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Introducing my Sim named Megan to the community

king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,582 Member
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So I made a family a while ago and then decided to age the two teens up into young adults. The girl Megan has since made a big impression of me so I just had to share her here! :smiley:

Megan is a very beautiful and shy young woman who is very polite and considerate


She is the 'girl next door' type which of course means she needs a nice guy to move in next door to her :wink:


I havn't got her a job yet but I will give it some thought to what would be suitable for her


She is also very romantic and I am thinking of building up her writing skill


I cannot wait to share more pictures of her. I have had family saved in the bin from when they came out of CAS so I still can have pictures of her as a teen as well for when I make some back stories :smile:



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