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Q: What do you get when you cross seasons with pets?

A rain deer.

That is the joke written on a holiday cracker in the Sims 4 game. So what do you think, will we be getting seasons along with Pets in a mash up?


  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 17,995 Member
    Water Spaniels?
  • ShadowmarkedShadowmarked Posts: 1,049 Member
    They better do dog sled racing if they do this. otherwise I'm saying missed opportunity.
  • Lomelindi7Lomelindi7 Posts: 1,339 Member
    I think it meant we'd get pets close to Christmas time. But hey, someone did suggest that maybe the cats and dogs title was referring to rain. I would probably laugh so hard if we actually got a Seasons/Pets combo ... what a disaster.
  • TheLibrarySimTheLibrarySim Posts: 957 Member
    The smell of wet dog. And muddy pawprints on counter tops.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    Penguins. Well in Sims 2 Seasons we did.

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  • MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 5,615 Member
    BeJaWa wrote: »
    They better do dog sled racing if they do this. otherwise I'm saying missed opportunity.

    This would be original gameplay and amazing! Great idea.

  • keylimepiesimskeylimepiesims Posts: 1,897 Member
    Nooo NOOOO, don't ruin seasons with pets! Plz nooooooo. :scream:
  • ShadowmarkedShadowmarked Posts: 1,049 Member
    MiataPlay wrote: »
    BeJaWa wrote: »
    They better do dog sled racing if they do this. otherwise I'm saying missed opportunity.

    This would be original gameplay and amazing! Great idea.

    Why thank you, I don't think they will merge them but I think it would be cool :)
    If they do merge the two I really hope they do a really good job or else there may be riots I fear :#
  • CruelhumanbeanCruelhumanbean Posts: 76 Member
    That....could actually be really cool LOL

  • FKM100FKM100 Posts: 881 Member
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,613 Member
    Raining cats and dogs!
  • ANNETTE1951ANNETTE1951 Posts: 502 Member
    As much as I agree with some of you that mashing them together might diminish the value of either, I am so desperate to have both features that I am half-praying for it to happen. The game just really needs pets and is desolate without weather.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,464 Member
    That's exactly my fear as well. :/ They've already given us half-baked expansion packs focusing on only one topic, so I can't help thinking that if they're combining Pets and Seasons, all we'll get is cats and dogs and occasional rain showers. I want more than that from both expansions. But at the same time, I'm so much looking forward to weather and animals... No matter what the next EP will be (if it even is one of those two), if they don't come together, it's going to take a while until we can finally have both.

    Then again, I think Seasons might also work as a GP. I remember TS2's weather expansion came with gardening and plant sims, which we already have in TS4 as it is (even though those plant sims are just another example of the aforementioned "half-bakedness"), we have Christmas and Halloween accessories, so all the pack has to focus on would be the actual weather, right?
  • mctsimmermctsimmer Posts: 270 Member
    I'm hoping it was a hint for things to come in the game. The pack might come with a world that has seasons. City Living set the precedence in allowing apartments exclusively in San Myshuno. The new game pack could have a Sims 2 city like Riverblossom Hills with snow, rain, and fall weather centered around a country theme. All the other worlds would stay the same, but in the new city we get to enjoy the four seasons.

    A pack with seasons and pets would get me to buy a pre-release order at full price. I tend to listen to player reviews and wait for sales when I buy another pack. Vampires was the only one I rushed out to buy the same day it came out. Riverblossom Hills was one of my favorite cities and was different from other ones in the game. Rain and snow were in available in buckets, but sunshine was in short supply. I live in California and Oasis Springs reminds me of my local weather. I feel a new world to contrast Oasis Springs like Riverblossom Hills 2.0 would bring the game up a notch.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,441 Member
    Okay can't believe no one threw this one in ... A Snowcat... yeah pretty bad.. oh well.
  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 17,995 Member
    It's raining cats and dogs and I just stepped in a poodle.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,058 Member
    I remember gardening in Sims2 as being more extensive than now: variety of plants/trees, gardening equipment, greenhouses, lady bug nests, having to deal with sick plants, maybe the gardener NPC. The few gardens I have in TS4 are owner tended so don't know if gardener is an option. If we get seasons/pets better to keep them separate. Too much temptation for half-baked/messing up otherwise.
  • slamondaslamonda Posts: 1,357 Member
    a chilly dog :)
  • leo3487leo3487 Posts: 3,853 Member
    This cat

  • GoldilockGoldilock Posts: 74 Member
    a CATastrophe :D
  • plopppo2plopppo2 Posts: 3,420 Member
    Doggy logs in the snow?
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,058 Member
    Even more bugs than we already have, waterlogged and with teeth.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,567 Member
    Would rather have Pets and Seasons as a seperate Packs.
  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,833 Member
    I want both, but what do you get if you combine the two in one pack? a mess.
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