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    I really think Brenda is a gorgeous sim - she may not be *perfect* but I love her. Slimmed down she looks really pretty, but that won't happen soon :)


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    Buttersims wrote: »
    I really think Brenda is a gorgeous sim - she may not be *perfect* but I love her. Slimmed down she looks really pretty, but that won't happen soon :)

    I think she looks pretty the way she is :o love the red hair
    Happy Simming!♥
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    Send me pictures of your beautiful sims! I think it would be nice for me to get inspiration with creating sims so show me what sims you make and techniques you use!

    I'm taking a different approach to this request. I'm not showing my favorite beautiful original sims but rather showing how I transform "pudding" NPC sims into sims that meet my ideas of beautiful or good looking. First off "pudding" means all sliders set to 0. It is EA's default look for NPCs. And although the look is not ugly there are certain features that I think are out of proportion and/or EA just got wrong.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although there are some beautiful "vanilla" sims that use EA's default skins and eyes, I prefer default replacement skins and eyes.


    I find EA's default scale for the eyes to be too big, unless you are going for the anime or cartoon look or the "big eye" look from the '70s. So I usually reduce the scale to around -100. I also change the shape by slightly moving the slider for the upper lid apex to a little away from the nose (can't remember if that moves the slider to the right or left) and by moving the lower lid apex a little closer to the nose. The brow I usually reduce the curve, lower the height and tilt the arch, depending on what brow I use. I use one of EA's eyeliners (the one that gives the appearance of bottom lashes) on both males and females.

    I almost always give the nose some mass. I often find the shape of the tip to be too bulbous so give the nose a lot of definition, but since this makes the nose extend out from the face I compensate by reducing the length slightly and/or reducing the scale of the tip.

    Upper lip
    I think EA's default placement of the mouth makes it too close to the bottom of the nose. I always change this by either raising the height of the nose or by lowering the height of the mouth. Most often I lower the mouth by lowering the height of the jaw and/or lowering the height of the mouth.

    All cheek sliders set to 0 is very bland although I will sometimes use that on a sim (as I did with her here). Instead I like to decrease the fullness of the cheeks and raise the height of the cheek bones (in which case I will also often decrease the fullness of the jaw) or lower the height of the cheek bones and increase the fullness.

    Jaw I almost always get rid of the double chin look by moving the jaw shape slider to the left, sometimes all the way or other times only slightly.

    I usually move the mouth curve slider to the right, usually move the mouth depth slider to the left to make the lips pucker a little and definitely lower the height of the mouth.

    Eyeliner - EAs that gives the appearance of lower lashes. Blush CC blush/face contouring. And usually on my female sims CC lipstick that gives some shadowing/shaping to the lips (although I did not use any on this sim).


    Before and after
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    @cwaddell fantastic results! I agree about the nose and eyes. Makes a world of difference.

    Awesome sims everyone! B)
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    Love the lighting here :smile:
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    @ cwaddell I really like your NPC makeover :) It definitely gives the NPCs some character and therefore adds to the game
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    I'm seeing alot of sims 3 but here is some of my sims
    A alien sim who isn't a alien, because I don't have get to work ;-;
    A lesbian couple with a beautiful daughter
    And some randoms sims
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    @Autumn_Cats They are so gorgeous! I'll upload my Sim(s) in a moment. Depends on which I want to use my sims when I was fetus or the ones I make now.
    now let's all look at park jimin.
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    Lots of lovely sims here!
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  • Autumn_CatsAutumn_Cats Posts: 347 Member
    @Autumn_Cats They are so gorgeous! I'll upload my Sim(s) in a moment. Depends on which I want to use my sims when I was fetus or the ones I make now.

    D'aw thanks!
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    wow all these sims are beautiful I can't believe how many talented people there is, I love looking at sims that others have created :)
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    I love all the sims!!
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    My method is usually to mess around until I like something. Or be lazy and hit random. I like experimenting with color and structure.
    When making my Faye family, I went with whatever random facial structure the game gave me and dressed up around it. This was a result.
    One of her sons. Who looks like he has a much less intense version of his father's lips.
    Her daughter, who I changed the coloring of.
    This lady was my first time messing with the sliders. Her rounder head was a nice change of pace from looking at the Fayes so much.
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    Vampirella (The Sims3™)
    From my blog...



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    I'm very proud of this Sim, even though she's based on one of the random presets. I did however change her hair and face, as well as some of the outfits and slightly changed the body shape too.


    But in Sims 4 I can also make nice looking Sims ^^

    Svenja Bates (her look very much reminds me of @DeKay's Dylan somehow)

    Eliza Pancakes, converted to be a teenager. I think she turned out pretty well.

    Kim Sommer, while Johnny Zest ruins their marriage (left at the altar in front of their babies). Edited her about twenty billion times by now :joy:
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    @rosenero10 Vampirella looks amazing O.O She has such a lovely face..
    Mine has no name unfortunately.
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    Started a flickr for all my sims photos! Http://
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    Thanks so much. She has been the last Sim I have created for TS3. Haven't done anything else since.

    Your unnamed Sim is cute too. She has that Elfin look about her genetics, but an interesting twist with the plum-punk color choices and styles. Those S-Club Eyelashes really light her up!
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    14.02.2016(One of my oldest sims)
  • MadIrisMadIris Posts: 458 Member

    My favorite New York world resident, Trista Hubbard. Excuse the messy, quirky apartment.




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    I haven't got time to go in the game to create a sim recently but here are some pictures of my latest sim Emma :)


    Yup my current profile avatar XD
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    One of my newest sims.


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