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Blood's Thicker Than Water (SIMS 4 CHALLENGE)


Blood's Thicker Than Water

This challenge is a Vamperic twist on the Black Widow, Big Sister and Single Father challenges.
It was inspired by the Vampire pack itself. I only bought it for the build items ( haha...heh.. > o >)
and never experimented with the game play...until now. This challenge suddenly came into my head
thinking about it.

Hope you enjoy the challenge!

First and foremost CREDITS:


You're a vampire, but you weren't always. You had a human family once.
You lived with your mother and father with your younger sister. You were all very close.
The bond with your sister especially deep. You told each other everything and shared just as much.
Your childhood exemplified perfection and happiness...

But under grim circumstances, you were fed on by a vampire and left for dead. Instead of dying, you turned.
You came to your parents, asking for help, trying to explain everything, but they were just scared.
Screaming for you to leave and never come back. Your sister peaking through the crack of her bedroom door, eyes meeting yours.
Tears streaming down both your faces, you turned and ran out the door.

It's been a tough journey for you since then. Those events blackened your heart. Evil and ruthless.
Feeding on random folks, stealing to get by. You're sick of this life though. You want to be more.
You want to make something of yourself...You want to become Master Vampire.

Whilst years went by, you didn't think of your family once, but on one fateful day, you receive a letter addressed to you at the place you've recently holed yourself in. No return address.

You were alarmed, not knowing of anyone who would know you well enough to send a letter, let alone know your whereabouts.

It was from your sister.

"Dear Sister,

If you're reading this, then I have been blessed and am so lucky to have had my letter find it's way to you.
I've done everything I could to find you on my own, but there was no trace. I thought about you every day.

It's been a long time since the day you ran away...or more like the day our parents kicked you out. It was never the same since you left.
I never forgave them for abandoning you the way they did. It definitely made things tense at home.
We were all constantly fighting. We became so separated 'till eventually, I left as well. I eventually moved out with my then-husband. I haven't talked to our parents since.

We've recently had a beautiful baby _____ named _______. Born _______ __ ____.
Oh , ______'s gorgeous and reminds me so much of you when you were younger!
Unfortunately, my husband died and as for me time is also limited.

You see, if you're reading this letter, I'm already dead.

I have no one else in my life and neither does my husband. Both without families of our own except ______ and... I have you!

I'm leaving my daughter and our house to you. Even though we haven't spoken in so long, I can just feel it in my bones that you'll take care of her. I know in my heart of hearts.

I'm trusting a strange fellow with this letter. A funny lawyer that claims to be good at tracing vampires. I hope he finds you and I hope you'll decide to take care of __________.

I have only one favor to ask. Please, do not let her know you're a Vampire. And please don't turn her either!
Please raise her as a human and let her live a happy, 'normal life'.

Love you Always,

_______________ "

Oh Dear. Seems like some lifestyle changes are in order.


Overall Challenge Goals :
★Complete Master Vampire aspiration before your niece/nephew dies.
★Per Black Widow rules , kill at least 10 spouses.
★Become BFF with your niece/nephew.
★Have niece/nephew be an A student throughout childhood and teenage years.
★Help niece/nephew complete their aspiration and max required skill sets for their aspiration.
★Have niece/nephew moved out & married by adult age.

Optional Challenge Goals :
★Complete Mansion Baron goals.

Challenge ends when your niece or nephew dies of old age.



Basically the game play is like the Black Widow challenge in terms of luring unsuspecting
spouses to their death so you can pocket their money, except instead of them finding
you cheating, they find you feeding! Of which you then kill them off.

To avoid going out too often and so you can stay in your niece's/nephew's life,
you capture 'prey' aka another sim and trap them in your basement, feeding off of them till they are
completely 'drained'.

Part of the challenge is not keeping your feeding human too long so you'll have to simultaneously find new prey,
find a new spouse, and be active in your niece's/nephews life!

There is more in the post about when to kill your feeding human, etc below.

Create Vampire : YA or older.
Aspiration: Master Vampire
Traits : Evil, the other two are optional. To make it interesting I made mine "Hate's Children" and "Mean".
Lot: Buy any lot, using leftover Simoleons to build house for you and the baby.
This will be the house your sister left you. Include basement level for the person you're
going to trap and feed on. Once lot is built, adopt human baby.


★Stop aging on all households except yours.

★You can only marry humans.

★To get prey to stay in your basement even when you leave the lot, befriend them and ask them to move in and then...TRAP THEM.
(lock the door for everyone but your Vampire Sim.)

★Only toggle door lock when you want your husband/wife to catch you feeding.

Making money: Vampire sim may not have a job! Can only earn money from the sims they marry or
earn money via collectibles ONLY, but only BEFORE marriage.

★No Money Cheats except the exception of the one mentioned for Easy Level.

★You cannot feed on anyone but the prey you've captured.

★Never ask permission to drink. Always do it forcefully.

★Just because your husband catches you feeding does not mean you have to kill your prey
too! Though you can as well if you'd like!

★If prey does not die before aging up (Easy Level-Difficult), then kill them off whenever they age up from whatever age,
(ex : young adult to adult, adult to elder)

★Optional to have wedding ceremony or elope!

★Always have birthday party for your niece/nephew! They are your pride and joy after all!

★You can play as the niece/nephew to be able to achieve your aspiration and level up
skills, but don't forget the focus of your dear Vampy Aunt!

★If you're having trouble finding prey in between playing you CAN drain the spouse completely
and kill them that way, moving on with the challenge.

★Do not let niece/nephew witness anything Vamperic

★You can toggle lifespan if you're achieving goals quickly and don't want to live through
your nieces/nephews young life stages for too long after! Or vice versa if time is going by
way too fast. OR if you want to do the challenge but focus more on story, of course you
can toggle lifespan so they don't age for a while till you complete certain goals or whatever!
Have fun with it!


Challenge Guidelines and Mini Challenges
Mini challenge goals along with main challenge goals guideline to complete while playing if you'd like to
have mini goals to aspire to or help managing goals while playing. You can just also just focus on the overall challenge
goals in your own time frame. Whatever you want! This is just to help and a lil' extra. :

Baby Steps : BABY STAGE
While your niece/nephew is a baby, successfully complete the following:
★Have your first prey and first spouse move in.
★complete at least Milestone One of Master Vampire Aspiration.
★EXTRA CHALLENGE : have spouse become ' Good Friends' with baby

First words : TODDLER STAGE
While your niece/nephew is a toddler, successfully complete the following:
★Kill off at least your 1st spouse and marry at least your second spouse.
★Reach level 5 Toddler Skill.
★complete at least Milestone Two of Master Vampire Aspiration.
★EXTRA CHALLENGE: have whatever # spouse you have at this point become good friends with toddler.

They Grow Up So Fast! : CHILD
While your niece/nephew is a child, successfully complete the following:
★Kill off at least your 4th spouse and marry at least your 5th spouse.
★Have niece/nephew be an A student.
★Complete niece/nephew's aspiration
★Max out niece/nephew's skills
★EXTRA CHALLENGE: have whatever # spouse you have at this point become good friends with child.

I'm Scared... : TEENAGER
While your niece/nephew is a teenager, successfully complete the following:
★Kill off at least your 6th spouse and at least marry your 7th.
★Have niece/nephew be an A student.
★Have niece/nephew exchange promise rings with someone.
★complete at least Milestone Three of Master Vampire Aspiration.
★EXTRA CHALLENGE: have whatever # spouse you have at this point become good friends with teenager.

I'm so proud! : YOUNG ADULT
While your niece/nephew is a young adult, successfully complete the following:
★Kill off at least your 8th spouse and at least marry your 9th.
★Depending on your niece's/nephew's aspiration, have the required skill
set at LEAST level 5.
★Have niece/nephew work a full time job pertaining to their aspiration.
★EXTRA CHALLENGE: have whatever # spouse you have at this point become good friends with YA.

The bat has flown from the nest : ADULT
While your niece/nephew is an adult, successfully complete the following:
★Kill off at least your 9th spouse and at least marry your 10th.
★Complete nieces/nephew's aspiration and max skill sets that have to do with aspiration.
★Have your niece/nephew married off and moved out before they age to Elder.
★EXTRA CHALLENGE: have whatever # spouse you have at this point become good friends with Adult.
★complete at least Milestone Four of Master Vampire Aspiration.

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday: ELDER
While your niece/nephew is an elder, successfully complete the following:
★Kill off at least your 10th spouse , making them your final drain.
-Be BFF's with niece/nephew


Let's turn up the heat! : Difficulty Levels
★Use money cheat to afford cheapest computer, adoption fee, and basement cost (including furniture for basement) ONLY .
Then you'll have more leftover funds for whatever.
★Your basement can have all basic needs. (toilet, shower, & bed.) DO NOT INCLUDE FRIDGE. You must bring food to prey.
★Don't adopt baby until you have successfully captured prey and move in 1st significant other.

★No money cheats for anything. Build using leftover default Simoleons after buying lot, making sure to have enough to
buy a computer, adopt and build a basement for your "pet". Your basement can have no basic needs as far as toilet, shower
and bed, but you must still feed them once in a while.

Is it me or is it getting HOT in here? : SHORT LIFESPAN (DIFFICULT)
★Use money cheat to change wallet amount to $10,000 to spend on build. (not including lot price).
making sure to have enough to buy a computer, adopt and build a basement.
★Your basement can have no basic needs. Do not feed prey at all. Let em' starve!
Should cause them to die 'naturally' a little faster, yet slow enough so you don't have to go out
often to get new prey.

★Use money cheat to change wallet amount to $8,000 to spend on build not including lot price making sure
to have enough to buy a computer, adopt and build a basement. Basement can have all basic needs or none ;
feed them or don't , but must Kill off or "Drain" prey completely after 2nd feeding if not dead already
from whatever basics you decided to provide or not.

Note: You can start your game at night time so you can get the ball rolling since your vampire won't be immune
to the sun starting off OR during the day, you can work toward your aspiration and your relationship
with your niece/nephew! Up to you and your game play style!


Hot & Cold : Weakness' and Strengths
These can be optional to vary difficulty, but as a challenge for me , I've made
Weakness' the following:

Weakness' selected as follows:
★First Tier : Guilty Drinker - it seems your niece/nephew is rubbing off just a little.
★Second Tier: Sloppy Drinker
★Third Tier: Optional
★Fourth Tier: Insatiable Thirst
★Fifth Tier: Optional

Strengths are all optional! Depending on how you wanna play.


Haven't fully play tested it yet so far.

Critique and questions are welcome!
This is the first challenge I've made so I'm sure there are a lot of
kinks that need fixing.

Also note : I don't own all the packs, so game play may have to vary depending especially with
the new parenthood pack. Let me know if it does!

ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
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    undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 345 Member
    edited June 2017
    so i've been play testing on the most difficult level
    and so far so good! here are some screenshots.


    My vampire sim, Georgia and her sister's nephew, Morgan.


    First kiss and first wife...
    Here's to hoping we have a nice and normal family...


    "I never wanted you to find out..and especially like this...
    You shouldn't have come in here...You shouldn't have talked to him."


    "I'm afraid I can't let you walk out of here...alive!"


    "Goodbye Zoe..."


    "Uh... I can explain"


    "Hopefully it will go better next time...."



    extra : cute moments during toddler stage


    ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
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    _cordialGargoyle__cordialGargoyle_ Posts: 18 Member
    Would it be okay if the Vampire Caretaker got pregnant?
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    _cordialGargoyle__cordialGargoyle_ Posts: 18 Member
    Or if the sister had twins?
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    MsMarvel98MsMarvel98 Posts: 34 Member
    This challenge is so interesting! I was really inspired by it, I would totally use it for story purposes - it's on my list of things to write. I would love to know the answers to @_cordialGargoyle_'s questions.
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    solvorshsolvorsh Posts: 142 Member
    I'm doing this on twitch! I haven't reallty played with vampires that much, so this will be interesting!
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    undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 345 Member

    Sorry for the late response!!!! TOT
    I favorited a lot of threads that are popular so I didn't
    even notice anyone posted on my challenge! I was flooded
    with other notifications.

    Hmm the caregiver, i don't see why not. It would be a challenge
    to keep them alive. I'm not sure how that would tie in to the challenge
    in term of goals. But story wise it mixes things up.

    If the sister has twins, you can either try to complete both of their aspirations
    and max both their skills, though that may be reaaaaaally difficult. Or you
    can just focus on one of the siblings for less of a challenge.

    Oooh story wise, this could actually turn into kind of a legacy challenge,
    though it would be repetitive:

    One of the siblings moves out staying human when they're an adult and the other stays home with aunty and turns into a vampire.
    She then takes over for the aunt (you can send the aunt away, kill her off, whatever you want)
    and the challenge continues with someone new with new aspirations etc, and then it turns into a legacy where the first born of a
    family gets to move out and stay human , and the 2nd born has to stay to continue the vampire legacy...or something lol.

    Sorry those weren't really concrete answers >o<
    Feel free to improvise where you want to.
    MsMarvel98 wrote:

    That makes me so happy! Thank you so much! I wrote it so long ago it feels like. I truthfully forgot I wrote it. > o <
    I'm so glad I remembered and took another look at this thread otherwise I would've missed these comments!

    I'm sorry I didn't answer the questions well. OTL
    solvorsh wrote:

    omg i'm so honored TOT
    i hope you enjoy playing it through.

    ORIGIN ID: undressyourbones
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    MsMarvel98MsMarvel98 Posts: 34 Member

    That makes me so happy! Thank you so much! I wrote it so long ago it feels like. I truthfully forgot I wrote it. > o <
    I'm so glad I remembered and took another look at this thread otherwise I would've missed these comments!

    I'm sorry I didn't answer the questions well. OTL

    Haha, it's okay! I was full of ideas after reading your challenge - I sat down for about an hour pouring them all out. Unfortunately I haven't really had a chance to start properly writing ._.

    My story will deviate from your backstory, and the premise is that Elizabeth (my vampire) and her sister are twins, and in order to spite her more cautious sister, Elizabeth takes off with a handsome stranger one night at a party. Of course, she doesn't return home until two weeks later, feeling violated and famished with a chunk of her memory of the last two weeks missing. After her parents disown her (her continued "misbehaviour" reflects badly on their socialite family) Elizabeth becomes bitter against the life that was forced upon her, and uses her resentment against the man who turned her and her parents as justification for attacking people, indulging in sex to feel alive, and manipulating everyone around her. Then along comes her chance at redemption and finally taking responsibility for the life she wants to live - Evangeline, her orphaned baby niece.
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    ZachariahMOBZachariahMOB Posts: 1 New Member
    I didn't capture any pictures (wish I did), but it got a little bumpy in some places, BUT!! I did it. The baby's name was Lilly, and my vampire was named Liliana (cute huh?). Anyways, Lilly didn't find out about the supernatural world, and married once. She had 3 boys, and 2 girls.

    To make it it a little poetic, in the last days of Lilly's life, Liliana was there, leaking in the shadows of course. So when Lilly finally went into a peaceful afterlife, I had Liliana wait until daytime, and she walked outside.

    When she walked outside she thought "I did it Lexi. I kept her safe, and made sure she never knew. I'm coming home". At that moment, she died, and joined them in a peaceful afterlife.

    I didn't want to just end the challenge, and forget about it. So I killed her off as well, but did so in a very poetic way.
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    ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,353 Member
    I think I'm going to have to try this challenge at some point!
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    AuroraBoreallisAuroraBoreallis Posts: 108 Member
    Hello All

    I was so inspired by this challenge I decided to give it a go. My first time writing a story to go with a challenge. You can find my forum post about this challenge HERE

    You can visit my web site directly HERE

    Thanks in advance
    Xoxo Aurora
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