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My little insights [Discussion and Requests] - All games welcome!

AsaoyoruAsaoyoru Posts: 247 Member
Hello and welcome to everybody who‘s found their way here!

As some of you might know from private messages or simply from my gushing over it in the Writer‘s Lounge, I am studying to be a professional editor, who works at a publishing company and reads the works of his clients in order to help him get better with certain stylistic means, points out mistakes – be them in grammatical or content-based context – and generally works with them to improve the quality of their writing, effectively helping them publish their stuff!

So what is this thread?
I‘ve created this thread in order to keep track of what I want to do in the future, that is, write about what I‘m reading. And that‘s your stories! Over the last months I was so inspired and awed by the awesome creations in here (and by the friendliness and openness of the community) that I felt like I would like to give something back to those who brighten my day over and over again.

What I would like to do is read your stories and give you, the writer, or the reader, an in-depth analysis of certain aspects of your writing that touched me, that stood out to me or that were especially memorable concerning stylistic choices. Basically, I would like to write reading reviews!

What do I offer you?
Please note that I don‘t want to put myself on a high horse or sound elitist. I‘m NOT saying that I have the one correct way that writing should be done, because there is none. I don‘t want to offend you or put you down in any way or claim to know more about writing than you.
What I am offering is a deep look into your story, an analysis of your themes and stylistic devices, your style, maybe you would like to have a characterization of one of your favorite characters and want to know what you did in your writing that had a certain effect?
Maybe you want to have a symbolic analysis where I try to make a connection between some recurring object in your story? This is all stuff I do for a living and which I love, so I wanted to offer it to you. For me, it's practice for my job and for you ... at worst you've got a new viewpoint on your story!

What can you do?
I only want to offer constructive criticism and reviews to those who want it. I would like to post my „insight“ on my own blog, but I will of course not include any spoilers and link to everything and credit everything I‘ve used. If you would like to have your own story, a part of your story, or even just one character to be talked about, I would love for you to come in here and shoot me a link! I‘d like to look at your work and tell you what I think.

This has the goal of providing constructive criticism and insight above the limits of a simple comment. Some stories are so great that I feel they need one whole article where I‘m gushing over them at length. I also understand that some of you might not want this, so I will do this on a completely voluntarily basis. I will never write a review of your story if you do not want that. I‘m not here to gain something from YOUR work except knowledge and insight. I would like to offer help, advice, or maybe just another opinion.

I‘ve had some people welcoming the idea so far both privately and publicly, so I would be glad if some of you had interest in this and we can have fun together :smile:

TL;DR: I would like to write reviews of SimLit stories on my blog and I'm looking for people who would like some in-depth critical analysis/constructive criticism of their works.


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