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Paging Rosemow.....HELP!

You've helped me so much in the past and I need you desperately! I took my Saves and Mods files out before I updated for the new patch. I've done this so many times before and nothing has gone wrong. I went into my game and exited out. I put my files back in and I SEE my old saved files but I can't access them. I stupidly made a new household while in game BUT saved it as a new save (no overwrites). Each time I open my game, there is the new sim in the original place. The only thing I did differently was added the new file with the one I had removed and put back. NOW it has Slot_000(etc) saved (2) and the same with saved(1). It asked if I wanted to replace so I freaked and said no and it created "2" slot 1 and 2. How do I correct this so I can play? As I said, all my other saves are showing up but I can't load them. Help I need you!


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