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TS3-Lisa Dawnlight adventures in Riverview



  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member

    So while Donny and I was cuddling on the bed, Scout comes into the room and chases his tail while thinking about chicken... :)

    So I cheated a little bit and set the photography skill to level 10 for Anne Droid as I needed someone to take some family pictures of the family before Nathan ages up... :)

    Anne Droid was still designing nanites come the morning... :)

    Once the morning came around, Donny and I chatted on the bed for a little bit before breakfast... :)

    After I got up from the bed, Donny goes and gets Nathan out of the crib and gave him a bottle... :)

    So while I was fixing pancakes for breakfast, Donny cleans out the bad food from the refrigerator... :)

    Donny and I sit down for breakfast and talk about going out today for a family outing but decided not to as it rained all day... :)

    When Donny went and put the dishes in the dishwasher, it broke and he ended up feeling sick from the mess it made... :#

    So while I fixed the dishwasher, Donny mopped up most of the water... :)

    Anne Droid needed a tune-up, so she gave herself one... :)

    After Donny mopped up the water from the dishwasher, he went and played with Nathan for a little bit... :) <3

    Then Donny noticed that the bills needed to be paid before the repo-man/woman shows up, so he goes outside with his checkbook and writes out the checks needed to pay the bills with... :)

    Then Donny goes down in the basement under the garage to see what Anne Droid is up to as well as to give her a gift that came in the mail for her but she was learning how to design trait chips now... :)

    Once she was done her research, Donny went over to her and handed her the box that came in the mail but she gave it back to him and told him that since they didn't know each it that it was inappropriate to take the gift from him.

    So Donny calls me down to the basement and hands me the box to give to Anne Droid since I was the one that created her. But she ended up handing the box back over to me and told me the same thing she told Donny.

    So I ended up apologizing to her and she said don't worry about as she didn't mean anything by it and that we have plenty enough time to get to know each other... :)

    After the long night that Anne Droid had, she goes over and gets in the charging station to charge her batteries. So I told Anne Droid that I will go and hang up her certificate that she received for hitting level 10 in the photography skill... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member

    Donny had ordered an exercise bar as he wanted to get pumped up. So he did some chin pull-ups and got his athletic skill to level 6... :)

    So while Donny was exercising, I went up to my art studio and started a medium sized painting... :)

    I painted a painting that's worth 1070 simoleans... :)

    After I got done my painting, I went inside a fed Nathan a bottle... :)

    Donny took himself a shower after his workout as he was quite smelly... :#

    After Nathan had his bottle, he got a diaper change... :)

    I then played with Nathan before placing him back into his crib for the night... :)

    Scout came up to me for a little sniff. I guess he smelled the baby powder that I had on my hands and wanted to check it :p

    I then went out to the living to watch the cooking channel for a little bit. I learned how to cook Tri-Tip Steak, Tri-Tip Tofu Turkey and Stuffed Turkey... :)

    Then something outside had caught my attention and I noticed 3 wild horses across the street standing in front of the health clinic... :)

    Scout wanted to play with Donny, so Donny goes and plays with Scout for a little bit...

    Until it was time for Scout to age up to an adult dog. So Donny and Scout came back around to the other side of the couch so that we can watch him age up... :)

    Happy Birthday Scout... :)

    After Scout aged up, Donny had to leave for work. So I went over and give Scout a hug and now I'm his best friend... :)

    So then, I started training Scout on how to hunt... :)

    He's at level 2 on his hunting skill... :)

    I then got a call from Kurt Shallow asking me if I can fix his stereo as he claims that it's not putting out the tunes like it should be doing. So I said yes and for him to drop it off at my house and I will see what I can do with it... :) Of course the gnomes all had to gather around to watch what I was :p

    Scout went on a hunt to see what he could sniff out...

    And ended up finding Duchess Perkins. So he went into the trailer as he wanted to nuzzled Duchess but she wasn't having any of it... :#

    So then, they started goofing off together for a little bit... :)

    After Anne Droid had got her batteries charged back up and did some more trait chip research, she came out and used the telescope... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member

    Then it was Duchess that wanted to nuzzle with Scout, so he let her nuzzle him... :)

    After Donny got home, he went and got Nathan from his crib and brought him outside so that we can watch him age up to a toddler... :)

    Happy Birthday Nathan... :)

    Donny got a call for a fishing contest at the store that he signed up for... :p

    Since it started raining, I took Nathan inside and put him in his highchair so that he can get himself something to eat... :)

    Nathan eating from a bowl for the first time... :)

    Must be quite tasty as he's dipping his hand back in the bowl for another scoop... :)

    Once he was done eating, he pushed his bowl off of the tray and onto the floor... :)

    So then I went and fix us a spaghetti dinner for Donny and I... :)

    While I was fixing dinner, Donny came out to the kitchen and started tickling Nathan for a little bit until it was time to eat... :)

    I then called Donny to the table after getting dinner done... :)

    Scout had to go and check out the toddler potty... :)

    Of course when Donny was done tickling Nathan, he placed him on the floor instead in the highchair. So Nathan is doing what all toddlers do, and that's digging for :p :#

    He must had found something as he's looking at his finger and then flicked his finger to get it off... :#

    But apparently, Nathan was having fun on the floor anyhow... :)

    Then Scout came back out to the kitchen as he thought he smelled something that was stinky... :#

    So Scout went up to Nathan as the smell was coming from him... :#

    Nathan then reaches out to Scout... :)

    I then put Nathan into his crib but had to change his stinky, smelly diaper. Then it was off to his crib in his room... :)

    Donny was outside trying to train Scout how to sit but ended the training early as Donny was too tired to train him... :)

    Then it was off to bed for the both us. It's good thing that it's the weekend and Donny doesn't have to go back to work until Monday... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member

    So while Donny and I was sleeping, Nathan was sitting up playing in his crib...

    While Anne Droid was using the computer...

    Scout out back playing with his ball...

    And one of the gnomes listening to some music out on the front porch... :)

    When Scout was done playing with his ball, he came into the bedroom and went around to Donny's side of the so that he can bark at Donny to wake him up... :) So I wake after Scout starts barking and go into the bathroom to use the toilet... :)

    Donny: Okay Scout, I'm getting up. Now stop all of that barking and move out of my way so that I can stand up.

    The early morning meeting of the gnomes... :)

    Once Donny got out of the bed, Scout wanted to give Donny some kisses... :)

    Donny then started brushing Scout's fur... :)

    Once I was done in the bathroom, I go and get Nathan out of his crib...

    And take him out to the kitchen and put him in his highchair...

    And gave him some baby food for his breakfast... :)

    I go over to get what I need to make pancakes for our breakfast... :)

    Donny then comes out to kitchen as I was cooking our breakfast... :)

    A shirtless Donny just because I wanted to take his picture like that... :) <3
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member
    edited December 2
    So while we were eating, Donny was telling me about the toys that he brought for Nathan from an online toy store that he found online... :)

    Once we ate our breakfast and had gotten the dishes cleaned up, Donny goes and gets Nathan out of his crib so that he can start teaching him to talk... :)

    Nathan said his very first word and that made Donny very happy... :)

    Donny continued to teach Nathan to talk... :)

    Then Scout wanted to give me a kiss, so I let him... :)

    After Scout gave me a kiss, I told Donny that I was going out for a little bit as I had some things that I needed to do... :)

    I went to the tattoo parlor as I wanted to get a new tat. And when I was done there, I went over to see Craven so that I could meet his "daughter" that I had heard about from the towns folk... :)

    When I got there, I noticed that Dawn had aged up to a toddler when she crawled out to the porch... :)

    Craven then comes out to greet me and to invite me into the house... :)
    Craven: Hello Lisa! How are you today?
    SS: Hello Craven! I'm doing okay. Is that your adopted daughter over there?
    Craven: Yes, that's Dawn. She just aged up not too long ago. Isn't she a cutie pie? (Craven thinking to himself: She's a cutie pie just like her mother is.)
    SS: She sure is a cutie pie. I wonder what her parents look like? Have you ever seen any pictures of the parents when you went to adopt her?
    Craven: No I didn't as they can't show pictures of the parents. (Craven thinking to himself: I don't need to see a picture of her mother as I already know what she looks like... <3 ) Why don't you come in for a little bit and tell me what's going on with you?
    SS: Yeah I guess they can't do that as it's in their policy and to keep the privacy of the parents. Yes thank you, I'll come in and talk to you for a little bit but I can't stay so long as I need to get back home to Donny and Nathan. Nathan just aged up as well the other day. He's such a cutie little boy. I think he's going to be a heart breaker when he gets older... :smiley:
    Craven: Well I already plan to keep the boys away from Dawn until she's an elder.
    SS: And just how do you think you're going to do that when you'll be dead by then?
    Craven: I don't ever plan to die as I'm going to live forever.
    SS: Oh yeah! You know something that I don't? Did you find the fountain of youth or a supply of youth potion?
    Craven: hehehe, don't I wish? (Craven thinking: Why yes, I do have a lifetime supply of the youth potion.) Okay, come inside now.
    SS: Okay Craven but let me take this phone call first as it might be something important... :)
    Craven: Okay Lisa!

    It was Lucille Spenster calling to talk for a minute to see how I'm making out being a mother... :)

    Then Craven came out to check up on me because I guess he thought that I was taking too long to come inside... :)

    I go over to pick up Dawn on my way inside so that I could put her back in the house... :)

    But while I was standing there, Craven was dressed for work and then left while I was still holding Dawn.
    (Craven thinking to himself: I wish Lisa was here to help raise the baby that was created in the science machine using her DNA sample that the "fake" alien took from her.)

    After Donny got done teaching Nathan how to talk, he put him back in the highchair and gave him his lunch to eat... :)

    So after I got home, I went and cleaned the old newspapers off of the porch and threw them away in the trashcan... :)

    I went back in and told Donny that I was going to teach Nathan how to walk since he taught him how to talk... :)

    SS: Okay Nathan, let's stand you up and try to get you walking. Can you do that for mommy?
    Nathan: goo goo!

    SS: Okay Nathan, take my hands and I will help up. That's a good boy!

    SS: Okay, now I'm going to let go of your hands and you walk towards me. Okay?
    Nathan: goo goo
    SS: That's it Nathan. Keep coming towards mama... :) YAY! You did it. Let's try it again now... :)

    So while I was teaching Nathan to walk, Donny was watching the fishing channel and got his fishing skill up to level 6... :)

    Scout took it upon himself to guard the house for us. He's such a good doggy!... :) <3
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member

    After teaching Nathan how to walk, I went ahead and trained him to use the potty... :)

    SS: Boy Nathan, you sure are one stinky little toddler... :s
    Nathan: goo goo

    SS: For a little toddler like you, you sure have a lot of poo in you... :#
    Nathan: poo poo

    Scout went out to the front porch and kept guard for the night... :)

    When about 5:25 in the morning came around, Scout made his way to the bedroom to wake Donny up again but Donny had shoo'ed Scout away for disturbing his sleep.

    So I got up and went out to the kitchen to make us some waffles for breakfast... :)

    While I was fixing breakfast, Donny goes out to get the mail from the mailbox but had to wait for the mail lady to move as she just wanted to stand in front of the mailbox for a while... :D

    Once the mail lady had finally decided to leave, Donny was able to retrieve the mail... :)

    Donny got a letter from Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. ( I guess I'm going to have to have a word or 2 with her and use my voodoo doll on her as well as some type of potion in hopes that she will leave Donny alone... >:) )

    Then Donny got a letter and some flowers out of the mailbox that's from Craven to me. (Donny thinking to himself: Who does Craven think he is by sending a letter and flowers to the mother of my son?... :angry: )

    Then he retrieved another letter for me from Fred Claus that had an oven mitt rack along with it. (Donny thinking to himself again: I guess I might have to have a word with Fred Claus about sending letters and gifts to a lady that's already taken... :angry: )

    After I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I went to talk to Anne Droid so that we can get to know each other better... :) So I asked her about her day... :)

    Then we to talking about art afterwards... :)
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,132 Member
    @lisasc360 I love that garden water pump. It's a very useful item. ...Fun scene with the gnomes. ...I like Anne Droid's name and her colors. ...Cute screenshots of Anne with Scout. ...Great pics of Anne's abduction! ...Donny and and your SS look so sweet together. Nice couple. ...I like the sim photos you have decorating your house. ...Donny looks like he's a very good father. ...Anne seems to work hard developing her bot building skills. ...Weird that Anne wouldn't take the gift from either you or Donny.

    ...Awesome painting! 1070 simoleans! ...Nathan is such a little cutie! And so is Scout. ...Neat pic of the wild horses. ...Wow! Scout turned into a large dog! And he was so tiny as a pup. ...I liked the screenshots of your SS teaching Scout to hunt. He's a pretty dog. Nice coloring. ...LOL at Scout wanting to nuzzle Duchess. But later she made the advances! A woman always has the right to change her mind!

    ...Happy Birthday, Nathan! Darling toddler. ...Funny pic of Scout sniffing the potty chair! And the one of him sniffing stinky Nathan! ...I love watching dogs playing with the ball. ...Great pics of Donny teaching Nathan to talk. ...Scout is a very affectionate dog! ...Loved the dialog with Craven. LOL at him living forever! ...Sweet screenshots of Nathan learning to walk. ...Loved the pics of Scout guarding the house.

    ...The townie notices were fun to read. ...Using your voodoo doll on Meadow for writing letters to Donny! And then Craven sent you flowers and Fred Claus sent you a gift. Ha!
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member

    After I got done chatting with Anne Droid, Donny asked if I wanted to go to the Spring festival,so I said yes. So he went and got Nathan out of the crib...

    And then placed Nathan in his stroller and met us out by the car... :)

    When we got there, Betty and her family was there, so I had to take a picture of her for @CravenLestat... :)

    Anne Droid decided that she wanted to try out the skating rink. So while she was skating, she wanted to skate with Betty and so Betty said yes... :) pZP8QWBl.jpg

    But Anne Droid and Betty both fell down... :#

    I was skating on by when Betty had fallen flat on her face... :open_mouth: OUCH! How embarrassing... :blush:

    Then Donny wanted to take a family picture in the festival photo tent, so I met Donny, Nathan and Anne Droid in the photo tent... :)

    Spring Festival photo of the family... :)

    Then Donny wanted to try out the dance floor, so we went and danced for a little bit... :)

    Then Anne Droid came and joined everyone one the dance floor... :)

    Scout and Nathan came over to watch the dancers... :)

    But then it started raining and hailing, so we stopped dancing... :)

    We then decided to go home but had to wait for Scout as he headed on home and needed to take a water tax back to the festival lot to meet up with us but he still had to walk home as we had left right when he got there... :)

    Once we got home, I place Nathan down on the floor in the dining room so that we would get us a quick bit for dinner. Donny and I ate leftovers for dinner... :)

    Nathan decided to go and explore the house and saw the activity table... :)

    He rushed right over to it as it's something new to him and he had to check it out. So he grabbed a block from the table and took a look at it... :)

    He then had a closer look at the block as he was curious about it... <3

    Then Donny got a call from Constance Shelley asking him out on a date but he told no and asked her to not call him ever again for a date as he is already taken... :)

    Anne Droid went back to her little room under the garage and did some more trait and skill chip research... :)

    When Nathan got done with the activity table, he noticed the xylophone sitting on the floor, so he made his way over to that... :)

    He then started to beat on it and was amazed by how much noise it made... :)

    He then stuck the tip of the wooden mallet into his mouth to give it a taste or 2... :#

    Once he was finished with the xylophone, he moved over to the little block box and picked up the square block and proceeded to stick that into his mouth as well... :)

    He then chose the round green block and tried to stick it into the square hole but was unsuccessful in getting it in there... :(

    He then got mad and started banging the green block on surface of the box before putting the green block down... :)

    He then picked up the yellow block and was successful in getting it in the right hole. So he was quite happy with himself... :) <3
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,132 Member
    @lisasc360 I like how you tell your stories, using 1st person voice. It's a different way of doing it! ...Fun screenshots at the festival. LOL at Betty and Anne Droid skating together! ...The family's photo turned out nice. ...It looks like Scout was enjoying the sunshine--until it started hailing! That put an end to the family outing. ...Sims trying to "meet up" so they can ride together gets crazy sometimes. ...Cute pics of Nathan playing at the blocks table, xylophone, and peg box. He'll have his toddler skills leveled up in no time!
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,124 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @lisasc360 I like how you tell your stories, using 1st person voice. It's a different way of doing it! ...Fun screenshots at the festival. LOL at Betty and Anne Droid skating together! ...The family's photo turned out nice. ...It looks like Scout was enjoying the sunshine--until it started hailing! That put an end to the family outing. ...Sims trying to "meet up" so they can ride together gets crazy sometimes. ...Cute pics of Nathan playing at the blocks table, xylophone, and peg box. He'll have his toddler skills leveled up in no time!

    @lanlyn, thank you... :) I just figured that since I was playing my SS that it would be better telling the story in 1st person voice instead of as a narrator... :) Thank you! I think Anne Droid had herself a good time skating with Betty... :) Thank you! I was surprised that Anne Droid was holding Nathan instead one of his parents... :) Yeah Scout was having fun at the festival as well and watching over Nathan until the weather turned bad... :) It sure did end their fun. I could had sent them back inside of the warehouse but it was getting late and Donny's got to go to work the next day but they will be back there again shortly as Donny had the wish to look for Easter eggs... :) hehehe, tell me about! But then I was surprised that they took off for home after Scout got back there but didn't get in the car with the family, so he had to walk home. Thank you! He had fun playing with his toys... :)
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