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Non-played sims and played sims wearing weird outfits when I am with a different family

AkiraAnubiseAkiraAnubise Posts: 240 Member
I don't know if this is a bug from the parenthood pack or the patch, but I am finding during gameplay townies (even my families marked play) are seen with random outfits thrown together(tops hats with the chef jacket, bathing suits with slippers and random accessories, etc).
All these townies were created by me after I deleted the pre-made so i know it is not in their outfit slots. And when I bring them into CAS to change it they have their outfit made for them on, but when I exit CAS to go back to gameplay it reverts back to the random outfit in gameplay.

It also happening in gameplay when I switch to my second family, and sims from my other sims family show up with an outfit that's not theirs and everything looked like it was thrown randomly together.

I have reseted folder, reinstalled, move my Mods out, and it still does the same thing.

Edit: I am about to open my game so I'll post some screenshots of the issue.


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