The Android Builder - A Tale of The Future, Androids, and Tails [TS3]

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I decided to give this a shot because I got bored on The Sims 3. Soon, 'The Hines Dialemma' will be back on the go. Maybe in two weeks. I dunno.
Chapter One - The Future of Simkind
Oasis Landing, 2302. The politics may have changed slightly, but the world has changed a lot since 2017. The oceans are being dammed, global warming has forced some to higher ground, and supernaturals now own their own countries.
Brannon Douglas is just an unassuming Simlish male with a strong penchant for robotics. He has his dreams, yes, and runs his own little tech startup upstairs. It's not exactly that factory out of 'I Robot', but it gets the money.
And yes, he sold out the back of his house to a holoboard company so he could advertise his wares. While it does give him a flow of cash from visitors, sometimes it's so bright, he can't sleep at night.
One day two years ago, while developing something related to marine life and biosciences, he developed a skin condition after something spilled out of a supposedly-safe test tube. He tried to sue, but it didn't happen - the case got thrown out of court when it turned out it made him become...
...This. The intial shock wasn't even that bad, more of a, "Oh, I'm a merman now" reaction, although he constantly laments that green just isn't his kind of colour. Maybe somehow, he'd dye it, or it would develop into something else.
And once again, the bath broke. Typical for an miner's village community he lived in - so Thatcherite and Spartan - he constantly debated about leaving it running. After all, it would help hydrate himself immensely.
But every time, it always comes down to three things:
"It would ruin the house."
"It's really annoying."
"The water isn't even that deep."
And so, he repaired the bath once again. Water getting into his face was no problem for him - in fact, it was more something he relished. Sometimes he studies himself in and out of the bath, wondering whether those gills deep down in himself take in water and respire when he's without a tail.

The full scale of the tech startup is shown here. Inferior to the professionals, some mocking Brannon for his usage of an antique SimMac and other such things, Brannon often shrugs off the mockery, and just does what he does best.
Build robots.
MD-X, a prototype maid robot to replace the aging maid robots. Kitted out with all the essentials, he knew it wouldn't sell too much, but all those private buyers in Brisbane, SGECT, would lap it up for sure.
*bloop bloop bleep*
This is the testing phase of his builds. Rigorous testing of a robot's features can determine if a robot can go for sale on Hololist, or in the giant landfill where the Bridgeport Bay used to be. Here, Brannon takes notes on MD-X's maid skills, hoping to be better than the government-employed robots, as always.
"That's a solid ten."
"Enter debug mode, set protocol to automatic maid duty v.0.5."
And that's a pass right there. Check out that smooth as heck making of the bed. MD-X will sell for a lot on Hololist, something Brannon occasionally gets.

The final quality control tests were completed, and it was then decided that MD-X would sell well. It was time to go to Hololist and make a listing.
"Alright, Hololist, show me what you got!"
A sale was then secured within the hour by some bigshot in Brisbane. The pay wasn't too much, but it was a fat wad of cash. Hopefully, he'd buy again.

Well, Part 2 may come within the week, who knows. Stay tuned.
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    "Haven't you heard about house prices lately? Way too high."
    A Saturday morning comes along quick in Simland, thanks to the programmed seasons. As Brannon's board shines 'DOUGLAS ROBOTICS AG', Brannon, once again, tries to sleep.
    "Another day, another simoleon." was a common motto of his life. He uttered it every working day when he got up, hoping for a change to a more prosperous environment.
    Today was the day MD-X would be sold off to that man in Brisbane. In one last task, Brannon ordered MD-X to prepare him some fruit parfait. Sure enough, MD-X was straight on it. It was like the robot somewhat knew of it's coming fate.
    "That's pretty good. I'll hand it that." Brannon said, slightly remorseful of the last-ditch effort the robot made to keep it's master in good form.
    The last responsibility was to wash the dishes. Brannon walked away while MD-X did the dirty work for him.
    Oop, the sink broke again. But Brannon, instead, focused on tuning up MD-X one last time. If the robot was to sell well, it had to work well upon sale, and look good upon sale.
    And then after a quick polish, it was high-time to head on down to the robotics store.
    "Well, this is it." Brannon uttered, as he led MD-X into the store. He observed the oil slick beneath a robot named 'Gamma'. assuming it had a virus, and intending to correct it. But first, the necessary business of selling off MD-X.
    MD-X was sold for a cool §3000 a few minutes later. He signed the necessary contracts, and now, there was a wait for the new Brisbane owner to arrive - or his representative, anything goes. Now, the upmost priority was a new idea he had - a robot with human skin. It was paramount he took up the goal of making such a robot, but first, there was a niggling issue to be dealt with.
    "Yeah, uh, could you deal with that robot over there? It just ran out of the store flailing it's arms - pretty sure as a salesperson, it's not supposed to do that." A bystander said.
    "Sure, I'll work on it. Is it Dutch diagnostics?"
    "All robots are these days. And besides, how would I know? I'm just a kid."
    "Right, if you could just hold still for a second...ah forget it, stilgelegd, voer debug eigenschap mode."
    Promptly, the robot named Gamma shut down, and Brannon promptly removed the virus chip named 'Fear of Humans'. With the command of "Opstarten, initiëren systemen voor diagnostiek, afrit debug mode." Gamma was back in full working order, and now was perfectly negotiable. Critical for a robotic salesperson.
    "Ja, dankjewel. Raak me niet meer aan."
    Of course, the dirty work had to be done. The oil slick, a product of the so-called 'paniek protocol', had to be scrubbed clean - all six layers of it. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it.
    And of course, he had to wash down. Pretty convenient amenities and timing, for he needed to soak up, and also, he needed the toilet, anyway. Hooray for all-in-one bathrooms!

    Promptly, Brannon went to the library to read about human biology. Picking up a book named 'AutoBiology - Know Your Body', he studied the text and the diagrams for hours on end.
    He could have gone home or even bought the book, but that book was a major page-turner in his eyes. It was nearly 6PM when he finished, and Brannon felt like he could start officially very soon.
    Eventually, it was time to go home, all alone.
    Back to the house which he'd hope he'd make millions from.
    "What?!" Brannon initially cried, before saying, "Oh, now I remember."
    All in a day's work, a well-deserved rest was in order for Brannon. And overnight, he had a breakthrough.
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    Hurrah! I'm not dead!

    Chapter 3 - A Dream of Sweet Illusion

    Morning has broken, like the first morning.
    And immediately, Brannon decides that yes - androids are possible.

    Here, he wonders while in the bath about internals. Would the android be given the capacity to socialise? Will it be able to bear almost-human-like skin? And a pressing matter, which nobody had ever done before, would he give it sentience?

    Oh, okay. If that's what you're into, then that's fine by me. This is a no-kink-shaming zone on The Sims Forums.

    "Should it be a male or female? Eh...female. Well, should it be able to have relationships?"

    "Should it be able to, that's disgusting AND impossible. Bet that breaks the regulations."

    And then began a trawling for parts. He wasn't going to get actual human skin - he was thinking artificial - and maybe someone in China and the Silicon Valley-like region of Simland would sell Plumbot parts akin to human body parts. Except, well, with robot technology instead of organs within.

    "ALL WE HEAR IS RADIO GA GA *clap clap* RADIO GOO GOO *clap clap* RADIO GA GA *clap clap*"

    The radio was playing music from the old world, and music everyone seemed to like, even though they could barely understand what people like the long-deceased Freddie Mercury were singing. Brannon, meanwhile, was reading about logic circuits and other such important robotic tosh, hoping to gain some understanding of how to make a body that was supposed to be around 70% water.

    At one point, he managed to get a DNA sample from something presumably human. He didn't know if it broke the law, but he tested it anyway, seeing what he could get from it, and learning a few things that could be compatible with robotics along the way.

    This went on for a while.

    Eventually, though, he finished up, and decided to dance to some Queen. Again. For some reason.
    But still, it was all work, no play. Brannon was legally not allowed to make such a robot without obtaining a special scientific license - without it, if he was found creating such a thing, we would be arrested for 'human taxidermy', and jailed for life.

    "Why are you applying for this license?"
    "I intend to create a human-like android."
    "What?! That's impossible!"
    "It's 2302, sir, nothing is impossible."
    " you intend to abide by regulations and rights of all people?"
    "I do."
    "Hmm. We'll be keeping a close eye on you, still."

    This meeting lasted an hour and a half, but eventually, he got the license at the expense of constant government surveillance of his work. Of course, he knew that the government would hound him, but he didn't mean bad. Well, he intended not to.

    And so, Brannon spent hours, again, researching, this time on trait chips. This was his intentions:
    Limitless Learning
    Capacity to Love
    Office Drone
    Competent Cleaner
    Holo Projector

    It was night time by the time he was done with all that. Someone had come over, seeing how he was doing. She was youthful, and most importantly, female - just what Brannon needed. (Okay, this is getting weird now)
    He asked her, "I know you well, and I hope you'll be alright with this: would you mind giving me some form of DNA sample?"

    After some explaining, she understood, and said, "Oh, absolutely. I'll sort it out, and come back with it soon."
    And yes, this was legal, apparently. Slightly concerned about her own welfare, Brannon said goodbye, had his lunch, and...

    ...He went to sleep a happy, but determined man. While he was asleep, he wondered why the oceans had dried up, and how he'd love to go for a swim in an ocean one day. In the past, it was possible, but in the future? Not so much.
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    Ooh, is that the old South African Flag on the pole? :o
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    ChocoCub wrote: »

    Ooh, is that the old South African Flag on the pole? :o

    Kind of. Not supportive of Apartheid, but the flag looks satisfying, so I made a personal one with the central flags switched out.

    I'll swap it out, now, though, for something SFW. The stock one doesn't look nice, though. But I knew it'd come to this. If I weren't banned from there, that mod for it would probably get rejected, too.

    No fictional flags for Sims work for me but that. Especially when society is supposed to be Dutch-British based. So I'll probably throw out the flagpole. Shame, really, because that's the only thing that shows the wind in Oasis Landing. But in this day and age, someone's gonna be veru triggered by what I think looks satisfying, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Give me an hour.

    EDIT: Flag now removed, screenshot replaced. You may see hints of it, but worry not! It's only personal now.
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    I'm on a roll.
    Beyond the Dam...derdome?
    One creepy stare later, it was morning again. And Brannon was planning for something big.
    Overnight, he had realised in his sleep that he needed to build a life-like Plumbot 'shell' to support the body, which could be covered up with the DNA sample to make lifelike flesh. But he still needed the trait chips to give the android personality. After all, it has to be as human-like as possible, both in mind and body.
    Today was going to be a day of adventure. Today was the start of the hunt for trait chip components. With the DNA samples due soon, why not kill time by looking for key components?
    Over breakfast, Brannon thought about what he needed. Yet once again, he thought about the ocean...
    This was what was left of the ocean. They call it the 'Barren Wasteland', all the fault of the damming of Oasis Landing. While the government won't destroy the dams, claiming the impact was 'irreversible', it was a breeding ground for nanites, and men driving in diesel-burning behemoths.
    So Brannon decided it would be a great idea to go there.
    And there it was. Little puddles and beached houseboats was all that remained of the ocean - in the distance, Brannon could smell fuel out in the distance, too. Remembering what he thought last night, he wiped a tear from his eye, but pushed on out to get some nanites.
    Quickly, he spots them by the sunken houseboat. Some fiddling around with them later, maybe involving using the 'off' switch, Brannon got what he believed he needed for one of the chips. But no Uber nanite, no.
    From below, the difference between the wasteland and the city is immense. It was said families who couldn't even afford to live in the mining communities live down here, unpoliced, and unsafe, Meanwhile, up above, everyone gets their fare share of safety. And water.
    In order to get the components for 'Capacity to Love', Brannon had to romance some plants. Sure, it was weird, but in 2302, that's how the world worked.
    Eventually, night fell.
    "This plum." Brannon declared, and left the wasteland, only having the components for one trait chip.
    With lots of spare parts in the trunk, Brannon drove back, knowing that he could only make one of seven chips.
    He worked and worked to get the trait chip going, creating a nanite from spare parts he had reverse-engineered. With that, he began to laser-print the chip into life.
    It was tireless work to get the key components of the chip working. There was no room for errors or slacking in Plumbot creation - one small mistake could mean potentially-dangerous glitches.
    And there is the first chip - Holo Projector. It was harmless, Brannon thought, but it would be useful - maybe he could contact his friends using the projector software, which to them, would be pretty confusing, but to Brannon, it was something to be proud of.
    The next morning, a short breakfast later, Brannon went out again. Outside, the mailbot dropped something into the mailbox, prompting Brannon to quickly jump out of his car on the way and check the mailbox.
    And sure enough, there was something. But what was it?
    Modern art, that was what it was. How did this remind a friend of Brannon? Who knows. Maybe it's a hint at a new Stone Roses album.
    Back to the wastes he goes. Oh, the destinations he will briefly visit. And it didn't take long for him to find what he was looking for.
    More romancing plants later, Brannon got everything he needed for 'Capacity to Love'.
    Then, it was time for lunch. While meeting with an old friend, Brannon got some synth hot dogs, realising he should really start investing in MREs.
    "Yeah, uh, what you got?"
    Turns out the trait chip shipment wasn't good this day - four small and one medium processor. Brannon bought all of them, naturally.
    More tireless work later...
    And there was the 'Capacity to Love' trait chip. What would it be used for? Brannon declined to comment.
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    I'm afraid that I have decided that this series is now cancelled. I am aware of how little time I am spending on this forum these days - compared to maybe four years ago - and how little time I am devoting to The Sims anymore. To prevent myself from troubling myself with guilt over procrastinating making updates, the series, and the other Sims 4 series are now permanently called off, and it will be very likely that this will be one, if not the last time I will be posting on The Sims Forums.

    To all those who enjoyed reading, I am sorry to disappoint, but I just can't be bothered to frequent this site anymore. I've moved on from this site to Reddit and other platforms, and it will be very unlikely that I'll create a save file just for stories anymore - where is the fun in screenshotting, messing with Imgur and BBcode, and trying to think of captions?

    This is goodbye, I guess. Mods, if possible, lock thread please.
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