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Daughters of the Warrioress - Updated 02/09

MrsRacooneyMrsRacooney Posts: 1,899 Member
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After ages I decided to finally change this prescription. At first, welcome!
As I've already written some stories before I wasn't completely new to it when I started writing this one but it was the first time I didn't use my native language. So please generously overlook the fact that the first chapters may not be perfect - it gets better as do the pictures, I promise! ;)
Hope you will enjoy! :)

So, before getting started I want to give quick credits to pammiechick. Although I've thought about doing an Amazon Challenge story even before reading hers it was very inspiring. If you're into this stuff, I would totally recommend reading it (and many others, too such as Marialein's tribe Naheli, roseinblack69's Blessing Moon Tribe and Meggles' Suzu Clan but I'm still far from finishing to explore the depths of this forum).

But now, no further delay.

Chapter index

Click here for the first chapter. Have fun! :)
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Click here to start reading | A desperate Penthesilea searches for help in Chapter 52


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