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Sims 3 Things you didn't know!



  • jaletu2005jaletu2005 Posts: 577 Member
    I just learned that at any time your image hosting site can shut down! Lost my Alice pic so had to change my sig. Oh and to make it officially Sims 3 - if you put a trampoline in your yard, Zombies will bounce on it! So much fun to watch!
  • SqueemotasticSqueemotastic Posts: 19 Member
    I just found out that a toddler sim will read the children's books to himself! I was trying to pull "handprints of the masters" from my single dad inventory and place it into the bookshelf. I did not notice that I missed and dropped it on the floor until my child toddled over and started reading! Since their relationship is maxed out I felt no remorse for letting him read a few books while my exhausted single dad took a nap
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