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Build Newcrest Wilkis (Updated: 07/20/17)

AsaoyoruAsaoyoru Posts: 247 Member
Hello! Welcome to my thread for my take on the Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge (called BNLC from now on)!
Here you will find: My table of contents, my updates, further information about my take on the challenge and a place to hang out and talk about my story, if you want. The chapters itself are posted on my WordPress blog, which you can find >here< or via the links in my signature.

!WARNING! This story will deal with topics that might be considered triggering for certain individuals. Stay safe! Please read the warnings over each chapter and decide if you want to read it. If a chapter has no warnings, there are no topics which I consider to be risky mentioned. If you come across something you would like me to mention additionally, please feel free to contact me! !WARNING!


Most recent chapter: 1.5. So we meet again

The Story so Far:
!Future segment for catching up quickly!

Current Casting Calls/Events/Cross-Overs:
There are no events scheduled at the moment.

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