I wish the Sims Medieval got another chance



  • WritingAndSimmingWritingAndSimming Posts: 21 Member
    It would be awesome if we got another one. It'd be cool if it made story mode optional. I love the story mode, of course, but I prefer more control while playing, and it'd be awesome in a medieval-style game.
  • AeroFunk1021AeroFunk1021 Posts: 4 New Member
    I agree. I'd love to see another Sims Medieval. I keep coming back to this one because I do, ultimately, enjoy it. However; I can see the mistakes they made and why it wasn't well-received by a lot of players:

    1. It gets boring fast. The quests are fun, but sometimes they drag, and there just isn't enough to do between objectives. You only have to worry about Energy and Hunger, so managing needs is simple, and the side content is just rabbit holes with a bunch of waiting.

    2. Remember how it gets boring fast? The fact that most quests (especially early on) focus on just ONE hero... makes it drag, as well. The part I love about The Sims is how we manage an entire household and control multiple Sims. Playing just the monarch and nobody else (or other heroes) get's old pretty quickly. Even making your family controllable would have been more interesting, but you get married... and then your spouse just wanders the kingdom... is barely around... and just another annoying NPC you can kiss and woohoo with (IF you can find them).

    3. Pointless questing. While some of the quests are fun, most are pretty bland and meaningless. Nothing you do really changes up the kingdom itself or carries any form of consequences. I mean... sure you add more buildings and heroes, but I would have loved to see the kingdom flourish or suffer based on decisions you made with your heroes. Overall... no matter what you do... everything stays the same. Even the Monarch who passes "new laws" and edicts... does... nothing. It's just another pointless time-consuming task.

    4. Lack of customization. Yes, we can create our Sims and dress them, and we can purchase new furniture to decorate our buildings, but we can't control where they go, and we can't build walls, etc. Which, I understand why based on the level of detail each building has, but this is a Sims game... and true Sims fans want all of that. Creating buildings is what many enjoy the most, and Medieval didn't have that.

    Even with all I said above, I still really enjoy the game and find myself coming back to play it. I love creating each of my heroes and don't mind the slower rabbit holes, etc. However, I can see why this game didn't do well. I think they made a game with a great idea, but pushed it out too fast and didn't really give fans what they love about The Sims franchise. If they were going to make Sims Medieval 2... they'd have to really consider changing how the game plays and redesign it from the ground up. It couldn't really be a sequel to Sims Medieval because it would just fail like the first one did. Nobody would play it. I'd love to see one, though. Won't happen LOL But I'd still love seeing it :smiley:
  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 84 Member
    I'm happy with the sims medieval we have, now, though it would be nice if they added more packs to it like they did with pirates. However, if they did make a second one, I would watching others play it, first, before trying it out myself. :3 The game is so fun. I was actually shocked to see how many people still played it.
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