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Triggering Questline Starts

3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,825 Member
So I've played this game off an on for several years now and have recently restarted it after not playing for a while so I'm going through the early quests again and am REALLY glad they instituted the thing where they'll allow you to do the "Not Now" thing on some of them.

I've noticed that they've put some of those (like the Nanny Quest and the Pet Quest) in the park but I also clicked not now on the Police Station quest and I believe the Studio quest and I don't see anything for those in the park. Are those triggered by building the lot in question or will I get asked again at some random point in the future. I am definitely not ready for active career stuff at this point I just want to make sure that by clicking not now on those that I'll actually have access to the quests for them in the future when I am ready.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  • lovlyblovlyb Posts: 968 Member
    If you are talking about the people hanging out at the park for certain quests. Yeah you have to finish one quest to start the next one. I know for sure.
  • YvonneMcDermidYvonneMcDermid Posts: 51 Member
    Hi, the quests for the professions are not like other quests that have time limited prizes, they are really just a tutorial on how to help your sims at work and upgrade your work places.

    Once you have built the police station, studio or hospital there is no need to start working on them immediately. There are no time limits for doing the upgrades, however, if you want to participate in the sim town market events that offer prizes you have a better chance if you have upgraded.

    I built mine immediately they came up, and the quest started once building was complete so I am not 100% certain, but I think that building the new workplace at a later date will be possible and will start the quest for you once building is complete.

    I would think that if you still have the option on your town map to build the profession workplace after saying 'not now' then you will be ok to do it when you are ready.

    Hope this helps.
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