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Stuff Pack clothing vote results!



  • PepseyrulesPepseyrules Posts: 32 Member
    Those clothes are lit. :D o:)
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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,839 Member
    ItsJanier wrote: »
    @SimGuruGraham when will Eco Living hairstyles be revealed? The original posts says that in few weeks but 2 weeks has already passed since the post was made. I've checked your forum everyday for new updates(really hoping for long hairstyles, we don't have enough of them). Btw loving this Eco Living pack! You guys are doing great ☺

    I'm still definitely planning to share the hairstyles with all of you. :) I've had other things at work that require my attention, but it's definitely on my list of things to get to.
    I'm still waiting...
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  • plantghostplantghost Posts: 25 Member
    The clothes look so good! I'm excited for this pack!!
  • oasis10oasis10 Posts: 81 Member
    It would be cool if we had more styled clothes for teens, children and toddlers and even babies should have more stuff.
  • CrownSimsCrownSims Posts: 470 Member
    > @oasis10 said:
    > It would be cool if we had more styled clothes for teens, children and toddlers and even babies should have more stuff.

    Agreed! Show the little ones some love too :(
  • BreezaaRoseBreezaaRose Posts: 105 Member
    I like them, I hope there's a nice selection of colour variants :smile:

  • CiarasStuffCiarasStuff Posts: 12 New Member
    Honestly dissapointed, I feel like their just slight tweaks on existing clothes from movie hangout & backyard stuff
  • millsmollsmillsmolls Posts: 133 Member
    Well where is it..
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  • PugLove888PugLove888 Posts: 674 Member
    millsmolls wrote: »
    Well where is it..

    @millsmolls , it isn't supposed to come out until sometime in 2018! :D It will probably be out around Spring. ;)
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  • VengefulNoodlesVengefulNoodles Posts: 128 Member
    I like the beachy fashion.
  • VengefulNoodlesVengefulNoodles Posts: 128 Member
    Why is the word B-E-A-C-H-Y censored
  • GelysenGelysen Posts: 214 Member
    Did we get an image of the hairs ?
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  • PugLove888PugLove888 Posts: 674 Member
    Gelysen wrote: »
    Did we get an image of the hairs ?

    @Gelysen , no, not yet! ;)
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  • ReitannaReitanna Posts: 294 Member
    men and children need more clothing options in general. I feel like there aren't enough feminine clothing options for men either.
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  • wild4simswild4sims Posts: 45 Member
    looking good love all the new stuff cant wait
  • VengefulNoodlesVengefulNoodles Posts: 128 Member
    Kinda wish they had more male clothes to choose from.
  • LadyMcCrackenLadyMcCracken Posts: 31 Member
    oooo! I love the fourth one!!
  • MysticTigg5MysticTigg5 Posts: 19 Member
    How do we sign up to get notifications about new voting for upcoming packs/clothes/stuff? I seem to miss out on these but would love to give input! :)
  • SailkanLexusSailkanLexus Posts: 1 New Member
    this has nothing to do with the pack but i cant buy anything on origin i tried to buy city living and it keeps saying something about not being able to verify help please anyone ...
  • PeralPeral Posts: 832 Member
    I really miss stilish clothes for the older generation, when your Sim gets older and have to change his/her style of clothing there is practly nothing to chose from.
  • ammcorddammcordd Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm glad the included the clothing from the style a vs style b vote, but honestly 90% of the stuff here is stuff i did not like at all. Oh, well, I guess my clothing style is just not a popular one.
  • kismetkismet Posts: 61 Member
    Lets focus on the men and babies for some clothing options too!
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