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Sims 4 Has Sold Over 5M Copies



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    marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    JoAnne65 wrote: »
    I still don't care (I'm convinced the game has sold greatly), but "Lyndsay Pearson: Yeah, it’s definitely somewhere over that! We don’t really track specific numbers but there are millions of players who are playing The Sims 4 and have seen this update.", why on earth so dodgy?! Besides..., how long ago was that 5M button... More than a year? It's beyond me why they just can't tell us "yes, we sold x M Sims 4 games AND WE'RE GOING TO SPEND ALL THAT MONEY ON SIMS THIS TIME AROUND (because we realize it's the only life simulation game out there and we take our responsability)!!!"

    They don't
    kinot9229 wrote: »
    If it's true, I just hope that EA will give the SimGurus more budgets for the upcoming DLC.
    I don't want to see things like half-baked elevator and apartment again. :(

    Half baked apartments. I think they are less than even that. And elevaters seem pointless to have. As for the city or should I say the huge backdrop hopefully we see a real one again.
    With more lots and new venues.

    And no more half baked venues like how the bowling one seems to be.
    It only as one premium items.
    Another games item or something 4 food and drink would of been nice EA.
    What's new about it compared to the ones from TS2/TS3?

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    marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    edited March 2017
    If you're around here though, for the love of the Mighty don't get the McDonald's ice cream. Tastes like flea collar. :neutral:

    You tasted flea stuff yuck.
    Stick to food (human foods)
    Disagree .I love Mcflurry's different types with some of my favorite chocolate bars. Gives you great ideas for home made ones ones to.
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    marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    TheSimer wrote: »
    marcel21 wrote: »
    Gabe_oz wrote: »
    marcel21 wrote: »
    I'm glad the game is selling well. Looks good for the future.

    that's not selling well if true.
    looks bad for the future.

    Not selling well? A 5m+ sales figure is great for a pc game as most won't even come close to that. The fact is that TS3 has only sold 7m, and Ts2 around 6m (I might need to recheck that ts2 number), so for the game to surpass the 5m mark is very good.

    not conpaired to the others,

    TS3 Sold over 10m
    TS2 Sold over 13m
    TS4 5m

    now the sims made over 100 from the start. before 4 even arrived. 5m makes TS4 the lowest seller if true.

    yeah it great it sold i mean we might not see TS5 if it diden't but it still makes it the bottom out of the 4 games.

    it was not very populor at the start. i mean all the tools and features removed. quite a lot still not included to it. will have had an effect in it's sales.
    anyway if its true yes it made money but not really a huge hit with larger sales.
    You can't use these numbers. They combine the sales of pc, console and even nintendo versions. Sims 4 is only available on pc and sims 2 sold 6 million and sims 3 7.7 million on pc.

    I wonder why they never made it for other platforms :(
    It's the only one that didn't.
    Maybe if they do a pets one.
    Maybe if they did it would of made more or not.

    PoKiTauru5 wrote: »
    The Sims 4 has been out for less than 3 years and people are comparing it's sales to games that were out since 2004 and 2009? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least use the figures they sold after 2.5 years...

    That's just totally unfair. Those games had 7+ years to rack up those sales. In fact, this means the Sims 4 at this rate will outsell them.

    So the real joke is on those who try to mock the Sims 4

    You have no idea if the sims 4 sells more than the rest of the Sim's games lol

    The sims made over a 100m before this game came out. Thanks for the laugh tho p.
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