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the "BLACK-WIDOW-CHALLENGE" ♥♥(( with EXTRA Challenges ))♥♥



  • mirandapeterssonnnmirandapeterssonnn Posts: 1 New Member
    Do I have to max the skills before marrying someone?
  • simssimmerdown3simssimmerdown3 Posts: 7 New Member
    if you marry a married sim like say Geoffrey Landgraab, do you have to kill his wife Nancy? someone said this in a Let's Play video but I can't find it in any rules. What I did for my black widow was instead of deleting the married sim's family members I put them in their own household bc it gives them their own funds of about 20,000 simoleons then you can just use free real estate to put those people back in their house after moving out your new boo; This solves the possible murder of the first wife and the money transfer glitch mentioned in the rules.
  • jillianrharrisjillianrharris Posts: 2 New Member
    OK, question... I feel like it's weird to move the new partner in while married, because the funds transfer first (before she marries the new guy). Is it OK to get caught cheating once the "ask to move in" option is there for the new relationship?

    I'd like my black widow to move into each new husband's house, having them move in before she's a new widow doesn't make sense for that type of play.

    Also, with the single husband aspect... Is it cheating to go through and make all rich male sims single before starting the gameplay? Or at least separate their households so they are living alone, or should I just do that as I go along/find new prospects?
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