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Eco Existence Challenge by EuphorialQueen

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Eco Existence Challenge by @EuphorialQueen
Originally posted at The Sims Creators' Consortium
Eco Existence Challenge by @EuphorialQueen
Special Thank You to @Buttonsginger for testing and contributing ideas to make this challenge work.
Using #EcoExistence #EcoExist #Survive in the Gallery
This challenge is an adaptation of various Survival challenges.
The focus will be to live from what the earth provides and gain respect for nature.
Note: Patch 19June2018 updated the entire gardening system.
The Seasons EP also made changes with the addition of weather.
In short these types of challenges just became a whole lot more … interesting.
There are several stages to this challenge which are as follows.
Stage One: Survive off the land.
Reach Level 10 of any skill.
Complete at least one aspiration.
Have §50,000 Simoleons in reserve.
Build a home with these funds. You are allowed to stay on same lot or move to another.
Congratulations! Stage one is complete.
Stage Two: Ever Onward
Complete at least one more aspiration
Reach Level 10 of any additional skill.
Gain §30,000 to reserves.
If you have already completed the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration you can skip this step.
In this stage you can Unlock Travel
*Fitness Achieve Level 4 unlocks travel to the Gym
*Creative/Painting Level 4 unlocks travel to Museum
*Logic Level 4 unlock plus Handiness Level 4 unlock travel to library, computer use and Rocket Science
*Charisma Level 3 unlock able to accept social text invites, go on dates /Romance Aspirations / Marriage / Family Aspirations
Stage Three: Contribute to Society
Children are to be taught to respect nature. Fish to gain Mental Skill, Cloud Gaze/Star Gaze to gain Creative Skill (not limited to these methods).
Note: Children can be adopted or born into family or by Alien abduction.
When the children (second generation) of the founder become Young Adults they carry on the tradition of promoting practices that save the earth by teaching their children to honor and respect nature.
What is the end game? How do I complete this challenge?
**Stage One Goals Completed - You can stop here and call it done.
**Complete both Stage One and Stage Two goals plus Unlock all the Travel options.
**Complete Stages One and Two plus raise second generation and third generation to Young Adult.
Congrats on becoming an #EcoExistence Champion!

Note 27Dec2018: Challenge and comment threads by @EuphorialQueen {Me} are checked on a regular basis.
Rules for challenges are reviewed for potential updates each time new content is added to the game.
Please feel free to comment if you have questions.
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