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In the Manage Households window

Would it be possible to allow the Sort order to stay the way we set it?

For example:


If I set it to sort A-Z, and enter CAS or close the window, it reverts to sorting by Last Edited. Can I set my list to A-Z and have it stay as A-Z please? in both Played and Unplayed tabs?

It would make it easier to find certain families when the list is long, "Oh the Xenophiles will be near the bottom..." fast scroll down, "There they are!"
Sometimes Last Edited doesn't act the way I expect it to, and families get sorted weirdly and randomly.

A search bar to look for household names, or character names would be great too.

I play a few favorite families, but I keep an eye on most of my sims. A way to find each of them faster would be very helpful.
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