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I'll create your Sim suggestions :)

Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
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Basically the title. I'm sick at home right now so I have some time on my hands and since I love CAS in this game I figured why not ?
I wasn't too sure what to start with so I thought I'd show you an Amy Poehler Sim I made 1 year ago when I was really into SNL.

With her iconic blonde hair.

And something based on a more recent look I found.
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  • InaMac69InaMac69 Posts: 1,422 Member
    awesome B) Hope you feel better soon <3
  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    InaMac69 wrote: »
    awesome B) Hope you feel better soon <3

    @InaMac69 Thanks <3 I'm making some tea right now, hopefully it'll help :)

  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    @toughtwinkie I saw your comment in the other thread and used them as practice, the have really interesting faces. Hope you don't mind ^^


  • TrowiciaTrowicia Posts: 1,980 Member
    You're making some great sims Yoko, will definitely keep an eye out.
  • toughtwinkietoughtwinkie Posts: 3 New Member

    They're great <3<3 thanks Yoko!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Feel better!
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,450 Member
    Ok fine! I got the request for these two, and I have made them. I did think we should make each our requests. If you don't mind?
  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    @Simsister2004 Sorry about that. I didn't upload them to the gallery though, I just used the request as practice.

  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    Thanks @Trowicia :blush:

  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    Bump! :)

  • bootsguybootsguy Posts: 738 Member
    Are you ok now? Hope you are fine and well... anyway can you create beautiful houses and buildings as well?
    The Sims Series Stories http://hamsternice.blogspot.com
  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    @bootsguy I'm ok now, thanks ^^ Although I had to cough again today, let's just hope it's nothing :D

    In the meantime, I went to some random celebrity generator and tried to recreate the first two I got.

    Ariana Grande

    Liam Hemsworth

    Not too happy with Liam though.

    And yes, I do build houses, but I want to improve first before I post anything. But I can show you what I'm working on :)



  • VeltmanVeltman Posts: 35 Member
    Yoko2112 is the last house, the one you took the picture at night inspired by Carrie's house from the 1976 film? It instantly reminded me of it.
  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,130 Member
    @Veltman No, but I see where you're coming from ^^ I was inspired by some bayou houses along with victorian style. Kind of a weird mix, but I like it XD

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