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TS3-Lisa Dawnlight adventures in Riverview



  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    So while Donny and I was cuddling on the bed, Scout comes into the room and chases his tail while thinking about chicken... :)

    So I cheated a little bit and set the photography skill to level 10 for Anne Droid as I needed someone to take some family pictures of the family before Nathan ages up... :)

    Anne Droid was still designing nanites come the morning... :)

    Once the morning came around, Donny and I chatted on the bed for a little bit before breakfast... :)

    After I got up from the bed, Donny goes and gets Nathan out of the crib and gave him a bottle... :)

    So while I was fixing pancakes for breakfast, Donny cleans out the bad food from the refrigerator... :)

    Donny and I sit down for breakfast and talk about going out today for a family outing but decided not to as it rained all day... :)

    When Donny went and put the dishes in the dishwasher, it broke and he ended up feeling sick from the mess it made... :#

    So while I fixed the dishwasher, Donny mopped up most of the water... :)

    Anne Droid needed a tune-up, so she gave herself one... :)

    After Donny mopped up the water from the dishwasher, he went and played with Nathan for a little bit... :) <3

    Then Donny noticed that the bills needed to be paid before the repo-man/woman shows up, so he goes outside with his checkbook and writes out the checks needed to pay the bills with... :)

    Then Donny goes down in the basement under the garage to see what Anne Droid is up to as well as to give her a gift that came in the mail for her but she was learning how to design trait chips now... :)

    Once she was done her research, Donny went over to her and handed her the box that came in the mail but she gave it back to him and told him that since they didn't know each it that it was inappropriate to take the gift from him.

    So Donny calls me down to the basement and hands me the box to give to Anne Droid since I was the one that created her. But she ended up handing the box back over to me and told me the same thing she told Donny.

    So I ended up apologizing to her and she said don't worry about as she didn't mean anything by it and that we have plenty enough time to get to know each other... :)

    After the long night that Anne Droid had, she goes over and gets in the charging station to charge her batteries. So I told Anne Droid that I will go and hang up her certificate that she received for hitting level 10 in the photography skill... :)
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    Donny had ordered an exercise bar as he wanted to get pumped up. So he did some chin pull-ups and got his athletic skill to level 6... :)

    So while Donny was exercising, I went up to my art studio and started a medium sized painting... :)

    I painted a painting that's worth 1070 simoleans... :)

    After I got done my painting, I went inside a fed Nathan a bottle... :)

    Donny took himself a shower after his workout as he was quite smelly... :#

    After Nathan had his bottle, he got a diaper change... :)

    I then played with Nathan before placing him back into his crib for the night... :)

    Scout came up to me for a little sniff. I guess he smelled the baby powder that I had on my hands and wanted to check it out...lol... :p

    I then went out to the living to watch the cooking channel for a little bit. I learned how to cook Tri-Tip Steak, Tri-Tip Tofu Turkey and Stuffed Turkey... :)

    Then something outside had caught my attention and I noticed 3 wild horses across the street standing in front of the health clinic... :)

    Scout wanted to play with Donny, so Donny goes and plays with Scout for a little bit...

    Until it was time for Scout to age up to an adult dog. So Donny and Scout came back around to the other side of the couch so that we can watch him age up... :)

    Happy Birthday Scout... :)

    After Scout aged up, Donny had to leave for work. So I went over and give Scout a hug and now I'm his best friend... :)

    So then, I started training Scout on how to hunt... :)

    He's at level 2 on his hunting skill... :)

    I then got a call from Kurt Shallow asking me if I can fix his stereo as he claims that it's not putting out the tunes like it should be doing. So I said yes and for him to drop it off at my house and I will see what I can do with it... :) Of course the gnomes all had to gather around to watch what I was doing...lol... :p

    Scout went on a hunt to see what he could sniff out...

    And ended up finding Duchess Perkins. So he went into the trailer as he wanted to nuzzled Duchess but she wasn't having any of it... :#

    So then, they started goofing off together for a little bit... :)

    After Anne Droid had got her batteries charged back up and did some more trait chip research, she came out and used the telescope... :)
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    Then it was Duchess that wanted to nuzzle with Scout, so he let her nuzzle him... :)

    After Donny got home, he went and got Nathan from his crib and brought him outside so that we can watch him age up to a toddler... :)

    Happy Birthday Nathan... :)

    Donny got a call for a fishing contest at the store that he signed up for... :p

    Since it started raining, I took Nathan inside and put him in his highchair so that he can get himself something to eat... :)

    Nathan eating from a bowl for the first time... :)

    Must be quite tasty as he's dipping his hand back in the bowl for another scoop... :)

    Once he was done eating, he pushed his bowl off of the tray and onto the floor... :)

    So then I went and fix us a spaghetti dinner for Donny and I... :)

    While I was fixing dinner, Donny came out to the kitchen and started tickling Nathan for a little bit until it was time to eat... :)

    I then called Donny to the table after getting dinner done... :)

    Scout had to go and check out the toddler potty... :)

    Of course when Donny was done tickling Nathan, he placed him on the floor instead in the highchair. So Nathan is doing what all toddlers do, and that's digging for gold...lol :p :#

    He must had found something as he's looking at his finger and then flicked his finger to get it off... :#

    But apparently, Nathan was having fun on the floor anyhow... :)

    Then Scout came back out to the kitchen as he thought he smelled something that was stinky... :#

    So Scout went up to Nathan as the smell was coming from him... :#

    Nathan then reaches out to Scout... :)

    I then put Nathan into his crib but had to change his stinky, smelly diaper. Then it was off to his crib in his room... :)

    Donny was outside trying to train Scout how to sit but ended the training early as Donny was too tired to train him... :)

    Then it was off to bed for the both us. It's good thing that it's the weekend and Donny doesn't have to go back to work until Monday... :)
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    So while Donny and I was sleeping, Nathan was sitting up playing in his crib...

    While Anne Droid was using the computer...

    Scout out back playing with his ball...

    And one of the gnomes listening to some music out on the front porch... :)

    When Scout was done playing with his ball, he came into the bedroom and went around to Donny's side of the so that he can bark at Donny to wake him up... :) So I wake after Scout starts barking and go into the bathroom to use the toilet... :)

    Donny: Okay Scout, I'm getting up. Now stop all of that barking and move out of my way so that I can stand up.

    The early morning meeting of the gnomes... :)

    Once Donny got out of the bed, Scout wanted to give Donny some kisses... :)

    Donny then started brushing Scout's fur... :)

    Once I was done in the bathroom, I go and get Nathan out of his crib...

    And take him out to the kitchen and put him in his highchair...

    And gave him some baby food for his breakfast... :)

    I go over to get what I need to make pancakes for our breakfast... :)

    Donny then comes out to kitchen as I was cooking our breakfast... :)

    A shirtless Donny just because I wanted to take his picture like that... :) <3
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    edited December 2018
    So while we were eating, Donny was telling me about the toys that he brought for Nathan from an online toy store that he found online... :)

    Once we ate our breakfast and had gotten the dishes cleaned up, Donny goes and gets Nathan out of his crib so that he can start teaching him to talk... :)

    Nathan said his very first word and that made Donny very happy... :)

    Donny continued to teach Nathan to talk... :)

    Then Scout wanted to give me a kiss, so I let him... :)

    After Scout gave me a kiss, I told Donny that I was going out for a little bit as I had some things that I needed to do... :)

    I went to the tattoo parlor as I wanted to get a new tat. And when I was done there, I went over to see Craven so that I could meet his "daughter" that I had heard about from the towns folk... :)

    When I got there, I noticed that Dawn had aged up to a toddler when she crawled out to the porch... :)

    Craven then comes out to greet me and to invite me into the house... :)
    Craven: Hello Lisa! How are you today?
    SS: Hello Craven! I'm doing okay. Is that your adopted daughter over there?
    Craven: Yes, that's Dawn. She just aged up not too long ago. Isn't she a cutie pie? (Craven thinking to himself: She's a cutie pie just like her mother is.)
    SS: She sure is a cutie pie. I wonder what her parents look like? Have you ever seen any pictures of the parents when you went to adopt her?
    Craven: No I didn't as they can't show pictures of the parents. (Craven thinking to himself: I don't need to see a picture of her mother as I already know what she looks like... <3 ) Why don't you come in for a little bit and tell me what's going on with you?
    SS: Yeah I guess they can't do that as it's in their policy and to keep the privacy of the parents. Yes thank you, I'll come in and talk to you for a little bit but I can't stay so long as I need to get back home to Donny and Nathan. Nathan just aged up as well the other day. He's such a cutie little boy. I think he's going to be a heart breaker when he gets older... :smiley:
    Craven: Well I already plan to keep the boys away from Dawn until she's an elder.
    SS: And just how do you think you're going to do that when you'll be dead by then?
    Craven: I don't ever plan to die as I'm going to live forever.
    SS: Oh yeah! You know something that I don't? Did you find the fountain of youth or a supply of youth potion?
    Craven: hehehe, don't I wish? (Craven thinking: Why yes, I do have a lifetime supply of the youth potion.) Okay, come inside now.
    SS: Okay Craven but let me take this phone call first as it might be something important... :)
    Craven: Okay Lisa!

    It was Lucille Spenster calling to talk for a minute to see how I'm making out being a mother... :)

    Then Craven came out to check up on me because I guess he thought that I was taking too long to come inside... :)

    I go over to pick up Dawn on my way inside so that I could put her back in the house... :)

    But while I was standing there, Craven was dressed for work and then left while I was still holding Dawn.
    (Craven thinking to himself: I wish Lisa was here to help raise the baby that was created in the science machine using her DNA sample that the "fake" alien took from her.)

    After Donny got done teaching Nathan how to talk, he put him back in the highchair and gave him his lunch to eat... :)

    So after I got home, I went and cleaned the old newspapers off of the porch and threw them away in the trashcan... :)

    I went back in and told Donny that I was going to teach Nathan how to walk since he taught him how to talk... :)

    SS: Okay Nathan, let's stand you up and try to get you walking. Can you do that for mommy?
    Nathan: goo goo!

    SS: Okay Nathan, take my hands and I will help up. That's a good boy!

    SS: Okay, now I'm going to let go of your hands and you walk towards me. Okay?
    Nathan: goo goo
    SS: That's it Nathan. Keep coming towards mama... :) YAY! You did it. Let's try it again now... :)

    So while I was teaching Nathan to walk, Donny was watching the fishing channel and got his fishing skill up to level 6... :)

    Scout took it upon himself to guard the house for us. He's such a good doggy!... :) <3
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    After teaching Nathan how to walk, I went ahead and trained him to use the potty... :)

    SS: Boy Nathan, you sure are one stinky little toddler... :s
    Nathan: goo goo

    SS: For a little toddler like you, you sure have a lot of poo in you... :#
    Nathan: poo poo

    Scout went out to the front porch and kept guard for the night... :)

    When about 5:25 in the morning came around, Scout made his way to the bedroom to wake Donny up again but Donny had shoo'ed Scout away for disturbing his sleep.

    So I got up and went out to the kitchen to make us some waffles for breakfast... :)

    While I was fixing breakfast, Donny goes out to get the mail from the mailbox but had to wait for the mail lady to move as she just wanted to stand in front of the mailbox for a while... :D

    Once the mail lady had finally decided to leave, Donny was able to retrieve the mail... :)

    Donny got a letter from Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. ( I guess I'm going to have to have a word or 2 with her and use my voodoo doll on her as well as some type of potion in hopes that she will leave Donny alone... >:) )

    Then Donny got a letter and some flowers out of the mailbox that's from Craven to me. (Donny thinking to himself: Who does Craven think he is by sending a letter and flowers to the mother of my son?... :angry: )

    Then he retrieved another letter for me from Fred Claus that had an oven mitt rack along with it. (Donny thinking to himself again: I guess I might have to have a word with Fred Claus about sending letters and gifts to a lady that's already taken... :angry: )

    After I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I went to talk to Anne Droid so that we can get to know each other better... :) So I asked her about her day... :)

    Then we to talking about art afterwards... :)
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    @lisasc360 I love that garden water pump. It's a very useful item. ...Fun scene with the gnomes. ...I like Anne Droid's name and her colors. ...Cute screenshots of Anne with Scout. ...Great pics of Anne's abduction! ...Donny and and your SS look so sweet together. Nice couple. ...I like the sim photos you have decorating your house. ...Donny looks like he's a very good father. ...Anne seems to work hard developing her bot building skills. ...Weird that Anne wouldn't take the gift from either you or Donny.

    ...Awesome painting! 1070 simoleans! ...Nathan is such a little cutie! And so is Scout. ...Neat pic of the wild horses. ...Wow! Scout turned into a large dog! And he was so tiny as a pup. ...I liked the screenshots of your SS teaching Scout to hunt. He's a pretty dog. Nice coloring. ...LOL at Scout wanting to nuzzle Duchess. But later she made the advances! A woman always has the right to change her mind!

    ...Happy Birthday, Nathan! Darling toddler. ...Funny pic of Scout sniffing the potty chair! And the one of him sniffing stinky Nathan! ...I love watching dogs playing with the ball. ...Great pics of Donny teaching Nathan to talk. ...Scout is a very affectionate dog! ...Loved the dialog with Craven. LOL at him living forever! ...Sweet screenshots of Nathan learning to walk. ...Loved the pics of Scout guarding the house.

    ...The townie notices were fun to read. ...Using your voodoo doll on Meadow for writing letters to Donny! And then Craven sent you flowers and Fred Claus sent you a gift. Ha!
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    After I got done chatting with Anne Droid, Donny asked if I wanted to go to the Spring festival,so I said yes. So he went and got Nathan out of the crib...

    And then placed Nathan in his stroller and met us out by the car... :)

    When we got there, Betty and her family was there, so I had to take a picture of her for @CravenLestat... :)

    Anne Droid decided that she wanted to try out the skating rink. So while she was skating, she wanted to skate with Betty and so Betty said yes... :) pZP8QWBl.jpg

    But Anne Droid and Betty both fell down... :#

    I was skating on by when Betty had fallen flat on her face... :open_mouth: OUCH! How embarrassing... :blush:

    Then Donny wanted to take a family picture in the festival photo tent, so I met Donny, Nathan and Anne Droid in the photo tent... :)

    Spring Festival photo of the family... :)

    Then Donny wanted to try out the dance floor, so we went and danced for a little bit... :)

    Then Anne Droid came and joined everyone one the dance floor... :)

    Scout and Nathan came over to watch the dancers... :)

    But then it started raining and hailing, so we stopped dancing... :)

    We then decided to go home but had to wait for Scout as he headed on home and needed to take a water tax back to the festival lot to meet up with us but he still had to walk home as we had left right when he got there... :)

    Once we got home, I place Nathan down on the floor in the dining room so that we would get us a quick bit for dinner. Donny and I ate leftovers for dinner... :)

    Nathan decided to go and explore the house and saw the activity table... :)

    He rushed right over to it as it's something new to him and he had to check it out. So he grabbed a block from the table and took a look at it... :)

    He then had a closer look at the block as he was curious about it... <3

    Then Donny got a call from Constance Shelley asking him out on a date but he told no and asked her to not call him ever again for a date as he is already taken... :)

    Anne Droid went back to her little room under the garage and did some more trait and skill chip research... :)

    When Nathan got done with the activity table, he noticed the xylophone sitting on the floor, so he made his way over to that... :)

    He then started to beat on it and was amazed by how much noise it made... :)

    He then stuck the tip of the wooden mallet into his mouth to give it a taste or 2... :#

    Once he was finished with the xylophone, he moved over to the little block box and picked up the square block and proceeded to stick that into his mouth as well... :)

    He then chose the round green block and tried to stick it into the square hole but was unsuccessful in getting it in there... :(

    He then got mad and started banging the green block on surface of the box before putting the green block down... :)

    He then picked up the yellow block and was successful in getting it in the right hole. So he was quite happy with himself... :) <3
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    @lisasc360 I like how you tell your stories, using 1st person voice. It's a different way of doing it! ...Fun screenshots at the festival. LOL at Betty and Anne Droid skating together! ...The family's photo turned out nice. ...It looks like Scout was enjoying the sunshine--until it started hailing! That put an end to the family outing. ...Sims trying to "meet up" so they can ride together gets crazy sometimes. ...Cute pics of Nathan playing at the blocks table, xylophone, and peg box. He'll have his toddler skills leveled up in no time!
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @lisasc360 I like how you tell your stories, using 1st person voice. It's a different way of doing it! ...Fun screenshots at the festival. LOL at Betty and Anne Droid skating together! ...The family's photo turned out nice. ...It looks like Scout was enjoying the sunshine--until it started hailing! That put an end to the family outing. ...Sims trying to "meet up" so they can ride together gets crazy sometimes. ...Cute pics of Nathan playing at the blocks table, xylophone, and peg box. He'll have his toddler skills leveled up in no time!

    @lanlyn, thank you... :) I just figured that since I was playing my SS that it would be better telling the story in 1st person voice instead of as a narrator... :) Thank you! I think Anne Droid had herself a good time skating with Betty... :) Thank you! I was surprised that Anne Droid was holding Nathan instead one of his parents... :) Yeah Scout was having fun at the festival as well and watching over Nathan until the weather turned bad... :) It sure did end their fun. I could had sent them back inside of the warehouse but it was getting late and Donny's got to go to work the next day but they will be back there again shortly as Donny had the wish to look for Easter eggs... :) hehehe, tell me about! But then I was surprised that they took off for home after Scout got back there but didn't get in the car with the family, so he had to walk home. Thank you! He had fun playing with his toys... :)
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    Nathan was getting fussy, so Donny went over to pick him up so that he could put Nathan in his crib for the night... :)

    So while Donny was putting Nathan to bed, I went back to working on Kurt's stereo so that I could return it back to him... :)

    Scout wanted some attention, so he went to Donny for it... :)

    We have 5 days until the first day of Summer arrives and it's still snowing here in Riverview... :)

    While I was working on the stereo, Mags Newbie called wanting to chat, so I took a small break to talk to her... :)

    Scout decided to go outside to the porch to get the newspaper and to bring it inside to me. What a good doggy... :)

    Scout places the paper on the floor since I was still on the phone talking to Mags... :)

    Once I got off the phone with Mags, I reached down to retrieve the newspaper and placed it on the coffee table... :)

    So since Scout was such a good doggy for bringing in the paper, I gave him a kiss...

    As well as a hug and telling him what a good doggy he is... :)

    After Anne Droid got done designing another trait chip, so climbed the ladder so that she could come inside of the house and get on the computer to search the web... :)

    When Donny got home, Scout wanted to Donny to chase him... :)

    At least the snow is gone but now it's raining, so maybe the weather is going to get better now... :)

    A meeting of the gnomes again. (Don't mind the time portal in the picture as I was trying to test something out.)

    After Donny got done chasing Scout, he went over and got Nathan out of the crib to do the claw with him... :)

    And then it was tickle time... :)

    Donny then put Nathan down on the floor as Scout wanted to play some more, so Nathan made his way out to the living room to his activity table... :)

    OH NO! It's a full moon out tonight and that means the zombies come out... :#
    The zombie is Lucas Boone.

    Donny noticed that there was mail in the mailbox, so he went outside not knowing that there was a zombie on his front walkway... :#

    But Donny wanted to get the bills paid so that the repo man or woman doesn't pay the family a visit... :)

    The zombie ambles on over to Donny, so Donny better watch out for an impending zombie attack from him... :#

    Donny's thinking that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come outside when there is a zombie in the yard... :D

    But Donny insists in getting the mail out of the mailbox despite the fact the he's a facing a zombie at the moment... :disappointed:

    So there were 2 letters in the mailbox, 1 from Roxie Lin for Donny and 1 from Fred Claus for me.
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    So after Donny had taken care of the bills and gotten the mail out of the mailbox, he turns to zombie Lucas and faces his fears.

    Donny thinks that zombie Lucas just wants to play...lol... :p

    Zombie Lucas tries to scare Donny but was unsuccessful.

    Donny got a phone call from Jon Lessen, so he took a few minutes from playing with zombie Lucas to talk to Jon... :)

    When Donny got done talking to Jon, he went back to playing with zombie Lucas by making faces at him...lol

    Zombie Lucas must think that Donny is being all adorable playing with him...lol

    Zombie Lucas says "Wrong! I'm trying to get some brains to eat and I will get them any way that I can... >:)"

    So zombie Lucas tried scaring Donny again ans was successful this time around... :#

    But then was unable to proceed with any further attack as he had this awful pain in his head... :#

    Donny then decided to have a little bit of fun with zombie Lucas by asking him to pose... :p

    So while Donny was outside messing around with zombie Lucas, I took a break from working on Kurt's stereo to look at the Almanac of Time. But I must had accidentally hit the button for the Dystopian future as I was closing the book up. And when that happened, the book summoned Emit to the present.

    Emit makes his way into the house by coming through the backyard and through the unlocked back door while Donny wonders who this strange man is.

    Emit then enters into the dining room and starts scanning the flowers on the coffee table in there.

    So I go over to Emit to find out why he has come through the time portal.
    SS: Hello Emit! What brings you here into the present?
    Emit: Hello Lisa! I see that you've moved from your small house to this house.
    SS: Yes I did move as I was in the family way at the time.
    Emit: Yes you were pregnant with your son.
    SS: Ummm, how did you know that?
    Emit: Because I keep up with everything that you do. Remember that I go and read the profiles of past residents on my computer as I have access to the data base at the town hall as well as what's in the Almanac of Time.
    SS blushing: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
    Emit: I see that you are also embracing the future technology that you've learned in Oasis Landing.
    SS: Well yeah but it took a little bit of convincing for my boyfriend to allow me to order the plumbot building machine as he was worried about the plumbots turning on their creators and doing us harm.
    Emit: Well I can you that won't happen just as long as you use good trait chips in them and not the bad evil ones. Plumbots are loyal to their creators.

    Emit: So now let me tell you why I'm here for.
    SS: Okay, I'm listening.
    Emit: Well I'm here because you had summoned me.
    SS: How did I do that? I don't remember summoning you in any way shape or form.
    Emit: Well you were looking at the Almanac of Time when you chose to change the future to the dystopian future. Do you know what the dystopian future is?
    SS: Well I don't recall doing anything like that when I was looking at the almanac. So it must had happened when I closing the book back up. And yes, I do know what dystopian is and it's not good.
    Emit: Right, it's not good at all. Please tell me that you haven't used the magnet to attract any meteorites.
    SS: What magnet?
    Emit: The one that you get when you choose to change the future to the dystopian future.
    SS: No, I haven't used no magnet as I didn't know that I had one to use.
    Emit: Whew, thank the stars above that you didn't use it yet. So there's still time to change it to the utopian future.
    SS: Well that's good to hear then I guess. I certainly don't want to be blame for messing the future up.
    Emit: Yes it is. And no, no one would blame you for doing that.
    SS: And why wouldn't do they do that? I hit the button by mistake, so the blame would be on me then, shouldn't it?
    Emit: Everyone makes a mistake or 2 in their life but we learn from them. But then there are some that never learn from them and will keep making mistake after mistake. But I do know that you're not one that will keep making mistakes and not learn from them.
    SS: I try my best to be the person that I am and not do wrong. But even I know that I'm not perfect.
    Emit: No one is ever perfect and that is what makes us all human.
    SS: Okay, you said that I can change the future from the dystopian future. So how can I do that?
    Emit: You have 2 ways of doing it. You can ignore the choice you pick since there is a time limit on when you need to complete the 1st quest of it.
    SS: And the 2nd?
    Emit: Or you can just click on the Utopian choice as it will cancel out any dystopian quests that you have.
    SS: Well that's good to know. Thanks for telling me that I can either cancel it out or change it to the good future.
    Emit: Well I best be going now but if you should decide to change it to the utopian future, I will be back to give you the quests that you need to fulfill that achievement. Bye Lisa!
    SS: Bye Emit.

    Scout starting barking really loud and took chase after a burglar who was attempting to rob from us but was quite unsuccessful. So the burglar got into a cab and left the area. Good Scout... :)

    Scout went back up to the side door to start guarding it again... :)

    I then heard a groan coming from Donny, so I went to find out where he was and what he was groaning about. He had hit his head on the bathroom shelf that left a mark on his head... :#

    A nice early morning picture of the house... :)

    Scout was out in the backyard rolling the ball around with his nose and having a good time at it as well... :)

    After Donny left for work, I went back to work on Kurt's stereo just so that I can finish up fixing it for him... :)

    Once I was done with Kurt's stereo, I gave him a call to see where he would be at and he told me that he was at the laundromat right up the road from me. So I walked his stereo over there and gave it to him so that I could get my $600 simoleans from him. Working on his stereo has put me to level 10 on the handiness skill... :)

    But while I was there, one the washing machines broke down, so I fixed it for them and got paid for it afterwards.

    Then this popped up about @thuggishsplicer SS and Fatima... :)

    When I left to go across the street, I had to call the babysitter to watch Nathan. But since the back door is locked, Sally Hustev decided to change into her bathing suit to use the slip-n-slide... :)

    Once I had returned home, I had gone over to dismiss her but instead, I had introduced myself to her and to chat with her for a little bit... :)

    After our chat, I asked if I could take a picture with her in it and she said yes... :)
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    So after I got done taking a picture with Sally, I had summoned Emit to come back as I had changed my mind about the Dystopian future and wanted to do the Utopian future... :)
    Emit: Hello Lisa! Changed your mind about the outcome of the future?
    SS: Hello Emit! Yes, I've thought about and now I want to do the Utopian future. So what do I need to do for that one?
    Emit: You will need to scan other Sims while they are laughing. You just tell them something funny and when they start laughing, you will use this scanner that I'm giving up.
    SS: Sounds easy enough for me. So how many do I need to scan?
    Emit: You just need to scan 3 people and report back to me for your next assignment. Now get to work Lisa... :)

    So the first sim that I scanned was Emit himself... :)

    Then it was off to scan Donny... :)

    And since Sally was still at the house using the slip-n-slide, I went to her next while Emit came around to the backyard... :)

    So I told Sally to come up on the porch so that I can tell her a joke, so I scanned her while she was laughing at my joke... :)

    Then after I was done with Sally, I then told that I didn't need her anymore for the night. So while I was telling Sally bye, Emit was scanning the patio chair... :)

    Meanwhile, Donny had gotten a phone call from Lucas Boone as they are now friends.
    Donny: Hello Lucas! How are you today?
    Lucas: Hello Donny! I'm doing just fine but I feel a bit confused about something, so I need to ask you a question.
    Donny: What do you want to know?
    Lucas: Well last night, I had this strange dream that I was over at your house and that I was looking for brains to eat. But when I woke up this morning, I found mud on my shoes and my clothes was all dirty and muddy. So I was wondering if I really was over at your house last night and if I was, was I acting strange?
    Donny: I hate to tell you this but yes you were here last night. And yes, you were acting a bit strange as well.
    Lucas: OMG! What the heck did I do? Did I do anything bad? And the how the heck did I get there in the first place?
    Donny: Well I can't tell you how you got there as you were already standing on my walkway to my front porch but you were looking a bit green.
    Lucas: WHAT? I was looking a bit green. How? When did that happen? And WHY?
    Donny: Yeah, you were looking a bit green from what I can tell like you were sickly looking. And I can't tell you how you got like that. Maybe you ate something that was really bad that didn't agree with you. It was sometime after dark when you were outside on my lawn. And the why part, I have no clue whatsoever.
    Lucas: Well did I do anything weird? I feel like that I've done something to you or that I tried to do harm to you. You can tell me the truth if I did, I won't get mad.
    Donny: Well, let's see! You did try to attack me but I kept laughing at you. But then there was this one time when you tried again, you had stopped and grabbed your head like you having some several head pain or something.
    Lucas: I did what?
    Donny: You tried to attack me like you were a zombie or something like that.
    Lucas: A zombie? WHAT THE HECK?
    Donny: Yeah, you looked like a zombie looking for brains to eat.
    Lucas: I didn't hurt you or anyone else last night, did I?
    Donny: No, like I said, you had grabbed your head in pain and then I went I inside. But not before I had asked you to do some poses...lol
    Lucas: Well I'm sorry if I've tried to eat your brains. I don't know what I had gotten into me. And I did some poses as well? I don't remember doing those.
    Donny: No need to apologize as there was no harm done. And it was a full moon last night which would explain the weirdness that you were having.
    Lucas: Well that's good to know that I didn't hurt anyone. I would be so upset if anyone had gotten hurt. And yeah, you're probably right about it being a full moon last night. Well I got to go, so I will talk to you later Donny. Bye... :)
    Donny: Bye Lucas... :)

    Scout wanted some attention, so I let him give me a kiss... :)

    The next thing that I had to do for the Utopian future was to drink a bottle of this dew that Emit gave me which turned me blue. But it least it's only for a few hours and then I will return back to my normal color. Or at least that is what Emit told me about the side effects of the dew.

    Emit then came back through the portal to give me my next assignment which was to use the dew on 6 other Sims. He gave me 10 bottles of the dew just in case some of them doesn't work like they're suppose to do.

    I had gotten a phone call from the military base asking me if I wanted to be a substitute teacher for one day teaching the handiness skill. They told me that I was recommended by Donny when they asked if there was anyone that knew someone with a high handiness skill, so they said that he spoke up and told them that his girlfriend did. So they asked him for my phone number so that they could call me to see if I would be willing to come in for 1 day to teach the class the handiness skill. They also told me that they would pay me for coming in, so I said yes that I would do it... :)

    Donny got to thinking about the time portal and decided that he needs to ask me about it as well as the strange man that came from it when he has a chance to do so.

    I called Donny to come out to the dining room as I wanted to see him about something. So he came out and I threw one of the dew bottles at him and it made him turn yellow. 1 down, 5 to go in my quest to change the future.

    Nathan was getting fussy as he was tired, so Donny went over to pick him to put him in the crib for the night.

    Donny gave Scout a belly rub... :)

    But because Nathan refused to go to sleep, Donny took him out of the crib and went to the bookshelf looking for a book to read to him in hopes that he can get Nathan to go to sleep... :)

    So Donny ended up reading to Nathan which helped Nathan finally go to sleep... :)

    And in the mean time, Anne Droid went back to her room and did more research on trait chips... :)

    Scout headed out to the backyard where he was playing with his ball again while the gnomes had another meeting... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    Scout comes in and wakes Donny and I up from our sleep. Donny wasn't too happy for the early morning wake up from Scout but I on the other hand didn't have any issues waking up early... :)

    Once Donny woke up, he ended up relaxing on the bed...

    While I had ended up checking myself out in the mirror... :)

    Donny calls me back to bed saying that he wanted to snuggle for a little bit before we have to get up for breakfast as he has the day off for Love Day... <3 <3

    Then he wanted to do a little bit of smooching on the bed... :)

    But then Nathan woke up from his sleep and started making playful noises and sticking his hand in his mouth... :)

    So I had to end the little lovefest to go take care of Nathan... :)

    I went and got Nathan out of his crib so that I could put him in his highchair for his morning feeding... :)

    I then gave him his food to eat while I go off to fix our breakfast... :)

    I go and get stuff out of the refrigerator to make some French Toast for us to eat... :)

    Donny changes out of his PJ's into some clothes and comes out to take out the bad food from the refrigerator for me... :)

    Once I've mixed everything that I need for the French Toast, I placed them in the oven to cook... :)

    Meanwhile, Anne Droid is creating the Scalar Nanite so she can create the RoboNanny trait chip so she can help us out with Nathan... :)

    Donny then emptied out the trashcan in the house and took it to the outside trashcan. And of course there was another meeting of the gnomes in the front yard... :)

    Then the time portal comes to life and out comes Nathaniel Castle who's from Oasis Landing... :)

    Once he's completely out of the time portal, he takes off running to the sidewalk where he gets into a taxi and takes off in it as the driver... :)

    Nathan waiting patiently to be taken out of his highchair... :)

    So Anne Droid had put in the RoboNanny chip into her system and decides to test out her new chip on Nathan, so she comes inside of the house to pick Nathan up from his highchair... :)

    Since Nathan allowed for her to pick him up, she decided to see how he would react to her when she does the claw on him...

    Which was okay by him... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    After the breakfast dishes was cleaned up, Donny said that he wanted to go back to the Spring Festival, so Anne Droid carried Nathan outside since she was still holding him... :)

    Scout jumped in the front seat so that he could sit next to Donny and to see the view better... :)

    So Anne Droid, Nathan and I had to sit in the back seat for our ride to the festival... :)

    The first thing that Donny wanted to do was to do the love test machine again... :)

    So after I got over to the machine, Donny dropped his money into the machine and told me to place my hand on the machine's handle... :)

    So after the test, the results were this... :)

    So after we got the results back from the love test, I went about using the dew bottle on 5 other sims that was given to me by Emit Relevart so that I could complete this quest to change the future. So the next person that I had used the Dew on was Aiden Jones... :)

    The dew changed Aiden purple... :)

    Then I hit Luke McDermott with the dew which changed him to a pink color... :)

    Then I hit @thuggishsplicer, Marcus with the dew which changed his coloring to red(?).

    Then I hit Patrick Duffy (a sim created by me to use in a Christmas photo shoot) which turned him green... :)

    Then I hit this little girl who's name I can't remember at the moment and she turned pink... :)

    The was the last Sim that I had hit with the dew. So now I'm off hunting for Easter Eggs. (But for whatever reason, my SS kept resetting and being sent home when she would pick up the egg. So I don't know what's going on as I was able to hunt for eggs in other saves, so I hope that this save isn't corrupt or something and that it's just a small glitch or something.)

    There were some dancers out on the dance floor including @Charlottesmom SS, Becky who doesn't seem to be dancing but just standing there...

    While her daughter from Hal sits and watches while picking her nose... :#

    And since the weather was getting bad, it was time to send the family home. So Anne Droid waits for a taxi for her and Nathan so that could go home while Scout ran home in the rain... :)

    When I got home, Emit was waiting for me so that he could give me my next assignment. So after he did that, he left and I went to the military base so that I could give them the dew for testing... :)

    Nathan was on his way out to living room to play with his toys but had stopped to put his hand in his mouth again... :)

    When he was finished tasting his hand, he went over to his xylophone and put the mallet into his mouth... :)

    Scout guarding the house again making sure that it stays safe for the family... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    After I was done presenting the dew to the military base, I get another one of those annoying telemarketing calls that I hang up on. Plus Emit was outside waiting on me to let me know that the future is very colorful now and then he left in a poof back to the future. The military gave me another assignment where I need to bring them 3 Dragon Fish for them to examine... :)

    Once I got home, I went over to the bookshelf to find a book to read to Nathan... :)

    Once I had picked out a book to read, I sat down next to Nathan so that he could see the pictures in the book and to help turn the pages for me... :)

    After reading to Nathan, he needed to use the potty so it was off to put him on the potty in his room... :)

    He removed himself from the potty when he was done and started picking his nose again... :#

    SS: PheeeeeeeeeeW Nathan! For such a small person, you certainly know how to stink up the place... :D
    Nathan: pheeew stinky.... :p

    SS: And for such small person Nathan, you certainly can leave a huge mess in the potty... :s
    Nathan laughing: Potty pheeeew!

    So while I was taking Nathan's mess to throw away, he found his toy box and decided to take a peek inside of it... :)

    Nathan saw a toy inside of it that he wanted, so he climbed up inside of it to get his toy... :)

    Nathan got his toy which is a tank... :)

    While I was on my out of the house to throw away the potty bag, another burglar shows up to the house and breaks in but didn't get too far as the alarm went off... :)

    Anne Droid comes to see what's going while I'm getting annoyed with the sound of the alarm... :#

    So Police Officer James Reed was on duty for the night, so he came and arrested the burglar after beating the living daylights out of him... :#

    Officer Reed then escorted the burglar out of the house and down to the sidewalk where he left him standing for a few minutes... :)

    Officer Reed came back into the house to see if Donny wanted to press charges but Donny told no since the burglar didn't get to steal anything due to the alarm going off. Officer Reed told Donny that it was a good thing that we had that alarm installed just recently as there had been a rash of burglars breaking into the houses around Riverview... :)

    Officer Reed then put the burglar into the squad car and took his leave after talking to Donny... :)
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    So after we tried out the new camper, the time portal came to life as there was a few "future" visitors coming to visit the present... :)

    I can't remember the names of the first 2 that came through...

    But then Jamie Bannister comes through and takes off running towards the curb and drives away in a taxi... :)

    Donny decided that after we tested out the sleep comfort in the camper that he wanted to go and work on the car... :)

    Nathan was still in his toy box playing with a race car... :)

    Then he put the race car back into the box and took a peek around to see if anyone was watching him... :)

    He then finds himself a purple dragon to play with... :)

    After Donny got done with the engine, I went to work on the bodywork of the car... :)

    While Donny and I was in the garage working on the car, a stray dog was outside in the rain puddle barking at the side of the garage... :)

    Anne Droid had decided to go to Nathan's room to check up on him as it was too quiet back there... :)

    After Donny got done working on the engine some, he went and found Scout and started playing with him... :)

    Then the stray dog started rolling around in the puddle just having a good time... :)

    After I was done working on the body of the car, I went and worked on the engine for a little bit... :)

    While Donny was playing with Scout, Carina Granger gave Donny a call asking him out on a date, but he declined it and reminded Carina that he was with me. (Carina Granger is a sim that I made after I had built the small medical clinic so that I can set up some poses using the labor poses from MTS3.)

    So a while ago, I went and made a small fishing hole behind the house so that I can place the Dragon Fish spawner in it so that I didn't have to send my SS to China to fish for the fish she needs for her assignment at the military base... :)

    So I sent Donny over to test it out for me even though he doesn't have his fishing skill up high enough to fish for the dragon fish... :)

    After I got done working on the engine, I start to run over to the fishing spot where Donny is at... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    So I finally reached the fishing hole and casted my first line in... :) (I cheated my fishing skill up so that I can fish for the dragon fish that I need.)

    After a few tries, I get my 1st dragon fish... :)

    Since Donny wasn't able to catch any fish, he goes back inside as he was getting wet and cold and Scout greets him at the door... :)

    Nathan heard Donny out in the kitchen, so he comes out to see his daddy... :)

    Nathan comes and sits down in front of Donny waiting for him to pick him up for a snuggle... :)

    Donny then carries Nathan out to the rocking chair and sits down in it to rock Nathan for a little bit... :)

    I then end up getting a phone call from Carina Granger asking me out on a date but I too turned it down... :)

    After I got my 3 dragon fish that I needed, I change my clothes and leave to go to the military base so that I can hand them over to the General who gave me the assignment... :)

    I snapped a picture of the time portal as it was changing colors. So I'll have to my Sims through the portal one day to see what the future looks like now... :)

    Once I arrived outside of the base, I make my way inside with the fish looking for the General that I need to see about the fish. I also had to sign a disclosure agreement promising that I won't tell anyone about their little project... :)

    Donny then puts Nathan in his highchair and gives him his dinner... :)

    Donny then goes and grabs him some leftover Spaghetti from the refrigerator...

    And takes it out to the patio to eat it... :)

    As Donny was eating, I spotted Mindy and Cindy Duffy across the street at the holiday lot playing on the Spring riders... :)

    After Donny and Nathan got done with the dinner, Donny took Nathan out of his highchair and placed him on the floor so that Donny can read to him... :)

    Donny picks out "Finger Painting 101" and sits down on the floor next to Nathan... :)

    Another meeting of the gnomes in the front yard... :)

    Donny's phone started to ring but he refused to answer it as he wanted to keep reading to Nathan... :)
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    After Donny got done reading to Nathan, he picks him up to put him into his crib for the night... :)

    Donny gives Nathan a goodnight kiss... :)
    Donny: Daddy loves you!
    Nathan: Dada... <3

    I get home and see that I need to do some laundry, so I have to remove the clean clothes from the dryer before I can put the clothes from the washer into the dryer... :)

    Donny ends up calling me out to the dining room as he wanted to give me a kiss... :) It was a heat of the moment kiss...

    Then he wanted to do a dip kiss... :)

    While Donny and I was kissing, we were both unaware that we had an out of the world visitor watching us through the window... :#

    Exe To'Vedacot pulled out her phone since she was unable to make her way inside of the house...

    She then talks to someone on the other end of the phone. (I wonder if she is talking to @CravenLestat SS reporting back in on what my SS is up to since we all know that CravenLestat just likes to spy on his women in the game. Craven can't just accept the fact that I am with Donny and that I have Donny's son... :p)
    Exe To'Vedacot: Yes, I'm at the house now and Lisa is getting kisses from that guy you told me about.
    Strange voice on the phone: They can't see you, can they?
    Exe To'Vedacot: No, they're not even looking in my direction as they are lipped lock at the moment.
    SVOTP: Good! But if you do get caught, lie, make up some story about why you're there as I don't want Lisa to think that I am spying on her. I have big plans for her.
    Exe To'Vedacot: Yes sir, I'll make up something to tell them... :) Okay bye.

    Exe To'Vedacot finished up her phone call but she was unaware of the burglar sneaking up on the porch followed by Anne Droid who had gotten an alert that there was some intruders outside... :#

    Then Donny and I go outside to see what all of the commotion is about only to find out that there was an alien and a burglar standing on our porch... :)

    Donny and Anne Droid freak out because there is a burglar on the porch... :#

    Then all of a sudden, Exe To'Vedacot intervenes and starts fighting with the burglar who's name is Sammy Jeckars... :#

    I'm over in the bushes laughing at the burglar because he is getting his rearend kicked by an alien...lol... :p
    SS shouting: YAY strange alien lady, kick his miserable rearend!!!

    It would seem that Exe To'Vedacot won this fight against the burglar... :p

    Donny then introduced himself to the alien and then ended up getting hearts for each other... :)
    Donny: Hello, I'm Donny!
    Exe To'Vedacot: Hello Donny, I'm Exe To'Vedacot! It's nice to meet you... :)
    Donny: It's nice to meet you too Exe' ToVedacot... :)

    Donny wanted to thank Exe To'Vedacot for stepping in and saving them from the burglar... :)
    Donny: Thank you Exe To'Vedacot for taking care of the burglar... :)
    Exe To'Vedacot: You're welcome Donny... :)
    Donny: So what brings you here to our house tonight?
    Exe To'Vedacot: Oh um, I had a feeling that there was going to be trouble here tonight, so I got here just a few seconds before that nasty burglar showed up. (Exe To'Vedacot hoping that sounded like a legit reason for her being there.)
    Donny: Well I'm glad that you were here to save us from the burglar. So thank you again... :)
    Exe To'Vedacot: You're welcome. I need to go now, so bye everyone!
    Donny: Bye!

    Then the burglar takes off as well but not before we got hearts for each other... :#

    Then Exe To'Vedacot enters her spaceship and takes her leave so that she can report back to whomever she was on the phone with earlier... :)

    Once Donny and I get back inside of our house, he gives me a hug and asks how I'm doing after our little ordeal with the alien and the burglar... :)
    Donny: Are you okay Lisa?
    SS: Yes I'm okay! How about you?
    Donny: I'm fine. Thank the sim Gods that Exe To'Vedacot was here to take care of the burglar.
    SS: Yes, thank the sim Gods for her being here... :)

    Then he gave me another kiss after our hug... :)
    Donny: I love you Lisa!... <3
    SS: I love you too Donny... <3
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    After Donny and I got done hugging and kissing one another, I went out to the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast as I didn't have time to fix something on the stove for Donny as he had to leave for work in an hour. So I fixed us some fruit parfait as that was quick and easy to do... :)

    Donny came out to the kitchen to watch me fix breakfast and caught me throwing the knife in the air behind me... :smiley:

    After I was done fixing our breakfast, Donny and I grabbed ourselves a bowl and sat down across from each other to eat our fruit parfait... :)

    While I we were eating, I told Donny that I'm thinking about re enrolling in another semester at the university so that I can earn my Arts degree that I started on last year... :)
    SS: So I've been thinking about going back to the university for the Summer semester so that I can try to finish getting my degree in the arts.
    Donny: That's sound like a good idea to me. But you know that I will miss you while you are away studying and going to your classes.
    SS: And I will also miss you and Nathan as well. I want to be able to finish something that I've started once in my life.
    Donny: There is nothing wrong with that just like I plan on staying in military until it's time for me to retire. Once you get your Arts degree, are you thinking about getting any other degree or are you just planning on having just one degree?
    SS: I've thought about that when I first signed up for university but still haven't decided on anything yet. I mean I do want to better myself in life and all.
    Donny: And again, there is nothing wrong with that at all... :)

    After breakfast was done and the dishes cleaned up, I walked Donny to his car so that I can see him off to work and to pay the bills and to get the mail from the mailbox. I received a fishing certificate for hitting level 10 in fishing, a letter and a poster from Fred Claus and Donny had gotten a letter as well as a poster from Ruby... :)

    I then went to the backyard after taking the mail inside so that I can start to tend to my garden. I had to kick the fountain to get it going. I guess I didn't put it together very good but oh well it still works and does what it needs to do anyhow... :p

    So while the garden was being watered, I worked on getting the weeding done... :)

    When I was inside, i had asked Anne Droid to bring Nathan outside so that he can enjoy the nice Spring day outside... :)

    Anne Droid took Nathan over to the kiddie pool so that she could put him in there to play for a little bit... :)

    Nathan was having a good time in the kiddie pool... :)

    Scout wanted to see what Anne Droid and Nathan was doing, so went over to the kiddie pool to have a look... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    After Nathan got done in the kiddie pool, Anne Droid placed him in the spring rider for a little bit... :)

    After I had tended to the garden, I went over to the sculpting station and started my first sculpture from clay... :)

    After Nathan got done on the spring rider, Anne Droid went and brushed Scout as he wanted to be brushed by her... :)

    Aiden Jones called to ask me out on a date but I turned it down...

    But Aiden didn't want to take No for an answer, so I just screamed in the phone at him to stop calling me and asking me out on a date... :s

    Nathan spotted the sandbox and made his way over to it so that he could play in the sand... :)

    Anne Droid decided to stretch out in the sun for a little bit... :)

    Then I get a phone call from Luke McDermott asking me out on a date but I also turned it down but at least he took the refusal better the Aiden did... :)

    Scout played with his ball for a little bit as everyone else was a bit busy at the moment... :)

    Since Anne Droid had saw that Scout was playing all by himself, she decided to play chase with him... :)

    Then she started to train him to hunt some more. His hunting level is now level 4... :)

    After I was done with my sculpture, I opened up my folding chair and placed it next to the sandbox so that I could watch Nathan playing in the sand... :)

    I then noticed some movement behind me and saw some wild horses at the fishing hole behind our house... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,747 Member

    Anne Droid is still training Scout how to hunt... :)

    I'm still watching Nathan play in the sandbox while the 2 wild horses are talking to one another in their special way... :)

    Horse on the right neighs at the horse on the left: It's a fishing hole!

    No sooner Donny gets home from work, Ruby Broke calls him asking him out on a date but he turns her down yet again.

    I get a phone call from the Doo Peas Corporate Towers telling me that they are stumped on some spread sheets of theirs and was wondering if could come in to help get them straight as tax season is right around the corner. So I told them that I would come in and take a look at their paperwork to see if I can help them out some... :)

    Donny made his way to the backyard to see Nathan but got a phone call from Billy Caspian inviting Donny to a party that starts around 7:15. So Donny told him that he would try to make it over to his party as he was getting ready to celebrate Nathan's birthday... :)

    Donny picks Nathan up for one final snuggle with him before passing him over to me for my final snuggle with him... :)

    We all go over to the birthday cake that I had delivered to the house for the occasion. Donny and Anne Droid and myself all sung "Happy Birthday" to Nathan... :)

    Then it was time for Nathan to blow out his birthday candles... :)

    I then placed Nathan down on the ground so that he cold age up to a child... :)

    Nathan had changed into some sleepwear, so I took him into CAS to change his clothes as well as his "bowl" haircut... :s

    His hair changed but he was still in his sleepwear until he got his piece of cake... :)

    Father and son took their pieces of cake up to the patio table and ate there. Nathan finally changed into his everyday clothes that I picked out for him... :)

    I ended up taking my cake inside of the house and ate it at the dining room table... :)

    I went out to get Nathan's dirty plate so that I could wash it but Nathan had already brought it inside and was getting ready to place it in the dishwasher... :)

    When Nathan got done, he moved out of my way so that I could put my plate into the dishwasher. Donny came in and took out the bad food from the refrigerator... :)

    While we were still inside, Nathan asked me if he could try his hand at a painting, so I told him that he can try doing a small one. I told Nathan to use the painting easel that is out on the front porch and that his dad and I will go out and watch him paint. When we got outside, Donny got a phone call from Santa Claus. He's probably calling early to find out what all Nathan needs come Gift Giving Day which is still a few months off, but Santa just wanted to get a head start on it now... :)

    Nathan started his first stroke of his brush on the canvas. We can't wait to see what he paints as his first painting. He's probably going to take after me with the painting... ;)

    I really hope he paints something really pretty like flowers for me... :)

    I'm giving him some instructions on how to hold brush as he asked me if he's doing this right... :)
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