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Broken/Updated Mods: May 25 ’17 patch & Parenthood GP

luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,595 Member
edited June 2017 in Gameplay Mods
This topic is for collecting reports on mod status after the May 25, 2017 patch and with the Parenthood GP. Please keep discussion to reports (but nothing that breaks the game rating - none of your M-rated/X-rated mods, I’m looking at you, mod that starts with a W!) - there's lots of other places for general discussion of mods and updates. I'll include reports of confirmed-by-the-modder-as-fine mods in the second post. I've included CC for now as well if people have specific items they know are no longer compatible.

Reminder: Back up your saves before you try testing mods on your own.

Broken (No Longer Compatible) Mods: Patch
Don't see a mod here? Check the Updated Mods list below! Note: Other career mods could also be broken

No Longer Needed

Broken (No Longer Compatible) Mods: Parenthood GP
[nothing to see here yet]
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