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Tutorial: Creating NOCC-Paintings for the Gallery

sueladysuelady Posts: 123 Member
I know @BryonyRae did a short tutorial two years ago here you can find her tutorial. I thought an update wouldn't be that bad, especially due to the fact that in the past after a patch, some might know that a lot/most of the artsy creations got flagged as cc.

So this is an extended tutorial for those who desire to create own paintings by references of existing/own custom content art / taking pictures!

But also for those who never did such things but want to create own art & upload it, yet you don't know how & what you need to do in order to make it work. Two *but's* but badly needed. LOL :D

There you go:

There are two ways how you can create your own art & upload them to the Gallery as NOCC:
  1. You download exisiting CC and paint those for the upload
  2. You're using Sims 4 Studio dowload here and create your own art with pictures/images from Google. A very useful and easy tutorial did TheSimSupply simply check his youtube tutorial here
Remember you will need an "Image Editing Software" for that like Photoshop or use Freeware instead like "easier for newbies" or Gimp "not bad if u have advanced skills.

Note: You don't need to save the images as .dds files you can save them also as .png files because lot of editing software don't support .dds files (in most cases you need a seperate plugin for this) and .png files are way easier for this purpose to handle ;) trust me!

Let's start:
Assuming you have now already the art of your desire you want to turn into NOCC for the gallery, just go along with the now following steps:
  1. Remove all exisiting mods
  2. Create a new save file with a new random Sim (make sure it doesn't has needy traits I used "Creative, Loner, Cheerful) who will be your painter! After that I named my save file "ArtGallery" Now exit The Game! Pronto! ;) LOL
  3. Add now the art (.package files) of your desire into the mods folder
  4. Open the new save file "ArtGallery" (I went to Newcrest)
  5. Use two empty adjencent lots
  6. Setup of the first lot: Use the foundation tool build a 3-tile wide foundation "place it very close to the edge of the lot near the second lot for the case to have the CC from the second lot close to you) add stairs to foundation. Place along the whole way the most expensive easels :). So since our simmies get hungry, need to pee and sleep I did build beneath a bunk where it can get all needs fullfilled :D
  7. Use cheats: Open the console with Left CTRL+Shift+C (press/hold in that order) Helpful cheats for that are testingcheats on or testingcheats true motherlode & bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement . Make sure to get the most expensive easels (for the highest/best quality, capeesh? ;)
  8. Now set up the second lot with your custom content art. Place your art very close to the front edge of the lot nearest to the first lot. Place them on a wall up to 3 levels with the tallest hight (my suggestion). I use mostly a black/sometimes white wallpaper (depends on art) because I do frame them before upload + it looks way better later if you aren't 100 % accurate! Place your art along the wall (make sure to leave some space in between). HINT: Enlarge the art you want to paint 2 or three times but depends on the art you have - so that you can paint it form the other lot way easier and it fits within the picture when you start to paint. Be prepared sometimes you have to travel between the two lots to adjust the size of your cc art so that it fits within your painting :p
  9. Time to travel back to the first lot B). Make sure that all needs are satified.
  10. Best time to paint is during the daytime of course between 8:00 am & 6:00 pm depending on the light effects u prefer, which of course will change during daytime, take this in consideration ;) Now it's time to paint by reference (or take a photograph) use the cheat stats.set_skill_level major_painting 10 or stats.set_skill_level major_photography 5

Once mission accomplished, your painting or photo will not be flagged as CC and can be used in your build. So upload it now to the gallery as a room or within your build B) yay.

Further helpful things are good to know:

As BryonRae (see quotes) strongly recommended already, so do I:
Store your artwork in the sim's inventory, but not the household inventory, as there is a bug that can cause them to go blank when stored in household inventory.

When done imaging your CC, I recommend to go to an another fresh lot. Set up up a wall and place all of the created art on that wall "Motherlode" cheat is quite helpful in that case o:) . Save that room to your library and check if it's getting flagged. If it's flagged you must redo all steps & start over again. So a good adivce is to try it out with one picture first before painting for hours :D I did that mistake, trust me, lol!
Also, if I could offer just one tip to newer builders, especially those using bb.moveobjects, it would be to make sure to test saving your lot to the library and then placing it from there. There are a lot of bugs that don't show their heads until you do this, so you won't even know there's a problem with your lot. But your downloaders will quickly find it... I recommend doing this at several points during the building process, so you won't discover you have a lot of rework looming at the end.

Now enjoy creating your own NOCC - Art! Show off how creative you are ;) and let me know here if you have encountered any issues or contact also @BryonRae since she is also pretty experienced with this topic! I guess she will help for sure, too whenever she can :)

Happy Simming Creators! Let others know this tutorial exists here and link to this post if you know someone who need or want an extended tutorial in regard of creating your very own NOCC-ART for the Gallery! If you have a Twitter account you can easily retweet my current pinned tweet to your simmer friends it will be later added to my moments under Tutorials ;) put @sueladysims in your tweets if you want me to retweet your new NOCC-Art creation.

Show me your creations or hashtag me with #simsforumtutorial by #sueladysims on the gallery if you want me know it & show from where you got the skills to show your art & show how others can do it for themselves. Thank you, simmers :)

Appreciate each insightful/ like / awesome you give if you like it ;)<3o:) it shows you found it helpful.

So lets get artsy! B)
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