses were worn around the neck on heavy chains.
    • The most notable accessory of the 70s had to be the platform shoe. Worn by women of all ages and some men as well. The soles on these shoes, boots, or sandals ranged from about 2 to 4 inches thick. Many of them were fashioned in wild prints, some were glittery, and others were even transparent.
    • Later in the decade, the “Earth Shoe”, with a thick sole and a thin heel, the opposite of most traditional shoes. The Earth Shoe was very plain. Made of leather, it usually tied or included a large front buckle and was touted by nature lovers as the perfect shoe for hiking and enjoying other outdoor pursuits. Here are some images of "Earth Shoes" of the 70's Earth Shoes of the 1970's

    70s Long and Natural Hairstyles
    • The free-thinking hippie generation opted for hair that demanded little care other than washing and brushing.
    • Many girls wore their hair long and straight, usually parted down the middle with no bangs. Girls who didn’t have straight hair would straighten theirs.
    • Headbands were used and girls wore them around their forehead.
    • Sometimes, scarves were worn instead of elastic bands and could be tied in the back or on the side with the ends hanging down. The more colourful, the better!
    • Men also began wearing their hair long in the 1960s and the trend continued through the 70’s.

    70s Hairstyle
    • The unkempt look was quite popular in the 70s. A good example of this hair style whose very name conjures up thoughts of a messy hairdo. It came in various lengths. It was a soft, layered cut with more layers at the crown of the head and thinner hair at the bottom. Some wearers of this style had bangs while others did not. Those who sported this hairstyle often kept hair out of their face by use of colourful plastic barrettes.
    • Actress Jane Fonda was one of the most well-known wearers of this hairstyle as was Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame.

    70s Feathered Hairstyles
    • The feathered hairstyle lasted the longest. The style was immortalized best by actress Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels and was probably the most emulated hairstyle of all times, becoming known simply as “The Farrah.”
    • There was a centre part, hair was layered all around the head, and backward-facing curls framed the face and generally fell in layers to just below the shoulders.
    • It was a “large” look with lots of bounce and the style demanded that you already had lots of volume to your hair.

    70s Wedge Hairstyle
    • Sort of similar to a bowl cut, the Wedge haircut of the 70s was popularized by ice skater Dorothy Hamill, who wore the easy, sassy cut when she won the Olympic gold medal in 1976 when she was just 19 years old.
    • The cut was enjoyed by women of all ages because it was easy to care for and could look both sporty and dressy. The Wedge was also a very prolific haircut because it worked for most hair types except for really wavy or curly hair. Hammill’s initial wedge ended just below her ears and bangs were swept to the side. here are some shots of this style of haircut. The Wedge hair style

    70s Afro Hairstyle
    • For African-Americans, hair of the 70s no longer needed to be cropped close to the head. Instead, the Afro. Often, however, hair was curled or braided before it was styled in order to make it as frizzy as possible.
    • Many celebrities of the era wore an Afro, including many of the MO town recording artists like The Temptations, The Jackson Five, and Marvin Gaye, and television personalities like Richard Pryor and Demond Wilson.

    Makeup of the 1970’s

    Women who followed the 70s makeup trends looked almost luminescent.
    • Foundation was never heavy and matched the wearer’s skin tone as closely as possible.
    • If it appeared that a woman was wearing no makeup at all, she had met her goals. Therefore, foundations were fairly thin and light with no powder over the top.
    • Some women went for a tanned look, using a natural-looking bronzer to achieve the effect.
    • For blush, most makeup experts recommended a rosy look and women achieved this by using a translucent gel blush adding just a touch of colour giving the skin a healthy glow.
    • When it came to choosing eye makeup, women of the 70s played up their eyes and drew attention to them as much as possible.
    • Eye shadows were usually worn in pearlescent shades, especially blues and greens, but neutral pinks and browns were chosen as well adding some colour to that natural look.
    • Eyeliner was another important tool. This beauty tool was used to draw the cat-like lines that were so popular on the eyelids of the decade. Liner added a kind of mysterious look to the face.
    • Mascara wasn’t used very often in the 70s. If it was, it was employed to lengthen the lashes but not for thickening.
    • Lipsticks, you would never see shades of lipstick that contained the words red, plum, or raisin.
    • Neutral colours were popular and went from colourless lip gloss or frosted lipstick to muted shades of pink, peach, or even nude. Lips were almost transparent and lip liner was a definite no-no.

    Below are some of the notable events happening in the 1970's

    Notable events – early 70’s
    The Vietnam was over and people in America saw a light at the end of the tunnel, despite the enormous loss of life.
    A number of new inventions came about that changed our lives forever.
    1. In gaming the invention of the floppy disk
    2. Atari’s Pong video game
    3. In music, the Beatles called it quits
    4. Hard rock and heavy metal emerged.

    Notable events – Mid 70’s
    1. Television shows like All in the Family, which opened the door for all sorts of new shows that took on a variety of issues such as race, gender equality, religion, and more.
    2. The most popular series of the 1974 -1975 season included favourite series such as Maude, Rhoda, Happy Days, Medical Centre, Adam 12, The Walton’s, Little House on the Prairie, Odd Couple, Sanford and Sons, Mary Tyler Moore, the Bob Newhart Show, Streets of San Francisco, and Chico and the Man.
    3. Music Disco was a genre that would take over the nation’s dance clubs for about three years. John Travolta epitomized the disco genre in his movie “Saturday Night Fever.”

    Notable Events – Late 70’s
    New technology was taking the world by storm.
    1. Home computers began to appear. They were quite expensive at this point so it was only the really die-hard techies that bought the first models.
    2. Video games that you played on your TV, like Atari and Intellivision, were gaining popularity at the end of the decade.
    3. On television, the mini-series Roots would appear at the end of 1977 and would become the most watched show in TV history. Other much-loved shows included Chips, Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Muppet Show, Dallas, Charlie’s Angels, Laverne and Shirley, and Taxi.
    Assignment 7 - Exciting Eighties




    The 80s was a decade of creativity depicted in movies and the release of MTV. It was an era where men and women began to find themselves by finding the most creative ways to display who they were.

    Parachute pants, oversized sweaters and vibrant colours was the fashion for the 80s. Clothing was worn by the advancement of television through music television. People were defined by how creative they could make their outfits and soon the overall message to society was their desire to become original people. The conformity "rules" of society completely dropped and women began cutting their hair and growing it out and resembling anything they wanted to be. Men began copying styles such as growing moustaches and wearing parachute pants or happy pants as some called them, because this is what they were depicting in the movies and music videos of the time.

    The term “Yuppie” was coined as an acronym for the Young Urban Professional who was a career driven, 20-30 something male or female, obsessed with upward mobility, money and the pursuit of personal fulfilment. Casual wear for the Yuppie set was collegiate or preppy with khaki pants, traditional blue blazers, crisp white shirts, polos by Izod Lacoste and Ralph Lauren and cotton cardigans draped over one’s shoulders, loosely tied in front. Designers boldly emblazoned their logos on the exterior of their designs and their clothing became elite status symbols.

    Glamour in the 1980s, as depicted in the popular TV shows Dallas and Dynasty, translated to bedazzled evening wear studded with sequins and beads. Hair was permed, teased and coiffed to ever larger proportions and extravagance. Makeup was bold and colourful, as was jewellery of the era which featured large statement necklaces and long, dangling earrings which grazed the shoulders.

    Music legends like Annie Lenox, Boy George, David Bowie and Grace Jones blurred the lines of androgyny in fashion. Japanese fashion designers continued to push fashion barriers exploring gender-bending, sculptural, avant-garde silhouettes.

    The fitness boom of the 1980s,saw a fashion trend that took dance and exercise wear from the studio and gym to the runway and the street. Jane Fonda sported neon leotards and leg warmers in her exercise videos and women soon embraced them as functional fashion. The aerobics craze influenced designer fashion with Lycra and other body conscious fabrics and styles including bodysuits. The movie Flashdance inspired women to wear tight leggings paired with oversized, baggy sweatshirts with the necklines cut to drape casually off one shoulder.

    Slogan T-Shirts

    Designer jeans like Calvin Klein

    Velour tracksuits and tops

    Spandex - Spandex was everywhere in the '80s. From casual pants to rockers who had a thing for animal printed women's leggings, it couldn't be escaped. Those workout videos that you used to stare at lustily? Yeah, full of women in spandex.

    Dance wear – Leotards, legwarmers, and terry cloth headbands, oh my! Whether you were practicing your Flashdance routine or were an extra in an aerobics video, you couldn't avoid seeing these garments.
    Leggings instead of pants accompanied by over-sized sweaters, windcheaters.

    Animal Prints - Name an animal, and chances are its hide has been converted into an article of clothing in the '80s. Snakeskin, zebra print, and leopard were notorious for appearing on pants, jackets, and everything in between.

    Miami vice Style suits - Crockett and Tubbs set the trend for dudes in light colored suits with pastel T-shirts underneath. Also, can't fault Crockett's penchant for loafers, or Tubbs' affinity for double-breasted suits.

    Acid-wash jeans and washed jean jackets

    Punk style. Grunge look, leather jackets and jeans.

    Full print silk shirts

    Scrunchies - Bolder and louder than the average hair tie, scrunchies took the basic elastic band to the next level. Whether done up in sparkly fabric or just simple solid colours, they not only kept side ponies and long hair in check, they doubled as wrist accessories.

    Large earrings - Door-k.noc.k.ers were everywhere in the '80s, from pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Madonna, to the girl next door. It was the ideal earring for the time of excess, it was loud, clunky, and screamed at everyone within a two feet radius to look at your ears. Four-finger rings were also popular.

    Lace Accessories - All-lace everything was pretty normal. Lace gloves, lace headbands, and yes, lace details on dresses

    Fedora hats were popular also and was often accompanied by bomber jackets, polos, jeans with suspenders, Doc Martin shoes.

    Sweaters tied around the shoulders accompanied by pastel shades of long and short sleeved top, tees, and shirts.
    Bum (fanny) bags

    Loafer shoes

    Iron-on letters. Carry around boom boxes.

    Shoulder Pads - 80s silhouettes were all about power. To evoke that, you needed to look menacing, with broad shoulders and a severe drop down to your waist. Shoulder pads achieved that effect perfectly. While mostly women adopted the trend, some rockers like Prince weren't afraid to make it their own. Television shows such as Dynasty and Dallas had styles such as severe uses of costume jewellery that was copied by the people, and the shoulder pads as previously mentioned.

    Big Hair - Remember all those hair bands from the '80s? Bon Jovi? Poison? Huge hairdos were so popular that they classified a musical genre. How crazy is that? Men weren't the only ones who did it, women regularly got huge perms and teased the hell out of their hair too. The name of the game was turning up the volume.

    Mullet hairstyles - When you think of mullets, two great names come to mind: Andre Agassi, and Angus MacGyver. Their wild manes flew untamed on the tennis court and television screen, and their locks became the thing of legend.

    Combed back hair – Johnny Depp style

    Rat tails and the male ponytail were in. The two guys to look towards for that was Steven Seagal and Eric Roberts.

    Big-size ponytails for girls and women

    🌺🌺🌺🌺 style.
    Semi-final - Lookbook

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is it! You are all in for the Semi-Finals. This assignment will be the decider for the final three so go all out with this one. Get serious and release the inner-creativity I know you all have!

    I will give you 7 days max to do this one, and then the final will be decided. There are no extensions for this one. If you don't get it in on time you will be automatically eliminated. The era chosen is the only text on the Lookbook presentation needed.

    The assignment is a "Lookbook" For those of you who are not sure of what a "Lookbook" there are examples below, some I've made and others I've found in google.

    The idea is to show several parts of your model and his/her accessories in the most creative array design. The requirements and brief are below as to what is expected:


    Examples of a variety of Lookbooks below:

    Grand Final - Bride/Groom





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    Assignment 1 - Roaring 20's

    Penguin with Emily


    NShippudenFan with Sasha


    annathefantabulous with Sabrina and Ryan


    Abelhinha35 with Angelique


    Fabtiffsim with Archie


    Ashlenn with Lili Yuen


    Neverfalle with Jenny Firth


    Anduar with Ari Liu


    Movotti with Trash

    Assignment 2 - Thrifty Thirties
    Penguin with Emily Thomas

    NShippudenFan with Sasha

    annathefantabulous with Sabrina and Ryan

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique

    Fabtiffsim with Archie

    Ashlenn with Lili Yuen

    Neverfalle with Jenny Firth

    Anduar with Ari Liu

    Movotti with Trash Can

    Assignment 3 - Formal Forties
    Penguin with Emily Thomas

    NShippundenFan with Sasha Smith

    Annathefantabulous with Sabrina Wilson

    annathefantabulous with Ryan

    abelhinha35 with Angelique

    Fabtiffsim with Archie Davis

    Ashlenn with Lili Yuen

    Neverfalle with Jenny Firth

    Anduar with Ari Liu

    Movotti with Trash Can

    Assignment 4 - Flashy Fifties
    Penguin with Emily Thomas

    NShippundenFan with Sasha Smith

    annathefantabulous with Sabrina

    annathefantabulous with Ryan

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique

    Fabtiffsim with Archie

    Ashlenn with Lili Yuen

    Anduar with Ari Liu

    Movotti with Trash.


    Assignment 5 - Psychedelic Sixties
    Penguin with Emily Thomas

    NShippundenFan with Sasha Smith

    Annathefantabulous with Sabrina

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique

    Fabtiffsims with Archie Davis

    Ashlenn with Lili Yuen

    Neverfalle with Jenny Firth

    Anduar with Ari Liu

    Movotti with Trash Can


    Assignment 6 - Spontaneous Seventies
    Penguinwa101 with Emily Thomas

    NShippudenFan with Sasha

    Annathefantabulous with Sabrina and Ryan

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique

    fabtiffsim with Archie

    Anduar with Ari Lui

    Movotti with Trash Can


    Assignment 7 - Exciting Eighties
    Penguin with Emily Thomas

    NShippundenFan with Sasha

    Annathefantabulous with Sasha and/or Ryan

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique

    fabtiffsim with Archie

    Anduar with Ari Lui

    Movotti with Trash Can

    Semi-Finals - LookBook
    Penguin with Emily (1950's)

    NShippundenFan with Sasha

    Annathefantabulous with Ryan or Sabrina (Early 1960's)

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique (1960's)

    Fabtiffsim with Archie (1960's)

    Anduar with Ari Liu

    Movotti with Trash (1980's)

    Grand Final - Bride/Groom
    Abelhinha with Angelique (Victorian)


    Fabtiffsim with Archie (Elizabethan)

    Movotti with Trash (Elizabethan)

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    Assignment 1 scores - Roaring 20's
    Congratulations to the top 3

    See here for Assignment 1 comments. Assignment 1comments
    Assignment 2 scores - Thrifty 30's

    See here for Assignment 2 comments Assignment 2 comments.
    Assignment 3 scores - Formal Forties

    See here for Assignment 3 comments Assignment 3 comments.
    Assignment 4 scores - Flashy Fifties
    Sorry it looks a bit lonely this week, hope everyone is okay to go for the next round and have fun.


    See here for Assignment 4 comments Assignment 4 comments - Flashy Fifties
    Assignment 5 scores - Psychedelic Sixties
    Congratulations top 4 this week. We have an equal 3rd place.


    See here for Assignment 5 comments Assignment 5 comments
    Assignment 6 scores - Spontaneous Seventies

    See here for Assignment 6 comments Assignment 6 comments - Spontaneous Seventies
    Assignment 7 scores - Exciting Eighties
    Congratulations to the top 3 for Round 7


    See here for Assignment 7 comments Assignment 7 comments - Exciting Eighties
    Semi-Final Scoreboard - Look books

    Congratulations to the final 3 going through to the finals.

    Abelhinha35 with Angelique
    Fabtiffsim with Archie
    Movotti with Trash

    See here for Semi-final comments. Semi-final comments - Lookbook Just added Tonya's comments, forgot to add them the first time. :blush:
    Final Scoreboard - bride/groom
    We have a tie for first place. Congratulations Fabtiffsim and Abelhinha35 and a big congratulations to Movotti for runner up.


    See here for The Final Score Grand Final - Bride/Groom
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    Winning Entries

    Congratulations @Neverfalle with Jenny Firth - Winner of Assignment 1.


    Congratulations @anduar with Ari Liu - Winner of Assignment 2.


    Congratulations @Ashlenn with Lili Yuen - Winner of Assignment 3.


    Congratulations @abelhinha35 with Angelique - Winner of Assignment 4.


    Congratulations @Anduar with Ari Liu - Winner of Assignment 5.


    Congratulations @abelhinha35 with Angelique - Winner of Assignment 6.


    Congratulations @Anduar with Ari Liu - Winner of Assignment 7.


    Congratulations Abelhinha, Fabtiffsim and Movotti - Finalists

    Congratulations Abelhinha, Fabtiffsim and Movotti - siggys for the top 3. You'll need to resize them to your liking, they are big. Hope you like them. When I was doing these I admired how many varied looks you created for your models.




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  • heather1306heather1306 Posts: 1,162 Member
    This sounds great, do you accept sims 3?
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    edited July 2017
    Absolutely, @heather1306 I've added that to the info, thanks for the reminder.
  • heather1306heather1306 Posts: 1,162 Member
    That's great, can I reserve a spot then?
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    edited July 2017
    Sure can! You are the first. If you want to put in the application earlier that's fine, but I won't officially launch this until Sophisticated Style is finished. We are on the last round now and there will be a final round and then I'll open this one as soon as it's done. I estimated it would be around the 14th July but could be earlier.
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  • Penguinwa101Penguinwa101 Posts: 3,128 Member
    I probably shouldn't... BUT I really want to do a fashion comp again... I haven't done one IN AGES... and I REALLY miss putting looks together... RESERVE PLEASE!
    Twitter: @Penguinwa101
    Youtube: Penguin Entertainment
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    With pleasure, love to have you in this one, @Penguinwa101
  • NShippudenFanNShippudenFan Posts: 3,825 Member
    Urgh...I seriously can't resist; especially with the free time I've had during this summer/break! XD. Reserve, please :).
    LOVER of all things cosplay, anime, cats, Shadowhunters, and Sims 4!

    Origin ID: Sims4Girl202

  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    Great to have you, @NShippudenFan
  • annathefantabulousannathefantabulous Posts: 200 Member
    Oop, I'm still away on vacation but sign me up! I get back on the 12th so good timing :)
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    OHHHHHHHHHH Yesssssssss! Sign me UP Jen PLEASE @Jendowoz0612 :o
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member

    Okay, your in, Tonya.

    Hope you can get your SS entry in with the computer messing up.
    OMGOSHHHHHHHHH ME TOO!!!! So Upset!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jen...........What time Limit am I on??????? Thanks
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    go to SS, @TEXASTWANGTONYA details are there.
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,032 Member
    Thanks @Jendowoz0612 for reserving me a spot. :)
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