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TS3-Lisa Dawnlight adventures in Riverview


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    This is the unicorn that was under those strange lights... :)

    So the next the morning, I get up and fix us some pancakes while Donny feeds Scout some of his puppy food... :)

    While we were eating our breakfast, Donny asked me if I wanted to go to the Boardwalk and ride the roller coasters that they have there... :)
    Donny: So I was thinking that we should go to the Boardwalk today as they have a couple of roller coasters. One of them is a smaller and milder ride while the other one is a bigger one with a loop in it. So are you up to trying the coasters?
    SS: That sounds like it'll be fun. So sure, why not!
    Donny: Okay. We're get dressed after we clean up the breakfast dishes and head on over there. It's right before you get to the diner that we ate at on the first day here... :)
    SS: Yeah I saw it when we passed by it the other day... :)
    Donny: I was also thinking that afterwards, we're go over to the carnival that's located on the other side of the bay right up the road not too far from the bridge. They have a merry-go-round at the carnival as well as some smaller games to play.
    SS: Sure we could that as well. I hope that they have cotton candy there as well... :yum:
    Donny: They do have cotton candy there as well as popcorn. I saw all of this on the laptop last night when I was checking the Roaring Heights tourism page to see what all that they have here that wasn't listed in the brochure... :)
    SS: Good, I have a craving for cotton candy... :yum:

    SS: OH, Donny, I'm so nervous about this. I just hope that I don't toss my cookies all over you or this ride.
    Donny: Don't worry Lisa, this is the smaller one so there isn't any high hills to this one... ;)
    SS: Okay Donny, if you say so... :p
    Donny: I do say so. I watched the video on the RH web page of the 2 rides here and this one is more tamer than the other one. So you're be okay... ;)

    Donny: Here we go Lisa. Hold on tight!
    SS: I thought you said that this one is tamer?
    Donny: I did say that but I was just messing with you...lol... :p
    SS: Oh Donny, you're just being silly... :p
    Donny: Yeah but I like messing with you... ;)

    Donny: OH NO! We're going to get wet from the water traps... :o
    SS: OMG Donny, we are not going to get wet from the water traps as the water doesn't spew too high into the air... :p
    Donny: hehehe, I knew that silly!

    SS: WEEEEE, this is so fun... :p
    Donny: Lisa, will you please put your arms down and hold on tight?
    SS: Why? Are you scared?
    Donny: No I'm not scared. I just don't you to be so daring while we are going down this slope... ;)
    SS: Yeah but it's a small slope silly... :p
    Donny: I knew that as well... ;)

    After we were done with the smaller tamer roller coaster, we decided to try to bigger coaster with the loop in it... :)

    SS: Donny, what do you think you're doing? Please hold on while we're upside down like this... :#
    Donny: Don't worry Lisa, I'm buckled in tight, so I won't fall out... ;)

    SS: OMG! I felt like that I just left my stomach up top on this drop...lol
    Donny: Same here...lol But look out, it looks like a broken piece of track ahead of us... :#
    SS: I see it as well. I just hope that we don't go flying off of this ride... :#

    SS yelling: OH NO! There's a shark under us... :o
    Donny: I see it too. I just hope that he doesn't take a bite out of the cart... :#

    After we got done with that ride, we went to the arcade room to play some pinball... :)
    SS: Thank God that we survived that ride but now we're dripping wet from it. But it was fun... :)
    Donny: I agree with you. Should had brought a change of clothes to change into after that ride... :)
    SS: I don't mind being a little wet as it is hot outside unless it's just me... :)
    Donny: No it's not you as it is hot out today. So let's go to the arcade room and play some pinball for a little bit, okay?
    SS: Sure, that sounds like fun to me... :)

    Donny: I'll go first and you be the 2nd player. Okay?
    SS: Okay, I don't mind... :) But I'll beat you at pinball... ;)
    Donny: Wanna bet? I'm the pinball wizard here... :p
    SS: Yeah yeah yeah! I'll believe it when I see it... :p
    Donny: Okay Lisa, you're on. If I win, our next game will be the foosball table and if you win, you get to pick the next game we play. Deal?
    SS: Deal!

    Then it was my turn next... :)

    Then it was Donny's turn again with me watching and planning my next move and what game that we play next... :)

    Donny: DRATS! I lost. So what's the next the game that we play Lisa?
    SS: My choice is pool as I am a pool shark... ;)
    Donny: You're on then. And we shall see how well you do at pool...lol... :p

    Donny: Okay Lisa, since you've done beat me at pinball and at pool, are you ready to go to the carnival or are you getting tired now?
    SS: Oh I'm ready to go to the carnival so that I can ride the merry-go-round and eat some cotton candy... :) Why are you getting tired?
    Donny: No I'm not getting tired, I just thought that you might be in your condition. So if you're ready to head on over there now, we can... :)
    SS: I'm ready and then we're head on home after we're done there, okay?
    Donny: Okay... :)

    Once we arrived at the carnival, I head on over to the merry-go-round with Donny trailing behind me... :)
    Donny: Wait up for me so that I can help you help on the horse. Okay?
    SS: I'll be okay getting up there by myself but thanks for the offer... ;) But you can help me down afterwards though... :smiley:
    Donny: Okay Lisa but just be careful that you don't fall off trying to get up there... :)
    SS: I'll be careful, I promise... ;)

    Donny chose the lion to ride on... :)

    Donny: How are you doing back there? Are you having fun Lisa?
    SS: I'm okay back here. Thank you for asking... :) And yes, I'm having a blast over here. The merry-go-rounds are my favorite rides... :)
    Donny: Okay, I was just checking on you to see how you're doing... :) I myself prefer the roller coasters as my favorites especially the ones with a lot of loops on them... :)

    Then we both leaned down to pet our mounts and to tell them how good they are... :)

    We both had a blast on the ride... :)

    Then it was off to play some whack-a-gnome games... :)

    Then I wanted some cotton candy afterwards, so I went over to the machine and grabbed me some while Donny got some popcorn from the machine... :)

    SS: OH YUMMY! This is delicious and it hits the spot alright... :yum:

    Donny: I love this butter popcorn. Do you want some of this Lisa?
    SS: Sure and you can have some of this cotton candy if you want to share it with me... :)
    Donny: Okay, let's go sit down to finish up our goodies... :)

    Then afterwards, we went to sit on the fountain and then we decided to go and dance to the music where Donny did the Smustle while I just did a regular dance... :) Then we returned home after our dance and went to bed... :)
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    So while we were sleeping, Scout chews on his chew toy out in the kitchen... :)

    A puffer fish jumping out of the water... :)

    So the next morning after we have our breakfast, we decided to stay near our rental house. So Donny goes down to the beach out back of the house and takes Scout with him while I stay at the house and start another painting... :)

    Donny decides to do some snorkeling... :)

    Then when he was done snorkeling, he did some windsurfing... :)

    My finished painting of the sun coming up over the water... :)

    Donny then wiped out on the windsurfer... :open_mouth:

    After I had finished up the first painting, I start on another one... :)

    It's Donny in the sailboat... :)

    After my painting was completed, I went down to the water and played in it for a little bit before doing some nighttime snorkeling. I'm at level 4 at snorkeling and can now explore Davey Jones locker... :)

    But as I was doing some late night snorkeling, Donny gets abducted again... :s

    So I head on back to the shore when I saw the strange lights only to get there to see that Donny was dropped back off from his little trip to the mother ship... :o

    So after I went inside, Donny comes in to tell me about his abduction again. I was thinking about flowers when Donny came into the house... :)

    So then Donny proceeds to tell me that while I was out in the water, he got abducted again. He wondered how the heck they found him in Roaring Heights, so I told him that they probably put trackers in their abductees to find them wherever they're at, so he said that sounds plausible for the aliens to do something like this.

    He then asked me about what I had said when we were still at home back in Riverview about telling him about my experiences, so I told him that we would talk more about this when we're home in Riverview.

    So I told him that I have things at home that I need to show him as it's just something that I can't talk about without showing some proof of what happened to me and where they took me too. So he agreed to wait until we get home to talk about this.
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    So the next morning after breakfast, I asked Donny if I could sketch him in the nude and he said yes to me... :)
    So I had him do different poses to get the best angle for my sketch... :)

    SS: Okay Donny, are you ready to see my sketch of you?
    Donny: Sure, let me see it. I'm sure it'll be pretty good.
    SS/: Okay here it is... :)
    Donny: OH WOW! That looks good even though it doesn't look nothing like me but still good none the less... :)

    Then after he got dressed, we went to the other art museum that's located across the other side of the bridge... :)

    Then it was to the park where we had a round of chess. (I haven't downloaded the festival park yet for Roaring Heights but I will soon as I have it on my favorites list.)

    Then we decided to head over to the beach on the other side of the diner on the pier where Donny did a little surfing as this is our last day here in Roaring Heights... :)

    So while Donny was surfing, I went and played in the sand for a little bit... :)

    Donny seems to be getting the hang of this... :)

    Then a seal swims by but at least it didn't knock Donny off of his board... :)

    Charlie Shear walking on by with his laptop... :)

    Then after Donny got done surfing, he came up to join me in the sand and started playing in it... :)

    I then get up and move over to another spot to build a sand castle... :)

    While I was at the beach, I decide to do a painting of the scenery of the beach... :)

    So Donny decides to do some more surfing while I finish up my painting... :)

    My finished painting... :)

    So after we got home from our vacation, I noticed that a garage was built while we were away on vacation. Donny had already made plans to have this built as well as having an art studio upstairs for me so that I can have a place to paint. When we got out of the car, he opened up the garage door to reveal an old fixer-upper car that he had brought from Roaring Heights and had it shipped home to surprise me with. He said that we both could work on this together as it will be a family project. Isn't he so sweet?... <3 <3
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    So after we got home and put our suitcases in the bedroom, Donny wanted me to following him outside as he had a surprise for me... :)
    Donny: Hey Lisa, I have something that I want to show you outside as I have a surprise for you... ;)
    SS: You have a surprise for me?... :blush:
    Donny: Yes, I have a surprise for you... :) So let's go outside so that I can show it to you. Okay?
    SS: Okay, I'll go outside to see what your surprise is... :blush:
    Donny: So while we were away on vacation, I had the builders who built my house for me come over and build this garage for us...
    SS: So the garage is my surprise?
    Donny: Will you let me finish what I was saying, okay?... :p
    SS: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you... :blush:
    Donny: As I was saying, I had this garage built because I have a another surprise inside for you. Are you ready for me to show you the surprise?
    SS: Sure I'm ready. Let me see it... :)
    Donny: Okay then, close you're eyes and don't open them until I tell you to open them. And no peeking, okay?
    SS: Okay Donny, my eyes are closed... :)
    Donny: Yup, they sure are closed... :p

    So Donny hit the open button on the garage door opener that he had on his belt and then took he took me by the hand to lead me inside of the garage... :)
    Donny: Still have your eyes closed, Lisa?
    SS: Yes I do, Donny.
    Donny: Okay Lisa, I'm going to take your hand into mine and lead you inside of the garage. Okay?
    SS: Okay Donny! Lead the way then... :)

    Donny: Okay Lisa, you can open your eyes now... ;)
    SS: So what am I looking at, Donny?
    Donny: You're looking at the car, silly!
    SS: You mean that clunker over there?
    Donny: Yes that clunker sitting over there!
    SS: And just what do you think that we're going to do with that clunker over there? It looks like it should be in a junkyard instead of our garage... :D
    Donny: Well the plan is that you and I will work on this car together so that we can make something of it. I think it would be fun for us to do this together. So what do you think of this, Lisa?
    SS: Where did you get the car from?
    Donny: I got it from Roaring Heights which was one of the reasons why I suggested that we go out there as I had seen an ad for it. The owner was selling it as is, so I made arrangements to go and look it while we in Roaring Heights. And the other reason why I wanted to go away was to have the garage built so that the noise level and the comings and goings of the builders wouldn't disturb you doing the daytime.
    SS: Yeah I can that the seller sold it as it. I wonder what it would had looked like if they had it put together before selling it. And when did you have time to go meet up with the seller?
    Donny: Well the guy that sold it to me wasn't able to fix it up himself as he doesn't have the time anymore to fix it up due to his job. Plus the fact that the wife wanted him to get rid ready of it as it was making their yard look like a junkyard, so I offered him $500 and he accepted the offer. I then made arrangements to have a tow company come out and pick it up and have it sent home. I had Norman Joy meet with the delivery truck here so that he could sign for it and open up the garage door so that it could be put inside and then Norman left the garage fob inside of the house for us. Oh and I did all of this while you were sleeping. I got up real early in the morning and met with the guy and was back to our rental before you even woke up... :smiley:

    Donny: I wonder what would happen if I try to start it up!
    SS: Start it up? Are you crazy? It'll probably do nothing but blow up in your face.
    Donny: Hey now, stop thinking so negative about things and start thinking positive things. I for one believe that this car will start up.
    SS: Well then, you're the only one that will believe that. And besides, didn't you even try to start it up before you brought it?
    Donny: Well the gentleman didn't want to start it as he said that it wouldn't work anyhow but I'm not going to let it stop me from starting it.
    SS: Well maybe he had his reasons for not starting it, so we should leave it alone until we've had a chance to work on the motor some. And besides, do you even know how to work on a car like this?
    Donny: Well I figured that with your handiness skill which is higher than mine and mine skill that we can figure this thing out. And besides,
    I can get my handiness skill up a little bit before working on this as I don't plan on starting the working until the baby arrives so that you and I can do this together... ;)
    SS: Well then, you better start reading some handiness books so that when the time is ready, we can start working on this then... :)
    Donny: I don't read books as I just learn as I'm going along... ;)
    SS: Well I'm going to insist that you start reading as I'm not going to get stuck with doing everything on my own, do you hear me?
    Donny: Yes Lisa, I hear you... :p Okay, let me start this up to see how she runs.
    SS: She? You're calling the car a "She"?
    Donny: Sure! All guys call their cars "She's". Didn't you know that?
    SS rolling her eyes at Donny: Sure, whatever. That's a guy for you alright!... :p

    Donny: OOPs! That doesn't sound to good. I guess I better get going on reading the books so that I can fix the engine... :(
    SS: Well at least it didn't blow up big time. And yes, you better get started very soon with reading the book on this.

    Donny: Come on Lisa, Come sit in the car with me and we can snuggle for a little bit... :)
    SS: You want me to come and sit with you in that clunker?
    Donny: Sure, I want you to sit in here with me and get a feel for the old girl... ;)
    SS: Well, okay then.

    Donny: Now, is this so bad? She does have potential, don't you think so?
    SS: Potential for what?

    Donny: Well, this car is automatic. Its systematic. Its hydromatic. Why, it's greased lightning!
    SS rolling her eyes at Donny again: Oh no you just didn't do a quote from the "Grease" movie... :o

    Donny: Well just imagine that once she's fixed up, we could drive her down to the river to watch the sun setting for the night and have a nighttime picnic afterwards. Now doesn't that sound romantic?
    SS: Yeah it does sound romantic to me... :blush:
    Donny: Or that we could take her with us on another trip and drive around town showing off this car. Plus we can take her to car shows and enter her to be judged.

    Donny yawning: Come a little closer again, Lisa... :kissing_heart: And then after our moonlight picnic, we could get back in car to sit for a little while if you know what I mean... ;)

    I just love how they added the hand print. I reminds me of the scene from the Titantic movie... :love:

    Donny: Okay Lisa, I have another surprise that I want to show you. So just follow me out to the back of the garage and you're see a set of stairs back there.
    SS: Another surprise for me?
    Donny: Yes, I said another surprise for you. What part of "Another surprise that I have to show you" don't you understand?... ;)
    SS: I understand all of it but why all the surprises for me?
    Donny: I can't do anything nice for the woman that I love?... ;)
    SS: I never said that, now did I? I'm just surprised that you would do all of these things for me and I've only been living here for a couple of days before going on our trip to Roaring Heights... :)
    Donny: No you never said that. Now I need you to close your eyes again and take my hand so that I can lead you inside. Okay?
    SS: Okay Donny, I'm ready and my eyes are closed again... :blush:

    Donny: Okay Lisa, you can open your eyes now... :)
    SS: OMG! Is this for me?
    Donny: Yes Lisa, this is your new art studio. I also had the builders do this as well so that you can have a place to do your paintings. I know that you were thinking about keeping your house so that you can use that as the art studio but I think it would be better over here to have your art studio set up at as you're have more room to put stuff at. I'm not sure if you're into doing some sculpting but you also have enough room for a sculpting station if you ever want to buy one to put up here... :smiley:

    SS: You mean, this is all for me?... :blush: OMG Donny! I love it... :kissing_heart: And yes, sculpting is another thing that I would like to try my hand at. Oh Thank you so very much for this Donny!... :kissing_heart:
    Donny: You are quite welcome, Lisa....

    So after I gave him a heat of the moment kiss, He asked me if I wanted to watch the stars with him... :) He's so romantic.... :love:

    SS whispering into Donny's ear: I love you too, Donny!... :love:

    So we sat there for a few minutes watching the stars and talking before we went inside to go to bed... :)

    But I couldn't sleep as the baby is a kicker tonight. So I got up and had put together Scout's new dog feeder and I set it up to automatic feedings so that Scout doesn't have to wait for us to fill his bowl up so that he can eat... :)
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    So after I got done working on Scout's doggy bowl, I went out to my art studio and started on another painting. But while I was in the middle of painting, I get a phone call from Craven Lestat asking me out on a date but I went and turned him down since I'm living with Donny now... :)

    I then went back to my painting after hanging up with Craven... :)

    It's a painting of the house on the hill in Riverview... :)

    So while I was in my studio working on my painting, Donny was sitting out on the patio reading a pregnancy book as he had rolled a wish to read one... :)

    After I had rearranged a few things in my studio, I go outside to where Donny's sitting at and sit down next to him. I then tell him that I would love for him to pose for me so that I can do a painting of him, so he agreed to it... :)
    Donny: Good morning Lisa. Sleep okay last night?
    SS: Good morning Donny. No not really.
    Donny: Oh how come? Everything okay with you?
    SS: The baby was really kicking up a storm last night, so I got up and put together Scout's food bowl that I brought for him. And yes, everything is okay with me... :kissing_heart:
    Donny: Okay I was just wondering since you weren't in bed when I got up this morning... :)
    SS: Then after I was done with putting together the bowl, I went to out to the art studio and started on another painting which got me to thinking that I would very much love to do a painting of you posing for me. So what do you think of that? Would you mind posing for me while I do a portrait of you?
    Donny: Sure, I would love to pose for you while you paint my portrait. This should be fun. Just tell me what you want me to wear and I'll go and put it on... :)
    SS: I was thinking of doing one with you just wearing your swim trunks and no shirt on. Is that okay with you?
    Donny: That's fine by me. Should I wear my sunglasses as well?
    SS: That's fine by me... :) I'll see you out in the studio when you're ready... :)
    Donny: Okay, I'll be out there soon... :)

    So we head on up to the studio so that I can start on his painting... :)

    I then get a call from Norman asking me out on a date but I also turn him down... :)

    I then get back to work on Donny's painting... :)

    After I was done with his painting, I go and hang it up on the wall so that we both can view it together... :)

    Donny really loved his painting... :)

    And this is my reaction to the painting... :)

    After we both got done admiring the portrait, Donny then turns to me and tells me that he has something to give to me... :)

    He gave me a thing of red roses as a thank you for painting his picture and to tell me just how much he loves his painting... :)

    He then took me in his arms to give me a kiss... :)

    The finished painting without anyone standing in front of it... :)

    Donny then heads on inside to get ready for bed while I clean up my mess. So once I got outside and down the stairs, I get one of those telemarketer calls at 11:30 at night, so I give them a few choice words before hanging up with them. Hopefully they won't call anymore... :D

    I then go inside and get myself ready for bed and then slip in next to Donny for the night... :)

    Doing a little snuggling with Donny... :)

    When Donny wakes up the next morning, he tells me that he's suffering from allergies and that he needs to go to the hospital to get an allergy shot.
    Donny: Hey Lisa, I need to go to the hospital to get an allergy shot as I woke up with my allergies bothering me and then I'll just leave from there for work when I'm done. So sorry that I can't stick around for breakfast and spend a little bit of time with you.. :(
    SS: Okay Donny, it'll be fine. Just go and do what you need to do and I hope that the shot makes you feel better.
    Donny: Thank you Lisa... :) Have a nice day and I love you... <3 :kissing_heart:
    SS: You're welcome Donny... :) I will and I love you too... <3 :kissing_heart:

    So as Donny was getting ready to get in the car, I noticed that the graduation gnome had died. I will move his marker to the back with the others when the other gnomes get done mourning over his death.

    As Donny is pulling out of the driveway, he notices that the garage is still up as he forgot to close it after he showed me the car inside of it... :)

    Donny going inside of the hospital for his allergy shot... :)

    Donny coming out from the hospital after he received his allergy shot. he feels all better now... :)
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    So after Donny left for the hospital, I go and fix me up some strawberry fruit parfait for breakfast... :)

    After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I go over and pick up Scout so that I can give him some love... :)

    I then decide to head on over to the Prism Art Studio to do some more glass blowing projects... :)

    I got the skill up to level 6 now... :)

    While I was working on my glass egg, a horse trots on up to see what I was doing... :)

    As I was leaving to go home, I pass by a stand that had a glass gnome on it. Maybe I will make one of those the next time I'm at the studio... :)

    The horse that had stopped by to see what I was up to makes it's way over to the fishery to join the other horse over there... :)

    After I return home, I go out to pay the bills as they were due again... :)

    And to get the mail out of the box that came for Donny and I. I received 3 letters from 3 different guys while Donny received 2 letters from 2 different women.

    The 3 for me was from Norman Joy:


    And Ronnie:

    The 2 that Donny got was from Lucille Spenster and Ruby Broke. I guess I'm going to have to pay them both a visit with my voodoo doll as well as some potions to give to them >:) and to let them know that he's taken by me and that I'm carrying his baby.

    So I go in to look for Scout to play chase with him to find him barking at the shelving in the bathroom...lol

    But while I was in there, I received another phone call from someone wanting to go out on a date with me but I turned them down as well.

    So Scout and I go out to the bedroom so that I can play chase with him... :)

    I take off for the bathroom and Scout runs after me with his wittle puppy legs. He's so cute... <3 I can't wait until he ages up so that I can train him to hunt... :)

    Scout finds me... :smiley:

    After I play with Scout, I go out to the dining room and put my glass egg on top of the bookcase next to the egg that I got from the Spring Festival... :)

    When Donny gets home, he goes and sits out on the front porch reading the book where he left off at unbeknownst that he had gotten 2 love letters from 2 different women as I tore them up and threw them away.

    So while he's reading his book, I go and make us some hamburgers for dinner tonight... :)
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    While Donny was reading his pregnancy book, Flo Broke calls to ask him out on a date but he turns he down telling her that he's with someone now.
    Donny: Hello!
    Flo: Hello Donny! I was just wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me?
    Donny: Sorry Flo but I can't accept your offer as I'm with someone now. As a matter of fact, I'm living with that woman I'm with now. So please stop calling me for dates.

    Flo yelling into the phone: How dare you turn down my offer to go out on a date with me? Do you know who you're dealing with? You don't know what you're missing with me. I'm probably more woman than that woman that you're living with is... :angry:
    Donny: blah blah blah blah, I'm not listening to a single word that you're say. Now goodbye, Flo and don't ever call me again.

    So Donny then picks up his book and heads into the dining room where he starts to read again until it's time to eat our hamburgers... :)

    Cooking up our hamburgers... :)

    Sim Creator: What the heck are you doing putting hamburgers in the oven? You're suppose to cook them on the stove top if you're not using a grill!
    SS talking to the SC: Hush you! I'll cook the hamburgers my way and you can cook your hamburgers your way. So now leave me the heck alone.

    SS: OMG Donny! These backaches really hurt like heck!... :'(

    So I called Donny to the table for dinner and we both ate our delicious hamburgers... :) And had a nice talk during dinner.
    Donny: You know what would go hand and hand with these hamburgers? French fries... :)
    SS: Sorry Donny! I didn't have any french fries in the house but I will go to the store tomorrow and buy some for us. Okay?
    Donny: Okay Lisa. And while you're at it, you could also buy some fish so that we can have that for dinner tomorrow... :)
    SS: That sounds good to me... :)

    After cleaning up the dishes, I talked to the baby for a few minutes asking how they liked the hamburgers... :)

    So then Donny and I went out to the patio to finish reading the pregnancy books... :)

    The Gnome-Man gnome is still laying next to his fellow gnome who had passed away.

    While Bucktooth Butternut stares at the bushes... :)

    And the Mysterious Mr. Gnome is still grieving out by the side door... :'(

    Scout then joins us out on the patio... :)

    He goes over to his toy duckie and starts barking at it and playing with it... :) That toy is bigger than he is... :p

    After I got done reading my book since I have the bookworm trait, I go over to play with Scout for a little bit... :)

    Scout goes to take a nap while Donny and I go take our showers and then get ready for bed... :)

    But with my back still aching, I got up out of bed and talked to Fred Claus on the computer until it was time for Donny to get up for work... :)

    I go into the bedroom to find Donny up and about, so I go over to him and take an early morning romantic picture of us together... :)
    Donny: You were up early this morning. Everything okay with you? Is your back still hurting you?
    SS: Yeah, my back is still aching which made it hard to sleep. So I got up and used to computer for a little bit after taking a warm shower to see if that would help.
    Donny: Did the warm shower help any?
    SS: A little but it's back again.
    Donny: Maybe what you need to do is go to the day spa and get yourself a massage to see if that will help you. I would give you one myself but I need to get ready for work. Okay?
    SS: Okay Donny, that sounds like a good idea. I'll go and get me the massage and see if that helps some... :)
    Donny: Well here is some money for your day at the spa, you deserve to be pampered some. So go have a nice relaxing massage and a nice day and I will see you when I get home. I love you Lisa... <3 <3 :kissing_heart:
    SS: Thank you Donny! I will try to have a nice day. And I love you too... <3 <3 :kissing_heart:

    So after he leaves, I go out to the kitchen and fix me some grape pancakes for my breakfast... :)

    And since it's such a nice spring day, I take my pancakes out to the patio to eat and to get some fresh air. Maybe the fresh air will make me feel somewhat better... :)

    Before I can do anything else, I go and clean up the breakfast dishes and clean up the dirty counter so that I don't get any bugs in the house... :)

    I get to the spa and see Elaine Joy outside with a raccoon running up the sidewalk... :)
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    So after I was done at the spa, I decided to head on over to Craven's new house to pay him a visit and to explain to him in person on why I had to turn down his date invite. Yeah I know that I could had explained it over the phone but I much would rather tell him in person that I'm with Donny now and that I'm pregnant with Donny's baby.
    SS thinking to herself: Here we go. I just hope that I don't back out telling him that I can't go out on dates with him anymore even though the 1 date that we went on was at a junkyard. But it was still a fun date anyhow... :)
    Craven: Well hello Lisa, it's nice to see you!
    SS: Hello Craven! And it's nice to see you as well... :smiley:
    Craven: Would you like to come inside for a little bit?
    SS: Yes, thank you! I would love to come inside for a few minutes... :)

    Craven: So what brings up out my way today?
    SS: What? I can't pay my good friend a visit... ;) But seriously, I just decided to come by to see how you're doing and to check out your new house... :)
    Craven: Now I've never said that you can't come by and visit me, now did I?... ;) But I'm glad that you're here. It's been awhile since I've seen you.
    SS: hehehe, no you've never said anything like that... :p I've heard that they you had brought a house but I hadn't seen yet so I decided to come by to see it as well as seeing you. And yes, it's been awhile since I last saw you as well... :)

    Craven:You're looking good... ;) So how you've been doing?
    SS: Thank you Craven... :blush: I'm doing just fine. I've been busy with my paintings and I now have about 5 best seller books out now. The latest one is a children's book titled "Everyone has a Bladder".
    Craven: Well it sure sounds like you've been busy alright... :) I guess I might have to go and pick that book up even though I don't have any children here to read it to but I would still love to read it myself. It sounds like an interesting book to read... ;)

    Then he gives me a hug afterwards... :)

    SS: Wow Craven, this house is really nice. I wish I had of seen this before someone had brought it... :smiley: You really have done well for yourself. I guess your cooking job must be doing really good for you to afford a house like this... :)
    Craven: Thank you, I appreciate your compliment. And yes, it's a really nice house. I'm hoping to find that special someone one of these days and to settle down and to have a family. The house is big enough for a family. And guess what? I has a small art studio upstairs... ;) Well I've become a landlord to a few houses, so that helped out a lot in buying this house... :)
    SS: Well I'm glad that you're making a living to be able to afford the things that you want in life... :)
    Craven: Thank you Lisa... :) It was a little bumpy along the way but I've doing good now. Being a landlord is hard work when you have tenants that don't want to pay their rent on time but I do eventually get it from them... :)

    SS: You're welcome... :) And don't worry, I'm sure that you will find that special someone to settle down with and have yourself the family that you want... :) Speaking of families, one of the reasons why I came by today was because I have something to tell you and yes, I know that I could just had picked up the phone and tell you what I need to say to you but I would rather do this in person.
    Craven: It's okay Lisa. You can tell me anything. I'm your friend and I will listen to anything you have to tell me... :)
    SS: Well you know that I've been seeing Donny, right?
    Craven: Yeah I've seen the 2 of you together. Remember I've seen the 2 of you at the Spring festival using the love tester machine before I had to leave for work... :)
    SS: Yeah I remember you telling me that you were there. Well anyhow, Donny and I...well we're having a baby together... :smiley:

    Craven trying to be happy: OH WOW! That's great. Congrats on the pregnancy. I'm so happy for you... :smiley:
    SS: Thank you, Craven! I appreciate it... :)
    Craven feeling sad inside while smiling: Well I hope that he makes you happy and that he takes real good care of you or else I will have to pay him a visit and give him a piece of my mind for hurting my good friend. You hear me?
    SS:Thank you Craven! And yes, he does make me happy and he does take real good care of me. We just went on trip to Roaring Heights for a week so that we can have some time together before the baby arrives... :) And yes, I hear what you're saying but you don't have to worry about him mistreating or anything like that... :) But I thank you for caring and being concerned about my well being... :kissing:
    Craven: Well you are a very good friend of mine and I would hate to see anything happen to you... ;)
    SS: I know and I appreciate that... :)

    SS: And since I'm expecting my first baby, I'm now living with Donny. So I'm no longer in my house. He had moved me just a few days before taking a vacation and while we were away, he had a 2-story garage built as he had brought an old beat up car so that we can work on it together. And he had built me an art studio on the 2nd floor for me to paint in and to hang up my paintings that I decide to keep... :)
    Craven: Wow Lisa, it would seem that you have it made and that you have yourself a good guy taking care of you. I just hope that he continues to do so and that he keeps you happy as well... :)
    SS: And like I've said already, you don't need to worry about me, I'll be just fine... :)

    SS: Oops, will you excuse Craven, my phone is ringing and I want to take it to see who it is. Okay?
    Craven: Okay Lisa. I'll just go into this room here and let you take your phone call... :)

    SS: Hello Yuri!
    Yuri: Hello Lisa. I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me?
    SS: Sorry Yuri, I can't go out on a date with you as I'm with someone now and I'm expecting his baby.
    Yuri: Oh, well that's too bad about the date. But congrats on your pregnancy... :)
    SS: Thank you Yuri... :)
    Yuri: You're welcome... :)

    SS: Hey Craven, I got to go now as I still have other errands that need to be taken care of. So I will talk to you later and thanks for listening to me... :)
    Craven feeling sad :'(: Okay Lisa. It was nice of you to drop by for a visit. You know you're always welcome here. And congrats again on your pregnancy... :)

    So after I left Craven's, I started to head on to the potion shop which is just right up the road from his house... :)
    SS thinking to herself: I just hope that Craven doesn't take this too hard. I mean he is a nice guy and everything but he just waited too long to call for another date with me and I didn't want to be waiting around for that call from him. Plus the fact that he's in a relationship with Elaine Joy, so I didn't want to come between the 2 of them since he dad is a very good friend of mine... :)

    But while I was on my way to the shop to see what other potions that I can pick up to use on Lucille and Ruby, Norman calls me to see if I want to hang out with but I have to turn him down.
    SS: Hello Norman... :) It's nice to hear from you... :)
    Norman: Hello Lisa... :) I was wondering if you want to come over for a little bit so that we can hang out for awhile?
    SS: I would if I could but I have some errands that I need to take of care and then I have to get on home to fix dinner for Donny and I. But thanks for asking. Maybe we can do this another time then?
    Norman: It's okay Lisa, I understand. You go and take care of what you need to do and you take care of yourself. And tell Donny "Hi" from me... :)
    SS: I will. And we're talk soon, I promise... :)
    Norman: Okay then, talk to you later Lisa... :)
    SS: Bye Norman... :)
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    So after I hung up from Norman, I went to the shop to find out that they were already closed, so I looked around for a few minutes and then headed on home to see that Donny was home standing on the front porch. So I went over to him to give him a kiss and to ask him about his day... :)
    SS: Hey there Donny! How was your day today?
    Donny: Hey there honey bun!... <3 It was fine but I kept thinking about you all day wondering how you were feeling. So how was your day at the spa? Did the massage help any?
    SS blushing: Awww, aren't you so sweet... :kissing_smiling_eyes: You don't need to worry about when you're at work, I'll be fine or I should say, we're be fine... ;) It was nice and relaxing. The masseuse was firm but gentle on my back. She said that I should also take some nice warm bubble baths when I feel tense. I have no problem taking nice long and relaxing bubble baths but she said that will also help ease the back aches some... :)

    Donny: So what else did you do today? Did you remember to go to the store today to get the fish and chips?
    SS: Well after the spa, I wanted to pay Craven a visit so that I can tell him about me being pregnant and that I'm now with you as he had called me the other day for a date but I turned him without explaining to him why. So I thought it was best to go and tell him face to face about us being together and to let him know that I'm now living with you... :) Did you know that he moved from his trailer into the 2-story brick house with the wrap-around porch on the corner of Riverview Road and Cotton Branch Drive?
    Donny: Well hopefully he'll get the hint that you're not available now that you're my woman. So how did he take it?
    SS: He took he just fine. He congratulated us on the upcoming baby and said that he was happy that I was happy... :)
    Donny: Well that's good then. I just hope that he believes it and stops calling you for dates. I don't mind that he's your friend since you met him before meeting me and he is a nice guy. I wouldn't had blamed you if you chose him over me but I'm glad you chose me instead... :) So when did he move from his place to the other place?
    SS: I believe it was right around or before the gift giving party that I had thrown. You know I had invited him to it and he showed up but left right after getting there. I think he might had been jealous that you were there and that he felt very uncomfortable being there with us.
    Donny: You're probably right about that. And I don't blame him for wanting to date you as well as you're a very caring and loving person and you would make any man a happy and lucky to have you in their life... :)
    SS blushing: awwww, you're too sweet... :blush: Now let me go inside to fix our dinner... :kissing:

    So after I went inside to start dinner, Donny played with Scout for a little bit... :)

    Fixing dinner... :)

    After Donny was done playing with Scout, he goes and gets the mail out of the mailbox. He notices that I have 2 letters from 2 guys. So he's deciding whether to tell me about them or not.
    Donny: Should I ask her about these letters or just leave it alone and not say anything since I know that she chose me over the guys that want to date her? Oh I might just as well tell her about them and not hide them from her but I will do it after we have dinner... :)

    1 from Yuri:

    And the other from Walter:

    Setting the table and calling Donny in for fish and chips dinner... :)

    But as we were loading up the dishwasher, it breaks. So Donny decides to fix it even though my handiness skill is higher than his but he didn't want me trying to fix it while I'm pregnant. He's such a sweetheart... <3 <3 <3 So while he was working on the dishwasher, I mopped up the water from it... :) He got to level 3 on his handiness skill... :)

    I was going out to the family room to go and sit when I noticed the Mysterious Mr. Gnome sprinting to the door like he got caught doing something that he shouldn't be doing... :)

    But then I had gotten a text from Fred Claus reminding that his party was about ready to start but I didn't accept the party invite... :)

    So I then decided to head onto bed, so I slipped in the bed so that I didn't wake him up from his sleep. So after I got all comfortable in bed, he turns over and puts his arm around and snuggles up next to me... <3 <3
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    When I got back into my game yesterday, I got a pop-up showing that Banana Jones (a sim made by me) and Norman Joy were out shopping for baby items... :)

    After I had gotten up from the bed to go and fix breakfast, Donny wakes up in a panic thinking that he had overslept but he hadn't.
    Donny: You know, I really should be setting my alarm so that I don't oversleep one of these days... :#

    After Donny had played with Scout and had gotten dressed and left for work and I had my breakfast, I went to the potions shop only to find that it was still closed as the worker wasn't even there yet. Ma Bagley had a disagreement with another Sim and the she slapped him in the face.

    So since the I couldn't shop for any potions today since the worker hadn't showed up for work, I went over to the alchemy table and started reading some of the recipes just in case I ever need to make any potions to use on some of the floozies that keep sending Donny letters. (I have some potions in a safe at the house that was gifted to me from other players... >:)

    When Donny got home, he got a phone call from Ruby Broke asking him out on a date. (She's the other romantic interest that he has.)
    Donny: Hello Ruby!
    Ruby talking in her sexy voice: Hello Sexy! I'm at the day spa and was wondering if you wanted to meet me here for a couple's massage?
    Donny: Sorry Ruby but I can't meet you anywhere as I'm already dating someone else. And that someone else is now living with me.
    Ruby yelling into the phone: WHAT? How can you turn me down after we've done slept together after our romantic date that we had?

    Donny yelling into the phone: BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! WE. DIDN'T. SLEEP. TOGETHER. As I wasn't interested in you to do something like that.
    Ruby crying into the phone: WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOU WEREN'T INTERESTED IN ME? You were all over me and kissing on me, so you were interested in sleeping with me. So stop denying your attraction to me.
    Donny yelling back: OMG! What do you not understand when I said that "I didn't sleep with you"?
    Ruby crying: Then why did you go out on a date with me if you're not interested in me? Tell me why you did that?
    Donny yelling back: You're the one that invited yourself to my table and ordered a drink and having the bartender put it on my tab. And it was you that was all over me trying to get me to pay attention to you and to kiss you back, but I dumped you on the floor and left before anything could happen.
    Ruby in her sexy voice again: Oh yeah, you keep telling yourself that is the way that it happened but you did sleep with me. So there's no denying that.
    Donny: I'm going to tell again that it didn't happened and that you need to stop calling me or sending love letters here as I will tear them up. Now Goodbye Ruby.

    While I was at the consignment shop looking around, Donny called me asking if I can meet him at the day spa telling me that he needed my help with something but he couldn't tell me what it was over the phone. So I head on over there to meet up with him so that I can find out what he wanted help with.
    SS: Okay Donny, I'm here. What do you need help with?
    Donny: Hey Lisa... <3 You look nice. Feeling okay today?
    SS: Hey Donny... <3 Thank you. I'm feeling okay even though my back still hurts a little bit. What do you need help with?
    Donny Well I need to tell you something before you can help me with this problem that I have.
    SS: Okay, so tell me so that I can help you with whatever it is.
    Donny blushing: What I need to tell is something that happened sometime before we had our first encounter in the public bathroom at the fishery. You see, I was at the bar 1 night having a drink when Ruby Broke came up to the table and sat down next to me and ordered herself a drink putting it on my tab. Well she then proceeded to come and sit on my lap putting her arms around my neck and kissing me but I refused her and ended up dumping her on the floor and left to go home. So she seems to think that we're a couple now and that we had done slept together when we really didn't. So she keeps sending me letters and calling me asking me out on a date. As a matter of fact, she called me today when I got home asking me to meet her here today but I turned her down explaining to her that I'm living with someone now but she didn't want to hear it.
    SS: Oh wow. She really did all of that just to get your attention? And since you're telling me this, I should tell you that she sent you a letter the other day with a nude photo of her inside but I tore up the letter as well as the photo and burned them so that you couldn't see them.
    Donny: Yeah she did do that. But the reason that I turned her down was that I was saving myself for you as it's you that I want and no one else. And thank you for getting rid of the letter and the picture of her.
    SS: You're welcome... :) And I should also tell you that you got a love letter from Lucille Spenster but I too tore that letter up and burned it when burning Ruby's letter.
    Donny: So I called you down here to help me get her to stop calling me.
    SS: I'll do anything to help you to get her to understand that you're not interested in the likes of her. So when do we start this?

    Donny: We start kissing so that when she comes outside, she'll see what we're doing. But first, I need my "Hello" kiss from you and then we're start kissing again as soon as we hear and see the door opening just in case it's her coming outside. Okay?
    SS: Okay. Let's do this then... :kissing_heart:

    Well when Ruby did come outside and seen Donny and I kissing, she went off on him cussing him out calling him every name in the book.
    Ruby yelling as loud as she could: How dare you to show up here with this...this tramp here and kiss her in front of me? You do know that she is the town tramp, right? Rumor has it that she's slept with Yuri and that is why Yuri and his wife are no longer together.
    Donny: This so-called tramp is the woman that I'm living with and she's having my baby. And no, she isn't a tramp. She's a well respected woman in this town. Whatever happened to Yuri and his wife is Yuri's doing and not Lisa's doing as she isn't interested in married men.
    Lisa: It's the truth Ruby, I'm not interested in Yuri as I knew that he was married and plus the fact that he's not my type anyhow.

    Ruby yelling at Donny: Well then why did you lead me on then making me think that I was the one? And why did you sleep with me knowing that you wanted someone else?
    Donny yelling back at Ruby: I've told you over the phone that we didn't sleep together, so stop spreading those lies about us as I was never interested in you at all.

    So after a few minutes more of this heated argument, Ruby decides to break it off with Donny.
    Donny: Whatever Ruby but we were never a couple anyhow.

    So in the mean time, I went looking to see where Lucille was at so that I can send them to the location for the next part but she was leaving to go to another lot. But I saw @Charlottesmom Becky Black at the amusement part... :)

    So when I return to Donny and Lisa's a location, I saw that Lenny Howard is a zombie.

    Lenny had bit Donny but I had removed the moodlet before he could turn into a zombie. He still fell to the ground anyhow but when he stood up, he wasn't a zombie since the moodlet was gone. I couldn't have him being a zombie for the next part of my plan, now could I?
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    We then went to where Lucille was at because Donny had called the Spenster's house to see if she was there but Nellie told Donny where her sister was at, so went there to see her. (Lucille Spenster is the girlfriend.) Now why an elderly woman would want to be with a young adult is beyond me unless she was feeling lonely and just wanted to be a sugar momma to someone.
    Donny: Um Lucille, we need to talk.
    Lucille: Okay Donny. Let's talk over here. So what's on your mind?
    Donny: I need to understand that I appreciate everything that you've for me but I don't need you to be my sugar momma anymore as I'm with someone now and I'm happy with her.
    Lucille crying: So you're breaking up with me?
    Donny: Yes I am breaking up with you. It could never really work out between us because of the big gap in ages. You can't give me everything that I want anyhow even though I know that you weren't expecting much out of me. So it's over. Oh and no more sending me love letters in the mail as I don't want them.

    June Shallow was standing near by hearing the whole thing and then she bursts out in her evil laugh over the break-up.

    Susie Broke even had the evil laugh about the break-up.

    While I was happy and jumping for joy that he had ended it with Lucille... :smirk:

    After Donny broke up with Lucille, he came over and gave me a heat in the moment kiss right in front of Lucille to let her know that I was his woman now... :)

    But of course, the kiss just only broke her heart even more.
    Lucille sobbing to herself: Oh how can this old heart take anymore of this?

    I then flirted with Donny after the kiss.

    And this pops up... :) <3

    I then decide to go over to Lucille to have what I hope is a charming introduction so that I can explain to her why Donny had to break up with her.

    After we've got through the introduction without incident, I then proceeded to inform her that Donny and I was having a baby together.
    SS: Well now that we got the introductions out of the way, I need to tell you why Donny had to break up with you. It's because him and I are together but I guess you seen us kissing already. And I guess as you can tell, I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with Donny's baby and we're now living together. So for us to move forward with our lives together, he needed to end any romantic relationships with any women that he has with
    Lucille keeping a smile while trying not to cry: I figured as much as I've heard rumors that Donny had been spotted around town on dates with you and that some of them had the pregnancy rumor but I see that it's not a rumor. I'm happy for the 2 of you but it still hurts the same. Just know that nothing really ever happened with Donny and I. I guess I was just wanting to be his girlfriend so that I didn't feel lonely all of the time. So congrats on the pregnancy.... :)

    So just to make Donny and my point very clear to Lucille, I did a dip kiss with Donny right in front of her... :)

    June Shallow kept burping on herself and then waving her hand in front of her face to make the smell go away... :#

    Then June took out her phone and snapped a picture of Donny and I and then sent to it to someone.

    Lucille started sobbing some more after Donny and I walked past her on own out the door so that we could head on home.

    As we were pulling away from the curb, I noticed Craven crossing the street on the opposite corner of the club that we just left. Not sure if he was at the club and seen the whole thing or if he was just coming from somewhere else.

    Craven hanging his head down as he's climbing the stairs to his house. I wonder if he had seen Donny and I drive off together!
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    After we got home and was walking up the driveway to the house, Donny said that he needed for us to sit down together so that we can talk about what happened today. So I told him that we would after I got the mail out of the mailbox and he said that was fine by him. The letter in the box was for Donny from Lucille Spenster who had sent it earlier in the day before the break-up.

    Once I had gotten the mail and went inside, Donny patted the couch seat next to him telling me to come and sit there beside him so that we can talk.
    Donny: Sit here next to me so that we can talk about today... <3
    SS sitting down: Okay. So what did happen today?

    Donny: Well you already knew that I was getting love letters from Ruby and Lucille like I knew you were getting love letters from the guys around town. So I figured it was time to put a stop to them sending me letters and calling me thanks to you telling me about you going over to Craven's house to let him know that you're with me and expecting my baby. So it was you that inspired me to do what I need to do to get these 2 women to leave me alone.
    SS: Well I'm glad that I could be of help to doing that. And let's hope that they leave you alone now. Oh and the letter that I got out of the mail tonight was from Lucille that was sent earlier today before you went and broke up with her but I tore it up and threw it away in the trashcan for tomorrow's trash pick-up.
    Donny: Good, I'm glad that you got rid of the letter.
    SS: So tell me about Lucille's attraction to you, if you don't mind.

    Donny: Well you know Lucille is in her elder years, so just wanted someone to be nice to her and to keep her from feeling lonely.
    SS: Wasn't she worried about the age difference between the 2 of you?
    Donny: No, not really as she just wanted a companion and nothing else out of the relationship. She said that my age didn't bother her as she was looking for a younger man than what she was anyhow. I don't know, but maybe she was looking for someone to leave her belongs to when she dies I guess since her sister is also up in age and she doesn't have any kids to leave stuff to. So I think she was looking for someone younger so that she can pass her belongs down to.
    SS: I feel bad for her not having anyone to keep her company other than her sister but everyone deserves that special someone in their life besides family members.
    Donny: That's true. I did feel a bit weird about the who thing though but I too felt bad about her not having someone to keep her entertained and all, so I agreed to it.

    So we talked for a few more minutes... :)

    Then Donny wanted to cuddle on the couch, so we did... :)

    So we cuddled for a little bit and he was just about to kiss me when I saw something outside.

    So I got up to go investigate the strange lights even though I already knew what they were but my curiosity still got the better of me. Donny then jumped off of the couch running after to stop me from going outside but he was too late as I was already being pulled up into their spaceship by the time that Donny got to the driveway.
    Donny yelling at Lisa: Lisa, don't go outside. Those are alien lights, they're here to abduct you!

    Donny in a panic state: OH NO! Those darn aliens done gone and abducted my precious Lisa. I just hope that they don't hurt her or the baby... :worried:

    So Donny just stayed right where he was for the duration of the trip to their mother ship waiting for my return.

    About a half hour later, they had returned me back to my house.
    SS thinking to herself: Those stinking aliens better not had done anything to the baby.

    Donny freaking out when the alien returned me home.

    Sim Creator: Donny, you better get a grip of yourself and go check your woman out to make sure that she and the baby are okay.

    So after his minor freak out, he comes over and wraps his arms around me and comforts me by telling me that everything will be okay.

    After he had hugged for a while, he finally releases me to ask if the baby and I are okay.
    Donny:OMG! Are you and the baby okay? They didn't do anything bad to you, did they? OMG Lisa, you had me so worried about you that I just stayed right out by the driveway waiting for you're return... :sweat:
    SS: I"m okay and hopefully so is the baby. And no, I don't think that they done anything bad to us. I just think that they wanted to talk.
    Donny: What do you mean that they just wanted to talk? Aliens don't talk to their abductees, they do weird experiments on them. That's what they do. Don't you watch any of the sci-fi shows about aliens and what they do when they abduct people?
    SS: Well I don't think that they had done anything as I was awake the entire time that I was there.
    Donny: Don't be dumb, they probably did a memory wipe of your brain and gave you false memories so that you can't remember anything that they did to you... :/ Well anyhow, get yourself inside and take a shower so that you can get the alien funk off of you and then meet in the bed for a cuddle before we go to sleep. Thank God that I have the day off today.

    So while we were walking up to the porch so that we could go inside, Katherine Howard who's a zombie for the night was sitting in the rocking chair while Noelle Howard was out by the side door. Thankfully we weren't attack by the zombies.
    SS: Oh boy! What a night we had. First I get abducted and now we have 2 zombies in our yard. Plus you had gotten attacked by a zombie outside of the day spa but at least you didn't turn into a zombie.
    Donny: Yeah, that was a close call when the zombie attacked me. I must be immune to zombie bites or something. Or I just had gotten lucky that his bite wasn't that effective... :p

    Scout being the curious puppy that he is had to go and check out the strange person sitting in the rocking chair. Thank God that zombies can't attack animals or Scout would be a zombie by now. I guess zombies isn't too interested in animal brains...lol... :p

    Katherine finally decides to got out of the chair and places her laptop down on the porch so that she could use it... :)

    After I had gotten done with my shower, I go and get into bed so that Donny and I could cuddle for a little bit... :)

    Then he gives a kiss before we end up making out... :)
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    It would seem as someone in town has themselves one of those cheesy alien Halloween costumes. And this someone has a plan that they're putting together and it involves someone else's SS... :)

    The Abduction

    So the story begins with an abduction of a certain young lady in town that this alien has an obsession with.

    So it would seem that this certain person has themselves an alien spaceship that either they built themselves or they borrowed it from the aliens as this person has very close ties with them.

    So this person decides to jump into the alien ship and go to this young lady's house by tricking her to come out of the house by shining the spaceship's light outside of her window knowing that she will be very curious to see where the lights are coming from.

    So after the strange alien gets Lisa on board, he puts her in the hibernation chamber for trip to his experiment lab.

    The rest is under the spoiler... :)
    Once Lisa gets out of the hibernation chamber, she notices that her hair is down and not in the same style that she had it in before the abduction.

    The strange alien then takes Lisa over to this strange device and commands her to watch it while it spins.

    Strange Alien: You are getting very sleepy, very sleepy! When this stops, you will be under my spell. And you will do as I command you to do.

    SA: You are now in a deep sleep.

    SA: When I snap my fingers, I want you to cluck like a chicken. Do you hear me?
    Lisa: Yes I hear you!

    SA: Okay Lisa, you are chicken. So cluck like a chicken for me.
    Lisa: Cluck cluck cluck....

    SA: Now wake up so that I can hypnotize you again.

    But for some reason, it didn't take this time. So the strange alien took a look at it....

    And got themselves hypnotized this time.

    The command that the strange alien was going to use on Lisa backfired and the strange alien broke out in a dance.

    Lisa thinks this is very funny and starts laughing at the strange alien...lol... :p

    Once the strange alien stops dancing and comes out of the trance, embarrassment sets in and hides their face from Lisa... :blush:

    So the strange alien tries to hypnotize Lisa again but it still wouldn't take hold of her mind.

    So the strange alien scratches their trying to figure out what is going on.

    So the strange alien then tells Lisa to go and sit in the brain enhancement machine so that it can scan her brain to find out why the hypnosis isn't working.

    So while Lisa is still sitting in the brain enhancement machine, the strange alien goes and turns on the science machine to get it ready for the next test that needs to be done.

    SA: Lisa has no idea what's in store for her.

    So while the strange alien was still working on the science machine, he commands Lisa to go and sit in the chair once the brain enhancement machine was done with it's scan.

    Lisa looks so comfortable sitting in the chair... :smiley:

    She's so comfortable that she falls asleep....

    But not for long as the strange alien commands her to wake up so that they can order Lisa to do a DNA scan.

    The strange alien then pulls out the DNA scanner and turns it on....

    And starts the scan on Lisa.

    Then the alien just waits for the scan to finish up.

    SA doing evil laugh: I got you DNA now and there's nothing you can do about it.... >:)

    The strange alien then commands Lisa to go lay down in the dream pod so that she can be fully rested for the round of hypnosis.

    The strange alien then goes and research to DNA to make that it's doable for the next thing on the list to do.

    Once the research is done and the strange alien is satisfied with the results of the test, the alien then places the DNA samples back into the machine to start the next part of their plan.

    Then the strange alien turns the machine to start the next process.

    The strange alien has done made a clone of Lisa from the DNA sample that was taken from her.

    The strange alien was going to name the baby after Lisa but didn't want to raise any suspicions, so the alien named the baby Dawn.

    The strange alien then carries Dawn over to the crib and places her inside of it.

    The strange alien then commands for Lisa to wake up so that she can have another round of hypnosis.

    Once Lisa is hypnotized, the strange alien then commands her to do some poses.

    The strange alien tries to hypnotize Lisa again but it fail, so the alien goes and takes another look at the device to figure out what is going on...

    But while the alien was looking at the device, Lisa then walks to the other side of the alien. But the alien then demands that she gets back in front of the device so that they could try again. This time, the strange alien commanded her to have a bladder mishap.

    Lisa then pees all over the floor right in front of the strange alien....

    And then she moves her foot out of the way of the pee... :s

    Now she's the one that's embarrassed for what she has done.
    SA: Hahaha, that's what you get for laughing at me while I was dancing. You didn't think that I knew that you were laughing but I did... :p

    The strange alien was holding their nose as they thought that the pee was stinky....lol... :p

    The strange alien then wanted to do a blot test but ended up not having the cards to show Lisa, so the blot test never got done.

    The strange alien then commands Lisa to move so that they could mop up the pee that she did.

    After that was cleaned up, the strange alien then commands Lisa to go and sit back in the brain enhancement machine to do a Genius I.Q on her.

    Then the strange alien commands her to come back to the hypnotizer for another round. Once it takes, the strange alien then commands Lisa to fall in love with them.

    Lisa then goes over and gives the strange alien a kiss on the lips.

    Then they get hearts for one another... <3

    Lisa then checks the strange alien out.

    The strange alien then gives Lisa red flowers... :)

    The strange alien then uses a pick-up line on Lisa... :)

    The strange alien then goes in for a heat of the moment kiss hoping that Lisa doesn't break his heart by denying the kiss.

    Lisa then responds back to the kiss by kissing the strange alien back.

    And then it was time for Lisa to go back in the hibernation chamber as the strange alien has what they needed from Lisa and then takes her home to Donny.

    Sorry that this is so long but I took over 60 pictures for this one which is why I didn't have the alien do anymore of the commands that the Hypnotizer has... :)
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    Just a few pictures that I took yesterday... :)

    The expecting parents-to-be... :) And no, this isn't the baby's room, I only set this up for the pictures and then I exited the game without saving... :)

    It would seem like the Komodo dragon that Donny had captured but I never knew about had escaped and ended up in the picture... :p


    I had Donny go an recapture the dragon and then placed him in the tank that I brought for him... :)

    And back to my modeling after Donny put away the dragon... :)

    Donny feeding the dragon... :)
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    So all these updates of yours about a month's worth and mine was the first awesome you got??? :(

    Love the community :rage:

    Hilda Bancroft

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    So when I got back into my game, I saw a pop-up stating that Craven Lestat had went and brought himself another house. So I sent the Sim Creator to go and check out what he was up to and this is what she saw.

    She saw that Craven has a baby girl in the crib in the house. Hmmmmm, I wonder who the mother is?

    Craven sleeping in his bed for the last time before moving to his new house... :)

    Craven going to his new house the next morning. He brought the "Then" manor of the Then and Now set.

    After he went inside and got all settled in, he went out to the riverbank and picked up something from the ground.

    So I then I had the SC go and find out where the baby is, and she found the little baby girl still in the crib at the old house that Craven no longer lives.... :D Now why would he just leave the baby there when he moved from the house?.... :/

    So then I told the SC to switch households so that she could send Craven back over to the old house so that she could get him to pick up the baby and then send them both home to the "Then" manor.

    Craven's about ready to put the baby girl in the crib for the night... :)

    And then Craven heads off to bed himself.

    I should had made the SC send me over to his house and beat the living boogies out of him for abandoning a baby... >:)
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    It's Friday morning and Donny had to work, so I decide to go to the front porch and start another painting. I noticed a new building across the street from the house, so I decided to paint that.... :)

    It's a small medical clinic... :)

    Then Donny comes home from work and asks me how I'm doing... :)

    I then go for the heat of the moment kiss as I had missed him all day today... :) <3

    And so he responds back to the kiss by kissing me back... :) <3

    After that hot steamy kiss, he goes outside to pay the bills and to retrieve the mail from the mailbox while I go and fix us some hamburgers for a late lunch... :)

    Donny thinking about the baby coming soon... :)

    After we've had our dinner and got the dishes cleaned up, Donny came over to me to do a little flirting... :)

    Then we both decided to dance to some music. Donny did the Smustle while I just danced to Dierks Bentley's "Am I the Only One" and then to Rick Springfield's "Jessise's Girl".

    Then Dierks Bentley's "Come A Little Close" came on, so Donny asked me if I wanted to slow dance to this song and I said yes to him... :) Then Poison's "Every Rose has it's Thorn" came on, so we just kept slowing dance to that song as well... :)

    We then was slowing dancing to Luke Bryan's "Country Girl (Shake it for me)" when my water broke... :o

    Then this pops up... :)

    Then I feel some pain and tell Donny that we need to go to the clinic across the street as I'm not too sure if we're be able to make it to the hospital in town.
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    So he goes across the street and asks the lady at the front desk if he could grab a wheelchair to take it across the street stating that his girlfriend is in labor, so the lady them him it was okay. But before he leaves, she asks him if there is anyone that she can call for him and he tells her to call Dr. Annette Foster as she is his girlfriend's doctor.

    So he brings the wheelchair home and tells me to sit down so that he can push me across the street to the clinic.

    By the time he gets me across the street and inside, the doctor (blue top/pink pants) was there along with the nurse, Lashonda Leon... :)

    After we get inside and he pushes me over to the waiting area, he goes up to the desk and tells Carina Granger the main desk lady that he's back, so she tells him to go and let Kay Pennington check us in while Dr. Foster and Nurse Leon go and get everything ready for us in the exam room.

    Kay Pennington checking Donny and Lisa in... :)

    Then Dr. Foster and Nurse Leon comes out to call us to the back, so Donny ends up pushing the wheelchair to the back... :)

    After we get in the room, the doctor instructs me to change into the gown that the nurse has laid out for me and then tells me to lay down on the bed and that they will be back in once I'm done with everything... :)

    So after they leave the room, I get up from the wheelchair and change into the gown that was laid out... :)

    Of course since being pregnant, the clothing is very limited to what is available, so I chose this nightgown since the hospital gown wasn't available... :)

    I then lay down with Donny's help and then he goes and sits down in a chair next to the bed... :)

    Having labor pains.

    Donny gets up and tells the doctor that I'm ready for her now. (I think it's cut how he's acting in this picture...lol)

    So Nurse Leon comes over and stands by the bed on my side so that she can help me up when it's time to bare down while the doctor holds her tummy for whatever reason. (And why she changed into these clothes is beyond me... :D)

    Once the nurse and the doctor took their places, Donny then goes and stands next to the nurse to cheer me on while the doctor tells me to give her a big nice push. (This was the reaction from Donny and the doctor before I had the doctor use the pose for the next picture.) It almost does look like her telling me to push really hard.

    Then afterwards, Nurse Leon stands beside my bed with my baby while Dr. Foster announces that we have a healthy bouncing baby boy... :)

    Dr. Foster asks us what we are going to name the baby so that she can go and have the birth certificate made up for us, so we tell her that his name will be Nathan Dawnlight... :)

    So after the doctor had told me to rest awhile, we leave to go home. So Donny ends up wheeling us back across the street and then takes the wheelchair back to the clinic after he gets the baby and I home... :)

    Donny was going to put Nathan into the crib but decides to rock him for a little bit... :)

    I then decide to go in and see Nathan but decide not to bother father and son, so I whip out my camera and take a picture of Donny rocking with Nathan... :)

    Baby announcement:

    A couple of outtakes... :)

    Everyone doing the baby dance... :p

    I guess she must be thinking about writing a book on this experience...lol... :p
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    So after Donny got done rocking Nathan, he put him down in the crib for now so that Donny and I could go and relax on the bed for a little bit... :)

    After Nathan was put in the crib, the IF shows up in the crib. It's a gift from the Lotso family... :)

    SS: So Donny, if you don't mind, I'm thinking about starting my garden back up in the newly fenced in-area by the chicken coop so that we can have some fresh fruits and vegetables to eat and so that I can use my canning station to save them for another time. So do think it's okay for me start to a garden in your yard?
    Donny: Of course I don't mind if you start a garden in the yard. This is your yard as well now, so you don't need to ask for permission to do stuff in it... :kissing_heart: I like eating fresh fruits and vegetables and canning them up for later sounds like a good idea to me. Do you have any idea what you want to plant in your garden?
    SS: Thank you Donny... :kissing_heart: I wasn't too sure about things yet since I've only been here since the beginning of Spring and wasn't too sure if you wanted me digging up the yard... :blush: I was thinking about some fruit trees such as Apples, Oranges, peaches and pears and then some grapes and strawberry bushes. And for vegetables, maybe some corn, tomatoes.
    Donny: Well it is one of the reasons why I extended the fence line to the front corner of the house so that you can have a garden and to have a place for the chicken coop that we brought, plus to be able to have some room for our son and/or any other kids to play in. I was also thinking about buying us a cow so that we could have fresh milk but there isn't any room in the backyard or where the chickens are and I really don't want to put the cow in the front yard as it would look tacky. So maybe one of these days we can either extend our property line a little further to the back or we'll need to by a bigger lot some where else and have our house moved over to it and rebuild the garage and art studio for you. How does that sound to you?
    SS: That sounds pretty good to me. But, how the heck would you move the house over to a new lot? This house doesn't have wheels, does it?
    Donny: Oh you're so silly, of course someone can have a house moved if they want to move it somewhere else. You just need a big truck and some guys to dig up the foundation and then some hydraulic jacks to lift up so that wheels can be placed underneath of it so that it can be moved from it's old location to it't new location.
    SS: Well it's just that I've never knew that people could have their existing houses moved from one location to another unless it's a house trailer like the one that my grandparents had lived in before I was born... :blush: Well that does sound like a good idea but I'm sure something like that would cost a ton of money to do, wouldn't it?
    Donny: Oh I'm sure it does cost a lot of money but we have to spend on it if we should ever decide to move somewhere else either here in Riverview or in another town.
    SS: Would you ever move to another town if you could?
    Donny: Well you never know if and when the military might transfer me somewhere else and we have to leave Riverview for wherever they send me to as I certainly wouldn't want to leave you and Nathan here in Riverview. And even if they never transfer me anywhere else, I just might want to leave here and go back home or somewhere else once I'm retired from the military. Do you ever think about going back home one of these days to see your family or to live there again?
    SS: I guess that would make sense if the military ever did transfer you to another town or when you do retire from there. Hmmm, that's a tough question to answer and one that I would rather not think about now.
    Donny: Why's that?
    SS: It just is. I'll have to tell you about it sometime when I'm ready and I'm not ready at the moment... :cry:
    Donny: Okay Lisa, we can do that when you're ready as I can see that whatever it is is making you upset at the moment... :wink:
    SS: Thank you Donny for not pushing me to tell you now... :blush:
    Donny: You're welcome. It sounds like Nathan is crying. Do you want me to go get him for you?
    SS: Thank you but I'll go and get him so that I can cuddle with him for a little bit before breakfast... :kissing_heart:

    SS: Come here my little baby boy, it's mama's turn to hold you now... :)

    SS: Mama loves you, yes she does. You're my precious little boy... :)

    SS: You say you want mama to rock in the rocking chair? Okay, anything for my baby boy... <3

    So while I was rocking Nathan, Donny was playing chase with Scout... :)

    After I was done rocking Nathan, I placed him in the crib out in the front room where our computers are at. So Donny goes out there and gives Nathan his bottle as he was hungry and I was fixing waffles for our breakfast... :)

    Once Nathan was fed, Donny comes out to eat his waffles... :)

    Then after breakfast and the dishes were all cleaned up, Donny then asks me if I want to out to the garage to go and work on the car together.
    Donny: So I was wondering if you're up to working on the car with me today?
    SS: Sure, just let me change out of these clothes and put something on that's more comfortable to wear while I'm helping with the car.
    Donny: Okay, you go do that while I also change out of these clothes for something else so that I don't get these all dirty.

    I then went and put up the outdoor canopy so that I could bring out one of Nathan's cribs so that he can be within hearing range of us while we work on the car... :)

    Once Donny comes outside, I then go and ask him what he wanted me to work on and he said that I should work on the body of the car while he works on the engine... :)

    SS: Okay Donny, I think I can do this... :)
    Donny: I know you can it. Once this car is ready, then I want you to detail it to look really nice... :)

    SS: I just hope that Nathan is okay out here with us.
    Donny: He'll be okay over there, so stop worrying about him... ;)
    SS: I know he's okay but I can't help but worry about him. I'll probably always worry about him as that's what parents do.

    Donny: This seems pretty easy to do. I just hope that we have this car ready for the Summer so that we can cruise around in it with the top down... :)
    SS: That sounds good. I've always wanted to ride around in a convertible car... :)
    Donny: Well you can once we get this baby fixed up... :smiley:

    SS: Oh come on you piece of stupid sprayer, please work for me... :#

    SS: Okay there we go, it's working now. I guess I just had to let warm up some before trying to use it... :)

    Donny: The book says to make sure that you use nice even strokes over the car to remove the old paint so that there isn't any left to cause any blemishes to the new paint. Okay?
    SS: Okay, I'll try to keep them even strokes but I can't promise you that I will... :)

    After I was done working on the drivers door, I went and took Nathan inside so that I can go and cook some spaghetti up for our dinner. Donny took down the outdoor canopy before coming inside to eat... :)
    SS: Don't forget it's your turn to take out the garbage tonight.
    Donny: I'll do it after dinner and when we clean up the kitchen. Okay?
    SS: Sure that's okay... :kissing_heart:

    Donny put the dishes in the dishwasher while I scrubbed down the counter and then he took the trash out to the trashcan... :)

    I then go and pick up Nathan so that I can go sit down to hold him... :)

    But because he messed in his diaper, I needed to go and get him cleaned up... :#

    SS: Who's the stinky baby? You're the stinky baby... <3

    SS: There you go, all nice and clean and not stinky anymore... :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    SS: Now let me put on a clean diaper for you... :)

    SS: Maybe I should had put on a face mask so that the baby powder doesn't get up in my nose and make me sneeze all over the baby... :#

    SS: Now you smell like a fresh new baby again...lol... :p

    SS: WEEEEEEE, up goes the baby boy... :)

    SS: I'm going to kiss you tummy now little one... :) <3

    SS: I think someone needs some rocking now, so let's go sit in the rocking chair before I put you in your crib... :)

    SS: Okay I think it's time for you to be put back in your crib for a little bit now. Mommy loves you my sweet little angel... :kissing_heart:

    SS: Okay sweet one, you go to sleep for a little bit... :kissing_heart:
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    Donny: Did you put Nathan in his crib?
    SS: Yes, he's in his crib now. I cleaned him up, changed his diaper and rocked with him for a little bit and now he's sleeping... :)
    Donny: I didn't realize how much work it was in taking care of a baby but I'm glad that I'm doing it with you and not letting you do this all alone yourself... :)
    SS: Same here. I was really worried when I first found out that I was pregnant that you wouldn't want to help out or want me afterwards as I've heard of guys not wanting to take responsibility for their actions...
    Donny: And like I've told you...
    SS: Will you hush up and listen to what I have to say and stop interrupting me?
    Donny: Oh okay, I'll shut up and listen to what you have to say... ;)
    SS: What is was getting ready to say was that part of me kept telling me that you would do the right thing. And I say that because you kept asking me to move in with you back in the Fall which tells me that you do care about me and that you want me in your life no matter what it throws at us.
    Donny: Is okay that I speak now?
    SS: Yes it's okay for you to speak now silly...lol... :p
    Donny: Well I was going to say that I care about you and all but you've already said it, so I guess the only thing that's left to be said is the I love you and I love our son... :kissing_heart:
    SS: And I love you as well and our son also... :kissing_heart:

    So while we were talking and watching TV, Scout comes in and sits down to watch some TV until I got up and played chase with him... :)

    I then go out to the kitchen to make us some wheat bread in the baking oven... :)

    In the mean time, Donny goes and gets Nathan out of the crib and plays with him until the bread was done... :)
    Donny: Come to daddy!

    Donny: Daddy loves you, yes he does.

    Donny: Weeee, you're flying. Nathan the airplane...lol

    SS: Donny, the bread is done. Come grab your plate and butter up your hot warm bread... :)

    Donny: Okay but let me throw away whatever smells in the frig before I can eat anything.
    SS: Okay, you do that... ;)

    SS: Whoa! This bread is still heat. I almost choked on it... :D

    Donny: You make baking an art form. This is some delicious wheat bread... :)
    SS: Thank you Donny... :smiley:
    Donny: You're welcome Lisa... :kissing_heart:

    Donny: I'm going to put the bread up while you clean up the dishes. And then I want you to grab Nathan and meet me outside in the backyard where the chicken coop as I have something to show you. Okay?
    SS: Okay! But what do you want to show me?
    Donny: If I tell you, then I can't show you what I want to show you. So just come outside and see... ;)
    SS: Okay, I 'll grab Nathan and meet you outside then... :)

    SS: Okay I'm here. What do you want to show me?
    Donny: This. I remember you saying how you wanted to learn how to sculpt, so I went online and ordered this for you. You like it?
    SS: Oh thank you Donny! And yes I do like it... :)
    Donny: I have it out for now unless you want it up in your art studio.
    SS: On no, out here is just perfect for it. But if I should want to sculpt on it and it's bad weather, then we can move inside for me to use. Okay?
    Donny: Okay, that sounds great... :)

    So then Donny goes up to the art studio to go check on his lizard only to find out that it died. I guess while he was worried about me, he forgot all about feeding his lizard... :cry:

    Donny: Goodbye little lizard. Sorry that I had forgotten about you being up here. May you rest in peace now my little friend... :cry:

    So while Donny was in the process of removing his lizard from the tank, I come walking in front of him... :#

    So I go over and start on another painting while Donny cleans the tank up... :)

    Donny then goes out to pay the bills and to get the mail from the box... :)

    Donny then pulls out a box from the mailbox. Wonder what's inside of it?

    Donny gets paid for his time off for having personal time off... :)

    He then gets a letter from Lucille.
    Donny: This woman can't seem to take an hint when I broke up with her and Lisa telling her that we were expecting a baby... :/

    Finished painting... :)

    And what it's worth but I might just end up keeping it for myself... :)
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    So I get a phone call from Fred Claus asking me out on a date but I went and turned down the date telling Fred that I'm with Donny and that we now have a family that we are raising together.

    After I hung up from Fred's phone call, I decided to go and pick up Nathan from his crib... :)

    SS: Come here my little man. Momma wants to hold you for a little bit... :) <3

    SS: Who loves Nathan? You're momma love you and always will love you... :) <3

    Then I took Nathan to the rocking chair so that we could rock for a little bit... :)

    While I was rocking in the chair and Donny was on the computer, the gnome came inside and turned on the radio so that he could listen to it for a little bit... :)

    Then Nathan was ready to go lay down again, so I took him to his crib in his room so that the music didn't keep him awake... :)

    SS singing to Nathan:

    Then it was off to play with Scout for a little. Don't want Scout to think that we are ignoring him now that there is a little baby in the house... ;)

    Scout chases me down the hall...

    And into to the dining room where he finds me at... :)

    I then go over a grab me a glass of nectar from the tray that Donny had poured earlier... :) (I was testing out the nectar rack for a friend who was looking for the counters and wanting to know how to fill it up without having to buy the bottles as she was trying to build a house and had wanted the rack to already be filled up.)

    So I take the glass out to the kitchen to sit at the table to drink my nectar... :)

    Then Scout wanted to play with Donny for a little bit, so they came out to the kitchen to play... :)

    After finishing up my drink, I had to use the bathroom. So afterwards, I needed to clean the toilet as it got dirty... :s

    I then upgraded it to self-cleaning so that there is no need to keep cleaning it every time it gets dirty... :)

    So then Nathan woke up, so Donny went in to get him as he needed his diaper changed... :)

    Then Donny gave him a bath to clean him up from his dirty diaper... :#

    Then after Donny had dried Nathan off and wrapped him up again, he picked him back up and told him that he smells clean again... :)

    Then Donny gave Nathan a kiss on his tummy and then blows raspberries on Nathan's tummy...lol... :P

    Donny then goes and sits in the rocking chair to rock Nathan back to sleep... :)
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    So after Donny had put Nathan in the crib earlier on, he had to go back a pick Nathan up as he was hungry for a bottle... :)

    Then Donny sat in the rocking chair to rock Nathan after his feeding... :)

    Donny then decided to take Nathan out to the front of the house where the computers are and put Nathan in the crib while he uses the computer... :)

    So while Donny was on the computer and watching Nathan, I took myself a shower after I got done cleaning and upgrading the toilet... :)

    Scout wanted to play chase with me after my shower, so I played with him for a little bit... :)

    Then it was off to fix us some french toast for our breakfast... :)

    SS: Donny, come and get your breakfast now... :)
    Donny: Okay Lisa, I'll be there in a second. Okay?
    SS: Okay Donny... :)

    Donny: Umm yummy. This is some delicious french toast here. I just love your cooking Lisa... :) <3
    SS: Thank you Donny. It is delicious. It's a new recipe that I just found in the Country Living Magazine... :) <3
    Donny: Well wherever you got it from, it's still good as you are a very good cook... :)

    Then after we got done with breakfast, I cleaned up the plates while Donny put away the leftovers... :)

    We then had someone come over and set up some background props so that we can get some family pictures taken before Nathan and Scout ages up... :)

    Some Spring design family pictures... :)

    A day at the beach family picture... :)

    But while we were trying to get some family pictures taken, Donny gets a call from Elaine Joy asking him out on a date but he turned her down... :)

    Then we went inside of the house a took a couple in the living room... :) (I kept wanting to yell at Donny as he kept trying to stand up so that he could put Scout down, but I made sit back down so that I could get the pictures taken.)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,745 Member
    After having our family pictures taken, I went out to my art studio to do some things but ended up getting a phone call from @CravenLestat asking me out on a date. (But the Sim Creator forgot to hit the decline button and hit the accept button instead, so I went to meet up with him.)

    But on the way to the venue that Craven had told me to meet him at, I get a message from him saying that we would have to do this later as he had other plans already. So instead of going home, I chose to stay and search for Easter Eggs... :)

    After searching for Easter Eggs, I went home and asked Donny if he's excited to be going back to work soon as he taken off for maternity leave.
    SS: So Donny, are you excited about going back to work tomorrow?
    Donny: Sure I'm getting to be getting back to work. But I also will miss you and Nathan during the daytime and will worry about the 2 of you.
    SS: I will miss you as well but we will be okay while you are working.
    Donny: I know you both will but I still worry about things happening and I'm not here for the both of you... <3
    SS: You don't need to worry about us so much but I do appreciate it though. I do have a solution to that problem though.
    Donny: What is your solution that you have in mind?
    SS: Well I was looking at a website online about Plumbots. You can either order a plumbot or build one yourself using a Bot Building Machine and place trait chips in them such as the gardener trait chip and others as well. Then the plumbot would be able to help with the gardening or cleaning house depending on what trait chips that they have in them.
    Donnyp: Are these plumbots safe to have around?
    SS: What do you mean by safe?
    Donny: I mean safe as in being safe, them not going to hurt you or Nathan in any way.
    SS: And why would think that they would hurt us in any way?
    Donny: Haven't you ever watched the "Terminator" movies about machines that look like humans wanting to kill humans and take over the world?
    SS looking at Donny as if he's crazy: Ummm, you do know that the "Terminator" movies is just sci-fi, right? And that plumbots don't look nothing like humans as they look more like machines.
    Donny: Well yes I do but it could still happen if people start making plumbots more human by making look more human as well as giving them traits chips that might allow them to have feelings just they did with Data in the "Star Trek" movies.
    SS shaking her head at Donny: WHAT? You do know that show and movie is also sci-fi as well, right?
    Donny: Well yes I do but some of the things that was in the shows as props is now real things such as the communicators that flip up. Where do you think that the idea for the flip cellphones came from? It was from the original Star Trek show with William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Have you watch shows that talk about the things that were in the Star Trek shows that have come true in our daily lives now?
    SS: I've heard of and watched Star Trek but have never watched the other shows that you're talking about that you say talk about the things from ST that we have in our everyday lives now.
    Donny: Well I think you better watch those shows with me when they come on and you can see the things that was in the Star Trek shows that we have now.
    SS: Maybe I will watch them with you. But now I want to show you a picture of what a plumbot looks like. Okay?
    Donny: Okay.
    SS: This is a couple of styles of plumbots that you can create or buy.

    SS: And then once you buy one or create one, then you also need a charging station for them as their energy levels drop and need to be hooked up to the charger.
    Donny: You see, that's another thing that they have in the Star Trek shows especially in "Star Trek Voyager" where they find and rescue a woman who was turned into a borg but couldn't have the borg technology removed without killing her. So the captain had to have a special station for her to be able recharge whenever she needed it. See here is a picture of the borg charger station from Star Trek Voyager.

    Donny: And here is the charging station that I just looked up on the website that you just gave me. It's the one behind the alien but you can tell it's almost like the one in the TV show.

    Donny: So do you still want to get a plumbot?
    SS: Well yes I do as I think it can help us around the house. And before you ask, yes I will be the one to take care of it and do maintenance to it.
    Donny: Well if you feel you must have one, who am I to deny you anything.
    SS: YAY! I've already ordered the bot building machine so that I can get to designing and creating the trait chips that I need to use for it. I love you Donny... <3
    Donny: I love you too Lisa... :kissing_heart:

    So I go outside to set up my bot building machine and get right to designing some nanites before I can create a plumbot... :)

    Once I reached the level that I needed to be at to create a plumbot, I went and created myself one. The plumbot's name that I gave here is Anne Droid... :)

    But once Anne Droid came out of the bot building machine, she ran off to the front of the yard as she detected some strange noises and lights... :s

    Then the next thing that Anne Droid knew was that the lights was beaming down and pulling it up into a spaceship.

    So I run out to the front yard to see what was going on but I was too later, so I checked my mailbox as the flag was up.

    Donny got yet another love letter from Lucille Spenster. What didn't she understand when Donny broke up with her and I told her that I was expecting Donny's baby?... :D

    And the same could be said about Craven Lestat... :D

    So while I was there reading the letters from Lucille and Craven, the alien ship returned to bring back Anne Droid.
    SS thinking to herself: Don't these aliens give up? I mean why would they abduct a plumbot for as it can't give any DNA samples to them unless they're hoping to have the plumbot spy on us for them!

    Even plumbots feels nausea after being abducted by aliens... :open_mouth:

    So I go over to Anne Droid and start talking to the plumbot about music while the plumbot is thinking about sunflower seeds.

    Then Anne Droid talked about music as well... :)

    I then told Anne Droid that I had a competent cleaner trait chip to place inside of it, so Anne Droid allowed me to work on it... :)

    After placing the chip in Anne Droid, I told Anne Droid to go and do my laundry for me... :)

    I then go back to the bot building machine to create more nanites to be able to create more trait chips for Anne Droid... :)

    Anne Droid needed to remove the clothes from the dryer before putting the clothes from the washer to the dryer... :)

    Then Anne Droid decides to get on the computer to browse the web while the clothes are drying... :)

    I kept working on creating nanites and trait chips but ended up failing on one of them, so I gave up for the time being... :)

    So then I decided to have the Sim Creator go and see what Craven was up to do as I hadn't have her spying on him in awhile... :)

    So she saw him heading over to the junkyard where he went inside of the office and pulled out a chameleon from his pocket and proceed to talk to it and hug it until it bit him on the finger... :s And then he put it back in his pocket after it bit him... :)

    Meeting of the gnomes in my front yard... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,745 Member
    So while Anne Droid was on the computer, I went outside to put together the garden fountain that I've brought so that I can water my garden with. Then after it was put together, I tended to my garden... :)

    While I was tending to the garden, the gnomes decided to come and watch me while I work in the yard... :)

    After Anne Droid was done on the computer, she goes over to Scout so that she can pick him up for a few minutes... :)

    Somehow, Nathan was outside floating in the air... :o

    So when Donny got home from work, he bends down to pick up Nathan so that he can take him inside and place him in his crib. (When Donny bent down to pick up Nathan, Donny's arms was up above his head grabbing a hold of Nathan... :#)

    Then I came inside after Donny had put Nathan in the crib and gave Donny a heat of the moment kiss... :)

    Which he enjoyed getting... :)

    After feeding Nathan, I was headed to put him in his crib in his room when Craven Lestat called to chat for a few minutes... :)

    After I had placed Nathan in his crib, I asked Donny if he wanted to take a shower with me and he said yes... :blush:

    So as we made our way to the shower, those strange lights appeared again in our yard... :#

    So Anne Droid went to investigate the lights...

    And got abducted yet again... :s

    A little loving took place in the shower while Anne Droid was with the aliens... :blush:

    Then about a half hour later, the alien that abducted Anne Droid returned her home.

    Don't know what they did to Anne Droid while she was with them but it made it cry... :cry:

    After Anne Droid got done with her crying, so went down to the basement under the garage to go and design a nanite. She discovered how to build a quantum nanite... :)

    After Donny and I took our quick shower, we ended up cuddling on the bed for a little bit... :)

    A little bit kissing also took place, so it's good thing that Donny has the next day off from work... :blush:
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