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LadyMarmelade01 thank you threat <3

LadyMarmelade01LadyMarmelade01 Posts: 115 Member
edited May 2017 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting
I think it is time I start a thank you threat aswell. Since so many generous people gifted me so much the last weeks. I can´t thank you all enough but I will try <3<3

My aim is that I once show you all gifts in my game but that has to wait a while since I will be in Spain until September.

Should we start? .... Here it goes:

I want to thank all these amazing and generous simmers:

the amazing @Dusty_Boots-WB for helping me with the Animal Abound Cascade and gifting me the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery. I love that venue so much!
I´m still at loss of words... I don´t know how you got the idea to gift me that since it wasn´t on my Wishlist but it had always been a long term goal of mine to get it :) Thank so much!!!
And I nearly forgot to mention the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station!!! Thanks to you I got that set for free!!! And I can´t get enough of it! <3<3<3
the generous @wannie00 for gifting me the Surf´s Up Sand and Fun Wave Station. Thanks to you I´ll got the Sandy Shoals Sea Shanty very cheap :) Yeah, finally. I really LOVE the house. I wish I had such a lovely summer residence aswell ;) And I also will get the Surf´s Up Sand and Fun Collection for probably 14 SP (if I manage to stay awake the next time. So far I missed it twice)
the lovely @Nomiko13 for following gifts:
- EmpireLine Larder. I simply adore the Bayside Kitchen :) I think all of my houses will use pieces from that Set. Since it is so awesome!
- The Big Cheese Coat Rack Because honestly it looks so classy ;)
The adorable @lauravonawesome (and yes you´re truly awesome!!! Hugs <3 ) for gifting me:
- Backcountry Partition (one step further in owning the set thanks to you)
- Commissioned by Kings (for all the rich Sims out there)
the charming @Jahnna who gifted me:
- Bed Barthelme (looks really compfy ;) )
- little Glass Birdie (ohh I absolute adore this one.... I LOVE clutter décor)
the lovely @lilrosaleen for the Higher Tech Apron Rack (There can never be enough decoration for my Sims kitchens)
the awesome @MariTomKaulitZ for the Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chair I can´t imagine a more relaxing place for my Sims Gardens. I wish I had one of these in real time :)
the sweet @LillaGrisen for the Retro Model T Dining Chair It is truly retro ;)
the charming @charlotteprice who gifted me
the Rounded-Collar Sweater over Blouse (Can´t wait to dress my Sims in that)
the Happily Ever After- True Romance Hairstyle (with that hairstyle my sims will be so good a romance)
the lovely @Sandpitturtle for the All Dressed Up (I just noticed that this is your SimsForum name. :) ) Thank you very much, dear <3
adorable @Delfu who gifted me the Hideaway Bunk Bed. This comes right from my childhood dreams ;)
awesome @melaniet1020 for following gifts:
- Jazz Me Up! Photo Series I simply LOVE it!!!! You actually can find the picture on my SimsForum Wall ;)
- Happily Hippie Patchwork Pouf This is perfect for teenager rooms and the perfect patio ;) (Next to an awesome hottube)
- Overachieving Counter I finally own that set thanks to you!! S o thank you so much!
- Timberland Coffee Table One step further in owning the One With Nature Set
the lovely @Kylieb191 (I hope this is your name?) for gifting me Bevy of Branches Sculpture Thank you very much!

I also want to thank everybody who tried gifting me <3 I just wish you could have your SimPoints back. <3
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  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,312 Member
    You are very welcome :)
  • lauravonawesomelauravonawesome Posts: 2,900 Member
    Hugs back, and you are most welcome :heart::cookie:
    I own the store, as of 12/16/17!| Thank you | Friends?| DD Rotation & Sales Help

  • Dusty_BootsDusty_Boots Posts: 236 Member
    edited May 2017
    You're totally welcome! I remember I got the greenhouse first, because I just love all gardening things, and the bakery was in my top 10 list as cooks are also a favorite of mine. So, I got you something that had greatly interested me hoping you'd enjoy it as I have. Now if only we didn't need a mod to auto-fill the racks/displays. *sigh*

    edited because I need more coffee :#
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