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TS3-Lisa Dawnlight adventures in Riverview


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    WARNING! If you any food/drink that you're having at the moment, please stop eating/drinking and put your food/drink down.

    You have been warned, so if anything happens then don't blame me... :p

    Spoiler alert!
    So after I was done on the trampoline, I decided to go inside and paint for a little bit while I was waiting for Miss Tammy Parker to wake up as I have a little surprise or 2 for her... >:)

    So once Tammy woke up, I went into her room to deliver her little surprise.
    SS: Oh Tammy, I have a little something for you. Can you guess what it is?
    Tammy: A surprise for me. Oh you shouldn't have!

    SS: That's right Tammy, it's for you. It's a Flask of Angry Bees. I was planning on using it on you to begin with but then little Miss Sarah Mahoney want's to take Brian away from me, so I was planning on using it on her to teach her a lesson or 2 but I still have the voodoo doll to use.
    Tammy: Why are you doing this? I haven't done anything to you or anyone else yet. And why are these bees flying around me when I don't smell like flowers? Please make them stop! I promise that I won't be mean to anyone ever again.
    SS: Sorry, but I don't believe a word that you're saying. You're only saying that in hopes that I would leave you alone but you and I both know that you will go back to your old ways.

    SS: Okay Tammy, now for the next surprise from me to you. Hope you like your new lifestyle as a creature of the night... >:)
    Tammy: Please don't this to me. I've already promised that I wouldn't be mean to anyone ever again.
    SS: Your word isn't good enough for me, so suffer the consequences.

    Tammy: You're just a little piece of garbage for doing this to me... :s

    Tammy: Now I feel like going out and digging through the garbage cans. What has gotten into me?

    I like to introduce the newest member of the werewolf pack:

    Okay part 1 one is done, now onto part 2 of torturing Tammy.

    SS: Oh Tammy, what's that on the wall behind you?

    SS: OMG Tammy, you are so dense to fall for that old trick!
    Tammy: OH NO, Not that evil ugly voodoo doll again! Why are you are doing this to me? I've already given you my word that I will be nicer to everyone.
    SS: Sorry but it's too late for you now.

    Tammy, part 2 is done. Now it's time for part 3 of my evil plan... >:)

    SS: OH Tammy, I'm not done with you just yet. Are you ready for that "Curse" again?
    Tammy: Why are you harassing me for? I haven't done anything to you this semester. I'm sorry for insulting you and others last semester but I won't do it this semester.
    SS: Too late for you to apologize now.

    Tammy: OH NO, not that dreaded curse again. It made me stinky and gross that last 2 times that you threw that curse on me... :s
    SS: Well that's just too bad now, isn't it?

    Tammy: Great, now I'm all green again. How dare you turn me into a zombie yet again?
    SS: Because you deserve everything that you get that is all bad.

    Tammy: I don't deserve this. Can you please reverse this curse off of me?
    SS: No Tammy, I will not reverse anything off of you. You must live with yourself now.

    SS: Oh Tammy, I just discovered that I have a new thing that I can do with this voodoo doll. Want to see what I can do with it now?
    Tammy: Please, no more of this. I said that I was sorry and I mean it.

    Tammy: OH NO, what's happening to me now?
    SS: The new spell that I can do on the voodoo doll is a transformation spell. You are turning into a werewolf.
    Tammy: A were, werewolf you say? NOOOOOO, the pain of this transformation is just too much to bear. Make it stop, PLEASE!

    Tammy: Now look what you done to me. I'm a hairy creature now. How will I ever got myself a boyfriend? No one will ever look at me that same ever again. Everyone will be afraid of me now and I can't have that, now can I?
    SS: People were already afraid of you and your insults, so it shouldn't matter to you now.

    SS thinking to herself: OMG, she is scary looking being all hairy and having those big huge fangs. OH MY!

    Tammy looking at the sim god: Oh why oh why did you let Lisa do this to me? I haven't done anything to anyone, so why do I deserve this?
    Me: Because you are so mean-spirited that I needed to teach you a lesson in humility.
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    Another long update that will be in the spoiler... :)
    So after Tammy's initial shock of transforming into a werewolf, she turned around to talk to me. She thinks that I'm okay now. So maybe she learned her lesson but we shall see if she did or didn't.

    Tammy: I hate to admit this but I love to read comic books. I've never told anyone this as I don't want people to think that I'm a nerd (lvl3) or something because nerds are so geeky and I'm not a geek. So you better not tell anyone about this. Okay?
    SS: Okay Tammy, you're secret is safe with me... B)

    SS: Hey Tammy, want to hear a joke?
    Tammy: Sure, I'll like to hear it... :)
    SS: Okay it goes like this:

    Tammy: OMG, that is just too funny... :p

    Tammy: You have me rolling around on the floor just laughing my butt off. You are too funny, Lisa!
    SS: Well thank you Tammy, you're not so bad yourself... :)

    Tammy: I'm just kidding, you're not okay and you're not funny. You got that lame joke out of a freaking joke book and I didn't really find that really funny. You and your lame jokes!

    SS: Well I never been so insulted in my life for my jokes. Others have found my jokes to be hilarious and they find me fun to hang around with. Well that just proves my point that I knew that you would go back to your old ways and not keep your promise to be more nicer to others.

    Tammy: Well I need to go and insult others now. So I think Derek will be my next victim and there isn't anything that you can do to stop me.
    Derek: Okay, what did I ever do to you that you think that you need to insult me?

    Tammy: You are so brainless and clueless. And you are nothing but a crazy jock who can't think for himself!

    Tammy thinking to herself: She just better watch herself now. I will get my revenge on her when I get the chance. Oh you just wait and see. I am a creature of the night and I will hunt you down, so don't you ever use that evil ugly voodoo doll on me ever again.

    Tammy thinking to herself again: So, I know your scent and I will follow you wherever you go. So you just better watch your back, you little witch!
    SS: Awww, ain't that so cute! I have a little puppy dog following me to my class... <3
    (Tammy followed me to class as we were in a group because I was going to use the voodoo doll on her to make wet herself again for insulting my sim. So when my SS left for class, the group didn't break up)

    Now it's time for me to take some notes in this class... :)

    So while I was in class, Jeffery Dean and Billy Jean Sparks was chatting it up out in the main hall... :)

    While Brian and Walter Fullman was smooching it up. Now why the heck is Brian kissing on some other dude when he's suppose to be all interested in me?

    So while I was in class, Tammy goes upstairs to the activities room to make herself a drink. I guess she can't deal with being a werewolf and needs a drink or 2 to drown out her sorrows.

    Now why she has an image of Brian on her mind, I do not know. Hopefully she won't go and insult him or harm him just to get back at me.

    It would seem as he knows that she's on her way to talk to them about something unless she wants to insult them about something.

    SS thinking to herself: Really dude? You really think that I want to smell your stinky armpit? Well guess what? I don't! So please put your arm down!

    Walter said something that was funny as they all had a laugh or 2.

    Brian: You think you're going to graduate looking like that?

    I thought that maybe he was going to wait for me to get done with this lecture but it would seem that he was on his way to use the science machine.

    Now I'm on my way back to the dorm and yup, that is Tammy following behind me. Tammy the little puppy

    Oh I have some mail in the mailbox. Let me see who it's from. It's from Brian... <3

    Now I'm off to find out where Ye Gangnam lives as she's been trying to put the moves on Brian but he hasn't given her his heart. I just hope that he isn't messing around with other people.

    Well, this is the house that she lives in while here at the University. So let's see if she is home so that I can give her a little piece of my mind and a surprise to her.

    SS: Hello. I'm Lisa and I'm looking for Ye Gangnam. Is she here?
    Ashley Desorrento: Hello Lisa, I'm Ashley and it's a pleasure to meet you. No, Ye isn't here at the moment. I think she might be out getting something to eat at the moment. Would you like to come in and wait around for her?
    SS: Thanks for the invite but I have a bonfire party to attend at the dorm of Harold Assange. I'll try back later. Bye and it was nice meeting you too.
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    This is going in a spoiler... :)
    So I arrive at the bonfire party that Harold had invited me to but he wasn't here. So I go around back to the juice bar and fix me a drink... :)

    And yes, I changed into my swimwear for a bonfire. It's a bonfire, not a pool party simself... :s

    So I head over to the bonfire to warm up some. Ashley DeSorrento and Mika Moore was also at the party... :)

    So one of girls throw this vial into the bonfire and it made everyone around it stinky. So I went and threw one into to it myself... :)
    (Just the love the look on my SS face after she pulled that out of thin

    EWWWW, it smells like rotten eggs over here now... :s

    So I saw Jeffery Dean out on the back porch, so I went over to reintroduce myself since the last time I met him, he had the skunky ale breathe and it made me feel sick to my stomach.

    Well since you're hungry Jeffery, I'll leave you be to go get something to eat before you pass out.

    Well no wonder Harold isn't here, he's out on the town and want's to go on a date with me.
    SS: Hello, this is Lisa speaking. Oh, hello Harold. What a surprise that you called me. Oh, you want me to go on a date with you now? Sure, I would like to. Where do you want me to meet you at? Okay I will be there soon. See ya soon Harold... :)

    SS: I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they are yummy. I like both, the smooth and crunchy peanut butter... :)

    SS: What's your favorite food, Harold?
    Harold: I love the fruit parfait. Any fruit will do for me.
    SS: I love fruit parfaits too. My favorite is strawberry parfaits... :)

    SS: You like my silly face that I'm making?
    Harold: Yes. Is my silly face funny also?
    SS: Oh yes, it is funny. I'm so glad that I said yes to this date... :)

    SS: I have a funny video that I want to show to you. Do you want to see it?
    Harold: Sure, I love watching funny videos.

    Harold: Look I'm sorry that snubbed my nose up at you the first time that you tried to introduce yourself to me. I didn't mean to do that, I just thought that you being a little too forward or something like that. What I mean is, that since I'm rich and all, I've had women try to befriend me for my money. So I tend to be a bit cautious when someone that I don't know just comes right up to me to introduce themselves. I'm more of the type of guy that would rather go and introduce myself to the ladies.
    SS: It's okay Harold, you're forgiven. I understand where you're coming from. I know that there is a lot of gold digging women out there and all that just want themselves a rich guy but I'm nothing like that. I may not have a lot of money myself but I feel rich just for the things that I do have I life such as my health, good friends, and a place to live.
    Harold: Well I'm glad that you're not like what most women are and you're honest about it too.
    SS: You want to get out of here and go bowling or something?
    Harold: Sure, let's go bowling... :)

    And of course the weather is still rainy here.

    Oh look over there, a guitar. I've always wanted to try to play one. Now's my chance to try it.
    Harold thinking to himself: Either someone has some really bad body odor or she stinks at playing the guitar... :#

    Harold: Okay Lisa it's your turn. I already tried out the alley and it seems to be a good one. You just never know when the floorboards will get warped and then it messes up your gameplay.
    SS: Well Thank you Harold. You're such a gentleman... :)

    SS thinking it herself: I just hope that I don't drop this ball on my toes and embarrass myself.

    SS: YES, I knocked down 6 pins... :)

    Harold: Way to go Lisa. You're pretty good at this... :)
    SS: I used to be on a bowling league when I was younger. I think I was in the middle school before I became somewhat of a rebel in my high school days.

    SS thinking to herself: Who bowls in just their swimwear and no shoes on? But I will say this, he is fine looking just like that though.

    Harold: I think that I need someone to give me some tips on this game. I'm not as good as you are, Lisa.
    SS: Anytime that you want me to give you the tips just call me and we will meet up here so that you can practice your swing and how to line the ball up with the pins.
    Harold: Well it's getting late and this place is closing for the night, so let's part ways here and I will see you later. I had a great time with you Lisa.
    SS: I did too. Thank you for calling me up and asking for a date. See ya later Harold.
    Harold: See ya too Lisa.

    Just a random shot of Tiffany Angles and Triberius Willard sleeping in the same bed. I guess they must had hooked up as a couple... :)

    Off to practice my painting... :)

    It's time for my next class. I hope this goes by pretty fast. At least it's stopped raining for the time being, so maybe I will be able to take in the sights today... :)

    Oh wow, I didn't notice this strange looking totem pole here before. I wonder what this is? Maybe I will get a close look at it and go like this up on the internet.

    Some random pictures of the Fall scenery while I was in class... :)

    Some with the geese flying by... :)
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    It will be in a spoiler... :)
    So after class, I go off to the park near the beach for a little bit... :)

    While I was there, I saw Carol Chen stalking over to the park... :)

    I just hope that she's not stalking me as I haven't done anything to her yet.

    So I'm off to the Science building to do a day job that I got off of the board. The day job is a organ donation job... :)

    What I made after doing the day job... :)

    So while I was there, Jeffery Dean was outside of the building probably going to class. A rear end shot of him just because... :smiley:

    A shot of Tammy Parker just because... :)

    So I got back to the dorm and looked at the board to see what dares that they have up there that I may want to try. So the dare that popped up was the Make-out with someone dare. So I called Brian up and invited him over since it's been about a day or 2 that haven't seen him. Plus I was missing him... :)

    SS: Hello Brian! How are you doing?
    Brian: I'm doing fine. How about you?
    SS: I'm doing fine, I'm just missing you since I haven't seen you in a couple of day... :) I'm calling to see if you want to come over for a little bit and hangout with me. So will you come over and keep me company?
    Brian: Oh sure, I'll come over to see you. I've waiting for you to call me as I too have missed you.
    SS: Oh cool, can't wait to see you... :) I'm over at the Malan building... :)
    Brian: I know where that is. I'll be there shortly. I can't wait to see you again Lisa... :)
    SS: I can't wait to see you too Brian. See ya when you get here... :)

    Just because... :) He actually looks excited to be coming for a visit... :)

    SS thinking to herself: Okay I invite a guy over and all he's interested in is reading a book. I need to a stop to this and make my move if I want to get this dare done. Plus I've always wanted to kiss him anyhow. So why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

    SS: Oh Brian, I got something that I need to get off of my chest over here, but I'm a bit nervous about it.
    Brian: You can tell me anything, I'm here to listen to whatever you need to tell me. I think that you're a strong person and you shouldn't be afraid to tell me anything. Okay?
    SS: Okay!

    And of course Tammy has to come in on our private conversation just to listen to the radio in this room.
    SS wanting to yell at Tammy but doesn't: Hey Tammy, there's plenty of enough radios in this dorm for you to go listen to. Why the heck do you want to use this radio for?

    SS: Okay here goes nothing. Brian, I really like you a lot. I'm so glad that I met you last semester at the bowling alley. And I would like to take a chance on you and I getting together... :)
    Brian: Well I'm glad that you feel the same way that I do. I want us to take a chance at each other as I think that we would go together really good. I feel like you complete me and I complete you... :)

    Brian: Come here for a hug, sweetie.
    SS: Okay, honey pie... :)

    SS: That hug felt real good. I love hugging you... <3
    Brian: The feeling mutual... <3

    SSI've got another surprise for you Brian... :smiley:
    Brian: Oh what could it be?

    SS: I've got you some red roses. I hope you like them... :)
    Brian: Not only do I like them, I love them because they are from you... :) Thank you sweetheart, you're so sweet... :blush:
    SS: oh shucks, you're welcome... :blush:

    SS: You look a little tense at the moment. How about a back massage?
    Brian: Sure, that sounds good. It was a tense day in class today and I really could use this right now... :)
    SS: Turn around then and I will work my magic on you... :)
    Brian: OH YAY, that's the spot. That feels so good. I really appreciate you doing this. Oh, and your hands do work wonders on me... :blush:

    SS: ummm, I got something else to tell you Brian!
    Brian: What is it? You can tell me... :)
    SS thinking to herself: I hope that he's doesn't break my heart.
    SS: This... :*

    SS thinking to herself again: Whoa, not heartbreaking going on here now.

    Brian: WOW, that was quite the surprise. I loved it... <3
    SS: I was a bit nervous to do that as I didn't know if you would turn me down.
    Brian: Me turn you down? Never. I would never turn you down on anything. Do you understand?
    SS: Yes I understand. And I'm glad that you liked the surprise kiss... <3

    Brian: My heart belongs to you now... :)

    Brian: Come here sweetie for an embrace... :)
    SS: Sure, why not. I just love gazing in your eyes... :)


    BrianDo you want to go and watch the sees with me?
    SS: Sure, I'll go watch the stars with you. I loved watching the stars with you the other night... :)
    Brian: I did too... :)

    Brian: I'm sorry that I didn't bring something to put down on this wet ground. Are you going to be okay sitting here like that?
    SS: No need to be sorry, you didn't know how the night was going to turn out, now did you? And yes, I will be okay on the ground like this.
    Brian: I should had been prepared with a blanket or a tarp knowing that I wanted to watch the stars with you again. I need to remember to pack one the next time that we get together.

    Brian: I really am enjoying myself out here with you... :)
    SS: I'm enjoying myself too with you out here... :)

    SS: Oh look up there, that either looks like a shooting star or a UFO... ;)
    Brian: No silly, it's a shooting star and I hope that you made a wish on it. You do know that there's no such thing as UFO's or aliens, don't you?
    SS thinking to herself: If only you knew the truth about UFO's and aliens.

    Brian: I got one thing to ask you.
    SS: You're got something ask me! What is it?
    Brian: hehehe, would you let me finish talking?
    SS: Yes, sorry that I interrupted you while you were talking to me.
    Brian: It's okay. I um, I want to know if you want to go steady with me?
    SS: Oh Brian, I would love to be your girlfriend. So yes, I would go with you... <3
    Brian: OH thank goodness, I'm glad that you feel the same way as I do. Come here for another hug and kiss... :)

    SS: I've never gone steady without anyone in my life, so this is a first for me.
    Brian: I can't believe that you've never gone steady with anyone before. I would had thought a young beautiful woman as yourself would had the guys begging to go out with you.
    SS: Well I do but I've turned them all down as they were all bad guys. But I will have to tell you later about myself and how I was back when I was younger or I should say when I was in high school.

    Brian: I would most certainly like to hear about your younger days but it's getting late and I'm sleepy and as much as I would love to stay with you all night, I do have to get some rest for my class later. See ya later baby... :)
    SS: Well I'm glad that I called you tonight to come over and hang out for a little bit.
    Brian: I am too. Here's a little kiss from me to you... :)
    SS: Have sweet dreams tonight.
    Brian: Oh I will and you do the same.

    I really need to write down on how I feel about Brian and mail it to him so that he doesn't forget... <3 <3

    Yeah, yeah, yeah Ye, you really think that Brian wants you? Well guess what? He doesn't want you as he wants me, so stop with you trying to throw yourself at him all of the time.
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    WOW! Is there no one around that can fix the leaky sinks and showers and unclog and clean the nasty dirty toilets?... :s Well it's a good thing that my handiness skill is level 5, so I can fix them so that I can use them when I need to.

    OMG, my roommates live like pigs and this place is a pig sty... :s

    My next class is outside in the pouring rain. We get to draw in our sketch pad since this is art class.

    So after class was over with, I went to check out the board to see what day job that they have listed for today... :)

    Ok, I'm at the science building again today as today's day job is to round up the escaped monkeys and return them back to their cages in the lab.
    I didn't get a picture of the pop-up telling my how much she made from this job.

    So while I was back at my dorm, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. It was Jacob Salaman streaking while Sarah Mahoney and Justin Cronk are over by the pond playing chess.

    It would seem as this night is a weird night as we have another streaker. This streaker is Holly Gabrielsun and she seems to think that she's going to use one of our beds to sleep in but can't gain entry into our dorm.

    So since she couldn't get inside of our dorm, she runs into the back yard and then leaves. Hopefully she made her way on home to her own bed.

    Well at least of my roommates has decided to go and mop up the puddle in the kitchen. But that's not going to stop the sink from leaking and the fix the dishwasher which is on the fritz.

    Some of my roommates having a snack... :)

    I'm off to Jeffery Dean's keg party but I can't stay too long as I need to get back to my dorm as I am throwing a keg party for one of my social group dares.

    SS: Hello Brian. Thank you for coming to my keg party. I hope that you have a good time at it... :)
    Brian: Thank you for inviting me to your party. And I most certainly will have a great time here since you're here and had invited me... :)

    SS: Here's a little kiss on the cheek for you Brian... :)

    SS: Oh Brian, do you want to play some juice pong with me?
    Brian: Sure I will but be prepared to be the loser.
    SS: We shall see about that. Let the game begin... :)

    SS thinking to herself: I know that I can do this and beat him in this game.
    Brian: Throw the ball already so that I can throw the ball and get it on your cup.

    SS: YES, now drink up Brian...hehehe
    Brian: Okay okay okay but I will get you back for that. So you better grab that cup now as I will get this ball into a cup.

    Brian: Yes, I told you to prepare yourself. I will beat you in this game.
    SS: Yeah, keep dreaming Brian, I've been practicing this game. So we shall see who the winner is going to be and that's not you... :p

    SS: Drink up Brian. And I'm ahead in points in this game, so you better make your last shot count... :p
    Brian: Yeah yeah yeah, stop bragging because I am the king of juice pong and I will beat you.

    SS: What were you saying about being the "King of juice pong"?
    Brian: Okay, you beat me but I will get you back the next time.

    Harold warming his hands up at the bonfire.

    Tammy, Derek and Harold.

    Some random shots of the uni world... :)

    A skeleton outside of the SimBurger place. It's also Spooky Day in the game.

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    Next update... :)
    SS: UH Brian, did you have too much to drink?

    Brian: WEEEEE, this is so fun. You should try this Lisa... :smiley:
    SS: I don't think so. I'm not going to get undressed in front of all of these people... :p

    Now Debbie Richards has now gotten in on the streaking

    SS: Let's take a romantic picture together.
    Brian: Okay!

    Jeffery Dean is outside with Mika Moore and Gabby Ahmed.

    It would seem that Jeffery must had said something that Gabby didn't like by the look on her face. What are you up to Jeffery?

    OH NO, it would seem like Derek has now gotten into the streaking habit now. He looks like he's acting all modest about

    Now Tiffany is streaking now. What the heck was in that juice? Did Jeffery Dean spike the juice?

    Finally a little peace and quiet for now... :)

    Millie: Okay you 2, you either need to go take a cold shower or get a room.

    Well there goes our peace and quiet

    Brian: Alone at last again.

    SS: Oh no we'll not because here comes the 2 streakers again.
    I just wonder what Derek is thinking as he's running pass

    Brian: Come here for a high 5... :) We're alone at last yet again.

    SS: Come here for a smooch.

    Brian: Right back at you... :)

    Tiberius has done passed out on the ground.

    A picture of Jeffery Dean just because... :) He's probably thinking to himself on how he want's the women to pass out from the

    Brian: Let's watch the stars together again since it's such a nice night out tonight.
    SS: Okay sure, I'll watch the stars with you again... :)
    Brian: Oops, I forgot to pack a blanket to lay out for us to sit on.
    SS: No worries about the blanket, I'll be fine sitting on the bare ground.

    Brian: You know, that Jeffery Dean just never gives up when a woman tells him no.
    SS: Don't get me started on Jeffery Dean after the 1st time that I met him.
    Brian: Okay, I won't.

    Harold, you're streaking all wrong. You're suppose to get undress and then run around like Unless something is chasing after

    Some of the Sims are doing keg stands while Jeffery Dean passed out. OH MY!

    OH Jeffery, did your plan backfire on you as it would seem that you have passed out?

    Okay Jeffery, did you put sleeping pills in the juice keg?

    SS: Oh Brian, I want to do a keg stand. Can you help me?
    Brian: Okay, I will help you. Have you ever done this before?
    SS: Yes when I was at Jeffery's and Harold's dorm for a keg party over there. Harold dropped me. So please try not to drop me, Brian!
    Brian: I'll try not to drop you.

    Brian: Okay, I got a hold of you, start drinking.
    SS: Thank you Brian.

    Brian: OH NO Lisa, you're slipping from my grip.
    SS: You better get a better grip on me.
    Brian: I'll try but I don't think that I can. Sorry!

    Brian: Are you okay Lisa?

    Brian: Are you hurt Lisa? Is there anything I can do for you? You know that I didn't mean to drop you, don't you?
    SS: I'll be fine, nothings hurt or broken. And yes, I know that you didn't mean it.
    Brian: Are you sure you're not mad at me?
    SS: No, I'm not mad. Why, do I look mad?
    Brian: Yes, just a little bit.

    SS: Come here, I'll show you that I'm not mad.
    Brian: Okay.
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    Next update from me... :)
    Well it's time for me to get to my next class to take my finals as this semester is about to wind down now. I really hope that I pass this exam with flying colors... :)

    The exam is finally over, so let me sit here for a little bit and read my book... :)

    I take off to go to the park next to the beach to take in the scenery... :)

    Oh a soccer ball! Let me see what I can do with this... :)

    There's a little island out there, let me go and take a look over there... :)

    Mika Moore called me on the phone to talk for a bit... :)

    A nice screenshot of the campus from the island... :)

    Heading back to the shore to get back to my dorm... :)

    Another pic of Jeffery Dean... :)

    I've decided that once I got back to the shore from the island that I wanted to go and pay Brian a visit... :)
    Brian: Well hello Lisa. This is pleasant surprise. What brings you here tonight?
    SS: Well I was out and about taking in the sights and thought that I should drop by to see what you are doing.
    Brian: Well I'm happy that you dropped by. Do you want to come inside for a little bit?
    SS: Sure, why not. I don't have any other place to be at the moment... :)

    Brian: So how was your day? How did your exam go?
    SS: It was fine up until now. Now it's even better that I am here talking to you. And as for as my exam, I think that I did okay. It was a little hard but mostly easy. Some of the questions was repeated a couple of times but worded differently. I really want to pass this class as I want to be an artist one day. Thank you for asking. How was your day? How was your final exam today?
    Brian: It's was so so. I was a little tired after that party that you threw last night but I had a wonderful time with you last night with exception of all of the streakers that kept running pass us. My exam went really well, it was pretty easy, so I think that I will pass it.
    SS: Well you know that you were a streaker at the party too, so there's no complaining about them as it was you who had started it first... :blush:
    Brian: Yes, but you enjoyed what you saw last night, didn't you? And don't lie to me as I can see you blushing. It suits you really well... <3
    SS: Well to be honest, I was a bit surprised that you would do something like that. And yes I enjoyed what I saw... :blush:

    Brian: Well I'm glad that you enjoyed what you saw last night just as long as you didn't enjoy seeing Derek running around streaking. I saw the way he was looking at you... :)
    SS: I was only looking at you and no one else. Derek was probably just embarrassed as he was interrupting us as we were in his way. So you have nothing to worry about, Derek is just my roommate and nothing more as I am more interested in you and only you... <3
    Brian: Good, I'm glad to hear that... :)

    Brian: Well I hate to cut this visit short but I really am tired and need to catch up on my sleep, so here is a little kiss from me to you... :kissing_heart:
    SS: Okay Brian, have sweet dreams and I will talk to you later and hopefully see you before we all have to leave to go home tomorrow... :)

    EWWWW Tiberius, you really need to get a shower and you need it now... :s

    SS thinking to herself: If we really want to come back to this dorm and not expect this place to be flooded out, then I need to get a move on fixing what I can. I just really wish that there was more people who cares about what this place looks like before we leave. At least one of my roommate cares enough to come and mop up this floor while I fix the leaky sink.

    :s...Really Tammy, you need to use the shower as you stink like heck... :s

    UH OH, it looks like Tammy didn't do so well this semester by the look on her face... :(
    Maybe if she studied more and did less werewolf hunting and digging through the trashcans, then maybe she would had better

    SS: YES, I passed with flying colors and I am on the Dean's list again... :smiley:

    I guess Tammy wasn't too happy about the toilet as she ended up transforming into a werewolf... :#

    Well I guess I better get back to trying to fix this stuff up before it's time to leave as this isn't going to get down itself.

    Now off to clean the shower. What slobs that we have living here... :s

    Time to leave to go home now.
    SS: Goodbye everyone. See you next semester... :)
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    I'm back home now and the first sim that I see riding by is @CravenLestat on his bicycle on his way into town... :)

    So I make a call to Brian to let him know that I made it home safe and soundly as he had left me a text asking me to call him once I arrived home to tell him that I made it home.
    SS: Hello Brian! I've calling you to let you know that I have made it home okay since you had sent me that text asking me to, so here I am calling you... :) How was your trip home?
    Brian: Oh hello Lisa! I'm so glad that you received my text since I didn't hear back from you after I had sent it. I'm glad that you made it okay. My trip was okay but I wish that it was with you as I miss you... <3
    SS: Yeah, sorry that I wasn't able to text you back as I didn't see your text until I got home. I had my phone turned off while I was on the plane since we were getting ready to take off and you know that they don't want any devices turned on during take-off. Then after taking off, I went to sleep for the duration of the trip home. Same here and I miss you too... <3
    SS: So what are you up to now besides talking to me on the phone?
    Brian: I'm watching football now. What about you? What are doing or going to do now since you're home?
    SS: Oh you're watching football now. Who's your favorite team? I'll probably go out for a little bit and take in a foreign movie. I have one of those uni challenges off of the board that wants me to go watch a foreign movie, so I'm going to do it since it needs to be done by Midnight on Monday.
    Brian: My favorite football team is the Appaloosa Plains Llamas. Oh a foreign movie! That sounds like it'll be fun. I wish I was there to go with you... :)
    SS: Well maybe you need to plan a trip to come and see me in Riverview and I can show you around town and go to the Fall Festival. I really love living here in this town. The people are really friendly here and the landscaping is just so beautiful.
    Brian: I might just have to take you up on that and come and visit you sometime... :)
    SS: I'll look forward to that. Just let me know when you want to come for a visit and I will make up the couch for you or get an air mattress for you to sleep on. Or maybe we could pitch a tent up outside and pretend to be roughing it for a night or 2... :)
    Brian: Okay, just let me check my planner to see when's a good time to come for a visit and I will let you know. And that sound like a good idea about the tent... :) Well as much as I like to stay on here and talk to you all day, I do have other things to do as I haven't yet unpacked my suitcase yet and I need to clean up my house after the game goes off. Talk to you later Lisa. And I will be thinking about you and dreaming about you and I can't wait to talk to you again... <3
    SS: Okay Brian, you go do want you need to do as I do really need to get to the movies before they close in a few hours. Talk to you later too Brian. And I will be doing the same...
    :kissing_heart: to you through the phone... <3
    Brian: :kissing_heart: right back at you too Lisa... <3

    So while I was looking on the computer at the town's website, I noticed that we have a simhinge in our town. So I decided to go for a visit to it. This is so neat that we have our very own simhinge on the outskirts of town... :)

    SS: OH poo, my umbrella seems to be all torn up now. I need to buy me another one and try to upgrade it to unbreakable once I am able to reach that level. Oh well, this will have to do for now. Now on to Simhinge before it goes too late.

    SS: OOOH, look a nice mushroom. Let me pick it to use for later... :)

    SS: Well it's getting late and I really do need to get to the theater to see a foreign movie. The name of the movie is Love in Champs Les Sims. That sounds like it would be an interesting movie.
    SS to the ticket booth lady: 1 ticket please for Love in Champs Les Sims.
    Ticket booth Lady: Here you go maam. Enjoy the movie... :)
    SS: Thank you and I will... :)

    While I was in the movies, I saw an ad that was advertising a new community lot that just opened up in Riverview. It's call the Prism Art Studio. It looks like a place that I would be interesting in going to as it had art easels and a glass blowing oven to make things in... :) So let me go and check it out as it's opened 24 hours a day... :)

    Oh this is so fun. I think that I need to come back here later and make some more things in the glass blowing oven... :)

    Now I'm hungry for some waffles, so let me whip some up... :)

    Well since I had to clean and fix the sinks at the dorm, I'm going to upgrade my sink to auto clean itself so that I don't have to clean it when it gets dirty. Maybe one of these days I will upgrade it to unbreakable but for now, auto-cleaning will be good enough for now... :)

    A random screenshot of the town in it's Fall/Autumn colors... :)

    I heard that every season, the town decorates up the old cannery warehouse to match the season. So let me go and see what the Fall setup looks like... :)

    SS thinking to herself: OH wow, this is pretty cool. It's so pretty decorated all up like this. I love all of the seasons but I have to say that Fall is my favorite as I love Spooky Day as we get to dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone else for one night. Oh, and they have a pumpkin patch here. Let me pick some pumpkins to take home and try to carve a jack-a-lantern. I have never did one as a kid as my parents never took me to a pumpkin patch to get one.

    I see Kiwi Birdie (Genie), Rhoda Bagley, Ma Bagley and Roxie Lin getting ready to do the apple-bobbing contest. I need to try that out later... :)

    I want to got through the haunted house. It looks pretty creepy and scary... :) I just hope that I don't wet myself from going through this... :p

    Now I want to go jump on the trampoline as that is so fun to do. I never had these things in the town that I grew up in. Or at least I have never known of anyone that had one of these... :)

    WEEE, look at me, I'm doing flips. This is so much fun... :)

    Now I want to try to the mechanic bull again but this time I want to do the harder setting.

    OMG, this is harder than the other setting. I really do need to hold on for dear life now... :open_mouth:

    TA DA, I survived this ride... :)

    Now let me try the wall again but I will try to do the medium setting next.

    Now since I had made it to the top on the medium setting, let me try the hard setting.
    I didn't get the picture of my SS falling off... :(

    Well let's do some training on this thing.

    Now this is training for the hard one. Look Mom, I'm using one hand... :p

    That was quite a workout, so let me read this recipe on these cookies that I found at the bookstore before I left to go to the university... :)
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    So I decided to go back to the Prism Art studio to try out one of their easels even though I have 1 on my back deck... :)

    So afterwards, I decided to go to the cemetery so that I can go and see what seeds that I can find laying around there. While there, I saw @CravenLestat running around there. I wonder what he is up to out here in the cemetery at this time of night? Is he out stalking me or is he about ready to go into the catacombs to get into his bear outfit knowing that I will be going in there soon?

    So while I was inside exploring the catacombs again, Sasha Shallow and Lydia Remington decided to come out of their graves to roam around in the cemetery... :)

    For whatever reason, Sasha thought that she needed to haunt the headstone of Tamantha Dearborn... :p

    The next ghost that came out was Joe Smith... :)

    So I went out to tend to my garden and I get a call from Yuri, so I talk to him for a few minutes... :)

    Okay, now where was I at? Oh yeah, I was just about to tend to my garden... :)

    While I was trying to upgrade the bathroom sink to self-cleaning, those dreaded alien lights came back. Now what do they want this time?... :smile:

    I was returned a30 minutes after being abducted yet again... :#

    Need to go inside and get me some ice cream. I hope that I have some up in my freezer... :)

    Some random screenshots of the town during the early evening hours... :)
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    @lisasc360 Awesomed every one on this page and this is what you let escape. :#

    Mika Moore

    Hilda Bancroft

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    So I decided to go back to the catacombs and do some more exploring as you just never know what you might find in the catacombs... :)

    So after I got done exploring the catacombs and found a book titled The Last Myrmidon, I went to the City Hall to register as a self-employed painter... :) So on my way home, I spotted some wild horses across the street from City Hall... :)

    YUCK! I'm all dirtied up from the catacombs, so let me get in the shower to wash this dirt off of me... :s

    Well I guess I better start earning me some money here and start doing some paintings that I can sell for money... :)

    I have no idea on what I painted but it was worth 285 simoleans, so it was sold... :)
    Oh and enclosed part of my back porch in so that I can use the room to paint in so that I don't get too cold from being outside during the next few days of Fall and then Winter... :)

    So the next day, I decided to go to The Lost Willow park since it's right up the road from me which is a dead end road where I saw some more wild horses. Plus I had another opportunity to pick a spot in town to display my street art, so I went into the restroom to do a small wall mural... :)

    Then I went off to the arena to play some baseball. So Tom Shallow and Odin Crosby was there when I got there. For whatever reason, Tom had an argument with Odin and then decided to scare the living heck out of him afterwards.

    Then it was off to the festival again where I entered the apple bobbing contest against Marisol Lobos and Billy Caspian.
    SS thinking to herself: What the heck stinks around here? Oh it's Billy. Dude, you really need to go take a shower man... :s "

    I guess Marisol couldn't stand the funk that was coming off of Billy as she ended up quitting before it was over with... :#

    This one's for @CravenLestat... :)

    Then I saw Betty Simovitch at the festival heading over to the pie eating contest so that she can enter into it... :)

    Besides Betty being in the contest, Lucille Spenster, Luke McDermott and Don Lothario had also joined in. But Don and Betty ended up quitting before they had even finished their pie.

    Luke won the contest... :)

    Betty Simovitch and Ma Bagley... :)

    Then it was off to the Joy's house for a party but it would seem it was just Kiwi Birdie and myself that was there... :) She I introduced myself to Kiwi. (a sim that I made for another save)

    And of course you all can guess who called me by just looking at my thought bubble. Yes, it's Yuri. Can always count on him to call.

    Talking on the phone while holding my umbrella... :)

    Then Norman Joy came out to talk to me. And he comes out in a coat-tailed He's been calling me up to either ask me out or just to talk. I don't mind talking to him but I refuse to go out with him... :p

    Random shot of the stormy night sky... :)
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    So last night while I was in the game, I decided that I wanted to build some type of recreational community lot that has the basketball hoops and the soccer ball net. So I made this 2 floored building that will have the roller skating rink in it from the Spring through the Summer months and the ice skating rink from the Fall and the Winter months. It will have some tables on the first floor with the rinks and 2 bars as well as a karaoke machine and the bathrooms made up of the all-in-ones. The upstairs will have bowling alleys, a 1 bar, 2 pool tables, the basketball hoops gaming machine, skeeball machines, the claw machine, pinball machine, poker machine and a few of the whack-a games... :) Then I placed 4 of the wall climbing machines outside as well as a soda and snack vending machine, the popcorn machine and the cotton candy machine as well as some benches to sit on... :)



    1st floor:

    Now onto my next update... :)

    So while I was at the university, a new house was built and a new neighbor had moved in just around the corner from me. I had wanted to meet him earlier in the week but by the time I got over there to welcome him into the neighborhood, he had to leave for work at the military base. So since it is Saturday, I drove over there to meet him and to get to know him better. (It's my SS husband from the AP save that I decided to place over here in this save since they are not married in this one.)
    SS: Hello, I'm Lisa. And I've come over to welcome you into the neighborhood... :)
    Donny: Hello Lisa. It's nice to meet you... :) And thank you for the warm welcoming here... :)
    SS: You're welcome... :) I'm still pretty new here myself as I just moved here in the Summer time. I live just around the corner from here... :)

    The house that you see here is a recreation of my in-laws house that I had built about 5 years... :) So this was the house that I placed in Riverview to have Donny live in it... :)

    Original picture when I first built it from the backyard... :)

    Inside of the house... :)

    Okay, now back to the update... :)

    So while I was over greeting the new neighbor, I spotted a chinchilla out running behind Donny... :)

    SS: I see that you are dressed like you're in the military. Is that your job?
    Donny: Yes I'm in the military. I just got out of basic training and was sent here for my first assignment duty. Right now my rank is latrine cleaner but I hope to be climbing the ranks soon so that I can get to the top of my career. And yes, I do want to make the military my lifelong career... :)
    SS: It's nice of you to want to serve and protect our country, so I thank you for doing that... :)
    Donny: You're welcome! I'm from a military family, so it's natural that I would want to join our fine military that we have here... :)

    And since Donny is a level 6 nerd, we started talking about video games. Just my kind of guy then... :)
    Donny: I'm a gamer at heart on my time off from work. I'm into everything from computer games to arcade games.
    SS: I have a console game at my house but have played some arcade games at a comic book shop when I'm at the university. I really haven't explored this whole town yet to see what they have here but I'm hoping that there is an arcade of some sort here... :)
    Donny: Well I'm with you, I hope that they have one here as well. Maybe if they do, we should go together and see what it's like... :)
    SS: Oh that sounds like a plan... :)

    So while we were talking, I see a chameleon in the spot where the chinchilla was at earlier... :)

    SS: I have a funny video that I would like to show you. Want to see it?
    Donny: Sure, I love to watch silly and funny videos... :)
    SS: Okay, here we go... :)

    Donny: OMG! Did you just see that guy falling on his rear end after trying to kick the football?...hehehe That is one mean girl to pull the football away like that... :p I would hate to play football with someone like that... :s
    SS: I laugh at this video every time that I see it. I guess the guy will never learn his lesson and keep trusting the girl every time she promises not to pull the ball

    SS: Hey Donny, do you want to play a trivia game?
    Donny: Sure but be warned that I will kick the living heck out of you when it comes to trivia :p

    SS: Okay, you're right! You beat me in the trivia challenge but I will be asking for a rematch at a later time... :)
    Donny: See, I told you that I would kick the living heck out of you. There isn't anything that I don't know... B)

    So while I was chatting it up with Donny, Brian calls to talk to me.
    SS: Hello Brian, how are you doing?
    Brian: Hello Lisa! I'm doing fine. How about you? What are you up to at the moment?
    SS: I've been doing good. I'm just out visiting a new neighbor that moved in while I was at the university... :)
    Brian: Well that's good that you're okay and out visiting with people instead of being at home and all lonely... :) I miss you... <3
    SS: I've been out and about just about everyday but it's been raining a lot here, so there's not much to do in the rain. I've done went to the city hall to register as a self-employed painter to try to make money off of my paintings. And I miss you too... <3
    Brian: Yeah this Fall has been the rainiest season so far. And that's good that you are trying to make some money off of your paintings. You really do enjoy painting, don't you?
    SS: It sure has been a rainy season. I think that I may had brought the rain back with me when I left the university... :) And yes, I do enjoy my painting and the arts world... :)

    So while I was on the phone talking to Brian, Donny went inside to watch TV... :)

    So after I got off of the phone with Brian, I tried to get in the house but I guess Donny wasn't too happy with me taking this call since the door is locked to his house. So I guess the invite to come in got cancelled... :(

    So I went home and started another painting but got interrupted as it was time to go to the Joy's house again for a party that Norman had invited me to... :)

    So I get there and of course, it was just 2 people there again. So I introduced myself to Lorraine Cantina. Afterwards, I left since the Joy's were on there way out for the night.

    So I went home to tend to my garden as it needed to be weeded and watered and harvested all at the same time... :)
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    So after I finished up tending to my garden, I went back and finished up the painting that I had started earlier... :)

    She must be really impressed with the painting. She sold it for $177... :)

    So I was about ready to go get on the computer to surf the web when I get a phone call from Donny at 7am Sunday morning... :)

    So when I got done talking to Donny on the phone, I went and searched the web. I see that we have a new recreational center in town. So I might just go and check it out after I leave the Joy's house since I have to go and report in on my progress for getting to know a sim in town.

    SS: Hello Mr. Joy! How are you doing today?
    Norman Joy: Hello Lisa! You can just call me Norman. Okay?
    SS: Okay Mr.. I mean Norman... :)
    Norman: And to answer your other question. I'm doing okay on this fine rainy day. Would you like to come in from the rain?
    SS: Sure, I would like to come inside for a little bit. Thank you... :)
    Norman: After you my lady... :)

    Norman: So what brings you out on this rainy day?
    SS: I've come here today to report back on my progress opportunity that you gave me on getting to know another sim and town... :)
    Norman: So how did it go?
    SS: Well I got know 2 Sims really. I got to know a little bit of Lorraine Cantina the last night when I was here. And the other sim is someone new that just moved in while I was away at the university. So I made my way over to his house yesterday to greet him to the neighborhood.
    Norman: Good, that's very good to know that you're getting out there and getting to know the members of our fine community. You know, we're all like 1 big family here. We try to our best to look out for one another here... :)
    SS: Thank you, it's been a little hard me on since I left my hometown to be out on my own. I was ready for a change of scenery as I was getting tired of where I was. Plus there was a lot of bad memories for me back at home that I really don't want to talk about just yet with anyone as the wounds are still fresh in my mind.
    Norman: Oh I'm sorry that you're going through something like that... :( But whatever it was, I'm just so glad that you chose our town to move to. Maybe one day you will indulge an old man and open up to me about it. Okay?
    SS: Thank you but I think it's something that I need to deal with on my. But if and when I do decide to finally talk about my past, then I will let you know... :)

    Then I chatted with Elaine who's Norman's daughter for a little before she had to leave for work. She is a kitchen scullion right now at her job... :)

    Norman and I started to make silly faces at one another.

    Me: ER, okay SS. Just what do you thinking that you're doing? You do know that this man is old enough to be your dad, don't you?
    SS talking to the Sim God: Yes, I know what I'm doing. And yes, I do know that he is old enough to be my dad. But he's just a lonely man who lives with his daughter since his wife died. I'm just keeping him company, so mind your own business as I 'm not interested in him. Okay?

    Doing the Shaka

    So we chatted for a little bit before I left to go and visit the rec center. I found out that Norman is in the gardener career and that he is a cucumber smasher at the moment.

    Now I'm play testing my venue that I built the other day... :) So I haven't yet replaced the skating rink with the ice rink yet... :)

    SS thinking to herself: Oh cool, they have a skating rink here. YAY! Now I can practice my skating moves. I'm just wondering if they will ever have an ice rink here or will that be at the cannery!

    She while my SS was skating, I saw Kiwi Birdie out back getting ready to use the wall climbing machine... :)

    She's using it to workout on... :)

    So now I'm skating backwards... :)

    Changing the design of the lights... :)

    Dallas Shallow wanted to skate with me, so I let him... :)

    Changing the color of the lights.

    So I went upstairs to see the bowling alley and had the urge to upgrade it to the Cosmic Bowling lights... :)

    I saw Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes there in her bikini.
    Me: REALLY? It's 47 degrees outside and you're going around in a bikini in the middle of Fall... :s

    So Kurt Shallow was there. He just got done eating some cotton candy and was still hungry, so he got himself some popcorn.

    Even Kiwi Birdie had the cotton candy first and then the

    Then I heard a scuffle of some sort behind me and turned around to see Kurt and Kiwi fighting in front of Jose Dale. Now why they were fighting for, I don't know.

    Whatever it was, it would seem as Kurt had won this round... :p

    Now Kiwi is talking to Jose... :)

    Okay, now that I'm done upgrading, let's turn on the cosmic lights... :)

    Oh how embarrassing, I fell flat on my face... :p

    WOOT! I still knocked down 9 out of 10 pins... :smiley:

    WOOT! I did it again... :)

    A screenshot of a rainbow over Riverview... :)
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    So after I got done bowling, I wanted to try out the claw machine to see if I can win me something... :)

    YAY! I picked up something but it dropped before it could get over top of the shoot... :(

    OH COOL! I got an emerald cut emerald... :smiley:

    I'm trying out the video machine next... :)

    Now it's on to the Whack-a-corndog machine.
    SS: Take that you crazy corndog.... :p

    OOPs, the karaoke machine broke and needs to be fixed. So I fixed it as well as upgrading it to unbreakable so that it doesn't break the next time someone uses it.

    Let's try to this out to make sure that it works... :)
    SS: Testing testing 1 2 3. Testing testing, 1 2 3.

    Okay, it seems to be working, so let me sing a song... :)
    SS: It's all the same, only the names are changed
    Everyday it seems we're wasting away
    Another place where the faces are so cold
    I'd drive all night just to get back home

    Cause I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
    I'm wanted dead or alive
    Dead or alive

    Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it's not for days
    The people I meet always go their separate ways
    Sometimes you tell the day
    By the bottle that you drink
    And times when you're alone all you do is think


    I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back
    I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back
    I been everywhere, still I'm standing tall
    I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all

    I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
    I'm wanted dead or alive
    I'm a cowboy, I got the night on my side
    And I'm wanted
    Dead or alive
    Dead or alive
    Dead or alive
    Dead or alive
    Dead or alive

    Another round of skating but in the opposite direction... :) And with the heart lights from the Gobos... :)

    Then I go outside to try out the basketball court and ended up getting a call from Lorraine... :)

    SS: Who says women can't jump because I just did a slam dunk in the net on my 1st time around... :p

    SS: OUCH! That's going to hurt.

    The looks are just too funny. lmbo at all of the funny looks that my SS is making while she's practicing her basketball :p

    So after a few practice shots at the net, I've decided to go to the festival again. I run into Donny there. He must had just gotten off of work since he's still in his work clothes... :)
    SS: Hello Donny! It's nice to see you out on the town. So what brings you to the festival?... :)
    Donny: Well hello Lisa! It's nice to see you too. I heard about the Fall festival from a co-worker at work and decided to check it out. How about you? What brings you here tonight?
    SS: Well I was out checking out that new rec center to see what they have and was on my way home and decided to stop here so that I can go out and harvest some more pumpkins so that I can try to carve out some jack-o-lanterns... :)
    Donny: OH that sounds like it would be fun to do... :)
    SS: Maybe I will invite you over to help carve them one day... :)
    Donny: I'll look forward to that... :)

    Off to do the apple bobbing contest again. MaryKay Shallow, Hannah Jones and Walter Grisby joined in this time.

    Donny went out to mourn at one of the headstones outside of the haunted

    Now we getting ready to talk some more to each other... :)
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    So Donny wanted to talk about his favorite comic books. He said that his favorite book is The Walking Dead comics... :)

    So while I was talking to Donny, I got a phone call from a telemarketer. I really hate when telemarketers call my cell phone... :s

    Just as the festival was closing down for the night, I get a phone call from @CravenLestat SS asking me out on a date, so I accepted. The weird thing is, is that he wants to meet at the junkyard. Who really takes a date to the junkyard?... :p

    Craven: Hello Lisa. How are you are tonight?
    SS: Hello Craven. I'm doing okay... :)
    Craven: That's good. I'm so glad that you accepted my date for tonight. I've been thinking about you a lot but I've been too busy with work and all. So how's your art going?
    SS: Well I'm glad that you called me. I was just at the festival when you called.
    Craven: Oh, I'm sorry if you already had other things that you were doing... :(
    SS: It's okay, it was closing down for the night. So I was probably going to go home and paint some more so that I can sell them... :)
    Craven: Oh okay, then I'm glad that you weren't already out on a date with another guy.
    SS: Well if I was, I wouldn't had accepted your date, now would I?
    Craven: I suppose not but you just never know with some of these women nowadays who just like to lead people on... :/
    SS: Well I'm not like those women who will do something like that as that's not me. I wouldn't want some guy to do that to me, so I wouldn't want to do that to someone either. And as for my art going, it's going pretty good. I've registered as a self-employed painter just the other day. And I've been taking up some courses at the university to get my degree in the fine arts... :)
    Craven: Well that's very good. I'm sure that you will churn out some very good art... :)
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    Next up from me... :)

    Part 2 of the Craven and Lisa date... :)

    It would be under the spoiler as it has about 30 pictures to it... :)
    Craven: I'm so glad that today was a sunny day as I was getting tired of all of this rain that we've been having.
    SS: Oh me too. This rain is just too much. It's a good thing that I have an indoor greenhouse for some of my plants or else they all would be dead by now.

    SS: I have this funny video on my phone. Do you want to see it?
    Craven: Sure, I want to see it. I just love looking at funny videos myself. That's nothing wrong with a good laugh or 2 every once in awhile... :)

    Craven: OMG, that doggie just knocked the other doggie over to get to his food dish....hehehe

    SS telling Craven a joke... :)

    Craven: Um Lisa, do you want to watch the stars with me?
    SS: Sure, I would love to watch the stars with you... :)

    Well that got cancelled out as we were walking into the junkyard section of the lot. Not sure why but both my SS and Craven had both looked over to the dirty old couch and had the couch in their thought bubble with a red circle around it. Plus Kiwi Birdie was there and she wanted to talk to my SS but that too got cancelled out as Kiwi was being approached by Hope Carpenter.

    Now what's Hope's problem with Kiwi, I do not know but she proceeded to stump her foot at Kiwi and started slapping her across the face while the entire time, I'm thinking about

    And Craven proceeds to start digging through the trash piles in the yard... :s

    Then as he's walking around to the other side so that he can go inside for a little bit, he's thinking about me.

    Then it's back to digging through the piles again.

    So since the watch the stars with me request from Craven got cancelled out, I did the asking this time and it worked... :)

    Craven: OOPs, sorry Lisa that you're sitting in the dead weeds over there.
    SS: It's okay. They won't hurt me because I'm a tough gal like that... :)

    SS: OH, that looks like a UFO over there.

    Craven: No, that's a shooting star there, not an UFO silly.
    SS thinking to herself: Yeah believe what you want but there is UFO's out there in the night sky.

    Craven: I made a wish on the shooting star but I can't tell you what it is.

    SS: Oh Craven, I have a present for you.
    Craven: I just hope it's not the end table over there.
    SS: Don't worry, it's not the end table that's next to us.
    Craven: Oh, it's pumpkin. Thank you, I can go home and carve a jack-o-lantern now with it... :)
    SS: You're welcome... :) I can't wait to see what your jack-o-lantern looks like... :)

    Shaka Bra... :)

    Getting to know Craven a little bit better. He loves the outdoors so far and he's a Sagittarius... :)

    Silly faces time... :)

    I got a hug from Craven. he did this on his own... :)

    SS: UM, Craven, what is that over there?
    Craven: WHAT? WHERE?

    Craven: I don't see anything back that way.
    SS: Just keep looking because there's something back there.

    SS: I got you real
    Craven: OH man, you got me all wet now... :p

    SS: Okay Craven, it's 7:00am in the morning. As much as I would like to stay and hang out with you all day, I really do need to get home and take care of my plants and do some more paintings. Thank you for a wonderful date even though it was in a junkyard... :)
    Craven: Well thank you again for accepting my date last night. I really did have fun just hanging out with you, even if I did invite you to the junkyard. Maybe we should do this again hopefully soon... :)
    SS: That would be fun. Bye Craven. See ya later!
    Craven: Bye Lisa. See ya later!

    On my way home, I saw another sim that I made for a save that I was playing last December. It's Banana Jones... :)

    A screenshot of my driving home from my date with Craven.

    So when I got home, Norman calls to talk to me... :)

    After talking to Norman, I went and made some pancakes for breakfast... :)

    Now time to learn a new recipe... :)
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    Here is another update from me... :)

    Spoiler time... :)
    So I had go give a business presentation at a building in town for my Charisma skill... :)

    Donny on his way to work in his classic car... :)

    So after I got done tending my garden, I decided to go across the street and visit with Craven... :)

    Craven: Oh hello Lisa. What brings you over here today?
    SS: I was just coming over to say "hi" and to see how your doing today... :) I know that I could had just picked up the phone to do that with but I just wanted to get out and visit some of my friends... :)
    Craven: Well I'm glad that you came by for a visit... :) Would you like to come inside for a little bit and to get out of this rain?
    SS: Sure I would love to. Thank you... :)

    SS: So how is your day going today?
    Craven: It's going good. Thank you for asking... :)
    SS: That's good to hear... :)

    Craven: Can you believe that it's raining again today?
    SS: Yeah I know. I really wish that it wouldn't rain everyday. I would like to get out and see the scenery and maybe take my easel somewhere to paint a still life painting.

    SS: You ever play rock, scissors or paper?
    Craven: Have I ever played that game? Well why yes I have. And I'm the best at this game. Want see how good I am at it?
    SS: Sure, you're on... :)
    Craven: Okay but don't say that I didn't warn
    I didn't get a picture when the game was over with when Craven tried to scare my SS

    SS: You have a nice place here for yourself, Craven... :)
    Craven: Well thank you for the compliment of my house... :)

    Next we went into his room to have a pillow :p
    Craven: OUCH, right in the face... :p

    Craven: Get ready for my pillow :p

    SS: That was right on the kisser... :open_mouth:

    Craven: That was a fun pillow fight that we had there... :)
    SS: hehehe, that it was... :smiley:

    Craven: Black is my favorite color. What is yours?
    SS: Lilac is my favorite even though I do like other colors like red, blue and pink... :)

    Next I got Craven to pose for me... :)

    SS: I dare you to eat a spoonful if cinnamon, Craven... :)
    Craven: I accept your

    Another hug from Craven...awwww so cute... :)

    Watching TV and chatting at the same time... :)

    We were watching the news... :)

    Craven was clapping at something that they just showed on the news. Maybe it's going to rain

    So when I left from his house, I went home and fixed me some Goopy Carbonara...YUMMY... :)

    So I ate it outside in the pouring rain... :)
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    Next update from me... :) It will be in a spoiler... :)

    I'm chatting with Craven over the computer. I just learned all of his traits. He loves the outdoors, loves the heat, a natural cook, handy and he's disciplined... :) I like his traits and we do have some of them in common... :)
    I've finally broke down and decided to attempt to try this so-called time portal that my strange visitor, Emit Relevart had told me about. So let's see if he's just a crazy loony man or if he's for real and was telling me the truth. I am curious about my future, so who's to say that I can't peak my interest and see for myself.
    SS: Okay, lets see how does this thing work? What was that Emit told me to do? Oh yeah, he said to swipe my foot over it and step inside of it. Okay, let's do this. And I hope that this doesn't hurt.

    SS: WHOA, that first step is a doozy... :#

    Oh my, there's my strange visitor, Emit Relevart.

    Emit: Well hello Lisa! It's so nice of you to finally take the first step into the portal to come visit me.
    SS: Well I figured it was about time to take my chances with the portal and to see for myself if what you told me was all real or fiction.
    Emit: Well I'm glad that you decided to take that chance. I was just about to give up on you and think that you were going to be a no show.
    SS: Well it's just that I keep getting abducted by the aliens as they keep wanting to know about the time portal in my yard. And I keep telling them that I know nothing about it but they seem to think that I do.
    Emit: What else do they ask you?
    SS: Not much really other than who left it there and why and what do I know about it. Have you figured out why they keep abducting me and why they're so interested in the time portal?
    Emit: Why would I know why they keep abducting you?
    SS: Well you are from the future and it was you that gave me the Almanac of Time. And I'm quite sure that you have a library or some kind of government building with records of people from the past. Do you not have something like that?
    Emit: Yes, we do have those things but you must also remember that as long as you are still alive in your timeline, the things that you do every waking moment of your life can change from day to day. And that means that the things you do in your past er, present time can change the outcome in this present, er my present timeline. You understand?
    SS:I think so. So let me get this straight then. If I learn something about my past while I'm here that I may not like, I can go back to my timeline and hopefully try to change the future outcome of it then?
    Emit: Yes, something like that. You can look up lotto numbers for your present time and go back home and play those numbers and come out a winner. OOPs, I said too much, didn't I?
    SS: I'm still not a believer of all of this but I will try to keep an open mind. Oh who I'm kidding? I've been abducted several times and place on a strange planet on one of those times, so I should believe what you're telling me but it's
    Emit: it's just hard to believe and too much to take in all at once.
    SS: How did you know that was what I was going to say? Oh never mind, you're from the future and probably already know what I'm doing here and what I'm going to do. For all I know, I could had already been here but just don't remember it. Is that right?
    Emit: To answer your question about already being here, then no. You have never been here before as this is your first time through the portal. I do believe that you would remember and that you would already had experienced the side effects of time travel.
    SS: Side effects of time traveling? Well, what are they?
    Emit: Well there's the time anomaly side effect that if you don't go and get treated right away, you could die from it.
    SS: Oh great! So you're telling me that I risked my life to travel to the future and that I could end up with this time anomaly illness and die from it?
    Emit: Yes I'm telling you this so that you if you should start feeling ill, then you need to get to the hospital right away for treatment.
    SS: Well I do appreciate the warning Mr. Relevart.
    Emit: Just call me Emit. Now your first assignment here will be to learn how to fly around with this jet pack here.
    SS: Jet pack? You mean like the Jetsons wore in that cartoon?
    Emit: Yes, that type of jet pack. This is to get your toes wet with technology if you want to fit in with this timeline and not look like an outsider. Okay?
    SS: Okay. What do I need to do to use this?
    Emit: You just need to find a nice open spot and place the pack on your back and just hit the take off button when your ready to fly around. Then just hit the stop button to land. Got it?
    SS: Got it... :)
    Emit: Oh and one more thing. You have some descendants that live in town. I will give you the address so if you should decide to pay them a visit, then you will know where they live.
    SS: Descendants you say?... :open_mouth: But I'm not married nor have I been with anyone to even have gotten pregnant yet.
    Emit: That may be but you will be in the past, er I mean in the future, I mean your future timeline in Riverview.
    SS: Well if you know that, then can you tell me how many kids that I will have and who their father will be? Oh, never mind. I don't really need to know that right now. Now let me go and try out this jet pack.

    SS thinking to herself: Wow, this place looks so modern. I wonder what else they have here... :)

    SS: WHOA! Who would ever think that I would be flying like this. This is so Jetson awesome... :p

    SS: WOW! This is so cool. I feel like Tinkerbell right now. All I need is the fairy wings to go with this jet pack and I'll be good to go :p

    SS: UH OH, I think Emit left out one minor detail about jet pack flying. He left out the part about the landing might be a bit rough... :s

    SS: This is going to hurt for a few days... :'(

    OOOH look, tomato plants to harvest... :)

    And melons. I'll take these home to plant them at a later time... :)

    SS: Okay, I guess I should head on over to my future grandkids or great grandkids or whatever the heck they are. I have no idea how far into the future that this place is, so I can only guess how far they go.

    Well since they weren't there when I got over to their house, I will go to the Plumbot store since that is my next opportunity. My next opportunity wants me to meet a plumbot and get them to tell me what their function is.

    SS thinking to herself: OH MY. This place is something. Who would of thought that the future would actually have plumbots? This is what the sci-fi movies are made of. I just hope that I don't encounter any type of terminators or anything else like that.
    I, Plumbot: Hello! Welcome to the Nuts n' Bolts Bot Emporium. How may I be of some service to you?
    SS: Well hello there, er...
    I, Plumbot: I am I, Plumbot. How may I be of some service to you?
    SS: Hello I, Plumbot. I was sent here by Emit Relevart to meet some...some of the local plumbots.
    I. Plumbot: Well it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. How may I be of some service?
    SS: I'm just here to learn about bots.

    I, Plumbot: You look a little tense. Turn around and I will massage your back for you.
    SS: Well okay. Thank you... :)

    SS: Thank you for that, I needed it. Now what else can you do?
    I, Plumbot: I can dance. Do you want to see me dance?
    SS: A dancing plumbot? Well sure, I would love to see you dance.

    SS: Lovely. What else do you do?
    I, Plumbot: I am a consignment specialist. I have the friendly functions chip, the bi-ped plumbot office drone and the mood adjuster chip.

    The next opportunity was to do a trait chip adjustment. OOPs, I gave him the "Afraid of humans" chip. I shall replace that with the limitless learning chip.

    SS: Oh great! They even have zombies in the future... :o

    Me: Really? Why would you want to woohoo with a plumbot?
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    Here is another update from me... :)

    OH NO, another zombie attack....NOOOOOOOOO

    Let me see what kind of fancy contraption this thing is.

    OH, this is where we learn how to research and design nanites as well as building a plumbot... :)

    Giving a plumbot a high 5... :)

    OH NO, I'm surrounded by zombies now. How the heck will I ever escape them?

    OHHH, lucky for me, these zombies can't attack me as they end up grabbing their head in the middle of an attack... :p

    Oh look at this, it's a little light ball. So let me see what it does... :)

    Oh it's a Laser Rhythm-a-Con and you can make music on it. COOOOOL.... :smile:

    Oh look, they have painting easels here in the future. I guess I will paint a still-life painting of this plumbot that's behind me... :)

    Not bad. I will take it home with me and hang it up in my house so that I can have proof of what's to come in the future... :)

    I want to try write a love letter to Craven Lestat while I'm here in the future and see if it gets delivered to his place back at home... :)

    hmmm, I wonder what this is and what it does? It is part of the kitchen, so it must be some type of food dispenser. Okay let's see how this works.

    Oh there's a food menu that pops up for you to choose from. Cool... :)

    Let me try the Autumn Salad. I just hope that it tastes good... :)

    SS: Hey Emit, can I take a picture with you?
    Emit: Sure, why not.

    Emit: So are you enjoying yourself here so far?
    SS: To be honest with you, yes I am enjoying myself and seeing all of these wonderous gadgets that's been invented over the years.
    Emit: Yes they are a sight to see. Have you had a chance to meet up with your descendants?
    SS: No not yet. I went over to their house yesterday but they were out, so I will try back later... :)

    SS: Can you tell me something about yourself?
    Emit: What do you want to know?
    SS: Are you from here or are you from another timeline?
    Emit: I am from another timeline but chose to stay in this one once I got here. I am scientist and this is where I am the most happiest at. I can do some good here.
    SS: Thank you for telling me a little something about yourself. But don't you miss your family that you left behind?
    Emit: I had no family left in my timeline which is why I chose to stay here as I didn't have anyone that would miss me. Now you on the other hand have friends and family back in Riverview that would miss you.
    SS: I have friends in Riverview but not family as Riverview is not my birthplace. I left my birthplace behind as well as my family as things had gotten bad and I couldn't deal with it anymore.

    Emit: Well anyhow, you still have plenty of friends back there whereas I only had 1 friend in my timeline and he was a high school kid who believed in me. He believed in my work while the rest of the town all thought that I was a plum. and a con artist.
    SS: I'm sorry that you didn't have any family left and that you only have the 1 friend that you left behind. Do you still go and visit with him?
    Emit: I do every once in awhile. When things don't seem right here in this timeline with the descendants, I will go back in time or send a message to him to let him that something has gone wrong and that he needs to come to the future to see what it is.
    SS: So I was right about being able to go back to my present to change something here in future? Am I right?
    Emit: Yes, you are right about that. But I will explain more of that at later time as there is still things that you need to do for me and that is to go read a legacy statue.
    SS: You mean those statues out at the Legacy Park... :)
    Emit: Yes over in that park.
    SS: Okay, that sounds easy enough.

    Well I guess I better get this over and done with... :)

    Meeting some more of the local plumbots.

    I guess it's time that I better dress in the latest fashions so that I don't stand out as an outsider.

    A random screenshot.
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    Another update... :)

    I just love that there's horses in the future... :)

    Let me relax in the hot tub for a little bit... :)

    AHHHH, just what I needed... :)

    Off to meet some more plumbots... :)

    The plumbot is draining energy from the light.

    Meet the descendants:
    Rogelio Dawnlight and Anderson Dawnlight

    Shauna Dawnlight and Cassandre Chandelace who isn't one of the descendants.

    Curtis Dawnlight
    I'm not using the last name that I had originally used for my SS as it is my maiden name, so I will be using the Dawnlight name that I used to upload her to the exchange. Even though I changed it in the game, the pop-ups will put in the original name. I guess the only way to change it for my uploaded version of me is if I remake her using the Dawnlight name. But I really don't want to do that if I can help it.

    The 1st one that I meet is Rogelio who I believe is married to Shauna since I have seen them kissing.
    SS: Hello, I'm Lisa Dawnlight. I'm a relative of yours from the past.
    Rogelio: Well hello Lisa, I'm Rogelio. It's nice to finally meet you... :)
    And since I really don't know how far into the future that we are in and who is their parents, I'm not going to use the grandmother/great grandmother or great great grandmother until I can figure out who their parents are.

    Now into Anderson. Anderson is still a teen.

    Next is Shauna who I believe it married to Rogelio.

    So you're the artist in the family... :)

    Now it's off to meet Curtis. Curtis is a teen and he is in a gang, he's the town thug. I wonder where he get's that from?

    He's done asked me for money twice already. It was only $5 total.

    SS: I have a present for you... :)
    Curtis: A present for me. Oh thank you for the pumpkin... :)
    SS: You're welcome... :)

    Getting to know Anderson. We both like purple colors. I'm Lilac while he's purple... :)

    SS: Here is a present for you Anderson.
    Anderson: Thanks but no thanks as I don't know you well enough yet to accept stuff from you.
    SS: It's okay, I understand. Maybe another time then.

    SS: I have a nice little garden in a greenhouse back in my timeline.
    Anderson: That's cool that you have a garden. Now I know where the green thumb that's in the family comes from... :)

    Getting off of these turbo lifts is a doozy... :s
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    Well it's nice to know that they still do the Smustle in the future. I guess it's just one of those dances that never get

    Oh yeah baby, I've the moves... :smiley:

    I guess I better get a synthesized drink... :)
    (I think this was the one that had to be done before going to the Legacy Park to read one of the legacy statues. But since I had already had taken a picture of my SS reading the statue, I swapped the quests around.)

    Let me try my hand at playing chess on this crazy looking chess table... :)

    I'm tired, so let me try out one of these dream pod beds... :) Not sure what the dream I had as it was sort of weird... :p

    Oh look at these unusual plants that they have out here in the wasteland.

    I guess I will energize this one with kindness.

    SS thinking to herself: hmmm, I wonder what this is?

    SS: It looks like some type of artifact. Let me dig it up and take it Emit to see if he knows what it is. I see other debris piles around here.

    So after I went to inspect the crash site, I flew back to the base camp to report my findings to Emit.
    SS: #%$&, I landed head first into the ground again... :#

    Emit: So what do have to report back to me about the crash site, Lisa?
    SS: Well I went out there like you said to do and I did inspect the door. It looks like it needs some type of key to unlock it. I did find some artifacts laying around out in the wasteland. Can you tell me anything about them, Emit?
    Emit: Well yes I can, they're key fragments for the door. Once you have found all 4 pieces, then you put them together which forms a key. And it's that key that you use to unlock the door to that ship. So I need you to go back out and look for the other 2 pieces of the key and get inside of that ship to search it. Maybe the answers you seek about your abductions may be in there but I can't say for certain as we don't know what it is that the aliens want to know from you other then who and where the time portal came from.
    SS: Okay, I will get right on it and see what's hidden inside of the ship.
    Emit: Be careful Lisa as we don't know what or who is inside of the ship if there is anyone still alive in there.
    SS: Okay, I will be careful.
    Emit: And one more thing. If you are in any danger, then don't forget to use your jetpack to fly out of there and back here. Okay?
    SS: Okay, I will remember to do that if I can.
    Emit: Good luck and safe travels Lisa.
    SS: Thank you Emit... :)

    Before I left to go back to the wasteland, a plumbot wanted to scan me, so I let it do a scan on me. I just hope that it's a safe scan and that I don't end up with any type of illness.

    Here's some more of those fragments that Emit said that I needed to find so that I can assemble the key for the crash site.

    Now that I got all 4 fragment pieces, I can now put them all together to form the key and see what's inside of this ship.

    SS thinking to herself: OH man, this key is so heavy. I wonder if I can even lift it up to the door?

    SS: That was a bit of a struggle getting that key up to the keyhole. Now let's see what's inside of it.

    Well I see 4 chambers in here. And each one, there is a pedestal with something on them. There was 2 llama statues and 2 moneybags that was worth $4,385 total.

    This looks like the control room here. And look, their viewer is still working. I wonder if this is what the aliens wanted to know? They probably wanted to know what crashed their ship or maybe they wanted to know what it carried.

    Well I have 1 hour left for this opportunity that I had received while I was still in Riverview to pick a spot in town and display my art. But I ran out of time to finish it up.

    Awww, look at the little doggy chasing after his/her tail. So cute... <3

    Oh look, there's a pool table here. Time to play some pool... :)
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    Next update will be in a spoiler... :)
    I think that I might just try doing the Gnome Putt-putt again to see if I can do this time around... :)

    S: OUCH! That's going to hurt... :#

    Okay, come on last couple of balls and go in the holes.

    SS: YES, I did it this time... :smiley:

    I saw Rogelio as I was exiting out of the building after taking a cooking class in there. So I decided to say Hello... :)

    SS: Hello Rogelio. How are you doing today?
    Rogelio: Hello Lisa. I'm doing just fine. What brings you here today?
    SS: I was taking a cooking class today as I was curious if there was any new recipes from this timeline that's not in my timeline.

    Rogelio: Well that's good that you're trying to learn things from my timeline. What's the weather like in your timeline?
    SS: Well before I jumped through the time portal that's in my front yard, it was Fall/Autumn and it's being raining just about everyday so far. But I see that it's Summer here at the moment and today doesn't have a cloud in the sky... :)

    Shauna: It's so nice of you to stop by Lisa. You're welcome here anytime to visit... :)
    SS: Thank you Shauna. You have a very nice house... :)
    Shauna: You're welcome... :) Would you like to come in? Rogelio and the kids would like to see you.
    SS: Sure, I would love to come in. Is everyone home now?
    Shauna: Well Rafael is getting ready to go out for a little bit but will be back soon. Rogelio is in the pool out back. Do you swim?
    SS: Oh okay. I will meet him when he get back. And yes, I love to swim. I'm in the process of learning to snorkel back home as I want to go to Isle Paradiso to do some deep sea diving.
    Shauna: Oh cool. I wish that we could do some deep sea diving here but our seas got dried up and all we have is the water reservoirs and that's not deep enough to go diving in. So all we can do is snorkel in there or in our pool.
    SS: Well maybe one of these days, you and the family could come through the time portal and visit with me in my timeline and just maybe take a trip to Isle Paradiso as a family trip... :)
    Shauna: OH, we would love to do that with one. We might just have to take you up on that offer. It'll allow us to see a real ocean and beaches as all we have to see them is in books and pictures of the past.
    SS: I'll be looking forward to it then... :)

    Anderson: Why did you come here for? I don't know you and I don't like you. So now go away as you are not my family and never will be. You are just a crazy old woman who thought that she got abducted by aliens when there is no such thing as aliens. I'm surprised that you never got put away for being crazy as a loon... :grimace:
    SS: Listen here Anderson, all of my alien abductions have been documented and has been proven true. I was abducted and then placed on a strange planet with huge mushrooms as I have proof of them back at my house in my time... :D
    Anderson has the diva trait as well as being a jock, nerd and rebel.

    SS: Well hello there little man. You must be Rafael?
    Rafael: Hello there. And yes, I am Rafael. You must be Lisa, my long last relative from the past?
    SS: Yes I am Lisa, your long last relative from the past... :)
    Rafael: It's very nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you... :)
    SS: Like what have you heard about me?
    Rafael: I heard that you were cool. Or I should say that we are cool.
    SS: Well thank you. I think you're cool also... :)

    Shaku Bra... :)

    SS: My face is silly than
    Rafael: Mine's sillier than yours...hehehe

    Now I'm going out to the pool to swim with the family... :)

    SS: Hey everyone, watch me make a big

    This is so much fun hanging with my future family members. I'm so glad that I took a chance on coming to the future... :)

    Playing with the holo disc sprites... :) I'm going to have cool souvenirs to take home with me... :)

    I see a guitar, I need to try it out... :)

    A random townie and a plumbot having fun together... :)

    I decide to take a drive up to the Old Mine bar.

    That's Grant reading a book at the bar.

    Jessi Bannister

    Doing some dancing by myself... :)

    And now I'm dancing with a plumbot... :)

    Reading a book in the future... :)

    Some random screenshots of Oasis landing... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,819 Member
    My next update is up and under the spoiler... :)
    So I saw Jen 003 sneaking up the stairs to one of the upper floors that I was at, so I followed her to see what she was up to.

    She was sneaking up on Melvin Hayward to try to scare the living daylights out of

    I didn't get a picture of Jen 003 booing the sim sitting on the couch. Jen 003 is laughing at Cassandra O'Brian, the sim that Melvin is talking to.

    Then Jen 003 goes over to Melvin to pick him up and starts shaking him up and down. These plumbots are awfully strong to be picking up Sims to shake them... :p

    Now back to me... :)
    I decided to fly back out to the wasteland. I wanted to go meet the hermit that lives on the outskirts of the wasteland, Bennett Obi. But he was out, so maybe the next time when I go to the future I will be able to meet with him... :)

    Well since I have this hoverboard in my backpack, let me try to use it instead of flying while I'm out here.

    I swear that I could understand my SS when she would say whoa and uh oh while she was using the

    So while I was out digging up more key fragments to assemble the ship's key, I saw some of my family out playing in the wasterland.
    From left to right is as follows: Edwin Archibilt who's the leader of the gang, Robota, JL-58 who's flying, Cassandra Chandelace, Rafael & Curtis & Grant who is my descendants.

    Then Shauna was out and about in the Wasteland. She's married to Rogelio who is one of my descendants.

    I fell off of the hoverboard once I got to the spot so that I could dig for more key fragments.

    Trying to pick up a nanite but couldn't... :#

    So I go back inside of the ship and I collect out of it this time 1 llama, 1 TS4 concept art projection program chip, 1 book and a moneybag worth $2599 but I only got $2340 from it.

    So I'm going back to the house that I was put in upon my arrival. So this is me getting back on the hoverboard after exiting the tram station.

    So I get back to the community housing that I'm staying in and I noticed that I got mail in the box. So I go back out to retrieve it. It was a letter from @CravenLestat. So that means that he had received the letter that I sent him from the future... :)

    Off to get a synthesized drink from the synthesize.

    SS: EWWWW, yuck! This stuff taste like engine grease... :s

    Don't you love the way I pose?... <3

    Well I think that it's time to go back to my timeline as I have things that I need to do back at home. Like trying to figure out why some of my descendants are mean little brats.

    SS: ughhhh, there I go again felling off of the hoverboard... :#

    SS talking to herself: Okay Lisa, just step inside of the portal so that I can go home.

    SS looking around: I just hope that no one saw me coming through this portal or they would think that I'm crazy.

    SS thinking to herself: Of course it's still raining here. Oh well, let me jump in the water puddle.

    Okay, enough of that since it's thundering. And when it's thundering, there's lightning not too far off.
    So let hang up my pictures and paintings the I did while I was in the future.

    A greeting card that I took at the City Hall.

    Next is the painting of the still-life that I did of a plumbot.

    Now let display the 3 llamas that I got off of the ship.

    I was on my way to the store to buy some lotto tickets and I saw Norman Joy coming out of the store as I was entering in to it. Norman waved at me as I was passing by him.

    So when I left the store, Norman was waiting outside to talk to me.

    Norman: Hello Lisa. How are you doing today?
    SS: Hello Norman. I'm doing just fine. How are you doing?
    Norman: I'm doing just fine now that I ran into you. That dress looks good on you. Where you did get it from?
    SS: I'm glad that you're doing fine today. And thank you about the dress. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you where I got it from.
    Norman: Oh why not? Do you think that I would think that you were crazy or something? You know you can tell me anything.
    SS: Well okay but you still might think that I'm crazy and would want me locked up and the key thrown away for what I'm about to say.
    Norman: Trust me Lisa, I wouldn't do anything like that. I've seen a lot of strange things around this town, so I wouldn't think of you as crazy or insane. So tell me.
    SS: Okay, here goes nothing. Well when I first moved into my house, this strange contraption showed up in my front yard, so I ignored it for the time being until I kept getting abducted by aliens.
    Norman: Go on.
    SS: On one of my abductions, I was sent to this planet called Lunar Lakes where I had also got abducted on one of the 2 nights that I was there and then I got sent back home to my own house here on the third day of my trip. So I decided to inspect the strange contraption in the front yard and this strange light comes on and this strange guy jumps out of the light. He then tells me his name which is Emit Relevart. He says that he's from the future and then gives this book called the Almanac of Time and then asked me to find 5 power cells so that he can fix the time portal. Once I collected the cells and gave them to him, he fixed his time portal and left. But before he left, he invited me to visit the future but I've held off as I thought that this might be a trick put on by the aliens until I got abducted yet again. I wanted to see why the aliens kept asking me about the portal and what I knew about the future but I kept telling them that I knew nothing. So, now tell me that I am strange and not this never happened and that is was all just in my imagination.
    Norman: No I will not tell you that you are crazy and that this was all in your imagination as it is all true.
    SS: What do you mean that this is all true. Is this something that has happened to others before?
    Norman: That's what I'm telling you, that this is all real and not in your imagination. The abductions have been going on for years and years, even when I was a lad just knee high to my mamma and it continues to happen from time to time. I too have been to the future and back on many occasions. So that's where you got your dress from, isn't it?
    SS: Yes it is.
    Norman: Well it looks good on you as it suits you well. What other things did you bring back with you?
    SS: I've brought back 2 holo-disc sprites, 3 llama statues, a jet pack, hoverboard, a couple of plumbot chips, about 6 crystal plants to plant later, some tomatoes and melons.
    Norman: Yup, I've brought some of those things back with me on my many trips to the future.

    So after Norman and I chatted for a bit more, I left to go to the local Bistro for some good food and decided to eat outside.

    So after I was done eating, Donny gives me a call.
    SS: Hello, this is Lisa.
    Donny: Hello Lisa, this is Donny. Do you have time to talk?
    SS: I sure do. I'm just outside of the bistro getting me a late dinner.

    SS: Yes, I love to read a lot when I get a chance.

    So after my SS gets off of the phone with Donny, I catch her doing this. I have no clue why she did this.

    So I go off to the central park in the square and spot one of those weather stones like I saw when I was away at the university.

    I saw a light in the sky and followed where it was at and spotted a unicorn at the little park up from where I live.

    Now it's back to explore the catacombs. I've heard that I can find a genie lamp in there but I haven't yet came across one but it doesn't hurt to keep checking back. So I saw Mary Lu Broke and Hank Ferdinand floating out and about of their graves.

    Then Hope Carpenter comes running into the graveyard. I guess she wanted to visit with someone's grave.

    Then Zelda Hamersnud and Tamantha Dearborn decided to come out and play for the night.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,819 Member
    I'm activating the Sims 4 concept art program chip even though I don't have that huge screen to watch it on yet.

    Now it's off to check the moods of the sprites and to clean them and to talk to them... :)

    After taking my shower to get the grime off of me from exploring the catacombs again, I needed to clean the tub.

    I really should upgrade the tub/shower to self-cleaning... :)

    Norman calls me while I was trying to upgrade the tub to talk.

    While I was finishing upgrading the tub, the time portal came to life as I had three Future visitors that came through the portal. This Drox that came through the portal and the only one that I got a picture of. I though that I had taken pictures of the other plumbot and human coming through but didn't.

    And then Drox entered into a cab and drove away.

    So once I got cleaned up and upgraded the tub, I went back to the festival lot and went straight to harvesting more pumpkins. So while I was there, Donny called to talk for a few minute, then I went back to picking pumpkins again... :)

    My phone was pretty busy while I was at the festival. After I got back to picking pumpkins, the I got another opportunity for my street art, so I accepted since I can't get myself arrested when I a job to do from city hall. Then I tried to get back to pumpkin picking until @CravenLestat called me to talk. Then I was able to finish picking pumpkins afterwards... :)

    Then I decided that I wanted to enter the pie eating contest, so Norman joined me as well as Jebidah Wilson and Aiden Jones... :)

    Contest announcer: Ready, set, EAT!

    SS thinking to herself: Oh great, I have cherry pie filling all over my face but it was fun eating the pie... :)

    Norman walked away into a corner after he was done with his pie to throw-up. Then Jebidah left leaving Aiden the only one left to finish his pie.

    SS cheering out loud: YES, I won the pie eating contest... WOOHOO... :neutral:

    Then it was through the haunted house again... :)

    SS: brrrrrrrrr, It's cold out here. I really should put on a coat.
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