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Riverside (Suburban/City World)-Update 3/9/18

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I have a world called Riverside up at my site. This is a sprawling, large city world that is largely one part urban, one part suburban, but with a few smaller themed districts (like lower income and rural). It's called Riverside because there are a series of beautiful parks along a river that divides the suburban area from the city area.

Below are screenshots. These don't even come close to capturing all the things you can see and do there!






For more information and download links, go here:
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    Below is a video I made on Twitch showing a little bit of Riverside:

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    Looks great!
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    Hi, everyone!

    Just letting everyone know that there's been a new slightly tweaked version of Riverside up. As it turns out, the food trucks weren't showing up, so I fixed this issue. New version is available here:
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    Has anyone tweaked Riverview to allow for IP? Have managed to create functional dive-spots, getting to them is something else. Plenty of space for a beach and ports near simhenge but no routing. There is also space for many extra lots along straight, flat roads, but no putting lots there.

    No disrespect to world creators because you folks are AMAZING and I have a number of custom worlds. But I always come back to Riverview and while I manage to fit most of the EP lots in without changing the town drastically I just wish I could spend a day at the beach there, maybe even have a beach home like in Legacy Island 3 and some others. (I've tried and tried and simply cannot CAW. With the updates to Win-10 I can't even attempt CAW)

    There's a "New Riverview" out there that is really quite something but nothing of the original town remains. Anyone have or know of a Riverview without drastic changes that still allows for routing (and ?layers?- I'm ignorant) for some EP stuff?
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    I've got one I'm currently working on in CAW though it will be blank and lots get placed in a save.I just don't want to mess with placing the lots in CAW as they can too often end up backwards and it can cause a wandering and straying sims issue with the inactives.My made over Riverview won't be populated and lots won't be placed in CAW either.
    Riverside looks well made though it might have a wandering sims issue.
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    Thanks so much for reply. Can't wait to see it!
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