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start a legacy challenge together


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    allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    > @Jadeleine said:
    > Well, I agree I don´t mind the fitness skill to much, It feels like she has background story or something :)...and finally I am back home and exited to open my game and start playing. Will be posting pictures too :).

    I can't wait to see what you do with her-- you seem to be fairly creative!
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    JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 2,158 Member
    edited June 2017
    @SimQueenie9 Your photos are very bright and colorful, loving the theme you are using and also you chose interesting career for Elise, can´t wait to see what happens next in your game :).

    @allysimbuilds You have made interesting start for her too, I never thought about Criminal career so I´m curious and exited to see more photos and stories of her life in your game soon!

    Newcrest is one of my favorite worlds in the game for staring new fresh saves so it was very natural for me to place her there.


    It´s a small can cozy little town and has everything Elise needs for making herself happy. There are couple of families living on the second street and it has a small park, gym, yoga studio and bowling alley.


    She purchased a small little cabin. It has cute pink walls and one bed inside. After moving in she started the gardens.


    Elise is not spending too much time on finding a mate so she started Singles club for making friends, hangout and possibly finding her future spouse. She has not yet decided about her career yet. Right now she is focusing on gardening and finding someone to start a family with.
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
    That's what I'm thinking. It's fine though, the fitness skill isn't particularly useful in earning money, so it isn't like it's a handicap. I kind of through of it as adding to her personality, which is why I changed her look so much. If it bothers you, you could use the set skill level cheat!

    True, but it's still beneficial to the Sim. I'll just cheat all her skills back down to 1.
    Jadeleine wrote: »
    @SimQueenie9 Your photos are very bright and colorful, loving the theme you are using and also you chose interesting career for Elise, can´t wait to see what happens next in your game :).

    Oh, you know, just some basic Photobucket editing. XD
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
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    Skill problem fixed, and I considered moving Johnny in---now that he and Elise are friends---butttt...I don't feel that they have much chemistry.

    Plus their relationship isn't high enough to sleep in the same bed yet, and I can't afford a second.

    After her first day at work, she's able to afford a chess table (for use in getting promoted at said job). After selling her nightstand, lamp, and a plant, she buys two metal folding chairs to go with it. She waters her plants and texts Johnny.


    She has $172, and is finished with Level 1 of her aspiration; she just needs two more Gardening skill, and to start evolving plants, which is easy enough. I maaaay have given her too big of a farm to handle by herself, though... XD I expect a lot of these plants will end up dying. That, or she'll become a full-time farmer.

    On her second day at work, she does a cram session for her Space Geography Exam, which she needs to take to be accepted into flight school. And between that and work, she falls asleep and now has to wait months to retake the exam. :(
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    jayzaldijayzaldi Posts: 65 Member
    I just started playing with Elise! I will post later some pictures! (:
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
    Elise has a house and a roommate! A male roommate.

    Will post more pictures soon. :3
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    allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    > @SimQueenie9 said:
    > Elise has a house and a roommate! A male roommate.
    > Will post more pictures soon. :3

    Is it Johnny?!
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    jayzaldijayzaldi Posts: 65 Member
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    Question: are we building or buying a home with the money the sim starts with or ONLY starting with necessities?
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    jayzaldijayzaldi Posts: 65 Member

    Helloo, Elise (Eli) Robinson has had a pretty nice first day of her young adult life in my game. I changed her quite a bit, I kept the hair color and facial features and kept the traits and aspiration, but added CC and increased the fat on her body. But alas, here is Eli's first day!


    Here is my Elise Robinson, A spunky young adult who loves the outdoors, all things geeky, and living a free life. She is a pretty laid back sim but also very caring!


    And here is the small home I built for Eli! It's an outdoor home and has a indoor bathroom though. I think it is very cute and it has a few extra things buuuuuut I wanted her to start with less money so I spent most of it!


    Right away she got to planting, she decided to buy some garlic seeds because she is a bit paranoid about the supernatural.


    She met a few people and started some small friendships! Bob Pancake and his wife were nice enough to bring over some food! (which later made Eli sick Buuuuut we don't talk about that!)


    While Eli was making friends, her plants grew pretty darn fast! After they left she finished planting and then watered all her plants.


    After all that planting and watering she passed the first part of her aspiration! Yay!


    Finishing up the day she decided to practice dancing, and then head to bed.


    To my shock, Eli woke up in the middle of the night to Vlad -- big ol daddy vampire -- at her door! She also saw a few more vampires!


    She totally freaked so she hid in her bathroom and locked the door until Vlad left.

    Andddd that was Elise Robinson's first day! (:
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
    > @SimQueenie9 said:
    > Elise has a house and a roommate! A male roommate.
    > Will post more pictures soon. :3

    Is it Johnny?!

    o: It is not.
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
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    Most of her money after that---in fact, virtually every Simoleon she had---was spent on the most comfortable bed she could afford, so that she would spend less time doing that and more time working on her needs and the garden. If she hadn't been consistently improving her job performance and getting promoted (which, like, practically never happens to any Sim I'm in charge of), I'd have made her quit, no question.

    Slowly but surely, Elise started to piece a house together.

    When she started cooking this, I was like, "Oh, cool, scrambled eggs, Cooking skill!" Then I realized she could've just as easily gotten a bowl of chips and not spent money. That annoyed me a little. I was then faced with even more 🐸🐸🐸🐸-ery when she set the plate on the counter and went to grab some yogurt like an idiot.

    I directed her to eat the food, and she made this face, and I was all, "What the..." until I read her moodlet, and I was like, "...Oh...Right...Vegetarian......THEN WHY DID YOU SPEND THREE OF YOUR PRECIOUS SEVEN SIMOLEONS MAKING IT? YOU'RE FINE WITH COOKING AN ANIMAL AND THEN JUST LETTING THE MEAT ROT?! WHAT KIND OF A VEGETARIAN ARE YOU?!"

    Johnny invited her to haggle at a flea market, and it was only once she actually got there that I realized, "Hey. O-O I have exactly four Simoleons. What am I supposed to do with that?" So all she ended up doing was talking to him, and then introducing herself to a cute guy (also with a longer jaw than hers!) named Ulysses Eubanks. One of the vendors there.

    She learned that Ulysses was Family-Oriented, and a Patron of the Arts. OMGMONEY *kicks Johnny to the curb so fast it makes his head spin*

    (Initially, because of his more...defined features, I thought he was an Adult.)

    Ulysses invited her to Bear Night, which turned out to be a mistake because for some reason, everyone NOT in a bear costume found the bear-costume people infuriatingly annoying. Three words, missy: Get. Over. It.

    Despite this, they did have a nice chat, and remained friends.

    Ulysses was a life-saver when he moved in, enabling Elise to get more sleep, and to not worry about her plants dying while she was away at work either---seeing as he himself only works three or four days a week, and is at home the rest of the time, painting and watching TV.

    The first time he did go to work, he brought home someone's used dish. Because Kleptomaniac.

    Of all the things to steal.

    Ulysses: "Have you seen how we live? We need all the dishes we can get."

    Fair point.

    I bought a shelf to showcase it. But later on, Elise autonomously grabbed it and disappeared it into the sink.

    Elise: "This place looks bad enough without bringing actual garbage into the mix."

    Elise blows off some steam via her new journal. Ulysses is so going hunting for that thing later.

    FINALLY, I get them to sleep in the same bed. (Ignore the toddler bed, she's not pregnant yet; Ulysses has the Super Parent aspiration---originally it was Master Mixologist, but I changed it because he had a non-culinary, well-paying [ <3 ] job---and that's part of the $1,000 he's spending on kids' stuff. Only $100 to go.)

    The house as it currently stands. (And Johnny as he's ignored.)

    Elise now has the Gym Rat and Entrepreneurial reward traits.

    • 8 days to Adult (and they're not even boyfriend-girlfriend yet...although they have flirted some. They've been too busy trying to get promoted, pay the bills, and tend to their needs to do much beyond chat.)
    • Command Center Lead [Astronaut career, Level 4] --- ~$568 a day
    • 4 Gardening; 4 Logic
    • 2 Comedy; 2 Cooking; 2 Dancing
    • 1 Mischief; 1 Video Gaming; 1 Writing
    • 11 days to Adult (but he'll be older than her once she starts getting pregnant)
    • Patron of the Arts [Painter career (Patron of the Arts branch), Level 10(!!!)] --- $1,640 a day; ~$6,560 a week
    • 6 Painting
    • 3 Logic
    • 2 Mischief
    • 1 Charisma; 1 Comedy; 1 Gardening (it's odd that he isn't even halfway to 2, given that I worry that Elise doesn't have enough opportunities to build her own Gardening skill due to all of his help); 1 Video Gaming

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    jayzaldijayzaldi Posts: 65 Member

    Ulysses: "Have you seen how we live? We need all the dishes we can get."

    I LOVE Ulysses and I ship him and Elise so much! I can't wait to see how your game progresses and what is in store for them! (:

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    jayzaldijayzaldi Posts: 65 Member

    This is two days or so worth of stuff so strap on your seat belt!


    Eli woke up pretty early to start off her day fresh and ahead!


    She took a thoughtful shower, and while she showered I took a look at her plants and they were doing pretty good!


    After her shower, she was feeling very inspired so I had her start on a painting.


    When the painting wash finished I was shocked at how much it sold for!


    Eli created another artwork, that sold for quite a bit too.


    I had Eli dig a bit and she found a fossil that was rare.


    Eli then decided to go to the park, and she was super excited to be at such a beautiful park.


    She played some chess and gained the logic skill.


    When she was leaving she ran into a very sad Marcus Flex, who she helped cheer up!


    When she got home she got an uber creepy text from Vlad...


    But the text reminded me to apply for a job!


    Eli decided to pursue a career where she would be able to help others, she started as a medical intern.


    She then decided to take care of her plants, eat and hit the hay a bit early.


    She woke up early and got ready for work, she was feeling confident so she started a painting.


    The first day of work had her very excited, she introduced herself to some coworkers.


    After chatting up with her coworkers she introduced herself to the patients and then grabbed a quick coffee.


    The first thing she did when she got home was care for her plants.


    She then showered, after her shower, she got a call from one of her neighbors asking to go out.


    She gladly excepted and the two really hit it off and are now friends!


    One thing I found funny was it was alien's night and all the Aliens were wearing my CC body suits and CC hair o-o... they look cute tho.


    She left the bar beyond tired and when she got home passed right out.


    She woke up and took care of her plants, she now evolved most of them and now instead of being normal they are 'nice'.


    Later she dug and got a time capsule with a little doll in it.


    She decided to put it in her bathroom, for now, it'd be a cute decor item for her future children.

    andddd that's all that happened... Woo!
    But here is also an update on Elise's skill stats!

    Charisma 2
    Comedy 1
    Cooking 2
    Dancing 2
    Fitness 10
    Gardening 3
    Logic 1
    Mischief 1
    Painting 3
    Piano 2
    Programming 2
    Video Gaming 1

    She has never worked out or seen a piano, but I think those skills came with the sim when downloaded? I see that it was already discussed..
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    allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    @jayzaldi That doll on the counter is like "help meeeeee." lol! Love that she's in the medical career--I haven't played that in a while so I'm excited to see how high she climbs!
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
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    Ignore. Didn't mean to post yet.
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
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    Ulysses and Elise's relationship continued to escalate, until he wanted to go steady and so proposed.
    (Funnily enough, they haven't exchanged engagement rings since, much less married.)

    The Robinson household soon became the proud owner of a poetry book he brought home. (From work. Because where else do my Sims go?) Maybe they didn't notice that, but I'm guessing they may have realized something's up when another copy went missing.

    Ulysses: "I'm thinking about starting a book club. Shh."

    (Heh...I think that's actually possible. Making a club. For books. With Get Together. Sorry, I'll shut up now.)


    The next day, they had some quality bonding time over household repairs. Then Ulysses sat to watch television, and had an anxiety fit over not stealing anything recently. (Because he didn't count yesterday as 'recently').


    I had them watch the Romantic channel to become Flirty.
    However, Ulysses got tired and went to bed before they could get around to baby-making. Plenty of time for that later, though!


    (Meanwhile, Elise learned how to graft, and would only need one more Gardening skill to reach the next phase of her Aspiration.)


    This next chapter of their lives, I like to call, 'Where Will We Sleep Tomorrow?'
    Since they'd have a child soon, they needed a decent house with two-or-more bedrooms. Instead of a functional, vaguely house-ish building. Bad news? They were still poor. They were still very, very poor. My first attempt, I gave them a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, but couldn't afford anything else---so they were back to sleeping on the lawn for a night, until they scrounged up enough for an expansion.


    And that's how Elise Robinson's first child was conceived on an expensive bed set out in front of her porch.


    Elise started training with the punching bag.


    Really, Ulysses?
    Ulysses: "What?!"


    They expanded their farm with plants of all kinds, and it became so large they had trouble keeping it alive; they were in the process of attempting a revival when Elise went into labor. She couldn't water or weed while that's going on, but she could evolve plants, and reached Gardening Level 6.


    Then I sent them to the hospital in case it was the heir, because I wanted a birth certificate.
    Ulysses: *comes into operating room with can of soda* "Hey, doc, how's it going; did I miss it?"
    Hamza: "Nope, lining up the claw to yank the prize out now."


    x_x It was a boy. Goodie.


    Trent Eubanks was born at 12:59 a.m. As expected, Elise and Ulysses were no longer three days apart. Why? Seriously, why do pregnant Sims become temporarily immortal? It can't be for the sake of Adult Sims not turning Elder before they give birth---that problem can be fixed by shutting off pregnancy as an option 4 days before their birthday. Or even 5, just to make absolutely sure.
    Strangely, Ulysses went to bed when they arrived home, because his energy was pretty low....But Elise felt better than ever, all of her motives full green. O-o


    Trent gained the Wild trait, and Made Messes constantly.


    This being a matriarchy, I did have to at least try my 🐸🐸🐸🐸 off for a daughter, so Elise found herself pregnant again almost immediately.
    Her garden had been pared down (again), to the couple strawberry and snapdragon plants needed to grow a cowplant for her Aspiration. Not much work to be done on that front. She didn't need to gain Logic for a promotion, and she couldn't work out with the punching bag, so I had her collect rocks and fish to earn some money.
    In hindsight, I could've just made her harvest more wild plants, but eh.


    Hamza Jaouad, the same nurse who delivered Trent, started to deliver her next baby.
    I say 'started', because apparently his shift ended in the middle of the procedure and he changed into an Everyday outfit and walked out.

    Elise: "I will sue you for everything you have!"
    Hamza: "No, you won't, they haven't patched in that feature yet." *whistles*


    Elise: ;~; ... *shouts forbidden words*


    Elise: "I could be doing this at home!"


    After a little while, she left the delivery room still in labor, and waddled outside to chat with a doctor about video games---


    ---then joined Ulysses in the cafeteria for a soda. They sat in uncomfortable silence until he left for work.


    Then she was alone in the dark, empty room.
    A popup appeared, saying that Elise was going to the hospital to give birth, and it asked who I wanted to accompany her. In retrospect I should've covered my eyes and picked a random Sim, but I couldn't imagine choosing anyone over the baby's father....
    So Ulysses came home from work early, with less than half pay. Thanks.
    Sims 4, ladies and gentlemen.

    Then Elise had to be at work in an hour. HA. Like she'd make that.
    I couldn't have her take family leave or a vacation day, because those options were grayed out: 'This Sim is at work!'

    I was beginning to think she'd be pregnant for the rest of her life.


    Oh, look, Hamza's back!
    Some reason.
    And he's in uniform.
    Elise went out to talk to him, then wandered away from the hospital TO GO TO WORK. I couldn't even...


    Well, no, actually she didn't go to work. It said that's where she was headed, but she turned up at home instead; I turned her around and sent her back to the hospital. Ulysses too, because might as well.
    She promptly returned to the delivery room, and was attended by another doctor, Johnny Dang.
    (That poor soul.)

    Kim Robinson was born at 3:40 p.m., so perhaps it was all worth it. :3
    She's perhaps the ugliest girl-nay, toddler-that I've ever had not-on-purpose, but she's a girl nonetheless.
    At the time of her birth, Trent had four days before Childhood.


    Kim hadn't been on the home lot for two Sim minutes before I thought: Maybe the family should lawn-live for a bit, while I save money to build them a real house.
    First there was the place with the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, expanded so that everybody could sleep in the living room.
    Then I tried out two or three floor plans from the Internet that ended up looking like garbage.
    Then I tried to build a house piece-by-piece, room-by-room. Also garbage.
    It got to the point where they'd get a new house or two practically every day, all because I wanted to give them something nicer but they just couldn't afford it without cheating.

    Ultimately, I opted for bunker-living instead. For one thing, this way I didn't have to worry about buying windows.


    Kim gained the Silly trait.


    That bunker-living thing lasted for all of five minutes.
    I bulldozed the lot (AGAIN), and built them a kitchen/dining room/living room; two bathrooms (one more than I'd planned), and a loft area for sleeping.
    Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. And I do.


    Trent gained the Active trait---(It's cool that he grew up in space-themed pajamas, considering Elise is an astronaut)---


    ---And wasted no time trashing the house again. His Responsibility was pretty well in the red.
    After some deliberation on how far along the strictness spectrum she'd be, I had Elise Tell Him Not to Make a Mess. He responded positively.


    Mary Robinson (right) and Dawn Robinson (left) were born without hassle, at....Shoot, I forgot to write down the time! (That's probably due to the fact that I chose to keep playing until their birth instead of going to sleep, and thus had to choose from a list of names at 2 a.m., whilst struggling to remain conscious.)
    *shrug* Oh well.
    I'm mostly sure that they complete this generation.
    And mostly sure that either Mary or Dawn will be heiress.

    The family has $1,744 right now.

    • 5 days to Adult
    • Low-Orbit Specialist [Astronaut career, Level 5] --- ~$864 a day
    • 6 Gardening
    • 4 Cooking; 4 Logic
    • 3 Charisma; 3 Comedy; 3 Parenting
    • 2 Dancing; 2 Fitness; 2 Handiness
    • 1 Fishing; 1 Mischief; 1 Painting; 1 Video Gaming; 1 Writing
    • 23 days to Elder
    • Patron of the Arts [Painter career (Patron of the Arts branch), Level 10] --- $1,640 a day; ~$6,560 a week
    • 8 Painting
    • 4 Parenting
    • 3 Gardening; 3 Logic
    • 2 Cooking; 2 Mischief
    • 1 Charisma; 1 Comedy; 1 Handiness; 1 Video Gaming
    • 12 days to Teenager
    • Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
    • Green Responsibility; Manners; Emotional Control; Conflict Resolution
    • Red Empathy
    • C Student
    • 3 Motor
    • 1 Creativity; 1 Mental; 1 Social
    • 4 days to Child
    • Green Empathy; Responsibility; Conflict Resolution; Manners
    • Red Emotional Control
    • 2 Imagination; 2 Movement; 2 Potty
    • 1 Communication; 1 Thinking

    P.S.: I lied. Elise is pregnant again.
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    allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    @SimQueenie9 Book club, lol. I love the way Ulysses looks at her. They're so cute!
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    OtoyoOtoyo Posts: 698 Member
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
    All right, update completed. ^w^
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    allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    What a crazy delivery! Thankfully Elise was able to have Kim and move on with her life. Can't wait to see what the twins look like!
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    Can't wait to see what the twins look like!

    Me either! c: I also can't wait to see what everyone else's kids look like.
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    allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    Me either! c: I also can't wait to see what everyone else's kids look like.

    @SimQueenie9 Yeah... I gotta catch up! Hopefully I have some time this evening! You've been doing such a great job; its motivational!
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
    Yay, I helped! :3
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    SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,944 Member
    I updated the family tree with Mary and Dawn's toddler pics. c:
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    Judging from the state of my pictures on this thread, it looks like I may have to start a blog myself. *annoyed*
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