February 14 - It's Friday. What does that mean in The Sims forums? Time to highlight some awesim discussions!

My Current Sims OTP

I... am... in... LOVE with these two guys! I've already posted them on my Tumblr and Amino because that's how much I love them! My vampire Dwayne McElroy is already at the peak of his training, even surpassing Vlad and inheriting the mansion. After playing around with his seasoned powers, I thought that It was time for him to have a life partner! And a serious one at that, not his old patty-cake partner Caleb. So I did what we simmers do best. I went up into me little person maker up in the sky, crafted a cutie, and have him descend into the world pure and untouched, ready to begin his life with his awaiting vampire lover! His name is Kory Godfrey. I made him unflirty in order to strike up a sort of challenge, but in the presence of a vampire with max charisma skill, his trait was null and void. I'm new to posting pictures on this forum, so I'm hoping they come out right!


These are my preciousest babies of them all.


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