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Colour Wheel or Open Worlds?



  • SSDSSDSSD2SSDSSDSSD2 Posts: 216 Member
    I don't like the Open World unless there is Create A World, or world editing included. So Color Wheel and Create A Style would win for me. Open World in a small world wouldn't seem beneficial as there is only a limited amount of lots. (Though if something had to be given to TS3 it would be Open Worlds because of world editing tools included). The entire structure would have to change for me to enjoy TS4 open world.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,070 Member
    After some less that pleasant experiments with Sims3 this weekend am revising my prior vote to color wheel and create a style tool. They add a lot to both CAS and coordination of home décor, and should take care of the not matching issue at least for those things. Open world is a nice idea, but I found the execution irksome, especially when my sim took the long way around to get from point A to point B, instead of the direct route. Often lost contact with sim, too.
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