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So...are you going to buy the laundry pack?


  • whatacatchdwhatacatchd Posts: 16 Member
    I will for the CAS/buy mode stuff, but I doubt I will use the actual laundry system much. Although, I might make a laundromat, like in Twinbrook.
  • DegrassiGenDegrassiGen Posts: 2,168 Member
    So apparently laundry won.
    I'm gonna be skipping this pack.

    How about you? :*

    I'm gonna need to so my Sims can do laundry "In The Buff". "Naked Laundry coming to a PC near you"
  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member
    So apparently laundry won.
    I'm gonna be skipping this pack.

    How about you? :*

    I will buy Laundry but I just want to know will we have to buy the washer and dryer separately or do they come as a pair?
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
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    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 3,272 Member
    edited August 2017
    The style I voted for won. Most of the items I voted for got in.

    Also, my hope of being able to put your cat in the tumble-dryer is just too high to dismiss.

    All it needs is to be called 'Eco-Life Stuff'. We can simulate the bohemian-esque, rustic lifestyle of improperly cooked beef.
    "I'm not saying Stuff Packs thrill me to my wretched, rotting core. I'm just saying that we only get one expansion pack a year because Devs only have one pair of hands. You want to buy more half-finished packs like Get To Work? Do you?"
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 17,128 Member
    Yes. Talk about your oxymoron. In RL I hate doing laundry. But, somehow in the game it's fun. It also fills out that laundry room many houses have these days. ;)
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  • agustdagustd Posts: 946 Member
    I'm definitely gonna buy it. I love doing laundry irl (weird, I know :p ) and I like when my sims do house chores, there's not enough of that in the game as of now. Having to do chores like laundry on top of working, skilling, raising children, etc. just makes the game a little bit more challenging and fun so I'm very happy it's coming.
  • LeKeishLeKeish Posts: 17 Member
    > @PHOEBESMOM601 said:
    > https://twitter.com/NickM97/status/880060670464606208

    I'm so late to this thread... but is the laundry machine on fire? :D Love it!
  • YinalaYinala Posts: 125 Member
    I didn't vote for laundry (I voted for food preserving) but I have every single pack and I buy every pack as soon as it's released. B)
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,072 Member
    edited September 2017
    I will only for the interactive objects. (Would be pretty funny if the added a laundry skill). :3
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  • ShadowmarkedShadowmarked Posts: 1,050 Member
    Noop. Not in the foreseeable future at least.
    Although that's nice that dryer/washers can stack. I think that's a nice touch.
  • MrSpacemanMrSpaceman Posts: 382 Member
    Absolutely. I even built a room for the laundry in my new luxury house. The laundry's gonna fit that house pretty well, like butler does.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,019 Member
    So when is this pack due?
  • kellzakellza Posts: 197 Member
    I will be. The majority of the objects/clothes I voted for are in the pack, and I still want them :D I personally wanted preserving/off the grid type gameplay objects (since it would've been perfect for one of my families - they're now using the preserves mod) but I have no huge objections to laundry.

    @calaprfy It's due sometime next year :)
  • meubanksmeubanks Posts: 445 Member
    Laundry was one of my most hated features in TS3, second only to zombies. If it's better implemented, I might consider it, but it isn't enough to sell me on the pack by itself. If there is enough other items that I like I might still spring for it, but so far I'm not stoked. I'll wait until the reviews and decide then.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,032 Member
    sunman502 wrote: »
    I'll probably buy it eventually at some point. I do like laundry in Sims 3, so I'm interested in having this feature in Sims 4. I just hope they'll create packs for the other ideas they suggested. Living off the Grid and Food Preserves sounded really neat. I also liked the ideas of composting & recycling too.
    SimGuruGraham did say that modders will be creating ways for Simmers to add those features that didn't win to their games. SimGuruGraham said this in a statement about the features that didn't win the vote. So yes, you can still add those through mods.

    That's ridiculous.
  • Ravager619Ravager619 Posts: 3,708 Member
    Yes. The latest small home I just built has a space for laundry machines in the hallway. Bring it!
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  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,630 Member
    I think I'm going to skip it for now, It is something I wanted but I have to have my priorities straight.
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  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,165 Member
    I'll most likely buy it, since It seems like I might have to skip C&D. Still waiting on info though.
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  • TheHarbinger_51TheHarbinger_51 Posts: 1,702 Member
    No. I hope this game comes with some FUN content soon, other than pets. Like stuff for my sims to go out with friends/family and do.
  • TheHarbinger_51TheHarbinger_51 Posts: 1,702 Member
    Jaspingo wrote: »
    I never got a chance to play the sims 3 and now that sims 4 is out I can't bring myself to play it because sims 4 graphics are so much better. So I never got the chance to play with laundry but I love the idea. I just hope it wont be a half done job though.

    @Jaspingo I cant bring myself to play sims 3 either because I dont like the look if it.I did try though. But I didn't like sims 3 when I was playing it back then, so I wouldnt like it now :D I'll just wait for more content for sims 4 and in the meantime take breaks for a while, until I get inspired to play.
  • KurotardKurotard Posts: 360 Member
    If it goes on sale, sure. But it sure as heck is NOT worth $10. I don't know what these other people are smoking but... wow. Must be some strong stuff.
  • whyaccesswhyaccess Posts: 182 Member
    Ya, why not.
  • candy8candy8 Posts: 3,814 Member
    The young kids might like it but us older kids think it is boring I do laundry in real life doesn't do anything for my fantasy.
  • wdfhiwdfhi Posts: 85 Member
    100% I will buy it. I love the idea of torturing my sims with annoying real life tasks. I am sure by the time it actually comes out, there will be more likeable things included.
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