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Kpop Sims World (for fans)

Missmagoo2Missmagoo2 Posts: 538 Member
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I didn't know where else to do this or who else to share this with :D

Hey, my fellow kpop fan simmers! Soooo, I did a thing where I used the MC Command Center Mod and created a world full of kpop idols. XD
In my world I have some well-known kpop groups and I turned on the mod for random marriages and pregnancies. The only rule that I have in place for pregnancies is that the sims have to be married first (cause I don't wanna have to deal with baby daddies lol).

Here is my list! (so far)
1. Suga Min (BTS) and Lisa Manoban (Blackpink) - they have twins (boy & girl)
2. Rap Monster (BTS) and Jisoo Kim (Blackpink) - daughter
3. Yuta Nakamoto (NCT 127) and Gayoon Heo (4Minute) - older daughter and then twins (boy & girl)
4. Donghyeok Kim (iKon) and Hani Ahn (EXID) - son
5. Win Win (NCT 127) and Jihyun Nam (4Minute) - daughter
6. Bam Bam (GOT7) and Sohyun Kim (4Minute) - daughter
7. Hyerin Seo (EXID) and Yugyeom Kim (GOT7) - son
8. Hyuk Han (VIXX) and LE Ahn (EXID) - twins (boy & girl)
9. Jennie Kim (Blackpink) and J-Hope (BTS) - daughter
10. Rose Park (Blackpink) and Jimin Park - daughter
11. Ravi (VIXX) and Junghwa (EXID) - married w/o children for now
12. Hongbin Lee (VIXX) and Jiyoon Jeon (4Minute) - married w/o children for now
13. Jin Kim (BTS) and HyunA Kim (4Minute) - son
14. Jungkook Jeon and Solji Heo - married w/o children for now

Here are the list of groups/idols in-game (suggestions?)
Girls' Generation
NCT 127/U
Lee Hi
Jay Park
Lim Kim

**I may actually start over in order to get ALL the groups that I want into the world, since they started getting married and having kids before I was even half-way finished with putting them all in-game.
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