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Welcome! Project info, survey winners, & helpful links.


  • ledouxjazzledouxjazz Posts: 22 Member
    Eco living appeals to me the most,
    I'd love to see...

    Outdoor clothes lines
    Making your own "nectar" or juice
    Bamboo flooring/siding
    Recycling bins
    Air conditioning/Fans (Could come later for seasons ep..or could just be a "clutter" item"

    Also a random idea, It'd be cool to have pillows as a clutter item and/or throw blankets for sofas.
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,460 Member
    Greetings Everyone, I just found out bout the Stuff Pack survey, I took it and this is how I voted >
    1. Dangerous ( For the Graveyards Ect )
    2. Starter Home and clothes ect
    3. Eco Living stuff
    4.Wedding stuff
    5. Arcade stuff
    I picked out Dangerous First cause I am Gothic type player and wish there were more Gothic type stuff in the packs, since there is more happy go lucky stuff so far and less Gothic as is, I also picked Arcade stuff last for that same reason, to much party ect stuff and not a lot of Gothic, I am hoping for more gothic type stuff, like Longer Hair, different styles Finger nails long and short, Long sleeve gowns and Dresses in peasant and medieval more styles and colors, more Clothing in gothic styles and colors, more Gothic also for the kids and toddlers would be nice, so that Is why I pick Dangerous one first, cause I can not say this enough More Gothic stuff is needed, in My opinion, also need Grim Reaper Statues, and Crypts to be placed above ground in grave yards, skeletons and ghouls , ghosts stuff is also needed to put in grave yards or haunted houses, I am hoping for one day to get Brooms for witches as well, but that will be for another pack I guess, :)
  • LonnykinsLonnykins Posts: 497 Member
    The Danger pack stands out the most as something that applies across the board and adds to the Emotion edge and Experience that is so integral in gameplay. While the other ideas are Dressing (and there is always volumes of that). Given the strong Domestic leaning of the Community, it's a pretty safe bet as to which Pack will come out on top. Looking forward to watching this process unfold. Thanks for the ringside seat :)

  • OpalMoonOpalMoon Posts: 35 Member
    Thanks Sims Team!
  • huandluhuandlu Posts: 109 Member
    Fantastic idea Sims team! :D looking forward to the journey B)
  • SimstrUft19SimstrUft19 Posts: 2 New Member
    I think there should have been a pets option because the other stuff packs seem to be stuff we have in the game already.
    Also the Wedding and funeral stuff could be one pack and the rest of the options would have worked as another.
    but big ups on this project
  • Samcharles74Samcharles74 Posts: 257 Member
    I noticed I didn't have to sign in to fill out the survey. I hope that you guys have a good way of preventing people from voting more than once. I already found a way which looks like it would let me do just that. I'm not sure if the results would be counted as validate or not though. And no I'm not going to vote more than once.
    If you already addressed this somewhere else I do apologize, I just didn't see anything about it.
  • Sid1701D9Sid1701D9 Posts: 4,718 Member
    I wish the survey thing was a little better it just seemed so simple, the only bottons are next and prevous so how do I even know my vote counted, no finished or Sumit button to let me know my votes have been tailed. I sure hope no illiterate computer user gets in the survey they may cause a endless survey loop because next usually means there is more to vote for, and I would have thought that too if I didn't realize they are the same questions. I know it don't have to be all the accurate with picking a theme, just a overall snapshot of what the community wants, even though the survey will most likely have a small margin of error because of the surveys very simple user interface too simple for computer games. Anyways, I want the Danger one because I want to be able to throw a funeral for my departed sims, also I think it would be a good opportunity to fix the npc ghost so they don't loose their tombstones when they die as a non player sim or a player sim that died when not active. I think all related family members and good friends should get a death certificate when the sim dies, this will allow family members that live outside the active house to experience the passing of a love one, it should come in the mail or magically appear in family inventory. The reason why I like mail better is your sim will freak out and read it instantly and get an embarrassed moodlet called why am I getting this, until the sim reads the death certificate than the moodlet changes from received word a loved on died from the mail or a good friend depending on relationship. The death certificate will have all the same options the tombstone has and is ment for when sims die and don't leave there tombstone behind.. Also if you put it on the ground or in the houseon the floor you can click on it and it will say summon original tombstone, so the house that had the tombstone would swap with the death certificate.. Now we can ask ghost to return to neither world.
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  • Nomiko13Nomiko13 Posts: 1,491 Member
    This is friggin' awesome. I'm so happy simmers have a say in the next pack. So refreshing! Will keep tabs on this forum area.
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  • HaidenHaiden Posts: 3,841 Member
    IngeJones wrote: »
    Graham you need a more cheerful avatar now we're doing something fun!

    Maybe he has being playing Mass Effect Andromeda ....and his face is "tired" :mrgreen:

  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,659 Member
    Thank you for letting us join in the discussion of stuff pack development directly on the forums.
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  • AndreaTheHeroAndreaTheHero Posts: 578 Member
    You should receive a message saying thank you for completing the survey when it is finished. Phone users try using your phone in landscape mode. Portrait mode did not show the survey for some reason for me. I am able to complete the survey multiple times all the way to the completion message indefinitely on my phone however lol.
  • aws200aws200 Posts: 2,262 Member
    Arcade, long live the geeks. Give me a arcade machine with Metal Llama (Metal Slug parody).
    1. The Sims 2
    2. The Sims 3
    3. The Sims 4 (5 years later its decent)
    4. The Sims 1
  • BooBooKittieBooBooKittie Posts: 32 Member
    1. dangerous- I'm really excited for new gameplay and being able to have funerals, also better reactions to death
    2. arcade
    3. eco
    4. starter home- worried that this will just be a bunch of stuff that could fit into any pack
    5. wedding
  • dogboy678dogboy678 Posts: 200 Member
    I only put Dangerous Stuff and Eco-Living Stuff because those I think are in the lead.

    Since this is a stuff pack that would probably have limited gameplay items/features. I thought I'd ad the stuff I think could be add so that it doesn't go to overboard. Unless changes things up and give us leads items and more gameplay idk.

    But the stuff I put for dangerous stuff is a bit much.

    Dangerous Stuff:
    -Burglars brought back(Maybe)- Obviously all the things I lost can't be put in so this one could probably be cut out just an idea I saw
    -New Deaths- I like the running with scissors and meteor one. Also sickness for a realistic one
    -Grim Reaper Experiences- Like when your sim is dying they can make a deal with him to keep on living but at a cost. Also living sim could make deals with him that cause them great success in their career but early death.
    -Ouija Board- You could contact dead relatives have possessions and contact grim reaper. Have mischievous sims fake move it. I think animation should be them healing and looking over a low down table
    -Graveyard Lot Type

    -Open casket for funeral where you can see loved one
    -Ability to put flowers on grave

    Eco-Living Stuff:
    -Laundry: Washer and Dryer
    -Ironing board
    -Clothes line
    -Solar Panels

    -Recycling bins
    -I really like the idea of reusing items and making them into something else like there a table made out a door and a while bunch of other stuff I saw somewhere.
  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    Are the themes/names and focus of the 5 options final or working titles that may it change in the future?
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  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 3,228 Member
    I believe we get to vote on the name also.
  • ThijzzemansThijzzemans Posts: 4 New Member
    I want to post a thread about savegames.
    If the sims had cloud savegames i would be totally more into it then now.
    I lost my biggest ever savegame because of a reinstall.
    Why can't we post threads?
    And why does it seem so dead.
  • poeticnebulapoeticnebula Posts: 3,912 Member
    It has been said that you should post your ideas in the feedback section. This area is for the process of this one stuff pack. I'm sure we will be finding out which pack was chosen soon and then we can start to focus on our next step, but all the ideas for the future don't really belong here. I don't mean to be critical of anyone and I totally get the excitement, but it's just causing clutter and is likely overlooked because they search for ideas in another area and not here.
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  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    I want to post a thread about savegames.
    If the sims had cloud savegames i would be totally more into it then now.
    I lost my biggest ever savegame because of a reinstall.
    Why can't we post threads?
    And why does it seem so dead.

    -why didn't you copy your save files?
    - you can't post a new thread until you are a member
    - it isn't dead, but timezones are a factor
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  • DanninicoleDanninicole Posts: 32 Member
    Anyone know if the winning pack will be announced sometime today(the 6th) or will voting continue until 12 am tonight?
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 34,700 Member
    Anyone know if the winning pack will be announced sometime today(the 6th) or will voting continue until 12 am tonight?

    Voting ends within the next couple of hours:

    But we haven't been told, I think, when the winner of it will be announced.
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  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,460 Member
    Anyone know if the winning pack will be announced sometime today(the 6th) or will voting continue until 12 am tonight?

    Voting ends within the next couple of hours:

    But we haven't been told, I think, when the winner of it will be announced.

    Thank you kindly for the info, much appreciated, :)
  • InvisibleaesInvisibleaes Posts: 1,514 Member
    I hope we find out how they all ranked at the end. It'd be interesting to see how a majority voted and in what order!

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