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The Kingdom of Dallùbach!



  • mortiamortia Posts: 1,143 Member
    @JULES1111 and @Olivesplum06, Thank you both so much!

    It does take a lot of work, so I don't blame you one bit for being lazy, lol. It is all worth it in the end though! ;)

    I worry all the time about corrupting the 'hood somehow, @Olivesplum06, since you need SO much stuff under the hood to make it historical. I feel like I've been very vigilant and meticulous about my CC and Mods, but you never know. It's so, so easy to corrupt this game :/ If all else fails, though, I do have my precious backups :)
  • KlthfKlthf Posts: 230 Member
    These pictures are truely amazing! It almost looks like a different game. I love the CC you are using. It makes the places look unique and very believable. The Sims look very real and expressive too. Now I want to play The Sims 2 again!
  • Scribal_GoddessScribal_Goddess Posts: 748 Member
    I actually just stumbled on this on Tumblr, and I am very into it.

    (Right after I just zipped up my massive medieval CC folder and hid it in a corner of my hard drive to play a fully modern game...)
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  • windchime00windchime00 Posts: 293 Member
    Just happened to run across this and I love it! Makes me want to play all over again, Sims 2 has way more CC than the rest. <3
  • bellagorillabellagorilla Posts: 5,050 Member
    Oh my, this is so beautiful!! Now I totally want to play a medieval world in 2.
  • pkinitasimspkinitasims Posts: 80 Member
    Just realised how much I miss playing S2 :'( What a brilliant game that one was...

    Awesome pictures by the way, can't even tell it'🌺🌺🌺🌺2
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 16,989 Member
    Do you have any recommended sites for medieval CC for TS2
  • SapphisimsSapphisims Posts: 77 Member
    Ahh, The Sims 2 had a lot more potential for creating entirely medieval/historical playthroughs. This is beautiful. I can see you've worked so hard on it. It looks like an Elder Scrolls game or something.
  • QueeniePieQueeniePie Posts: 46 Member
    I love all of your screenshots! I can't believe that it's the Sims 2, it looks that good! Lovely work. :)
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