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Oh These Kids! A Parenthood Challenge by EuphorialQueen

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Oh These Kids! A Parenthood Challenge
Note: This can be played with Base game or with the Parenthood Pack.
Inspired by Perfect Children Challenge by @Nicarra60
Credit link in next post.
Basic challenge guide from the original.
Four Children each with a different aspiration goal.
Traits and appearance are players choice.
Lifespan on Normal.
Each child must complete their assigned aspiration before their Teen birthday.
Additional aspirations can also be completed.
Parenting Pack offers additional opportunities to influence their Character Values including
Manners, Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, Compassion and Emotional Control.
With this in mind each child should be encouraged to develop these values.
Childhood Challenge is complete when each child becomes a Teen.
Bonus play with Parenthood pack.
Continue to play thru Teen years.
Goal: Maximize at least one skill.
Goal: Use Parent Skills to influence Character Values to gain either a Positive or Negative trait.
Teen Challenge is complete when each child becomes a Young Adult.

Note 27Dec2018: Challenge and comment threads by @EuphorialQueen {Me} are checked on a regular basis.
Rules for challenges are reviewed for potential updates each time new content is added to the game.
Please feel free to comment if you have questions.
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