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STUFF PACK: References for Concept Artists

Hey everyone! The concept artists are interested in seeing what kind of objects and CAS you would like to see around the Stuff Pack theme of ‘eco-living’! Keeping in mind of the country-ish feel, please post your wishlist/suggestions with references (we artists are visual people, and pictures are helpful).

If you are new to the forums and cannot post images, be as descriptive as possible! Style, material, size, etc.


OBJ: Object suggestions must be MIMICS. They have to be an object class we already have in the game. For example: sofa, table, bookshelf, shower, stereo, wood working bench, etc. Clutter objects are perfectly fine as long as it does not imply gameplay. It needs to still follow the same technical placement/animation rules as existing items, without holding alt or using cheats like moveobjects.

Please do not suggest objects we do not have in game yet.
Objects with new gameplay, animations, or functionality are things
you will be getting to place a vote on June 23rd.

CAS: CAS suggestions can include hair, accessories, shoes, tops, bottoms, and body (one piece outfits like suits, dresses, overalls, etc).

Remember references help us see what kind of style you are suggesting. When you post an image, be sure to point out what you like about it. Is it the material? Colors? Design? Also think about the style of the furniture/clothing. How does it all tie in together? As a wholistic pack, how does this fit into the ‘eco-living’ theme? This is a perfect opportunity to share your vision of what ‘eco-living’ means to you in an artistic view. But remember eco-living as a theme. You will vote on the name at a later date.

All the references you provide will serve as inspiration for the artists and hopefully lead us into the right direction.
I'd recommend using the spoiler tags to make it easier to scroll through the page. You can find them here:


TLDR; Please go back and read it. Thanks!
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  • TheGoodOldGamerTheGoodOldGamer Posts: 3,559 Member
    And here's a link to a thread that shares these same ideas, for an additional reference point:
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  • QueenSimmer433QueenSimmer433 Posts: 13 New Member
    Rompers, bookshelf, newish-oldish sofa, new shoes and dresses
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,584 Member
    more for sim kids and more drama please
  • MysterySimMysterySim Posts: 5 New Member
    To me, eco living isn't necessarily high-tech items that, I don't know, recycle or something. And especially since we chose art style B, it definetely has a more country vibe which I like! So I would like to see two things: recycled items. Both for CAS and Build/Buy. Maybe the clothes could be old clothes sewn together to make a new shirt maybe. Also some summeru but also all-around clothes if they for example work they ought to have light clothes. And as for hair I would like to see something like a hair-updo toed with a scarf (google it)
    Whereas it doesn't have to be Boho, just feel like not that much thought was put into it, it should be simple. Also maybe some let down hair that could be a little messy, from like working. I can also relate to many of the items (cas and build/buy) could be old things that the familys for example have gotten maybe from a relative who doesn't need it. So it ought to look worn, maybe old, but not poor. I think also simple clothes. Maybe you should put in a second-hand store in the world! The other thing I Really want to see in this pack is probably DIY items. Now I know you said not to request items with new gameplay but just hear me out. I would like to see even more things the sims can craft themselves. They could collect and have a craft table where they have to fins specific items and then they can craft them! I also think you should add premade greenhouses. Where the sims can grow more things than before. I also think you should add in some kind of low-energy lights that maybe aren't as bright. I also think it would be fun to actually have some kind of recycling system. Like maybe we have not just new fecykling bins but like if you have those maybe like "the recycling man" could come and take the trash. It would also be fun if you added a new trait like in TS3 Eco-Friendly from Abitions expansion pack. And it would have sort of the same effect, they could get confident or happy when they recycled or crafted something. Anyways, hopw you reed and take my oppinion into account, bye!
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,584 Member
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    more for sim kids and more drama please
  • NechaniroNechaniro Posts: 1 New Member
    I don't have any images, but what I'd love to see is just a simple straightforward single tile bookshelf without any fancy shapes or details. It's something that we don't really have yet and it would fit in with any style.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,584 Member
    Jprp83 wrote: »
    *Superficial post alert*

    I've been waiting for a male hair like this for ages now! With the right outfits I think it could fit the theme.





    I really like this
    more for sim kids and more drama please
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,584 Member
    here's some more hair and dresses that I like that I feel really fit the pack and have that loose look
    more for sim kids and more drama please
  • cactus_dancecactus_dance Posts: 4 New Member
    What about some curly or frizzy hair, something with texture and perhaps hasn't been tamed because of liking natural hair. I cant post links because I haven't posted enough on the forums:p
  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,862 Member

    I couldn't find what I was looking for in google images. So I went into the game and made them using MOO cheats. These were made by using MOO cheat and resizing the objects. They are herb wall clutter and a cabinet style I like. They are not perfect but examples using objects that are already in game to give you an idea of wall clutter and a cabinet style like the one in the B picture we voted on. I would also love to have a all-in-one broom, mop, dustpan, and duster wall clutter object like the garden wall tools object that we have in game. Part of the garden wall clutter is in the first picture.

    First picture is the kind of wall clutter I use in my game without using the MOO cheat.

    The next picture is the objects I used.

    The rest are the objects I made.
  • KlthfKlthf Posts: 230 Member
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    What i would like to see:

    - I would like some new sofas and chairs with warm green, yellow, orange and brown colour options and checkered patterns. I like the colours and pattern of this sofa:

    - Brooms, dustpans as wall decoration, dishwashing brushes, sponges

    - Wood with paint coming off, a bit like on this table

    - I like this cabinet and I would love if it could come with matching kitchen cabinets and even a matching fridge:

    - Different colours trash bins (green, blue, black and orange at least) to represent seperating trash
    - I would love to see more plants, also some herbs for the kitchen, like a parsley plant, chive plant, rosemary plant
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  • Aeriexo11Aeriexo11 Posts: 646 Member
    @luthienrising's references speak to my soul.
  • reiureyareiureya Posts: 80 Member
    0.0; Please include blue and black into wall colors or at the very least red and blue >.>; Blue is kind of my favorite color. If it doesn't work out with the walls, maybe you could use red, blue, or black in making the windows, doors, fences, and gates? I don't really have pictures, and I'm not sure what I would even look for with Style B. I really do like those colors though. (Not a fan of green because of what happened, when I had the flu as a child) (^.^; Also, you might not want to serve a sick kid Jello, while they have the flu either. It's just bad.) Anyway, as long as I have some colors other than just green and brown to work with, I'll be good.
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