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The Selnes family

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Hello everyone!

I've thought about making a story thread for my sim family for a long time, and I'm finally doing it. I hope you'll like it!

This is Albert.
You met him at a very dramatic time, witnessing the death of his grandmother (poor thing doesn't quite understand what's going on). But that's life - generations come and go. Albert is currently the newest addition to his family, and his grandmother was the oldest.

I've been playing the same family line of sims since I got TS4. That's my style of play, I never abandon the legacy of my original sims. In this iteration, my original sims were these two:
Their names were Siren and Runar Selnes.

Since then, 11 generations have past. Yes, you read that right. Eleven. So obviously I won't go through all of them, I will focus on my current sims. But I might do some throwbacks from time to time.

You will be introduced to three households, all descendants of the original Selnes family (only one still has the original name):
1. The Kalani branch
2. The Justøy branch
3. The Selnes branch
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    The Kalani branch

    Now, back to Albert. He's part of the Kalani branch. You might recognize the name, and you're right: Albert is Mitchell Kalani's great-great-grandson. Mitchell's daughter married Albert's great grandfather a long time ago.

    This is Albert eating breakfast with his parents, Nita Kalani and Mahatma Yamamoto. You'll soon get to know them better.

    They live together with Albert's teen cousins, the identical twins Jenna and Karla Mai.

    Jenna adores Albert and babysits him whenever she has the chance.

    The teens live with their aunt and uncle because their mother is working elsewhere as a secret agent, and their father is dead. But they see their mom whenever they can. They a very social and have a lot of friends who they hang out with often, but none of them has met a potential partner yet.
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    Love your family!
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    Thank you @soccer_emmy!

    It's time to introduce Albert's parents! They have been a couple since they were teenagers.

    Nita works as a journalist now, and Mahatma is a musician specializing in piano.

    Here is a picture of their engagement, and a couple from their wedding.

    The Kalani family lives in Oasis Springs at the moment, but they are moving to a new home in Willow Creek very soon. You'll get a house tour once I have introduced the two other families.
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    The Justøy branch

    Our main character in this family is Vetle Justøy.
    He's currently the only family member.

    Here's his story:

    Vetle grew up in a tough neighborhood in San Myshuno. His mother was an environmental activist, working all the time. His father was an unsuccessful comedian. He had a twin sister named Sina, who he was very close to.
    They were a happy family for a long time, but it got harder and harder for them to keep it together. Vetle and Sina were mostly left on their own as they grew older, and Vetle was the kind of kid who easily got into trouble.
    Things got really bad when Sina was taken away by child services because she failed in school. Vetle just managed to escape that.

    But his troubles continued into his teenage years, now with the loss of his sister on top of everything. It all escalated when he lit some fireworks inside their apartment, and tragedy occurred.
    The fire killed his mother, and Vetle was left alone with his old dad.

    They realized they needed to get away and start a new life somewhere, so they bought a little cabin on Windenburg Island.
    This meant they were now living close to one of Vetle's best friends, Mariana Montgomery.

    Unfortunately, Vetle's father didn't have a lot of time left. So by the time Vetle became a young adult, he was left completely to himself.

    Now he makes a living out of selling things he has stolen.
    He still owns the San Myshuno apartment, but rarely goes there. He has been back and raided it for furniture and other things to sell, though.
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    The Selnes branch

    And now, to the family who has kept the legacy name through all 11 generations. They are currently a family of 4 who has a penthouse home in San Myshuno.
    (This is originally a build by the amazing Devon Bumpkin)

    These are the parents, Lennart and Tameka.
    Lennart is a doctor, and Tameka is a celebrity chef.

    And these are their two children, Tara and Birk.
    Tara is the one we'll be following the closest. Here she is eating sushi with her grandfather, back when he was still alive.
    And I simply have to show you a picture of her as a toddler.
    She was the cutest thing! I can't believe she's all grown up now and soon ready to be a young adult.

    Family dinner in the penthouse kitchen.

    So, now you've met the entire family. The main characters are Albert (currently toddler), Vetle (YA) and Tara (teen). I hope you'll enjoy the updates I'll be posting on their lives :)
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    Vetle Justøy

    A day in his life: Vetle woke up earlier than usual this morning. Being a criminal, he usually works during the night and sleeps until almost noon. But today he got up at 9 am and started the day with a some boxing.

    He then started up his daytime (not less shady) business, which is going extremely well. He makes thousands of simoleons by selling stolen goods and furniture from the family apartment.

    In the afternoon, he met up with his best friend Mariana for some bowling in Oasis Springs.
    Then, some food at the food truck next door.
    Vetle has been in love with Mariana for a long time, and she's aware of it. They are good friends, but she refuses anything romantic. She knows all about him. He's not only a criminal, he also has a problem with being faithful.

    Then Vetle headed out to work with his gang of criminals at 8 pm. He knows he has to change his life around quite a bit if he is to get Mariana, but he's convinced that she actually loves him.
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    The Kalanis

    Albert's family has just moved to a new house, or rather an old one. It used to belong to their family in the past, but it was sold. Now they've bought it back and made some extensions and renovations. They are pretty happy with the result!
    (This house is my renovated and refurnished version of a popular gallery build, I'll name the creator if anyone's interested)


    From the outside:

    The house has everything they all need. Nita can practice yoga in the morning sunshine or go for a jog on the path around the neighborhood. Mahatma has a beautiful, old library/music room to practice his violin and piano. The girls can express themselves artistically and have lots of fun with friends, learn to cook in the wonderful kitchen and so on. And Albert loves to run around in the huge garden or play in his lovely new room.
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    Busy morning at the Kalani house. Nita is finishing an article while the girls are entertaining Albert.
    Then breakfast in front of the morning news. Mahatma isn't up yet, his work as a classical musician makes his daily routine a bit different from the rest of the family.

    When his cousins are off to school and mommy has gone to work, Albert is already a bit exhausted from all the playing and talking. The girls have so much energy!
    But as soon as daddy is up, it's time for a bath.
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    Then it's Mahatma's job to entertain and look after Albert until he goes to work, which conveniently is at the same time as the girls come home from school.
    Learning numbers is hard work, so after a while it's time for a little nap again. Mahatma plays a lullaby on the piano.

    Jenna, Karla Mai and Nita are home, and the house is filled with busy chat again. Mahatma is taking the night off tonight so he can spend some time with his family, he's worked so much lately and earned some vacation days.
    Once the toddler is asleep and the teens have gone up to their rooms to finish their homework before bed, Nita and Mahatma is having some fun with the karaoke machine. Nita is pretty good, but her husband can't sing a straight tune. Which makes it so much funnier listening to them!

    Then it's time to tend the garden a little bit before bedtime.
    None of them are huge garden enthusiasts, but they like having the fresh ingredients. And it's a nice activity to do together.
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    The next morning, Albert is in an awful mood at breakfast.
    Guess who he has his morning grumpiness from! Mahatma wanted to get up early today to eat breakfast with the family, but I think he regrets it. He's not exactly the morning type :lol: And neither is his son, apparently.

    But with some food in their systems and the house to themselves, they both feel a lot better.
    Mahatma is taking a break from his music practice today and playing blickblock instead.
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    Aaah I love Jenna's sass!

    She and her sister has joined a bowling club, and met some interesting boys there. Karla Mai has been talking a lot to Bryan Pancakes, an artsy and down to earth dude who is very much her type.
    And Jenna has taken an interest in an athletic guy from Oasis Springs, Casper Iota.
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    It's time for Albert to age up! Daddy's boy is about to start school, it's incredible how time flies.
    They decided to celebrate at the bowling alley with the closest family. I'm so excited to see what he looks like as a child!

    And here he is! Still a cutie.
    He's a little slob, but very motivated for school. He likes drawing and other creative activities, so of course his musician dad is going to teach him some instruments.
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    Now that Albert has started school and Mahatma no longer has to watch him in the daytime, he is living the good life. He has started spending a lot of time with one of his colleagues, Mariko.
    It started when she wouldn't stop calling to invite him out to eat, so he gave in and thought it couldn't hurt. But he's starting to think that it might not be such a good idea to be closer to her, since he is kind of attracted...
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    Throwback to: Nita's childhood

    Her parents, Eirin and Akira, were so happy to have her. She was their second daughter.
    She loved spending time with her older sister, Una Michelle (mother to the twins), who she is still close to. They have a half brother as well, Marius, who were born before their mother met Akira. We might see him around too.
  • applehartapplehart Posts: 82 Member
    I love your stories! Keep them coming. The builds look beautiful, too. You've built a great sim world :)
  • applehartapplehart Posts: 82 Member
    I will say I am worried about Mahatma cheating, though! Noooooo
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,793 Member
    Thank you so much, @applehart! I'm glad to hear you like my sims and their world.
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    The Selnes branch

    There was a birthday party at the penthouse recently. Little brother Birk turned into a teenager.
    It was a nice party with lots of family and friends, and Birk was very happy with his celebration.

    So now there are two teenagers in the house.
    Not for very long though, as Tara is almost done with high school.

    This is Tara's girlfriend, Sara. (Yes, I know. Tara and Sara. Sounds like a comedy show. But they fell in love, ok?!)
    Sara is her second girlfriend, and they haven't been dating for very long. But Sara is basically part of the family already.
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    Sara came over one night in a miserable state. She was very sad about something, but Tara couldn't figure out why. She tried cheering her up with some relaxing bubbles, but Sara wasn't easy to console.
    Truth be told, Tara can be a bit insensitive. She has the mean trait, and I have to admit she isn't always the perfect girlfriend.

    She didn't find the right things to say at all, Sara just became more and more unhappy.

    Tara had hoped that her girlfriend might stay the night, but the evening ended with Sara leaving in an even worse mood than she showed up in.
    So I guess they aren't in the best place right now, but I'm sure they'll figure it out somehow.
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    Birk brought a new friend home from school, Kimi Greenwood. Tara enjoyed meeting her.
    The three of them spent the afternoon playing video games and having a fun time.
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    The two siblings have a lot of mutual friends now, and go to many of the same parties and such. This is from a meetup at the old ruins, where Sara also showed up in a considerable better mood than last time.
    But Tara couldn't quite let go of the feeling that something was not right, that Sara wasn't entirely happy in their relationship.
  • ButtercupBlueButtercupBlue Posts: 24 Member
    Love your families, gives me some inspiration.
    How long do you play each family for till you switch to the next one? Don't play rotational but might start to! X
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    @ButtercupBlue Thank you, that's fun to hear. I usually stay 1-2 sim weeks in one family, it depends a bit on their aging. I have aging activated on the long lifespan, and I try to do the rotation in a way so that I don't miss any birthdays or deaths. Though sometimes I just turn aging off for a while so I don't have to worry about it.
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    Tara hasn't seen much of Sara lately, but she's been spending a lot of time with her brother's classmate Kimi.
    They have a lot in common, and can talk about pretty much everything. Kimi is artistic and active, she wants to be a painter and teach yoga when she's done with school.
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