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1.30.103 : TDESCs

Hi everyone,

Please find attached the TDESCs for patch 1.30.103.



  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 2,891 Member
    Thanks, SGMS. :)
    Mods moved from MTS, now hosted at:
  • Dramatic-GamerDramatic-Gamer Posts: 710 Member
    Thank You, much appreciated <3
  • ElisielElisiel Posts: 56 Member
    I think I've found a problem with the statistic_in_category

    <V t="statistic_in_category">
    <U n="statistic_in_category">
    <T n="check_for_existence">True</T>
    <E n="statistic_category">Focused_Buffs</E>
    <V t="enabled" n="tooltip">
    <T n="enabled">0x556CFE21</T>

    is the test I'm trying to use but it doesn't work the interaction is not gated for people with focused buffs

    Thank you :)
  • ElisielElisiel Posts: 56 Member
    And my tuning disappeared lol, but yeah the statistic_in_category just doesn't work, I've pen-triple checked the tdesc to make sure it matches too
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