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My 100 Day CAS Challenge {Sims 3} Day 1!

pandabear1836pandabear1836 Posts: 2,255 Member
Hey everybody! Since I absolutely love to make sims, I decided to try out this CAS challenge that I found! It's a 100 Day CAS Challenge made by user Grimalkin over on Mod The Sims. Here are the themes for each day. Even though this is a Sims 4 challenge, I am doing it on Sims 3 because I don't play Sims 4. Plus, I think it will be easier to complete with Sims 3 because of all the cas options like color wheel and patterns and what not. Now, I will not be updating every single day, because just thinking about doing this for 100 days straight sounds tedious :tired_face: It'll be more like Day 1 on Monday, and then Day 2 that Thursday, then Day 3 that Saturday and so forth! So, check back every once in awhile to see the next theme of sims I've made!
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  • pandabear1836pandabear1836 Posts: 2,255 Member
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    Day 1: Go Crazy

    Here is the first day! This theme was just to make any kind of sim you want, so I made Tabitha Babb:
    Tabitha's traits are Shy, Unlucky, Clumsy, Eccentric, and Loves The Heat.
    She's real cute.
    There's her full outfit.
    Not even 5 minutes into the game, and there's already a protest happening!

    Protesters: No more testing on Nessie!
    Tabitha quickly joins.

    Tabitha: Leave the poor thing alone!
    Claire: Blaaarrgh!
    Stiles: Ugh, that's disgusting!

    She can't help it! There's a little sim growing inside of her!
    Dorie: You guys are crazy! The Loch Ness Monster isn't even real!
    Bebe does not care about Nessie either! :anguished:
    Tabitha: You will rue this day once Nessie rises up and takes her revenge!
    Then the ice cream truck drove by and I had Tabitha chase it down.
    Tabitha: I must choose very carefully....
    Tabitha: I'll take the ice cream cone, please!
    Tabitha: Delicious!
    And, that's the first day complete! 1 down, 99 more to go! This sure is gonna take awhile! See you soon with Day 2!
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  • thejenniferthejennifer Posts: 724 Member
    She's super cute, I love her! I'll be checking in on this whenever you post. <3
  • pandabear1836pandabear1836 Posts: 2,255 Member
    Thanks, love! I really loved her, but I mustn't get attached! I cant add 100 save files to my game because I'm incapable of letting go of the sims I create :D
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,788 Member
    Tabitha is very nice! :) Her pink hair and hairstyle looks great! It is nice that she enjoyed having an icecream from the icecream van.
    I will look forward to seeing the next day's themed sim! Happy simming and creating! :)
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