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Sims 3 Things you didn't know!



  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 2,672 Member
    edited August 1
    If you get to level 7 Social Networking, you get an app where you can change the relationship status of two Sims. For instance, do you need to befriend your coworkers? Just use the app! A Sim doesn’t want to be romantic with your Sim? Use the app! Also, to get a five star blog, chat with a Sim first, then do a blog post and repeat. If you get the smartphone moodlet with a frowny face, quit blogging until it disappears. This gets you the transmogrifying app pretty quickly. Also works great with Charisma.
  • ZiristhaZiristha Posts: 343 Member
    I didn't know that if your sim has the "Someone to watch over me" moodlet they could call their protector, haven't been able to see what happens or in what instances is useful, because I didn't even know who was the sim watching over my sim... but! how interesting :flushed:

    I also didn't know that your sims could perform tricks for tips with the pool table after learning them... like, you can make money! playing pool! :scream:
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  • gamerplaya94gamerplaya94 Posts: 103 Member
    Did you know that if you hold down Shift and press A or D after you press Tab, that you can tilt the camera diagonally? To realign the camera just hold Shift and press S.

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