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YA and Adults gain Character Values? LOVE this idea!

drjmoowdrjmoow Posts: 52 Member
I have only had the chance to watch reviews of the game pack. I'm not sure if adults/YA can gain character values, considering this is a parenthood game pack. I honestly like the idea of older sims still being able to gain these values (think of the fun a first generation sim could gave defining themselves and learning who they based on there value progression).

If this could be a perminate feature one day, it would lead to a type of self improve for sims created as YA or older. I am thinking about creating a poll to see how many simmers would like this feature. Until then, please say if you agree or disagree with this idea. Thank you!


  • millerolsenmillerolsen Posts: 629 Member
    They can't.

  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,100 Member
    I don't think they do, not in the traditional sense. They gain certain habits and have access to certain socials, but most of the core character values goes to under YA age groups.
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